My Brothers – My Slaves


Chapter 1

When I was attending the university I shared an apartment with 3 other girls — Amy, Ruth and Sue. It was that time when Sue, the only brunette in the group, introduced us to a very interesting situation.

Sue was tall, slim and had a nice pair of firm boobs that we all envied. She always kept her pussy well shaved and after some time us other girls liked the idea and began to shave our pussies also.

With a body like hers, I do not need to tell you that she was a magnet for the boys and many wanted to date her. Whenever anyone asked her to go out with him, she used to invite him to our apartment and tell him that she would make a test and if he managed to pass the test, she would be his. However if he failed the test, that would be the last time she would speak to him and he would have to leave her alone.

Many tried and many failed. The test was simple to her. She would ask the boy to strip naked in the presence of us girls and promise to be our slave for the evening. If he passed the test and served us without questioning any of our wishes, his reward would be sharing her bed that night and he could continue to date her.

When I used to go home every other weekend I used to talk about this stunning girl to my elder brother. I never mentioned to him the tests that she would ask the boys to do. I showed him several pictures where she was in. His interest in her started to get wilder with my every visit home.

One weekend, when I visited, he asked me if he could come the following weekend and I would introduce him to her. That was what I wanted to hear. I promised him that I will speak to her and phone him to inform him what she replied.

Back to the university I immediately asked her to help me as I liked the idea of having a naked boy to be my slave and it happened that the boy happened to be my brother.

I asked her if she could give him the test, but instead of asking him to strip in the presence of all us girls, she would be alone with him. She would then call Amy and Ruth to join her later when she thinks he got accustomed to his nakedness in her presence. By late evening she would then call me when they think that he got used to be naked in a small crowd of women.

Sue was more than willing to co-operate. She promised me that she would give me a totally obedient naked slave. I told her that he fancies her and may have serious thoughts for a permanent relation. She laughed and said that she thought it would be wonderful to know that he would be a naked slave at all times, that is when he is with her and when he is at home with me.

I reminded her that at home I have another brother and mum who is a widow. It may be difficult to persuade him to be naked at home in their presence. She laughed again and promised me that she would think of something to make me a mistress to two naked brothers and slaves.

That evening I phoned home and informed my brother that I arranged a date for him with Sue for the following weekend. He was trilled and told me that he was cancelling a trip to go and watch a football match with his friends.

Chapter 2

The week flew by and I believe I may have been more excited than he was. He was thinking about his date and perhaps how to get her to bed, while I was thinking of him naked and serving us girls.

Sue promised me that she would give him a passionate night that he would never forget and would want to have more of it.

When he arrived in town, Sue and I met him at the train station. I introduced him to Sue and we had some coffee at the restaurant in the station. He was only carrying a 24hour luggage with him. He did not need much for the weekend.

Sue suggested that he leaves the luggage in a locker at the station. She told him from the start that he has to pass a test if he wanted to date her and if he failed, it would be better for him to go back home, while if he passed he would not need anything from his luggage as she would prefer her sleeping partner to be totally naked.

I saw my brother blush a little bit and when our eyes met, I gave him a wink and a smile. His response was a redder face.

Before we finished our coffees, I brought some excuse to leave them alone and as I was leaving I asked Sue to take good care of my brother. She promised that if he passed her test, she would take so much good care of him that he would look forward to come visit again and again.

As it was pre arranged, I met Amy and Ruth at our local pub a block away from our apartment. We chatted and had a couple of drinks while waiting for one of our mobile phones to ring. It was Ruth’s mobile that rang. She just confirmed what we were expecting that the call was from Sue and that she and Amy were to go and have some fun with her. They apologized beforehand if they mistreat my brother. I assured them that there will be no bad feelings because this was part of the plan.

I remained alone at the pub. A few minutes later a guy approached me and offered me a drink. I beylikdüzü escort told him that I would accept only if he would accept my simple condition that I was waiting for a telephone call and when it arrives, I shall leave him alone and that would be our first and last meeting. I did not like the guy much.

