Subject: My Brother Understands (Gay/Incest/College) This story contains gay sex between consenting adults including incestual situations. If this story offends you or it is illegal for you, please leave this site. If not..enjoy and let me know what you think! The characters and events in this story are fictional. The story may portray some real people, events, or places. Remember Nifty relies and survives on generosity of people like you for donations. Please be generous. fty/ My Brother Understands My name is Doug and my brother Keith and I were 3 years apart. He was a hunter, sportsman, athlete, handsome and popular one. I was nerdy, short, had acne, NOT athletic, and had asthma and allergies to the outdoors. We couldn’t be more different. We rode together to school in his old cool truck. It just oozed testosterone. Once we were out of the truck we didn’t speak to each other the rest of the day. I would walk past him and his group of jock friends and we would completely ignore each other. I heard on more than one occasion about how different my brother and I were. I knew it was never a compliment. My brother graduated and went off to college. I spent the next couple years avoiding bullies and keeping to myself. I had a few friends, but I never fit in anywhere. I followed my brother and went to the same college. He roomed with jocks from the football team. He was just as popular and even better looking as he took up bodybuilding. My brother had a dark complexion and bright blue eyes. When he was tan his eyes almost glowed. I had kind of grown into my body. I was lean, but not scrawny anymore. I felt a bit more confident as no one knew me from high school. I could be anyone I wanted. I chose to party. I would be drunk Thursday to Sunday as I had no classes on Friday. I was a sloppy drunk. Fun, but sloppy. I tried to hit on girls but nothing would ever come of it. I spent many drunk evenings in the communal shower jacking off. My brother invited me over to his apartment for a party. I was kind of shocked as even though we talked more we just didn’t hang in the same circles. He was home alone when I got there and handed me a drink moments after arriving. He said he wanted to ask me something and wanted me to be honest. I took a sip of the drink and nodded. He looked me in the eye and asked if I was gay. My face felt like it was on fire. I tried denying it when Todd, a guy I “knew” came out of the bedroom. I slammed my drink and my brother told me it was ok. Just be honest. I looked at Todd. How could he have told my brother what we had done. It was a secret. I turned back to my brother and told him I really didn’t know. Yes, Todd and I had messed around during high school, but I didn’t know if I was gay or curious or what. My brother refilled my drink. I slammed that one down as well. Todd sat beside my brother. My brother told me that whatever I was he was ok with it and to just be honest about who I was. Then my brother filled my glass again. He turned to Todd and the two kissed. I about fell out of my chair. What the hell? My brother fucked every girl in his graduating class and had started on other grade levels. There was no way my brother was gay. My brother pulled away from Todd and told me that he had been curious too. He still loved pussy and fucked as often as he could, but after a drunk card game and a blow job from Todd here I am reconsidering my options. Todd smiled and looked at me and said, Doug, you should know that while your brother is a hot fuck, you have him beat in the dick department by a couple inches! I blushed and my brother made fun that size is what’s important if you don’t know how to use it. Todd laughed. But it sure does help! Being teased about the size of his dick didn’t phase my brother at all. I would have been devastated, but then I was a bit excited knowing I had a bigger cock. It was definitely a booster shot to my ego. Brian told me that he was sorry for being so distant in high school. He was very egotistical and regrets how he had treated me. So, he wanted to make that up to me and help me figure out just how curious I was about the whole gay thing. Todd raised and lowered his eyebrows and gave me a wink. There was a knock on the door and two hunky men came in. My brother introduced them as Vic and Rob. Obviously football players. They sat on either side of me and I felt as if I had shrunk. They were massive. They each put their arm around me and told my brother that I was a cutie and would love to help out. I was a bit confused until Rob leaned in and whispered in my ear. You ready to get all your curiosity out of your system? Rob rubbed my leg and Vic was rubbing the back of my neck. My brother looked at me. Doug, you need to figure out who you are. If you are gay you wouldn’t do any better than these two men. If you’re not, you’ll have a night to remember. Either way you get your rocks off. My brother poured us each a drink and Vic suggested we take them in the other room. But I had already downed mine so they followed suit. I saw Rob wink at my brother as we left the table. