Subject: My Brother Understands Ch. 9 (Gay/Incest) This story contains gay sex between consenting adults including incestual situations. If this story offends you or it is illegal for you, please leave this site. If not..enjoy and let me know what you think! The characters and events in this story are fictional. The story may portray some real people, events, or places. Remember Nifty relies and survives on generosity of people like you for donations. Please be generous. fty/ Work the next week was busy, which was good. I needed something to keep my mind occupied. I was assigned to a work team with 3 other guys, Greg, Aran and Dru. Greg graduated college at 19. He was 5’8 and very slender. He had a mop of hair on his head and had no social awareness. He would make comments about his Anime adventures which definitely were in the adult realm. Aran was Asian and had very black hair that he kept shaved , no rim glasses and perfect light brown skin. Dru was Pakistani. I couldn’t tell for sure, but he looked like he had a nice build. One day when we were working on some connections in the ceiling his shirt lifted and I saw a very nice torso and a moderate amount of hair leading down into his pants. We were all newer to the company and had never worked together so this would be our first chance to get to know each other. Our project required us to work overnight because we would need to shut down the network in different parts of the building for several hours as we applied the upgrades. We all arrived when everyone was supposed to have left the building, however there was a team still finishing up so we weren’t able to begin our work until they were finished. I guess they thought our timeline wasn’t as important as theirs. Guess who will have issues with their log in and email tomorrow and have no access to tech support? While we were waiting I caught Greg in his Anime world. I saw a woman giving head to a guy that had some features that resembled Greg. Also, this Anime Greg had a HUGE cock. I looked over his shoulder and asked if that was an accurate representation of his dick. He was startled and X’d out of the screen. I told him not to worry, but it looked like even in the Anime world girls can’t take a big cock. He blushed and then his phone rang. Our late night workers had left the building. We headed to the 4th floor of the building to the accounting department. We were told the finance area was the most important area and the upgrades needed to be done first. Something you should know about tech guys is they end up working in very close knit spaces as no one wants to see all the cables and wiring. The room that housed the equipment was more or less a walk in closet. The hardware we were replacing would require two of us to be in the room and two of us to be in the ceiling. I suggested Aran and I work in the closet (LOL) and Dru and Greg be in the ceiling as they were the smallest of the four. Dru scoffed and made a comment about it depended on how you were measuring. I caught the comment, but the other two were oblivious. We were a couple hours in the upgrades and I had been intoxicated by Aran’s cologne. We had been shoulder to shoulder and my cock liked the closeness. When we had to move a certain unit we had to be in a position that I remember seeing in Cirque de Soleil. Aran was on his knees and I was pressed against his back. We were tugging at a component that was being stubborn and Aran made a sudden movement and head butted me in my crotch! I dropped to the ground moaning. Dru and Greg were laughing hysterically as they saw the whole thing from above. I lay on the floor rubbing my cock and balls. Greg made a comment about we may need to go to emergency to have me checked out. Dru laughed at him and said I just needed Aran to kiss it and make it better. Greg tilted his head. How would a kiss make it better? Dru, Aran and I all busted out laughing. Greg thought about it and told us all to shut up. I rubbed my groin some more and Dru told me it looked like I was playing with myself. I exaggerated my movements which showed off my bulge. Greg told us to quit messing around and get back to work. I sat up and Aran apologized. I told him it was ok, but if he wanted I would let him kiss it to make it better. I think I saw a blush in Aran’s cheeks. We got back to work and finished the upgrade. We gathered our supplies and headed back to the basement. We were all sweaty and dusty. Another thing about tech equipment. No one ever cleans it. We had access to a shower and today we all agreed we needed to clean up. We headed into the locker room area and all stripped out of our clothes. Greg was very shy and kept his back turned to us. I really didn’t mind as he had a beautiful