About 90 minutes later I received a call from Ruth asking me to join the fun. I thanked the guy who offered me the drink both for his company and the drink. When he suggested meeting again, I reminded him of the pre-condition I accepted his drink. He smiled and told me that it was a good try on his part and thanked me also for the company.

When I arrived at the apartment I knocked the door to give the impression to my brother that I did not belong there. Sue opened the door and welcomed me telling me that she was going to introduce me to her new slave. My heart almost stopped. She was successful all the way. When my brother saw me he tried to hide his manhood but his hands were tied behind his back and his feet were tied together so he could not escape. He was also sporting this huge erection. His head dropped and he stared at his feet. He did not have the courage to look at me in the face. I too, did not have the courage to look at my naked brother. Thanks goodness after a few seconds I picked up courage and told Sue if this slave is the same boy we were having coffee with at the train station. She smiled and confirmed.

Sue walked to behind him, took his head in her hands and lifted it up and faced it my way. “Now say hello to the lady and you should address either as Mistress Sister or by her name as Mistress Liz.”

“Hello Mistress Liz” he managed to say in a low voice.

“Sue, how must address your slave?” I asked her

“We are calling him naked boy for now — we shall see later if we call him by his name” she replied.

“Hello naked boy” I answered him while taking a seat on the sofa and facing my naked brother who was standing right opposite.

“Now naked boy” Sue began “same procedure we did with the other ladies. I shall untie your feet; you go near your sister and invite her to inspect and fondle your package”. She knelt down and untied the bondage he had around his feet.

Sheepishly he approached and told me “Mistress Liz, I beg you to inspect and fondly me.”

His hard penis was only a few centimeters away from my face and if I moved my head slightly forward I could have taken him in my mouth. I admired his manhood. I must admit that I caught my brother naked several times as he caught me naked also, but I never saw him this hard. I picked up courage and touched his shaft and moved his foreskin backwards to expose the shiny smooth skinned head of his manhood. “Nice” I remarked while lifting it up to have a better look at the sack beneath it. “Nice package there too” I again remarked while touching his balls with my other hand.

Ruth told me to jerk him off but Sue interrupted and said that as it was getting late and he has to spend the night with her, she wants him to satisfy her while he is that hard. And with that, she ordered my brother to thank me for touching him and excused herself while carrying my brother with her in the bedroom. As Ruth share the same bedroom, she slept in our bedroom and I offered her my bed for co-operating and sacrificing her bed to leave the couple alone that night. I slept on the floor and I assure you, although it was hard I slept content.

Chapter 3

Early next morning I heard noises from the common area and went out to investigate. There in the corner where we use as a kitchen, I saw my brother half asleep and naturally still naked.

“Good morning John” I greeted him.

“Good morning Mistress Sister” he replied “I am making some coffee for Mistress Sue, would you like some also?”

“Sure. Thanks” I replied “I heard funny noises last night. I think you must have had some fun”

“Yes Mistress. Thanks for introducing me to your friend Mistress Sue. She really knows what she wants and also knows what men want.”

“I am glad you are enjoying it. Did she suggest that you see each other again?”

“No. Not yet. I asked her this morning if we could meet again but she replied that she had to prepare some requests and if I agreed and followed the requests then she would gladly meet me again.”

He presented me with a cup of coffee and bowed his head as a sign of respect and vanished with another cup of coffee in the bedroom. Before he managed to close the door behind him I heard Sue telling him “Come here stallion!”

As it was Sunday morning, none of the sleepers in the apartment came out of the bedroom before 11. Both Ruth and Amy seemed to have forgotten that my brother was in the other bedroom with Sue and they both appeared as they normally do, that is topless and just wearing their panties. Amy’s was a really small tanga that left little to the imagination.

Few minutes later Sue appeared from the bedroom doorway beyoğlu escort fully naked. She greeted us good morning and came whispering telling us what a great night she had.