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I knew in high school I could be gay, but was so unsure of myself I never did anything about it. Todd was nice to me and one night we ended up messing around and I really liked it. We messed around a few times until Todd left for college. In reality I wasn’t that much shorter than the two football players. I was much leaner, but just as tall. When we were in the bedroom Vic shut and locked the door. He told me it was just us and we could do whatever I wanted. Rob smiled and said as long as we are naked and stripped off his clothes. He was incredible and his cock was a nice 7″. Vic followed suit and I was surprised his dick was smaller at 6″. Things were definitely not proportionate. Knowing I was bigger in the dick area I didn’t mind stripping my clothes off. They both were impressed when my cock appeared. I became the middle of a hunk sandwich and felt their hands and mouths explore my body. It was incredible. The heat from their bodies, the wetness from their tongues, the hardness of their cocks stimulated me in ways I had never been stimulated. They took charge and I followed along. They moved us toward the bed and we lay in a heap of legs and arms. I was on top of Rob and Vic behind me rubbing my shoulders, my back and my ass and Rob and I continued making out. Vic moved next to me and his cock was at eye level. I turned my head and took him in my mouth. His cock was hard and oozing a lot of precum. He rubbed my head as I bobbed up and down on his dick. Rob had moved down my body and was licking at my nipples. He bit a few times sending shockwaves through my entire body. Vic continued moving down until he was between my legs and I felt my 8.5″ cock be swallowed by his mouth. He took the entire length in one motion. He moaned and I felt his throat vibrate on my cock. It was intense. My friend Todd had only been able to get a couple inches in his mouth, so this was definitely a new sensation! After a few minutes of sucking Vic moved to my other side and he and Rob pressed their cocks into my mouth. Their cocks were just the right size to allow them both to fit. The taste and wetness of their precum made me hornier and caused my own dick to twitch and ooze. I pulled off their cocks and looked up to see them both making out. It was a complete turn on to watch these two manly men kissing. They separated and smiled down at me. Vic laid on his back and pulled me on top of him. Rob moved behind me and pressed me forward. I started kissing Vic and then jumped as I felt Rob’s tongue on my ass. It felt so good I pressed back into his face and went back to kiss Vic. The wetness of his cock and my cock oozing precum made our crotches slick and we rubbed them together until I felt Rob press a finger in my ass. I froze and let him penetrate my virgin ass. I breathed out and let him in. I heard him praise me and then felt another fingers spread my hole open. Vic took my face in his hands and asked if I was ready. I nodded. Vic looked up at Rob and I felt him move. Vic grabbed at my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. I felt a cold wetness on my hole and Rob rubbed around it and pressed a bit inside. I felt his legs press against me and then pressure on my ass. He pressed forward and I felt him enter me. Slowly he slipped inside. Vic held my face and told me to breathe. Rob continued pressing forward and I felt my virginity be taken inch by incredible inch. I let out a deep guttural moan as he bottomed out in my bottom! I didn’t move until he şişli travesti felt my ass loosen. He pulled back and then pushed in. Then did it again. I was being fucked. I leaned down and kissed Vic deeply and moaned. Rob started moving faster. It felt better than his slow movements. I pressed back and felt Rob grip my hips tighter. He started thrusting hard. I wanted it. This man in me. There was no curiosity, just lust and desire. I was pressing back as hard as he was pressing in. I had taken control of kissing Vic. Our hands were entwined together and I had them pressed into the pillows. Rob’s moans were increasing and he said he was getting close. I moaned into Vic’s mouth. Rob said it again, almost as a question. I moaned again and nodded my head enough for Rob to see. Rob grunted and I felt his dick swell and his grip on my hips tighten. He buried himself inside me and his warm load filled my ass completing removing any semblance of virginity. His body twitched and I felt his dick slide from my ass. I groaned sadly, but felt Rob behind me and Vic’s cock being aimed at my wet entrance. Vic raised his hips and I sat up and pressed down onto his cock. Rob wrapped his arms around my chest and pulled me back into him as I rode Vic. Rob was kissing my ears and neck while playing with my nipples. He