ass! Dru slowly slid down his pants and his comment came into view. He was definitely not the smallest! He must have been 8″ soft! He reached down and fluffed himself, grabbed his towel and headed to the shower. Aran was next and I saw his hairy chest and the treasure it led to. It was dark, uncut and thick. He threw his towel over his shoulder and followed Dru. I was naked and noticed Greg wrapping the towel around his waist. He turned and saw me looking at him. He looked down at my cock and then quickly returned to my face. We walked to the shower and I threw my towel on a hook. Aran and Dru were washing their hair which gave me ample opportunity to check out their dicks. Dru’s was incredible and with the warm water Aran’s had expanded a bit and his balls dropped below. I stepped under a shower head and turned to see Greg under another facing away from us. Finally he turned. The three of us all gasped. His head dropped and he turned back around. I told him to turn the fuck back around and show off that beast. He turned slowly and his cock swayed. It hung down almost to his knees. I guess his Anime character was an accurate representation of himself. Dru shook his head and said it is rare that he isn’t the biggest cock in the showers and told Greg that his cock was impressive. Aran agreed and told Greg he should be in porn. Greg was slowly getting more comfortable. I asked him how big that thing gets. He looked shocked that I would ask, but said it doesn’t get much bigger but when fully hard it is just over 11″ x 6″. Dru complained, Damn, you’re an inch bigger than me! Aran said he was 3″ bigger, but he was an inch bigger around. I shared the same except my girth was just under 6″ and was amazed that my cock was the smallest. We continued our showers and headed back to the locker room. Greg toweled off and we all watched as his cock flopped back and forth on his thighs. I told him I had to know what girls say when they see his cock. He put his head down and turned away. Shit, I thought. What if he hasn’t been with a girl? I quickly referenced his Anime and said no wonder that girl couldn’t take your cock. I told him my cock wasn’t near as big and no girl has been able to take it all the way. I wasn’t lying, I hadn’t been with a girl. He relaxed and Dru admitted that he had never gotten a blow job. Aran said a girl had tried, but couldn’t get her mouth around it, so just gave him a hand job and he fucked her. I chimed in that I had fucked someone, but really wanted to know what it felt like to get a blowjob. Ok, now I was lying. I noticed Greg’s cock had inflated as well as Dru’s. I stroked my cock and said that all this talk has made me horny and needed to jack off. Greg quickly looked at me. I looked at him. What? We all did it and stroked my cock feeling it inflate in my hand. Dru grabbed himself and started stroking. Aran said he could use a good jerk too. We all looked at Greg and his cock had expanded to its full length and girth. It was a thing of beauty and I must have it. We all started to jerk off and it was clear we all were interested in watching the others in the room. I stepped towards Greg. He looked up at my face, but I kept my gaze on his cock. I took another step closer and then another. We were face to face, cock to cock. I slowly reached out and as I wrapped my fingers around his cock he moaned, put his hands in his hair and pulled. His cock was heavy. I bounced it a bit in my hand. I turned and told Dru he needed to feel this. Dru walked over and I lifted şişli travesti Greg’s cock. Dru wrapped his hand around its head and rubbed around it. Aran was now standing next to us in our circle. All three of our hands were touching some part of Greg’s cock while we stroked our own. I couldn’t stop myself and felt myself drop to my knees. I took the head of dick in my mouth. Dru was still holding Greg’s cock until I reached up and took a hold of his. I took Aran with my other hand and then heard low moaning as I started bobbing up and down on Greg. I felt precum on Aran and Dru’s head and rubbed my thumb around while spreading it around. I moved off Greg and onto Dru’s then Aran’s and back to Greg. I was really working it and proved I had skill when I took the whole thing in my throat. Greg couldn’t hold back and I felt his cock pulse and he began shooting his cum in my throat. I let go of Aran’s cock and milked Greg dry. I quickly went over to Aran and jerked him as I sucked his head. He shot quickly which left Dru. Dru was a bit more confident and started fucking my face. He thrust his whole cock in my mouth and it swelled and I took his load. This was the way I could end every workday! I stood and all three guys just stared at me. I smiled. What? The guys