My Cheating Girlfriend Comes Home


My girlfriend came home after work. She works at a shop called Currys which sells PC’s and TV’s etc… in the UK. She was 18 and was stunning in my eyes. She had green eyes, blonde straight hair down past her shoulders and slightly pale skin. She was a thin girl with A cup breasts. She always dressed like one of the hot girls that doesn’t have a great face but you give a second look cause they look a little easy.

She was wearing her work clothes which was a black fitted shirt with the company logo and a name tag. and black pants. She came in and went into the kitchen to make some toast. I came in behind her and wrapped my arms around her from behind.

“I’ve missed you baby”

My hands moved up her shirt to her small breasts feeling the material rub against the cups of her bra.

“Oh I can tell” She pressed her bum against my erection as she laughed.

I turned her round and started to undo her shirt but she stopped me with a weird look on her face. She told me to just rip her jeans off and shag her which I didn’t argue with being so horny.

I picked her up and put her beşiktaş escort on the kitchen table face down. I pulled down her trousers and thrust my shaft into her wet pussy.

She let out a cry of pain as I pushed my shaft in and left it there to stretch her pussy. My hands groped her tits through her shirt and bra as I started fucking her tight pussy. She told me to slow down but I ignored her. Instead I pushed her down against the table and fucked harder.

She bounced her skinny pussy off my dick and was soon moaning like a whore.

I turned her over in the heat of the moment and impaled her once again. I wanted a better view of her small tits bouncing to the rhythm so I undid her black shirt as quick as I could.

She shrieked and pulled her shirt closed.

I was so confused that she was covering herself up. I knew something was up.

I forced her hands apart and her shirt fell open revealing a black lace bra, On her small cleavage I noticed some dry white stains. There were more dried stains on her bra. beşyol escort It was dried cum. There was cum all over her chest that had dried. Some guy must have cum all over my girlfriend.

I was furious!

She didn’t look me in the eyes but I could see her shame. My cock was harder than ever and now I was shocked. I let go of her arms and gripped her neck so I could really shag her hard! I pounded her harder than ever and I could see her loving it but also confused.

I pulled out my wet dick and grabbed her hair and pulled her off the table and put her at my knees with my cock at her face. Her pussy juice was all over my hard cock and I wiped it on her face before I shoved it in her mouth.

She pulled out and took my cock in her hand. “You want to know how it happened don’t you”

“Well it was at work and my boss asked me to come to his office. He wanted to make me a supervisor” She looked at me with a smile. “All I had to do was get him off” She was stroking my erection. I knew I was not going to last long at beykent escort all!

“I took his small prick in my mouth for about 10 minutes and then got on my back on his desk. I took my shirt off but left my bra on.”

“He pulled my hands to my breasts and got me to press them together around his shaft which he placed on me after he straddled me. He then started to thrust. and I couldn’t believe I was giving him a tit wank with these little things”

“My hips started to meet his hand which was fingering me at the same time by the way, as he continued to fuck my tits.”

“The shock of his cum hitting my neck and chest was a relief”

“He stopped with his fingers and sat me up. His cum now dripping down my chest and onto my bra” She said with a smile still stroking my hard cock. I felt her tongue lick my tip as her lips formed a perfect seal around my hard shaft taking away her wet juices. Her mouth worked me, leaving a red trail abound the base of my shaft.

I moved her hair aside so I could watch her magic lips edging my dick to its orgasm while I felt her soft breasts in my other hand. I was so excited I started holding her head down making her gag on me. I pinned her head to me but she offered no resistance as my orgasm filled her mouth. She didn’t spill a drop leaving only her beautiful red lipstick behind.

She looked up at me asking if I was mad at her.

I told her it was time to get even soon and smiled.

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