My Chakkar* With SC Ch. 08


Author’s Notes:

*”Chakkar” is a multipurpose colloquial Hindi word, in the present context meaning “affair”.

To get the best out of this story, I suggest that you should read Ch. 01 to 07 of “My Chakkar With SC” before reading on.


My long affair with SC continued; we kept meeting on an average once a month whenever I visited Mumbai on business. We were extremely careful to meet in total secrecy. As I have described earlier, our meetings usually took place in anonymous rooms of large, busy hotels near the airport whose normal clientele were transit passengers and where the hotel staff would be unlikely to remember us. Even so, I never chose the same hotel for two consecutive meetings. We mostly met in the evenings after office hours. While most of our meetings lasted just for a few hours, on a few occasions (some of which I’ve described before) we were able to spend a longer time together.

SC awoke intense passions in me and drove me to such heights of creativity and performance that I sometimes marveled at my own sexual appetite, stamina and endurance. However, I can honestly say that our relationship, although illicit, did no harm to anybody: not even to SC’s hubby, or to my wife (although I daresay that they would be completely traumatized if they came to know of our Chakkar even today). I never neglected my wife in any way on account of my affair with SC. In fact my wife was a happy beneficiary of my heightened sexuality and renewed vigor, though she remained blissfully unaware of the real source of my inspiration and energy. I guess I am just a naturally polygamous man who is at his best when servicing many women!

Although married and a mother, SC was a complete babe in the woods in sexual matters when she first met me. Her hubby’s occasional and clumsy gropings had merely awakened SC’s dormant sexuality, without leading to fulfillment. This had resulted in a strange sense of unease, an unfulfilled longing that made her edgy and waspish, although she didn’t understand the cause. She used to snap at her hubby over minor things, without quite knowing why. This unsatisfied sexual appetite also drove SC to throw herself at me, although her conservative upbringing caused her contrariness, inability to recognize her own needs and refusal to surrender herself to me. But once I had forcefully overcome her initial resistance, SC proved to be an amazingly adept, willing, even enthusiastic student and partner, quite comfortable with her own newly acknowledged sexuality. Once I started satisfying her physical needs on an ongoing albeit infrequent basis, her shrewish behavior towards her hubby also abated. In fact their relationship became happier than ever before.

While our relationship was primarily based on a gut level physical attraction, it was by no means confined only to sex. SC was a very practical and down to earth person; falling for me was perhaps the only thing she ever did that was out of character. Early on, I had discovered that she had a sharp, savvy mind and keen powers of observation and inference. She also had a sound money sense and I profited by following her advice and suggestions on making investments. She also continued to provide me inside information on the happenings in my old company and this too proved to be very useful on many occasions.

Over the years SC started to take her job seriously. In fact she became quite career minded when she found that she could match her wits with many of the young B-School graduates who started to join my old company in droves as executives. I suppose that the need to provide for a good education for her kids in the face of setbacks suffered by her hubby in his career also had something to do with it. She many times sought my advice and opinion in matters related to her career as well as family, including education and career choice of beşiktaş escort her children. I know that she and her family benefited by my advice. While she never could break through the glass ceiling, she eventually did rise to become a middle level executive. Not an inconsiderable achievement for a woman rising from the ranks without a business management degree.

Her love and adoration for me never waned. She always made me feel special. She took a keen interest in my career, encouraged and supported me during tough times and took great pride in my many successes. In truth, she became in some ways closer to me than my wife.

After having agreed to my terms for continuing our relationship, SC never made any demands on me; she accepted whatever I was able to give her with good grace. She was a proud, self respecting person, not at all the submissive, doormat type. We always talked on equal terms and she never hesitated to voice her views and opinions. Even so, she became totally submissive when it came to sex. I was always amazed to see her transformed from an articulate, self-confident career woman to a lust-crazed female eager to do my bidding at the merest hint or a gesture from me. Clearly, she took pleasure and pride in satisfying my lust.

SC had no hang-ups and never refused me anything. With her, I explored newer and wilder ways of achieving sexual pleasure. Over time, I think I did everything with her that a man could do with a woman, things I would not have dreamt of doing with my wife. It’s not as if my wife was inhibited or a stuck up prude. It’s just that aside from being my kids’ mother, my wife had a natural dignity and reserve and a Madonna like grace that discouraged me from attempting some of the kinkier acts that I dreamt up from time to time.