pinched them softly and I moaned with approval. He pinched harder and I breathed in deeply and nodded. I heard him whisper in my ear. Good boy. He pinched harder and I felt my ass tighten around Vic’s cock and then loosen and my body started slamming up and down as Vic fucked. I held Rob’s hands on my nipples as I moaned loudly and ground my hips back and forth, up and down. I was lost and didn’t feel the build up until my cock was spraying my load landing on Vic’s face and chest. Vic had a huge smile on his face and Rob was continuing his praise of my performance. Yeah, boy, fuck his cock, spray your load let him fill your ass with another load. I pressed my hands into Vic’s chest and pressed down hard on his cock. He grunted and I felt pulsing in my hole. I pulled Rob’s hands off my nipples and my body went limp. Rob held me tight and pulled me back allowing Vic’s cock to slide out of my wet ass. Cum oozed out and down Vic’s balls. Rob laid me next to Vic and then went down to my cock and sucked the drops of cum from my head. He moved over and licked Vic’s balls clean and then worked his way up his torso cleaning my load until he kissed Vic and I saw the cum get shared between them. I couldn’t resist and joined in the kiss. It was passionate and I knew I had no more curiosity about who I was or what I wanted. We lay there for a few minutes and Rob and Vic both said that I was an awesome fuck. I couldn’t help but smile and blushed a bit. Our girlfriends don’t suck and they definitely don’t take it up the ass, so anytime you want we’d love to get together and fuck you again. They both stood and pulled on their shorts. They threw their shirts over their shoulders and looked at me as if telling me to get dressed. I moved and pulled on my clothes and then we went back into the apartment. Vic went to the fridge and grabbed us some waters. I looked at my brother and then down at the floor. Rob and Vic downed their waters and came over and kissed me on the cheeks. Let us know when you’re ready for round two! They waved at my brother and Todd and left. My brother asked how I was doing and I smiled. Todd asked if they fucked me or did I fuck them. My eyes bulged a bit. My brother laughed and said, They have good dicks for your first fuck. Not too big. I looked at him with a questioning look. He smiled. Yeah, they both fucked me too. I wanted to know what it felt like. I was surprised, but even more surprised that this was just a normal conversation. It was no big deal. I had been worried for so long what my brother would think about me. My brother asked Todd if he was in the mood to give him a blow job. All this talk had gotten him horny. Todd smiled. I am always in the mood to give a blow job. My brother pulled down his shorts and Todd moved between his legs. As Todd sucked my brother right in front of me, my brother told me he was glad I had a good time and from the sounds of it they treated me pretty well and I could probably use a shower. I just nodded as I wasn’t sure I could speak. Todd was going to town on my brother’s dick. Todd was right, I was bigger! My brother was about to say something but threw his head back and groaned as Todd swallowed his balls. I watched as Todd moved back up to the head of my brother’s dick and felt a stirring in my groin. I decided I would let them finish and went to take a shower. As the warm water fell down my body I felt cum ooze from my ass and down my legs. My cock inflated and I jerked myself off remembering what just happened and picturing Todd sucking my brother’s cock. I shot my load and watched as it went down the drain. When I was dried off in new clothes I went back to the living room. Todd was reading a book and my brother was ordering dinner. No big deal. We all just had sex and now we just went on with our day. My brother said he was having some friends over later and I was welcome to stay. There would be a bunch of football players and girls that liked to get fucked by football players, but there may be a few that strike out and I could be their back up. I smiled and looked over at Todd who wiped his lips. The party was exactly as my brother described and the fucking didn’t wait until they went back to their rooms. Several times I saw two go into a bedroom and 10 minutes later come back to the party and then another two would do the same thing. Several even left the door open. They didn’t get naked, it was a skirt up pants down kind of fuck and they didn’t care of people watched. I saw Todd come out of the bathroom followed by a beefy guy. Todd smiled and wiped his mouth again. Todd told me to follow him. I turned and Todd stepped over to a group of guys. They were chatting about classes etc and Todd leaned into one of the guys and said something. The guy looked at me and smiled. Todd turned and told me to head to the bathroom. I did as he said and as I was about to close the door the guy Todd spoke to walked in and shut the