Subject: My cousin fucks me in my sleep (10) “This is wrong. This is wrong, Mason, this is so wrong.” I tilted my head sideways and covered my eyes with the back of my forearm to avoid looking him directly in the eye. He gently laid my legs back on the soft bed. “I know, baby… I’m a fucked up piece of shit for doing this… I’m sorry.” “Mason, I’m your cousin! And you have a girlfriend for Pete’s sake!” Mason was silent. I could feel the smooth yet firm flesh of his thigh pressing against mine as the heat of his body sent sparks all over me. After a while, I felt his hard and meaty chest fall on top of mine as he nuzzled his nose in the crook of my neck. His dick, still raging and unsatisfied, poked and prodded my stomach. “I know. I know it all too well, baby…” he placed a gentle kiss on the side of my neck. His playful kisses ventured upwards until he reached my jaw. I was clasping the sheets on the bed, desperately trying to do away with the intense urge I had to grab Mason by his Nape and press him harder against my skin. He planted soft and wet kisses outlining my jaw until he hovered just inches from lips. My eyes were tightly shut from trying to control myself, but as I opened them, I saw Mason’s intense eyes looking me down like I was prey. I could feel the slight breeze of his breath hitting my lips. “But I’m past the point of caring.” He pressed his sultry and supple lips hard against mine, sucking and pulling on my lower ones as he ground his rock hard manhood against my tummy. I found myself grabbing and clawing his back as I pulled his perfect body closer to mine, desperately needing contact like it was my life support. I glided my palms across his smooth and sculpted back as his tongue invaded my mouth and clashed against mine. He dug the space between the back of my head and the bed, grabbing me by my nape and pulling me further towards him as his other hand aggressively fondled the cheek of my ass. He gave me a lasting damp kiss before pulling slightly away and staring me right into the eyes. I was overwhelmed by the emotions in his eyes which forced all the strength I had away from my gölcük escort bayan body. I was sure that if I was standing, I would’ve fallen to the ground. His eyes softened. “Fuck… I’m so damn smitten with you…” his eyes glimmered with tears. He closed his eyes and connected our lips once more. This time, it was delicate and full of love. I closed my eyes and savoured the comforting feeling of Mason as if he and I were possible. As if there were no societal norm that forbade two cousins from loving each other. Warm tears fled from my eyes, tracing all the way from my cheeks to the bed. I heaved a heavy sigh and shoved his hard chest away from me. I hardly moved him but his eyes were now filled with sorrow as he gradually lifted himself upright on his knees. He tilted his head towards the ceiling, as he tried to stop the tears from falling, his chest slowly rising and falling as he took slow and steady breaths. I wanted so much to just hug him and tell him that everything’s gonna be okay. To assure him that I wanted him so much more than he wanted me. To not think about anything else other than what we feel for each other, but I thought about my family, my uncle, Ashley, and Andrew. Our love for each other would hurt so many people, and I can’t bear to do that just for my own happiness. “Is it Andrew?” Mason softly whispered. “W-What do you mean?” Mason shook his head. He got out of bed and put on his boxer shorts. He took a fleeting glance at me. “I’m really sorry for taking advantage of you, Kyle. It won’t happen again.” He walked out of my room without looking back. I stared at the door for a while, hoping he would come back and decide to fight for us, for what we have. But that would be selfish and inconsiderate of me. I don’t know for how long I cried, but I woke up feeling so lethargic that even breathing took me some effort. That day, Mason deliberately tried to avoid me. He stayed in his room for most of the day, only coming down for lunch, wherein he acted like I didn’t exist. He went out in the afternoon with Ashley. Mason kept at it for weeks, only talking to me kocaeli otele gelen escort whenever uncle Gino was around or when absolutely necessary. At some point in time, he broke up with Ashley but he didn’t seem to be terribly affected by it. Ashley, on the other hand, didn’t take the break up very well. There wasn’t a time when I didn’t think about the things he said to me that one night. I always thought about what could have been no matter how hard I tried to shut any thoughts of Mason down. I forced myself to sleep as I didn’t want to wake up late for the first day of school. ——– I stared blankly ahead, as we sped through the road on the way to CU. I was still shocked about just finding out this morning that Mason also went to the the same university I was going to. I couldn’t believe nobody mentioned this to me! Well, I didn’t bother asking… but still! He pulled over in the parking lot. I was so nervous for some reason, but I just shrugged it off and stepped out of the car. We headed to the hall where both of our first classes were. “Do you know where to go from here?” “Uhh, yes. I’ll manage.” “Alright, I’ll see you later then.” He walked away and met with a few of his friends. I wandered through the halls, finally spotting the right room. I entered it and gasped at the largeness of it. Long rows of wooden chairs and tables lined until the very back end of the room. A curved sliding blackboard was perched against the opposing end and a sleek table stood at the corner of the platform. There weren’t many people as of yet, so I took a random seat in the middle row on the right side. As the students eventually filled the empty seats, a redhead took the one beside me. She was friendly enough to start a conversation with me. “I feel nervous as fuck and I don’t know why.” she said. Her name was Jess. “I know, I feel that way too. Just this morning, I literally felt jitters in my stomach when I woke up. This is really different from the schools in Italy.” “You’re from Italy? Well, bonjour mademoiselle!” A few moments after, a young looking guy took to the kocaeli sınırsız escort professor’s table wearing a casual sweater and jeans. I assumed he was the professor. The session was just about orientation and laying out the syllabus, so it wasn’t long until we were dismissed. Jess and I got each other’s numbers before we headed off towards our next class. My next class was the first PE. I took basketball because frankly, it was the only sport I was confidently familiar with other than skating. I eventually found my way to the gym. Parts of it were separated by steel boundaries to accommodate for more classes. I headed to one corner where a mobile blackboard was standing near a few lined benches. I was about to take a seat when I saw the guy I bumped into at the admin building. He was wearing a plain white shirt and a cozy grey sweat shorts with a thin gold chain hanging low by his neck. He was just sitting and talking with some guys while the girls around them seemed very flustered. Our eyes met and I immediately stormed off to a random seat a few spaces away from the bunch. The coach arrived and he briefed us about the things we would do over the semester. Apparently, this PE course is mostly introductory considering all of us were freshmen. We would mostly do rallies about shooting, passing, and the like and then we’d wrap it up with a match by the end of the semester. The class ended and I headed towards the bathroom right away to have a change of clothes. My next class was ice skating. Well, it isn’t exactly a class so much as it is training. I stripped in a surprisingly clean cubicle as I put on my tight spandex shorts and shirt. I forgot to bring my shorts with me inside the cubicle so I went out to get it from my duffle. The hot tetchy guy from earlier stood in front of the huge mirror in nothing but his sweat shorts. I was taken aback by his hunky body for a moment that I didn’t realise I was only in my spandex. I quickly went to get my shorts, and sure enough, I had trouble finding it from inside. I felt so exposed that I had a feeling like I was being watched. I finally found what I was looking for and I turned around to go back to the cubicle when I saw him ogling my butt. Our eyes met and he sported a cunning smirk before turning back to the mirror and washing his face. Great. It’s my first day and I already embarrassed myself plenty. ——- What are your thoughts on this chapter? Let me know ail

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