My brief stab at prostitution


My brief stab at prostitutionThis happened when I was 22, I was broke and hanging out in my hometown, a large eastern New England city of about 500,000. I was hanging out on what was the main drag looking to see if i could get picked up by a guy for sex. I got a lot of interest but no one was stopping. after about 90 minutes I said “fuck this” and decided to go to a diner about a block away. I cut down a covered alley that cut through a huge department store and started walking up toward the diner. it was chilly and the wind was gusting as i crossed the street. I sort of noticed a van following me on the left. I figured the driver was looking for a place to park. I glanced over and saw the driver motioning to me. I figured he must be lost and needed directions. I walked over as the window rolled down. After saying hello, he blurted out “so how would you like to make some money?” I nodded and asked what i had to do? I was wearing my sexiest full slip, garters and stockings underneath my street clothes. The guy had his wife in the front seat i hardly noticed her at first. I was nervous as his eyes darted about and he said ” I want you to fuck my wife and her friend” I was amazed and shocked at first then i looked her over, early 50’s plump still kinda pretty, in the back a figure waved at me and smiled. I could see a heavy set woman with long light colored hair probably mid to late 40’s, still quite pretty from what i could see.Without giving it a 2nd thought talas escort i said “Ok where do you want to do it?” ” In the back” was the reply. The side door popped open and i climbed in, there was a bed in the back and i sat on next to the pretty blond. She smelled great and she put her hands on my thigh. I was quite hard in my panties and so nervous! Her hand focused on my garter strap and she smiled devilishly. Her hand grazed my raging hard-on and i wanted to pass out! The guys wife was watching this and got up and joined us on the bed. I could see they were both wearing dresses as the blond helped me out of my pants. I pulled off my jacket and shirt revealing my slip.”Oooh you are such a pretty girl” his wife cooed, the van pulled out to drive about as i was pushed on my back. I felt the blondes hands go in my panties and she pulled out my throbbing cock. “Gawd it got to be 8 inches” she almost shouted! I didn’t even know i had a big cock until that moment! LOL imagine my surprise! She began sucking it while i put my hands up their dresses and began feeling around, the guys wife wasn’t wearing panties! their pussies were warm, hairy and already moist. There was a sweet musky smell on the air and I gasped with pleasure. The blond pulled her head up and this guys wife began to straddle my hips. She expertly slipped a condom on me. and guided me into her friends pussy, she slid down and began to rock and grind on me. I looked over at the blonde who was fingering her hairy pussy. I looked right into her eyes and licked my lips. Without speaking she got up on her knees and straddled my face, her ass facing me. She lowered herself onto my face as my tongue found her wet pussy, i stabbed my tongue in her sweet hole and made a lazy trip to her clitty. I twirled and sucked and licked as she got wetter and wetter. My cock was being bounced on nicely and the sensation was wonderful! It took about 5 minutes for the blonde to cum screaming and gasping she gushed in my face and i swallowed her sweet cum, she shook that glorious ass of hers with every orgasmic quiver she made, while she was throes of her passion I took my tongue and began to rim her. She moaned and responded by burying my face in her sweet ass, i could barely breathe, after what seemed like an eternity, she pulled off of me and the wife lay forward on me and began thrusting on me. she started licking her friends cum from my cheeks and kissing me. “You did a great thing for my friend there, how would you like to fuck her next?” I nodded and grinned as she pulled herself off me, my cock popped out of her pussy. I was helped up and crawled between the blond’s legs. I needed no help sliding my cock into her wet hole. I began pumping and grinding into her. she responded to my size by gasping and shaking, she matched every thrust as i pounded her pussy.I could feel the van moving down the street, the thought “I cant believe I’m doing this!” crossed my mind a lot. The guys wife was feeling me up as i fucked her friend silly, she was m*****ing me caressing my nylon clad body and legs taking special care to linger on my ass and erect nipples. I still had my panties on and this seemed to excite her. She lay down next to us and watched me fuck her friend as she played with herself. I kept it up for a few more minutes when i heard my fuck toy begin to gasp and shudder. she was cumming and the van was shaking! The guys wife moaned softly and looked at us. I decided it was time to switch and got on top of the wife, she didn’t resist as i slipped into her and fucked her for a bit. over the next 10 minutes i hopped of and on each of them. I was trying so hard not to cum, when the blond had her 3rd orgasm, it wasn’t as explosive as the 1st but she soaked the front of my panties! I pulled out and they made me lay back. The condom was pulled off and they took turns sucking me. The sensation was too much for me and i shot off everywhere i made such a mess on them, myself the bed. They both swallowed what they could. i couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. I was given $25 the Blond’s panties as a memento, asked if i could do this as a reqular thing, and the couples phone number. I felt kinda sleazy in a good way as i was let off a few blocks from home. I called the number about 2 months later but it was disconnected.I suppose that was pretty wild, i never expected it to happen, ive havent had that kind of “luck” in a long time, i was a prostitute i guess.Licks and KissesJulia

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