door. He smiled and said that Todd had told him I like to suck cock. I wasn’t sure if I should be upset that Todd outed me or not, but didn’t care once I saw this guys’ cock. It was a work of art. He pulled at it a few times and it sprang to attention. I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. It was over 7″ and it had some nice girth to it. He moaned and told me to suck it hard. I did as he said and just a few moments later he was cumming in my mouth. When he was finished he pulled out and said thanks. We went back to the party and he poured me a beer and told me I may want to chat with the guy on the balcony with the jersey on. I turned to see who he was talking about and then when I turned back he winked at me and went back to his group of friends. I downed my beer and headed to the balcony. I introduced myself to the guy and he said his name was Brad. He was the athletic trainer. He asked what I was studying and I told him I was undecided at the moment. He laughed. You know what it means when someone asks you what’s your major? I shook my head. He smiled and leaned in closer. It means they want to fuck you. I blushed. He asked if I would like to go to his place. He said he lived right next door. I nodded. When we were leaving my brother smiled and gave me a thumbs up. Brad opened his door and we walked in. We could hear the music from my brother’s place. Brad looked at me and said he can hear everything that happens at my brother’s, especially what happens in his bedroom. He laughed and said my brother gets laid ALOT! I laughed in agreement. Then I wondered if he heard me with Rob and Vic. He was getting some water from the fridge and we sat on the couch. I asked if he liked being the athletic trainer. He said he did and admitted he liked being able to see all the men nude and being able to massage their aching bodies. He said he was amazed at how hung a couple of the guys were and how they all were not shy about getting boners. To them it just showed how manly they were and they appreciated it when I helped them out during a massage. It was clinical not sexual. They had a stiff muscle I rubbed that, so it just made sense if they had a stiff cock I’d rub that too. It was a huge turn on listening to him and my cock had responded. He noticed and suggested we get more comfortable. He stood and stripped off his clothes. beylikdüzü travesti He was in very good shape and then my mouth dropped open when I saw his cock. It was uncut. The foreskin was pulling back over the head as it grew to its full length. It was a perfect 10″ cock. He stroked and I watched as the foreskin moved back and forth. I had never seen foreskin in person and couldn’t peel my eyes away from it. He gave me a show for a minute then suggested I join him and get naked. When I pulled off my pants he gave an approving whistle. Much bigger than your brother! I smiled a bit. He pulled me up and we kissed. I reached down and I could use both hands on his cock. I loved feeling the foreskin and how it moved. Then with the wetness of his precum it moved quicker and he moaned in delight. He stopped my hands and said too much attention around his head would end this experience quickly. He took my hand and led me to the bedroom. We lay on the bed and made out. Our hands exploring each other’s bodies. I pull away from our kiss and look deep into his eyes. So, what’s your major? He smiled and rolled on his back pulling me on top of him. He raised his knees and I fell in place between his legs. He reached over and pulled some lube off his night stand. He poured some on my cock and rubbed some in his ass. He raised his legs and placed them over my shoulders. He reached down and pulled his ass cheeks apart and smiled up at me. I looked down and my glistening cock was lightly touching his ass. I looked up at him and he could tell I wasn’t sure what to do next. He reached around and positioned my cock at his hole then moved his hand around and pulled me forward. My cock entered his ass. His eyes closed and I continued moving forward. This was the last of my virginity. Brad started moving his ass and I moved back and forth. I was fucking for the first time. It was incredible, tight, wet, tight, too tight, too much, fuck…I shot my load. Brad pulled me down and kissed me. Was that your first? I nodded. He hugged me tight. You feel amazing in me. I felt his ass tighten and loosen around my cock. He kissed my neck and pinched at my nipples. He kept all this up for a few moments and I felt me cock getting hard again. I looked at him and smiled. Time for your second. I moved and started sliding in and out of him. It still felt great, but I was able to last much longer! He was moaning and started jacking his cock. He told me to fuck him harder. I repositioned and started thrusting. He stroked harder and as his eyes rolled up in his head his cock unleashed a huge load of cum up his belly. I could feel his ass tense as