Once, SC came up to my hotel room in the early evening. The room was on the third or fourth floor and the window faced west, looking out onto the swimming pool below. It was the month of December and the sun was low on the horizon, shining directly into my room. We stood at the window, looking down; SC was leaning out a bit and I stood behind her. The hotel staff was busy arranging tables by the poolside. Apparently there was going to be a poolside party later in the evening. A few couples were frolicking in the pool. Some of the girls were wearing rather brief bikinis. They appeared to be enjoying the extra attention they were attracting.

“Just look at them! How shameless!” SC observed.

“Ah, yes! But see how they are enjoying themselves! I think most women have an exhibitionist streak in them, but are restrained by their inhibitions. What do you think?” I commented.

“What nonsense! No respectable girl would like strangers to look at her in that way. They must be call girls or something!” She replied.

“Oh, I don’t think so. Call girls normally don’t waste their time like that. Nor can they afford to swim in five star hotel pools. No, I can bet they are just regular upper or middle class girls having fun at their fathers’ or boyfriends’ expense. I think most girls as well as married women love to be noticed and appreciated not just for their beauty and smartness but also for their sex appeal. In fact according to me, married women tend to dress more provocatively than unmarried girls, since they’ve lost some of their inhibitions after having slept with a man. Don’t you agree?” I said.

“You are impossible! You know very well what you’re saying isn’t true. You are just trying to provoke me! And, how come you know so much about call girls?” She asked, rising to the bait.

“Well, just look at yourself! Don’t you think there’s been a distinct improvement in the way you dress after we started sleeping together?” I asked, conveniently ignoring the bit about knowing beşyol escort call girls.

It was true. She had started to pay more attention to her appearance and there had been a subtle but noticeable change in her hairstyle, the cut of her blouses (shorter, tighter fitting, deeper necklines…), the choice of her saris & the way she draped them, all making her look sexier and more attractive than ever before.

She blushed at my compliment and replied, “Well, I feel so much better about myself nowadays… and I like to please you. I’m glad you noticed!”

“There you are! Of course you are dressing to please me. But you also want the whole world to know how sexy, desirable you are. In fact you always wanted to, but were too shy. Tell me honestly, wouldn’t you like to be in the place of that girl at the pool and have men drooling over you?’ I teased, pointing at one of the girls in a skimpy white bikini.

“No! Never! What if somebody recognized me? I’d die of shame.” She replied vehemently.

“Aha! So, what you are really saying is that you don’t want to be recognized, but would still love people to admire your assets!” I laughed at her discomfiture. I casually put my arms around SC’s waist and leaned into her, nuzzling her neck.

“Shoo… are you crazy? Somebody might see us!” she said and tried to wriggle out of my arms, but I held her tight. Actually, she was right. If somebody looked up, we would certainly be visible, although perhaps not recognizable since we were at quite a height.

“Well, I daresay you have a better pair of breasts than that teenager at the pool! Wouldn’t you love to show them to that dark guy with a moustache down there?” I continued with my train of thought, gently caressing and kneading her bare belly, rubbing my crotch against her ass.

“No… no… uhh…” She responded. She was slowly getting aroused.

“No? Really? C’mon, be honest…” I whispered into her ear and gently licked her earlobe. I pulled the sari out of her petticoat and undid the knot of the drawstring, pushing her petticoat down. My hand now roamed freely over her soft, warm belly, occasionally straying over her panties.

“No… ohhh…” She was moaning now, her eyes fixed on the man I had just pointed to. I suddenly had an idea. I fished out a scarf and tied it so that it covered her lower face, but left her eyes clear. Now, she would be not recognizable even to someone having a pair of binoculars.

“What are you doing?” she exclaimed.

“Relax SC! Now your face is covered, so nobody’s going to recognize you. Go ahead and do it!” I encouraged her.

“No… no… no way!” She kept protesting, but her inhibitions were weakening.

“Just look at him! He’s just waiting to peek at your breasts. And you are dying to show them to him! Isn’t your pussy getting wet at the thought?” I provoked her, my hand lightly moving over her panty covered mound. I could sense her excitement building as her breathing became irregular and her heart raced.