looked at each other and then back at me. They really had no idea what to say. I told them the early crew would be coming in so we better get dressed. I pushed my boner into my underwear and dressed. I told the guys to have a good day and headed out. They were all still standing their naked with the spent cocks hanging between their legs. Anthony and I talked virtually every day which led to us jacking off. This morning I needed to “talk” to him. I told him about my experience and as I was stroking my dad popped his head in to wish me a good morning. I showed dad Anthony on the phone and they said hello as if this was a natural thing. My dad walked over and pushed my hand away from my cock. Maybe we can give Anthony something special to wake up to. Anthony sat up and all I could see was his face. I turned the camera to my cock and my dad went down on me. I could hear Anthony commenting, almost guiding my dad in how to suck my cock. It was working. Anthony told my dad he should fuck me. My dad pulled off my cock and moved between my legs. I held my phone up and Anthony groaned as he watched my dad insert his cock. He said he didn’t like that angle, so my dad flipped me over and pulled my ass up. He took my phone and pointed it at my hole and reinserted his cock. Anthony groaned fuck him! My dad did as he was told and after fucking me hard for a few minutes he pulled out and shot his load up my cock and onto my lower back. Anthony’s moaned loudly. My dad leaned down and licked the cum off my ass and showed it to Anthony on his tongue. My dad handed me my phone back and we moved it so Anthony could see us kiss and share my dad’s load. Anthony grunted and we watched Anthony shoot his load up his torso. My dad started stroking my cock and I showed Anthony as my cum sprayed my stomach and coated my dad’s hand. My dad scooped up my load and fed it to me. Anthony moaned and groaned telling me I needed to get back to campus soon! My dad gave me a kiss and told Anthony to rest up for the game this weekend. The game was an away game and the team stayed at a hotel. Anthony told me that he arranged to room with Erik and asked me to come to the game. It would be a bit of a drive, but the thought of Erik, Anthony and I sharing a room gave me the adrenalin rush I needed. I took Friday off and would soon make the 5 hour trek/booty call. The next night at work started off a bit awkward. The guys didn’t know what to say or how to react. I decided to take the lead and said if they wanted another round like last night, and maybe more, we better get the work done. The three of them jumped up, grabbed their tools and raced to the 5th floor. They all worked quickly and we finished in record time. I laughed and said they must really want me to blow them again! Or more, Dru said. I smiled and winked at him. We all headed to the showers and we all had hardons as we washed. I decided to tease them a bit and turned as I washed my ass. When I turned back they were all stroking very rigid cocks. I walked over to Dru and took hold of his soapy cock. I pushed him against the shower wall and turned around. I bent over and backed myself towards his cock. I heard his groan and then felt him moving his cock between my cheeks. I looked up to Aran and Greg and licked my lips. They both stepped to me and I rubbed their soapy cocks. Dru had started pushing forward and his cock penetrated my hole. My moaning echoed in the showers. His cock was massive and I wanted every inch! I pushed back and felt his pubic hair rub my cheeks. I reached over and directed water over Aran and Greg’s cocks and rinsed the soap off so I could take them into my mouth. Dru was moving in and out of my ass and it felt incredible. I looked over my shoulder and he was lost in the moment with his eyes closed and head back. I turned back to the cocks in front of me and began sucking Aran first. I noticed the two had their arms around each other keeping their cocks as close together as they could. I tried getting both in my mouth at the same time, but that was not going to happen. I felt Dru speeding up and then felt one final push. I felt cum oozing from my hole. He must have shot a huge load. When he slid his cock from my ass I felt so empty. I looked up at Greg and asked if he wanted more. His eyes widened and he moved behind me. I looked at Dru and nodded towards Greg. Dru stepped up and took Greg’s cock and pressed the head against my hole. I pressed back and as I took Greg’s cock he stopped breathing. I took a couple inches and then pulled off a bit then back down a few more inches. He was panting and two more movements from me he whimpered and his cock pulsed. I do believe Greg just lost his virginity. Aran moved around and I felt