he shot and it milked me and I came again. Powerfully! I was definitely not a virgin anymore! Brad pulled me down and kissed me. I could feel his load press between us. Our bodies were sweaty and now covered in cum. My cock slid out of his ass and cum followed. He suggested a shower. During the shower we washed each other. His soft cock was fun to play with. He laughed and told me I could play with it any time I wanted. But, next time I had to tell him what my major was! I smiled and nodded as I continued staring and playing with his cock. When we finished showering we got dressed and headed back to the party. Brad stayed by my side and introduced me around. My brother smiled at me from across the room. He had a girl sitting on his lap kissing his neck. He moved so I could see his bulge pressing at his shorts and his hand between her thighs. After a few moments she stood and pulled my brother down the hall. My brother left the door open. I looked at Brad and we stepped down the hall. The girl was on her knees facing away from the door blowing my brother. He looked at us and smiled. He held up one finger telling us to wait a minute. He started thrusting into her face and then grabbed her head and thrust his cock into her mouth. She gagged and spanked my brother’s ass. He pulled back and she gasped for air. She looked up at him and told him she loved it when he did that. He did it again, and again. She spanked him each time she needed air. She pulled off him and started jacking his cock as she sucked his head. My brother threw his head back as we heard slurping noises as the girl swallowed his load. As my brother came down from his orgasm Brad and I stepped away from the door. When the two emerged from the bedroom my brother got another beer and the girl was talking to another guy while she began rubbing his back and down to his ass. The party was dying down and my brother told me if I needed to spend the night I could have the couch. I thanked him and he said he was going to bed. I looked at Brad who said if I needed to spend the night I could have his bed. I smiled and we returned to his apartment and I told him what my major was! TWICE! In the morning my brother banged on the wall and yelled breakfast was ready. I looked down and Brad was blowing my cock. I yelled back that we would be over in a minute. Brad smiled and finished his job. I returned the favor and we headed to my brothers. My brother was in his running shorts and his cock was very visible. He rubbed at it and said our morning noises got him turned on a bit. There was a knock on the door and Todd walked in. My brother set breakfast on the table and nodded towards Todd. Todd walked over, pulled down my brother’s shorts and took his cock in his mouth. I looked at Brad, Breakfast and a show I said. When Todd finished my brother they sat at the table and joined us for breakfast. I kind of felt bad for Todd not getting his rocks off, but it didn’t seem to bother him. We finished breakfast and my brother said he was going for a run. He looked at his watch and told Todd he would be back in an hour and to be ready. Todd smiled and squirmed in his seat. My brother took off and Todd explained that this was a morning ritual. I blow him, he runs and when he is all hot and sweaty he fucks the cum out of me! We cleaned up the kitchen and Brad asked if I would like to run some errands with him. I nodded and we headed out. We pulled into the grocery store parking lot and Brad asked me about my brother and how much sex he had. I told him he had always been like that and probably fucked 100 girls in high school and who knows how many since. I went on to say that as Brad well knew I had not had the same sexual history as my brother and until this weekend was a virgin other than giving and receiving blow jobs with my friend Todd who apparently is now with my brother. I shook my head and said I don’t know how my brother does it. I mean I like sex, but don’t think I want to fuck everything that walks by. Brad turned to me. He said he was glad to hear that. Brad admitted that he was no virgin, but was kind of over the random hookups and said it would be nice to really get to know someone for a change. Then leaned in and kissed me. We did some grocery shopping, then went by the athletic department and he picked up some files from his office. The football team was walking around the locker room and sure enough there were a few boners and no one seemed to care. My eyes did bulge out at two men. Brad laughed. Yeah, those two! I looked at him and made a jerking off motion asking if Brad had jerked them off. He got a small smile on his face. He said they actually had a hard time getting laid as girls knew how big they were and were not interested. So, you helped them out? Brad was embarrassed but nodded. I assured Brad that I was ok with his previous exploits. It’s kind of hot hearing about them and if they need help in the future maybe we