“Just do it!” I commanded. I knew she was ready, and just needed a little encouragement.

She seemed to be in a trance. With unsteady hands she removed the safety pin securing her pallu in place and let it drop. I continued to massage her belly, now pushing my fingers occasionally inside her panties and running them through her pubic hair. I didn’t touch either her pussy or her breasts. She slowly opened the hooks of her front opening blouse and then shrugged it off her shoulders, her eyes fixed on the dark man by the pool. Then, she reached behind and unhooked her bra and pulled it off too. Her torso above the waist was now completely naked. She pulled her shoulders back and thrust her breasts out, holding her breath. By this time the sun had already set and it was quite dark, so no one could beykent escort actually have seen anything.

“Wow! SC, you have a fabulous pair of breasts. You have made that guy Nagappa so hot and horny; he’s come up here and is standing behind you. He is going to take his pleasure with your breasts now…” I said, pulling a name out of thin air.

She was really into the game now and getting quite a kick out of it. I massaged, squeezed and fondled her naked breasts one after the other. Her nipples were hard and erect and felt like pencil erasers as my palm passed over them. I rolled and pinched her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and bit & sucked on her shoulder. She was writhing and moaning, rubbing her ass against my crotch. She turned her head and sought my mouth with her lips, but the scarf tied on her face came in the way. She reached up and impatiently pulled it away and then kissed me wetly, our mouths open and tongues playing with each other. Curiously, she made no effort to turn around. She continued to face the window, in her own mind showing her treasures to the crowd below! I pushed her panties down her hips, so that she was fully naked. With one hand I reached between her legs and ran a finger up and down her drooling slit, while continuing to knead her breasts with the other.

“See how much you are enjoying Nagappa play with your breasts! You’ll even beg him to fuck you!” I exclaimed.

“Ooohh…ooohh… aaahh… aaahh…” Her moans were now more like subdued groans, and I continued to torment her breasts and pussy until she finally begged,

“Please… please fuck me… “.

Suddenly, floodlights were switched on at the poolside and the whole area became brilliantly lit. Light reflected upwards was bright enough to illuminate us standing at the window. I hastily pulled her back from the window into the protective darkness of the room. There had been a brief moment when SC’s naked torso and her breasts being kneaded by me standing behind her could have been seen by anyone looking up. This drove our arousal to an even higher pitch. I made her kneel on the floor facing the bed, her head and chest resting on it. I quickly took my clothes off and knelt behind her, my cock fully hard and erect, fluid seeping from the head. I pushed her knees apart so that her pussy was open and accessible. A copious amount of pussy juice had oozed out and trickled down her inner thighs, making them slick and shiny. I gathered some up with my fingers and applied it to my erect cock. I positioned my cock at her hole and held her by her hips.

“Nagappa is going to fuck you now!” I said as I forced my hard cock in with one mighty shove. Her pussy was fully wet, slick, ready and waiting to get fucked and my cock rammed home, facing no resistance. I continued to fuck her with hard, deep, rough strokes, holding her shoulder with one hand while pushing the other hand under her to knead her breasts. Her head was turned sideways and eyes were tightly shut as she concentrated her attention on the magical sensations emanating from her pussy, moaning and whimpering in ecstasy. Her hips thrust back to meet my lunges and accept my cock even deeper. She was so highly aroused that in a very short time, she climaxed, while I continued to use her pussy for my own pleasure. A while later, I felt my orgasm approach. I grabbed both her breasts and squeezed hard, simultaneously biting down on her shoulder as my cock spurted semen deep inside her. Then I collapsed over her, panting and sweating like a pig. I felt her heart hammering against my chest and she continued to moan and whimper as she gradually descended from heaven down to earth. On her face was a half smile and an indescribable look of pleasure and satisfaction.

This was one of the few times I had fucked her from behind, doggie style. I prefer the face-to-face fuck: it affords a better look at my woman’s face and I like to see the breasts move fluidly in time with my thrusts and also feel her hot breath on my face. But this time I did it from behind as I wanted to preserve the make-believe that it was the imaginary Nagappa who was fucking her. Even so, it was one of the most pleasurable couplings I had had with her.


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