him press his thick cock in my very wet hole. Even after being fucked twice his girth was daunting. But, after a few deep breaths he was in me. He didn’t last long either and when he shot his load he shouted something in his native language. When he pulled his cock from my hole I stood up and stepped under the running shower head. I arched my back and spread my hole allowing water to wash away their loads. Dru stepped up to me and took my cock into his hand. He got some soap from the wall dispenser and soaped me up. The other two stood next to each other and watched as Dru jacked my cock and I released a spray of cum that shot out from my cock and landed on Aran and Greg’s feet. Dru milked my cock and gave it a shake to get rid of the last drops of cum. He held my cock a bit longer as it went soft. He stroked and my body shivered with sensitivity. He moved his hand around to my balls and gently tugged. I smiled as he explored. We had been going at this for a while and we all realized it was almost time for the morning shift to arrive. We all exited the shower and Greg had a perma-grin on his face. Everyone who saw him for the next several days would know he had had sex. As we dressed I told them I would be taking the next few days off to visit my boyfriend. This caused each of them to stop in their tracks. I threw my backpack over my shoulder and told them to feel free to enjoy themselves without me. I was on the road with a well spent cock. I stopped and filled up my car and got a cup of coffee. I hoped to get to the hotel before the team and check in early so I could take a nap. Having just come off an overnight shift my body clock was a bit messed up. I was a couple hours into the drive when I had to make a pit stop. I pulled into a gas station and topped off my tank and coffee. I used the restroom and was back on the road. I had been daydreaming about some random hookup and thought it would be fun, but no such luck. Another couple hours and I was in the home stretch. My mind raced to what the weekend would be like sharing the hotel room with Erik. I really wanted Anthony to myself, but I also wanted to find out what Erik had hanging between his legs. I rubbed my groin and told myself to be patient. I decided beylikdüzü travesti to pull off before the hotel and get some lunch and as I exited Anthony called. He told me there was a delay with the bus and they would be leaving soon, but wouldn’t get there until dinner time. I told him it was no big deal and I would be in the room waiting for him and Erik. He whispered into the phone that his cock just jumped in his pants. I growled and told him to keep it in check and he could wake me like his sleeping beauty, but instead of a kiss on the lips…well, he could figure it out. I got my lunch and found the hotel. The girl behind the counter was a bitch and told me I was not allowed to check into the room as I was not a team member. I tried to explain that the bus had been delayed and I had just worked an overnight shift etc, but she stood firm. I was tired and cranky. I told her I wanted to speak to her manager and when a very handsome man floated around the corner I smiled my best smile and a few minutes later I had the key to my room. The girl was furious so I just blew her a kiss as I walked to my room. I showered and then fell asleep hard. The next thing I heard was the door opening and then Anthony and Erik whistling at me. I started to stretch and roll over and Anthony told me to freeze. I was lying on my stomach. My leg was pulled up and my ass was spread open a bit. I had a hard but tucked up underneath my belly. I watched both men drop their bags and begin to rub their crotches. I moved my hand down to my ass and spread my cheeks a bit more. This brought sighs from both men and Anthony started stripping and turned to Erik and told him the last one naked gets sloppy seconds. Erik smiled and watched Anthony strip and then said he was ok with sloppy seconds! Once Anthony was stripped he climbed on top of me and began kissing my neck and rubbing his body against mine. His cock was rigid and rubbing between my cheeks. We moved our bodies so I could raise my ass some more and Anthony got on his knees. He pointed to his bag and told Erik to get in the front compartment. Erik let go of his cock and unzipped the compartment. He pulled out a bottle of lube. He squirted some in his hand and then handed the bottle to Anthony. Anthony poured a generous amount on my hole and his cock and after rubbing both a few moments slammed his cock into my ass. Anthony was not gentle. He wrapped his arms under mine and pulled me back to him. He grunted in my ear with each thrust that he had a hard on the entire trip up here and it has been