could help them together. Brad pulled me in for a hug and I could feel his bulge. When we walked into his apartment we could hear noise from my brother’s place. We smiled as we knew Todd was getting fucked. We put the groceries away as we listened. Apparently Todd really liked whatever my brother was doing to him. We were both rubbing our crotches and then Brad bent me over on the kitchen table and pulled my shorts down. He grabbed the olive oil off the counter and slicked us up. He buried his cock deep in me and I moaned loudly. Between the two apartments our moans echoed through the walls. The sound of my brother unloading and feeling Brad’s cock pulse out his load was too much and my own spunk sprayed the kitchen floor. It was apparent that Todd had also enjoyed his fuck from the sound he was making. Brad and I showered off the oil and as we dried each other my phone rang. It was my brother asking if I wanted to hang out or did I have other plans. Brad heard and turned to rub his ass up and down my cock. I told istanbul travesti my brother I had plans. My brother laughed and said he would have breakfast ready at nine. I heard Todd scream YES in the background. Brad and I spent the rest of the day together. We went to a river launch and got a couple kayaks and spent a few hours going down the river. There were a lot of people on the river and at one point Brad pointed and we separated off from the main river. He said this would bring us back to the river, but no one ever comes down this way. After a few more minutes we came to a shallow area with a sandy bottom. He stopped and pulled his kayak to the shore. I followed suit and then we lay in the shallow water soaking up some sun. Brad leaned over and we kissed. I felt his hand slide across my nipples and then down my torso to my growing bulge. He ripped open the velcro fly and went down on me. Feeling the water moving around me and his mouth moving up and down on me was incredible. He sucked and stroked. He looked up at me and told me he wanted my cum. He went back down on me and sucked harder. My balls tightened and I was cumming a few seconds later. I fell back in the water as he swallowed every drop. He stood and dropped his shorts. I sat up and took his cock in my mouth. He started fucking my face and I felt every inch sliding in and out until he had it all buried in my throat. I loved this feeling. He didn’t last long and I enjoyed every drop of his seed. We stayed naked for a bit until we heard voices. We quickly dressed and got back in our kayaks. The next couple hours we floated down the river until we reached the landing where the bus would pick us up to take us back to our car. We watched as more people arrived. Many drunk people! The girls were in bikinis and the men couldn’t hide their erections in their wet shorts. Brad and I watched as a guy pulled a girl towards the restroom. She pulled away and told him that would be gross. He grabbed at his crotch and pleaded. She told him no, to go jerk off and she walked away. I smiled at Brad. I think the guy needs a helping hand. Brad raised his eyebrows. We walked into the bathroom and the guy was standing at a urinal jacking off. He quickly stopped his motions but Brad and I stepped on either side of him and I asked if he wanted help with that and looked down at his hard on. He looked at both of us and shook his head saying he wasn’t gay. Brad reached over and took hold of the guy’s cock and said you don’t have to be gay to enjoy a blow job. The guy stepped away from the urinal and Brad and I both got on our knees and worked the guys cock. The guy gasped and in seconds was shooting his load on the bathroom floor. Brad and I took turns milking the last of his load out of him. When he recovered from his orgasm he shoved his cock back in his pants, thanked us and ran out of the bathroom. Brad and I sat behind him and his girlfriend on the bus. We heard his girlfriend say she hoped he saved some for her later that night. She laid her head on his shoulder and he kind of turned to look at us. We both wiped the sides of our mouth. He smiled and blushed. Brad and I both busted laughing when we got back to our car. Brad said he loved doing that with me. I felt his bulge and said I could tell! Seriously, I have never done anything like that nor had he had a threeway. We raced back to the apartment and he was 10″ deep in me seconds after the door shut. It was hot and pure raw sex on the floor. He was so turned on by what we had done. He kept telling me that he needed to be in me, he needed to fuck me, he needed to breed me. I said yes to all the above and was filled with his load quickly. We were laying on the floor when his door opened. Apparently, we didn’t lock it. My brother looked down at our naked bodies. DAMN bro! You do have a bigger dick than me and holy fuck Brad! Brad hadn’t gone soft yet and I was rock hard. My brother told us to finish up and come over for