My Childhood Friend

Big Dick

“Omg whyyyyy is it so warm!”

“At least we’re headed for the pool.” he laughed as he pulled into the driveway.

We made our way to the backyard where it was very crowded.

“Walk carefully Em, it’s so crowded, hold my hand.”

“I’m not a child Sammy, I’ll be fine on my own.” the music was so loud that I felt a little disoriented in the crowd.

“Watch it!” came an irritated voice when I accidentally walked into a guy. I felt a sudden shove and found myself stumbling through the crowd before I let out a scream as I fell into the pool. I felt a sharp pain against my head and saw how the surface became further and further. I could see a silhouette flashing into the water with me before it all went black.


“Em WAKE UP!” I felt pressure on my chest before coughing up water

“Jesus Em! I told you! Why won’t you listen!” I opened my eyes and saw Sam for a second before he wrapped me in an embrace. He let go before he took me into his arms and carried me to the car.

“We’re going home.” he said sternly.

“I filled the bathtub for you, go and take a bath.” Sam said as he entered my room. He brushed away the hair in front of my face and put his lips against my forehead.

“You’re pretty hot.”

“Thanks, I know.” I grinned and Sam shook his head with a smile. I pulled on his shirt and he looked at me with a curious yalova escort face.

“Can we… bath together, like when we were younger…?” he looked at me for a long time and I wish I knew what he was thinking because the silence was deafening.

“I… don’t think that’s a good idea..” he quickly got up

“Please… just once… I beg you.” I didn’t care if this was gonna destroy our friendship because he was gonna be gone anyways… He lets out a heavy sigh.


“I’ll step in first and you come in after.”

I stepped into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I slowly took off my towel while looking at Sam. He had his eyes closed. I carefully stepped in on the other side and now I sat facing him, looking at his face. He opened his eyes and we just sat there in silence. I looked down at the water.

“You’ll never see me as a woman, will you? You’ll leave like I don’t mean anything to you.”

“What are you talking about? I can’t stay here.” I closed my eyes upon hearing his words and curled up in the bathtub.

“I love you, Sam…” I felt a sudden grip around my wrist.

“W-what did you just say?” I bit my lip and just looked away.

Sam suddenly grabbed my chin and pressed his lips against mine. He took me by surprise but I kissed him back. I sucked on his tongue and slowly leaned over to his side. His hand slowly yalova escort bayan slid down my back to my ass, grabbed it hard, and pulled me close to him. I slowly reached down my hand to his dick and slowly stroked it up and down. A groan escaped Sam’s lips

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted you Em?” he started kissing me deeply while he massaged my breast in his hand. I let out a small moan and stroked him faster. His dick felt big in my hand. He groaned louder the faster I stroked him.

He bit my earlobe and whispered.

“Let me put it in Em. I wanna feel your tight pussy around my dick.” we got up and he leaned me against the wall.

“Fuck, Em your body’s so hot.” I could feel Sam’s hands run down each side of my body. His hand reached my pussy and he pushed two fingers into my pussy and made me moan loudly. My body shakily pressed against the wall as he fingered my wet pussy. He slid out of my pussy and I could feel the hard tip of his dick against the entrance of my pussy. I could feel my breasts pressed against the cold wall and how my nipples hardened.

“I’m putting it in now.” before he even finished the sentence I could feel his hard dick penetrate my pussy and it felt so fucking good. I moaned loudly as he fucked me hard from behind. His dick moved in and out of me fast as my insides clung and tightened around his dick.

“Uhhh… escort yalova Em, you feel fucking amazing!” he groaned and I could feel him fucking me harder and faster. My legs got shaky as he pounded my pussy roughly. I could feel the water dripping down my inner thighs with my pussy juices. His hands were on both sides of my hip, holding me in place as he thrust into my pussy without pause.

“Ohhhh… S-Sammhmm I-I’m gonna… fuck me…” I felt the tension build up as I came hard and lost my strength.

Sam held me tightly and pounded me rougher than before and he pushed his dick completely inside of my pussy before stopping. He breathed heavily before he let out a loud groan.

“Uhhhh… E-Em I’m filling you uppp…” his grip on my hips tightened and I felt his dick pulsate inside of me as he unloaded his cum inside me. He pulled out of me and I turned around to look at him. I got down on my knees and took a steady grip around his dick before I slowly licked the tip of his dick. His legs shook as he put his hand on my head.

“Fuuuhck Emmm…” he groans.

“Delicious!” I said as I licked my lips and took the head of his dick inside of my mouth. I could taste his cum mixed with my pussy juices. I started licking every inch of his dick, making sure I didn’t miss a spot. He groaned softly and held my head in place. I started sucking off Sam’s dick and took the whole length inside my mouth. I made sure to get every last drop of his sperm. I took out his dick from my mouth and smiled.

“All clean!” I laughed and he laughed.

“You’re so silly, now let me wash you off.”

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