“Naked boy” she called “come and make me some more coffee.”

In seconds my brother appeared in the doorway. This time his manhood was as I have seen it in the past on those occasions I already mentioned to you. He rushed to the kitchen area, filled the electric kettle with enough water to serve coffee to all of us and stood there facing us with his hands behind his back waiting for the water to boil.

He served us coffee and then Sue instructed him to dress up and go to the Chinese take away further down the road and bring us something for lunch.

When he went to do the errand he was ordered to do, Sue told me that my brother was great in bed and if my other brother is as good, she would like to have a go with him too. I reminded her that my brother fancies her and she would complicate family life if she had to screw my other brother.

“Then how are we going to get your other brother here and naked for us” Sue asked.

“Well!” Amy remarked “if from what I heard last night and what you said this morning about John, Steve would be as good, I shall test him myself.”

“Not a bad idea” I replied “we just need to find a way to bring both my brothers here and you” pointing to Sue and Amy “girls will do the rest.”

Sue then explained to us that in the little time they were alone, she managed to teach him how to behave. She explained that when he returns he is supposed to strip naked as soon as he enters the apartment. She asked us to remember how this morning he remained standing facing us with his hands behind his back, in such a way to expose his manhood to us without having the temptation to cover it. She then announced to us that she thought of a small number of requirements that she would ask John to comply with if he intends to continue dating her. She admitted that she would love to continue dating him even if he breaks all her rules but that is a matter between us girls only and he should never know her feelings for him. We agreed with her that those remarks will remain between us girls.

About 30 minutes passed since his departure to fetch some Chinese take away food. There was a knock at the door and Sue went and asked who was there. We did not want any surprises by strangers visiting at that time when Sue was still completely naked and Ruth and Amy were just in their panties. It seems I was the only one decently dressed by wearing a long T-Shirt and nothing beneath. The voice of the caller was familiar and Sue opened the door for him to enter.

As soon as he entered he placed the plastic bag he was carrying on the floor and stripped naked, placing his cloths on a chair close to the door. Sue gestured thumbs up from behind him.

“Now, naked boy” Sue commenced “I want to thank your sister for introducing such an obedient slave to me, and as a present I am going to give her a special present.”

She paused for a while and let all our imaginations run wild. “Go in the bathroom and bring the shaving kit and shaving cream that are in the medicine box on top of the wash hand basin.” To this order he quickly vanished into the bathroom; returning seconds later with what he was ordered to bring in his hands.

“My present to your sister is that she will have the privilege to shave your balls and your manhood.”

He was stunned and blushed while we burst out in laughter.

I had to pick up courage and handle his package to apply the shaving cream and then to stretch and smooth his skin to shave him. I did not want to injury my brother, especially in such a delicate area. When I was done, Sue instructed him to go stand in front of each and every woman so she could feel the shaved softness of his package.

I was surprised that he did it is such a casual way. It seems he got accustomed to being naked in the presence of our little group.

“Now, naked boy, you want to date me again, don’t you?” Sue said

He nodded and said “Yes Ma’am”

“Good. Let me give you a few simple instructions and if you follow them, then we shall meet again. First: What I say is a command and you obey that command without question or hesitation, however strange it may sound to you. Second: if your sister gives you a command, obey it as if that command comes from me.”

She paused a moment to let it sink into his brain while holding his balls in her hands. “OK?”

He nodded in approval.

“No. I want to hear you.”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Good. Now I guess that you love your brother and you want the best for your brother.”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Look Mistress Amy here set eyes on your brother and she would like you to bring him over with you the next time. The next time means if you follow my instructions, otherwise there will be no next time between us.”

“Yes Ma’am I will follow your instructions. I shall bomonti escort obey you and I shall obey my sister as if she were you.”

“Perfect. Now next time you try to persuade your brother to come along with you. You can tell him about our passionate night together and that there is a girl you want to introduce to him, but don’t mention anything about the little surprise that expects him. He has to become an obedient naked slave to us also, and if he rejects the idea you try to convince him. OK?”