days since he busted and was going to take his sexual frustration out on my ass. I moaned with his pounding and turned to take his tongue in my mouth. He pushed me back down on the bed and I felt him grab my hip and pull me back onto his cock, hard! I was in heaven! I turned and saw Erik jacking his cock. I pushed my body up and smiled at Erik. He walked over and I took his cock in my mouth. Anthony apparently liked watching me suck his friend and started fucking me even harder. Anthony began moaning louder and Erik took a handful of my hair and was thrusting in my mouth. Soon I felt pulsing in my mouth and ass and I was filled with two loads of cum. Anthony quickly pulled out and came around to feed me his cock. I sucked the last drops of his load and it mixed with Erik’s. I was lifted up and we joined in a three way kiss. We collapsed on the bed and my hard cock flopped back on my belly. Erik smiled at Anthony and told him he would take care of this and moved down my body and took my cock in his mouth. Erik was an expert cock sucker. He knew all the buttons to push and as he pressed a finger into my ass my cum ejected from my cock. He pulled off and I coated his lips and cheeks. He milked the last drops and then moved up and Anthony and I cleaned off his face. With our balls freshly drained we decided to get something to eat. Anthony mentioned the team planned on ordering food to be delivered to the hotel instead of trying to have the entire team try to get served at a restaurant. We went to the lobby and a buffet of food was set up. There were all the fuel up pregame menu items including pasta, rice and grilled chicken breasts. The guys were half way done with their meals when we showed up and we got a few looks from some guys and a few winks from others. The team met and discussed the next day plans. The coach called Anthony and Erik over and I could hear him tell them to be sure to get some rest tonight and save some of their energy for the game. I noticed his hand was lingering on Erik’s ass. They both said they would be sure to get some sleep and would be ready for the game. We headed back to the room and Anthony was the first to be naked. He told Erik that he heard the coach and we better get busy so we can get a full night sleep. Erik and I both smiled and were soon naked and sucking on Anthony’s hard and oozing cock. Erik grabbed the bottle of lube and crawled on top of Anthony. He lubed up his ass and positioned himself over Anthony’s cock. I rubbed my cock as I watched Anthony’s cock disappear into Erik’s ass. Erik slid up and down on Anthony’s cock a few times and then turned to me. You heard him. We need to get busy. He then reached around to finger his cock filled hole. I looked at Anthony who smiled and nodded. Erik handed me the lube and I poured some on my cock and then some more. Erik leaned forward and began making out with Anthony. Anthony spread his knees which lifted Erik’s legs and spread him open even more. I positioned my cock next to Anthony’s and pressed forward. It was an incredible sensation feeling my cock slide next to Anthony’s. Erik moaned and I felt him open up even more. My cock slid into the base and he was completely double penetrated. Slowly, I started moving in and out. Erik was moaning loudly. I felt Anthony reach around and pull me deeper into Erik’s ass. I looked down at him and he told me to fuck him hard. His ass can take it. I moved into a better position and began thrusting. This was such an incredible feeling. My balls were enjoying it a bit too much and I felt that ever telling feeling and busted my load into his ass. The added wetness allowed Anthony to begin his thrusts, which pushed me out of Erik’s ass. A few seconds later I watched as Anthony’s cock pulsed inside Erik’s hole releasing his ball juice. When Anthony pulled out Erik sat up. He had shot his load and it was coating both of their stomach’s. Anthony suggested a quick shower and then they really did need to get some sleep. Erik slept in the other bed and Anthony and I snuggled together. The two guys were up early and said they needed to get to their breakfast and then pregame meeting. Anthony kissed me and said he would have my ticket available at the ticket office. I kissed him back and flipped the sheets back revealing my morning wood. Anthony looked over at Erik who smiled and told him to hurry up. Anthony took my cock in his mouth and worked hard to get me to release my load quickly. I happily complied! Anthony stood and stepped toward Erik. He leaned in and kissed him and I could see he was sharing my load with him. I rubbed my cock and Erik pulled Anthony out of the room. I fell back asleep for a bit and then finally got myself around and headed to the