My brother in Law

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My brother in LawWhen I was in the 9th grade I dated a boy who was in the 12th grade. When he graduated he joined the service and I didn’t see anymore until I was 39. He had been married and divorced and I had moved away got married and divorced as well. We have a big family and is always doing family things. I went home to visit and everybody was at my mothers house and my half sister who I’m not very close to came in with her new husband and it was my ex boyfriend. Nothing happen between us for years I just know how wet I got when he was around. 10 years later they were having problems because my sister treated him so bad. She talked to him as though she hated him and said that he need to leave because he can’t get an erection anymore. My family came to Washington to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday and my illegal bahis sister and husband stayed at my house.Friday after Thank giving my sister and other family members went shopping I didn’t go because I had to teach a exercise class early that morning but before my sister left she said that she wasn’t worried about her husband sleeping with anyone because he can’t get hard. After my class I came home and was in the shower and I as i was lathering up i seen my brother in law standing at the door with a erection and it was so beautiful. He thought I couldn’t see him but i caught that beautiful erection through the mirror. I turned the water off and he left. I grabbed my towel and went to my room and all of a sudden I heard a know on the door and he didn’t wait for me to answer he just came in with nothing on. illegal bahis siteleri His erection was so beautiful and he asked me to help him. He said that he hasn’t been this hard in a long time. He came closer to me and I just reached out and touched it and it felt so good in my hands. i stroked him and next fell to my knees and licked it and he moaned with pleasure and then I buried his hardness deep in my mouth. It felt so good to please him like that. I kept licking and sucking and he was moaning and saying how good it felt. I got up and told him to lay on the bed and I sucked him some more and then I got on top of him and slid down his pole and he moaned and I fucked him in so many ways. First I made sure to take it all in my wet plump pussy and then I raised up just a little to make sure that canlı bahis siteleri my pussy was just working the head. I then turned backward and rode him that way and I told him to look at his hard cock going in my wet pussy. He looked and he said he about to give me his load and Oh How I was ready for it. We began fucking rough and harder and he exploded in me and I did the same. We did it 3 times and he asked did I feel bad having sex with my sisters husband s and I said NO because I didn’t. Later that night when my sister was in bed I was down stairs watching tv he came down and we talked for about 5 minutes and he took my pajamas off and stuck his tongue in my pussy he ate me so good and he spread my legs and began moving inside of me. We didn’t care because we wanted each other so bad. He pounded me hard and rough and we loved it he came hard in me and we laid there forgetting my sister was upstairs. She wasn’t worried because she said he can’t get an erection but he got multiples erection for me. We went at it the whole time they came to visit.

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