dinner. Brad smiled and went down on my dick. My brother watched until I filled Brad’s mouth with my load. My brother rubbed his dick and I heard him tell Siri to text Todd to get over here now. When Brad and I walked into my brother’s, Todd was getting up off the floor and my brother was putting his dick back in his pants. Todd smiled and went to the kitchen to pull out a lasagna. My brother made a great lasagna. We had dinner and my brother asked me if Brad’s dick was treating me right, but from the sounds of things we seemed to be doing ok. I gave my brother a look. He laughed and told me to be me. If you like the guy just say it. Say you like his dick. Say you like his ass! Be you! I was getting frustrated and finally said FINE, I like his dick! I like his ass! I like him! My brother smiled. About fucking time! Brad smiled at me and rubbed my leg. Todd stood. Anyone want dessert? We all busted out laughing. Brad and I had very passionate sex that night. We fucked each other and left no cum in either’s balls. When we lay there Brad said he would love to try something with me and someone else. Like an actual thing, not just a blow and go. I asked him if he had anyone in mind. He smiled and asked if I remembered the two guys from the shower. I smiled. Which one? He smiled, both! I got a huge smile on my face. Anything for you and with you! The next week I spent almost every night with Brad. I listened to my brother have sex each night with someone different. He would come over after and give us a blow by blow during which Brad and I would blow each other. Brad and I both like being watched by my brother and my brother would rub himself as he told about his encounters and watched me swallow Brad’s load or fill Brad’s mouth with my own. My brother would even make comments about how big each of our cocks were and how he was amazed how deep we could take each other’s cocks. I knew it was wrong, but I was starting to imagine myself sucking off my brother. What would it feel like? Taste like? He had done it with other guys, why not me? One night I was staring at my brother’s crotch while Brad sucked me. My brother caught me and rubbed harder. I actually licked my lips. My brother pulled his cock and balls out. I grabbed Brad’s head and started face fucking him. I guess I got a bit carried away and he started gagging. My brother quickly put his cock back in his shorts and pulled his shirt over his bulge. Brad smiled thinking it was him that had turned me on so much. My brother fidgeted in his seat and I looked at Brad. Brad cocked his head a bit and looked at me and then my brother. His eyes widened. My brother rubbed his cock, my cock twitched and precum oozed from the tip. Brad took a deep breath. He crawled on the floor over to my brother. My brother lifted his shirt exposing that his cock was already out of his shorts. Brad looked back at me. Drool dripped from my mouth. Brad leaned in and took my brother’s dick into his mouth. I wanted that to be me. I wanted to be sucking my brother. Brad pulled off my brother’s dick. He looked up at my brother then over at me and said, are we going to do this or not? I hesitated, looked at my brother who closed his eyes and put his head back. I moved over and Brad held my brother’s cock as we both slid our tongues up and down the shaft causing my brother to moan. My brother’s cock was hard and warm. I slid up and the head of his cock popped in my mouth. I sucked. I sucked my brother. I couldn’t stop and I went down his cock. I moved in and Brad moved aside. I started sucking hard, harder, stroking him, playing with his balls, rubbing my hands up and down his chest. I had to have him, our shared DNA. I sucked harder. I felt his hands on my head and his hips lift. It was happening. I was about to taste my brother’s load. I sucked. He came. I swallowed. Brad pulled me off my brother’s cock and kissed me, sucking my brother’s load out of my mouth. My brother rubbed both of our heads. It had happened. My brother looked me in the eye and winked. It was like I had been drugged. My brother’s essence was intoxicating. Is this why he gets laid so much? He was a drug and people needed him as their fix. My brother stood. Looks like my job is done here. He walked out and Brad pushed me back and slammed his rigid pole all the way into me. He fucked me hard saying he couldn’t believe I just sucked my brother. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen. He fucked harder. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deep in me. We made out hard. My cock shuttered and I shot my load between us. He felt the slickness and unleashed his load into me. My remaining time at college Brad and I had many sexual encounters together, including some with my brother. We were quite the duo and my cock gets hard just thinking about those times. If you’d like to hear about our adventures let me know at ail

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