stadium. I got my ticket and took my seat. There weren’t many people from our school. I guess the distance hindered the amount of people coming. I watched the game and enjoyed seeing my man tackle and get all sweaty. I watched as the next play unfolded. Anthony had the ball and I could see a player moving toward him. He was hit. Hard. His body lifted and did a full 360 in the air. When he hit the ground he didn’t move. I was in a panic. The crowd was silent. It was one of those hits that everyone knew was bad and both teams took a knee as the medics raced on field. Anthony was taken off the field with the assistant coach. I saw the coach looking in the stands and when he saw me he waved me down. He told me I should follow the ambulance and he would be there as soon as he could. I watched as Anthony was unloaded and rushed into the ER. There was nothing I could do and I got the immediate family spiel so I took a seat in the waiting room. It was istanbul travesti an hour later when the coach arrived. He saw me and then turned to go to the front desk. He waved me over and the nurse began her spiel about family and the coach pulled out the medical release form and told the nurse that I was with him and we would both be going back to see Anthony. She nodded and we were escorted back to his room. The doctor was finishing up and explained that Anthony had a concussion and should not be left alone for the next 24 hours. The coach mentioned the bus ride home and the doctor frowned. He didn’t like the idea of that. The coach turned to me and asked if I could drive Anthony home. Of course I agreed and the doctor said he could release him in a few hours but he needed monitored rest. Our drive home was quiet. He slept a bit but didn’t seem comfortable. He said he had a headache even with the medicine the doctor gave him. I joked and said maybe a blowjob would help. He groaned, but not in a good way. He was really hurting. I felt so bad. We had another couple hours on the road. I stopped for gas and Anthony said he could use the restroom. I helped him out of the car and we walked slowly inside and then to the restroom. It must have looked like I was helping a drunk friend the way Anthony was walking. We stepped up to the urinal and Anthony leaned on the partition. He looked up at me and asked if I could help. I nodded and unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. He released his stream and when he finished I gave him a few shakes. His cock didn’t respond. I tucked him back in his pants and then took care of my own business. We finished up and I got us a couple waters and then headed back to the car. Anthony fell asleep before we were out of the parking lot. He didn’t wake until we pulled in the school parking lot. We got to his dorm room and his suite mate, Rob, helped me get him to bed. I sat next to him for a bit then went into the shared living space and found Rob watching a Tom Cruise movie. Rob was blunt and stated, so you and Anthony are fuck buds or what? I nodded and said or what. He nodded and said that he was cool with that. He stood and asked if I wanted a beer. I accepted and smiled as I watched Tom Cruise ride a motorcycle with Cameron Diaz in his lap. Oh how I wished that was me! I have had a thing for him since All The Right Moves and that brief glimpse of his dick! We sat in silence for a bit then Rob began with the sex questions. He mentioned that he had heard Anthony have sex a few times and from the sounds of it he was pretty good at what he does. I nodded in agreement. Rob went on to say that he noticed Anthony seemed to be versatile from what he could hear coming from his room. I nodded again. I knew where this was going as Anthony had already told me he would suck his roommate off on occasion. Rob went on saying he had seen Anthony naked, a few times he was even hard and it was pretty impressive. I nodded. Then Rob asked if I liked sucking Anthony’s cock. I nodded. Rob had started rubbing himself and I could see a bulge forming in his sweats. I took control and told Rob that Anthony mentioned he had a nice dick also. Rob’s eyes widened. I explained that Anthony and I knew all about each other’s sex lives. Rob took a drink of his beer. I pointed out that Anthony was out of commission for a few days, so if Rob was interested I could fill in for him and take care of him. Anthony took a big swig of beer and then sat it down on the coffee table. He grabbed at his crotch and said, FUCK yeah! I smiled and slid my hand under his and felt a very hard bulge. I pulled the string of his sweat pants and pulled the front out and down over his cock. It was impressive and had a great mushroom head. I looked up at Rob and nodded with approval. He put his hands behind