“Yes Ma’am, as you wish”

Sue went behind him and taking him by the shoulders she led him to stand right in front of me, and then she told him she is going to test his obedience and while gesturing me from behind him to jerk, she asked me to give him a command. Naturally I asked him to jerk himself in our presence. He hesitated for a while, but the coughing sound of Sue from behind him brought him to his senses again and he gave us a manly demonstration.

Chapter 4

Evening came and he had to go back home. Sue and I accompanied him to the train station and while Sue had to pay a visit to the ladies room he took the opportunity to ask me if I am going to make him stay naked at home. I told him that we shall cross the bridge when we come to it and he should not ask questions but just obey orders.

We saw him off on the train and he and Sue had a passionate kiss before he boarded the train.

The week passed like a dream and the following weekend, it was my turn to visit home.

He came to pick me up from the train station of our town and on the way home I instructed him that for now I am not going to ask him to remain naked all the time, but he must leave the bathroom open when he is using it especially when he is naked and taking a shower. Moreover when he is going to take a shower he must come and casually announce that he is going to have a shower. I shall then decide if I go and pay him a visit and watch his nakedness.

Mum was surprised when she saw him helping me with all my requests. He hardly cleans his room and that weekend he cleaned my room spotless. Mum also asked me to help her with the dishes, but I told her that John is volunteering to do the dishes himself. She was curious and wanted to know what happened over this weekend that made her son change from nighttime to daytime. I smiled and told her that she may get the answer to her question very soon.

As agreed with Sue, he approached our brother and related to him the fun he had and the passionate night of love he had with Sue and that one of the other girls saw him in some of Liz’s pictures and asked if he would introduce him to her.

Steve asked John how this Amy looks and Steve told him that if he did not fell for Sue, she would be a very good alternative. Steve got interested and agreed to join John on the following weekend’s visit.

The week passed and on Friday evening I received a telephone call from John announcing that he and Steve will arrive by train at approximately 11.35 Saturday morning. I told him that one of us girls will be there to meet them, as I had some other appointment and I might not finish by that time, but I shall meet them later when they arrive at the apartment.

We arranged that Sue and Amy will go and meet them while Ruth and I would remain home and hide in one of the bedrooms when they arrive.

Just a few seconds after we heard the clock strikes noon, we heard the key in the lock turning and rushed to one bedroom and closed the door ajar to be able to watch what was going on.

Sue and Amy were the first to enter and they both stood by the door watching what the boys were going to do. John entered and started stripping naked, while Steve stood watching dumbfounded. Amy invited him telling him to get undressed like his brother and participate in the game and fun. He started undressing and from the look of his face he seemed reluctant.

When both were naked, Sue told them to place their hands behind their backs and she and Amy tied them up.

“Look, what a couple of good looking naked boys we have to serve us this weekend” remarked Amy.

“Yes, I guess with a little training Steve will become obedient as much as his brother and perhaps even better than his brother” said Sue with a laughing voice.

“And if he is as good as his brother by what you have described to us, than I know I shall enjoy this night.”

“Yes Amy I am sure you will. Just take a look at his manhood. Long; thick and hard.”

“Do you think that Ruth and Liz are still out?”

“No I don’t think so, I heard some noises in the bedroom. I go and fetch them.”

Amy came to the door and pushed it open and invited Ruth and me to join them.

John stood there like a soldier and greeted us while Steve tried to lift his right foot and cover his package with this thigh. It was a fruit less exercise as he could not keep his balance and had to bring down his foot again.

Sue went to him, slapped him on his balls and told him that he has to remain naked in our presence and covering his package is prohibited. With the pain he dropped down on his knees. Amy knelt beside him grabbed his balls in the palm of her hand and squeezed a little bit.

“You want fun, and you have to pay a little for the fun. OK?” she told Steve

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