his head and I went down on his cock. I really enjoy sucking cock and Rob was very appreciative of this fact. I let him face fuck me and he groaned loudly when he bottomed out in my throat. Anthony had explained that Rob liked being a bit assertive when getting his blowjob. It wasn’t long and I felt Rob’s grip on the back of my neck tighten. His thrusts picked up the pace and then I felt his other hand on the top of my head. He was almost there. He just needed that extra special push. I slid my hand between his legs and slid my finger between his cheeks and pressed against his hole. His legs spread a bit wider and as my finger breached his entrance his cock released a torrent of cum. It wasn’t like other guys with multiple spurts. This was a firehose of cum. His cock pulsed, but it was waves of cum that shot from him. His thrusts matched his pulsation and my mouth overflowed with his load. This was something Anthony had left out! Rob pushed my hand away and my finger slid from his ass. I licked around his cock cleaning up the excess cum. His body twitched as I toyed with his sensitive cock. When he was all cleaned up I sat up and asked if that would carry him over for a few days until Anthony was better. He threw his head back on the couch and grunted he would be good for a week! I smiled knowing I had done such a good job! I stood and went to check in on Anthony. He was still sound asleep. I checked my phone and the coach had texted that the bus was almost there and the team doctor would be checking in on Anthony when they got there. I thanked him and explained I needed to get back home as I had work the next day. Rob assured me he would monitor Anthony and let me know how he was doing. I thanked him and gave sleeping beauty a kiss on his cheek before I left. As I drove home my cock was throbbing in my pants. I hadn’t gotten myself off when I was sucking Rob and the memory of Rob’s cock, Anthony and Erik’s sex session over the weekend really had me turned on. I texted my dad and asked if he was home. He replies with a picture of Bill sucking on his cock. Then another picture showed my brother behind Bill obviously fucking him. I didn’t want to get a ticket, but I stepped on the gas and was home twenty minutes later. When I walked in the house I saw my brother was on his back with his legs over Bill’s shoulder being plowed by Bill’s huge cock with my dad standing over him being sucked by Bill. I quickly stripped my clothes and stepped next to my dad. My dad pulled me in for a kiss and I felt Bill start bobbing up and down my cock. My brother was groaning loudly and I pulled away from Bill and my dad and asked Bill if I could cut in. Bill pulled his cock from my brother’s ass and I replaced it with mine. My brother had become quite the bottom! I loved fucking him, but knew I still needed to have his magical cock in me! My dad lay next to my brother and Bill pulled his legs up over his shoulders and we both fucked the man in front of us. I looked at their faces and saw the similarities in their faces as their asses were filled with thrusting cock. My brother and dad looked at each other and smiled. They both nodded and in one swift movement Bill and I were on our backs and our asses were being filled with cock. There it was. My brother’s cock immediately started doing its thing. It had been too long since I had felt his cock do its thing in me. My brother leaned down and kissed me. I wrapped my legs around his ass and my arms around his neck and pulled him as close together as we could get. He pulled his lips from mine and told me he wanted to breed me. I nodded and he buried his head in my neck and began sucking on my neck as his thrusts picked up and his cock filled every part of my hole. The sensation of his cock and tongue were too much and my cock sprayed between our bodies. The warm wetness made my brother groan and I felt his body tense and his cock pulse as he emptied his balls in me. Apparently my dad and Bill had already finished and had been watching my brother and I as we finished. My dad smiled and looked down at the load he sprayed on his stomach and said he loved watching his two sons making love. It really wasn’t just sex, I loved my brother and having his cock in me. My brother was still on top of me. His cock still in me. My cum glued us together. We smiled at each other and I squeezed my legs around him. I swear I felt his cock circle around in my hole. I lowered my legs and my brother pulled away from me. I felt every inch of his cock as it slid from my hole. It seemed to grab a hold trying to stay in me before the head popped out. We weaved our bodies together and relaxed in post orgasmic bliss.

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