Subject: My cousin fucks me in my sleep (2) “I don’t know what to do. Every time I see him. I feel like my knees are gonna give in, and every time he smiles, I find it really hard to breathe. Man, I know that he’s my cousin but I can’t control what I’m feeling at all.” I cried to my best friend Jake, hoping he had an idea what to do. “Hey bud, I’m no love expert or anything but I think you have to keep it to yourself for as long as you can. Even if you haven’t known him for all your life until now, he’s still your cousin. That’ll be a problem once your parents know, Ky. And who knows, maybe what you’re feeling isn’t really love, but lust? I don’t know, by the way you described him to me, the first thing that popped into my head was a hunky big dicked pornstar.” He and I laughed. Even when things get serious, Jake really knows how to make me feel better. I should really talk to him a lot more. “Jake, are you busy? Do you wanna come over? Please come over? I really need someone to talk to other than Mason, please man.” I pleaded. Jake just got home from a week-long Bali trip with his family, and he says he’s got a jet lag but came over still. I love my best friend. “Ky, why aren’t you preparing yet? Aren’t you gonna come?” Mason stood by my room’s doorway as he buttoned his shirt. I could see his abs and the trail of pubes from his navel downwards, disappearing in his pants. “No Mase, but you should totally go. The Colosseum has a lot of instagram spots, I swear to god. I’ve been there more times than I could count, so I’m gonna pass for now.” “Aww, now I don’t wanna come too. Should I just stay here with you and have a lazy day instead?” “It’s okay, Mase, have fun with Andrew and Celine! He’s been dying to get out and explore these past days.” I say with as much encouragement as I can. Mason studied me and stood still for a few seconds. “Hmm.. Whatcha up to today?” “Uhh.. I’m gonna finish my book, and Jake’s supposed to come over later when you guys leave.” “Who’s Jake?” Mason’s expression is indifferent. It’s like he’s just asking me because it’s the proper thing to do. “My best friend. Maybe I’ll have him come over again when you’re here so you guys could meet. I’m pretty sure you’ll like him.” “Maybe. Alright, bye then.” he said then walked away. At first, Mom insisted that I come so that I could keep my cousins entertained but I pulled up the headache card so she let me stay at home. After a while, Jake arrived and we just hung out for the whole day, watching Netflix, and playing xbox, losing track of time. “Ky, have you chosen a song for your perf already?” Jake asked in between cupcake bites. “Shoot, I totally forgot about that. I have to email Mrs. Goro about the song choice, but yeah I picked The Middle of the World. It’s perfect for my piece, can’t wait for you to see it.” I said. Jake has been nothing but supportive of my figure skating hobby. You could call it a hobby because I really enjoy it and it relieves me of stress whenever I felt blue. It might not be the most masculine sport out there but I pride myself in being good at what I do. In a few days, I’ll be representing my school for the district competition in figure skating. I’ve already had a lot of practice for the piece, but hardcore training starts one tomorrow. “Can’t wait. Though I know you’re gonna kick all their asses.” “Don’t pressure me… Jake, I really need to sort out this thing that I have with Mason. I can’t be buddies with him like this because I end up thinking about kissing, hugging, and doing everything with him before I sleep. He’s all that’s in my mind, and the fact that we’re together every second of every day isn’t helping me at all.” I whine. “Kyle, listen to me. What you’re feeling is valid. It’s only natural for you to be attracted to him ’cause you really can’t help it. But you have to realize that this thing you have for him can’t go off. It’s taboo. So I think the right thing for you to do is to distance yourself even by a little bit, if it helps you hurt less.” Jake is sincere. I could feel that he really cared about me being hurt by this intense situation. “But to be honest, I’ll support you with whatever you wanna do. If you decide to just fuck it and confess, that’s okay, I’ll support you. ‘Cause it’s always a possibility that maybe he’s gay too and wants to fuck you or something.” he said while laughing. “You fuckface, I’ll never risk that. He might turn out to be a homophobe and out me to my family. Plus, he’s a hundred percent straight. There’s literally no gay bone in his body. His only exes are girls.” “Everybody’s a little gay, Kyle. Remember that. You just gotta work hard in finding that gay bone. But in all seriousness, I’m always here, Ky ky. You can talk to me about these feelings.” I went and gave gölcük escort bayan my best friend the tightest hug I could give. I planted my face in his chest and just whispered my gratefulness to him. The door swung open and I almost had a heart attack. Mason faced us with a disgruntled expression. They weren’t supposed to be home until two hours later, but for some reason, Mason’s here. My heart thumped. He really is breathtaking even when he’s mad like that. I immediately tore myself from Jake because I don’t want Mason to have the wrong idea. “Hi, Mase. How’d it go? I thought you guys were supposed to stay out until dinnertime? By the way, this is Jake, my best friend. Jake, this is Mason, my cousin.” “Hey man, nice to meet ya.” Jake held his hand up. Mason stared at it for a few seconds and took it after a while. I could see Jake’s face scrunch up a bit. What’s wrong with these two? “Hey. Uhh, I went back alone ’cause I was really bored there. I’m not really in the mood for photos and slow pacing in the streets so I went back. Uhh, I’ll just head up to our room then.” he said before lazily trudging up the stairs. “I can feel that he doesn’t like me. But man you were totally right, that guy is smoking hot. If I was gay I would’ve totally opened my legs just now. I now understand your plight my friend, my condolences.” We played some more until Jake had to go home. I went to Mason’s room afterwards to see him peacefully sleeping in a white tank top and a really thin piece of checkered boxer briefs. Fuck, I could see everything from here. He really is well endowed, and it started to make me horny. I went back to my room in a hurry, because I didn’t need any more temptation right now. After just a few minutes, I heard a knock at my door. “Come in.” It was Mason. He sat right next to me on my bed while I never left my focus on my phone. Being alone with him in a small room while he’s wearing what he’s wearing is planting a lot of bad ideas in my brain right now. “Hey Ky… I missed you today.” He hugged me from behind and placed his chin on my right shoulder, looking at the random stuff on my phone. His chest is pressed against my back and his hands are intertwined on my tummy. I could feel his breath on my cheek and I feel really high. “Silly, I was with you this morning and we’re literally living together.” I forced a decent laugh. “I know…” He laid us down my bed in the same position. I didn’t want to tear my gaze away from my phone because it’s gonna be really awkward if our eyes met. Every breath of his that slap my cheek makes my heart go even faster that I swear he could feel right now. He locked me in his bear hug and his face is literally a few inches from me. After a few moment, I could hear his light snores. I faced him, and what I saw was the most beautiful man I’ve ever met. His gentle eyes and perfect nose slightly moved with every exhale. His plump and naturally red lips looked so kissable and inviting. I’m so in love with him and it hurts so much, because I can’t say it. I stared at his eyes until it slowly opened. I panicked and didn’t know what to do so I just closed my eyes hard and hope he didn’t catch me staring at him like a creep. He laughed and hugged me even tighter. He pressed his chest against my face and just stayed like that for a while. I was in heaven and I didn’t wanna leave. “Mase, I was wondering if you wanted to… uhh..” I thought about my request, hoping it wasn’t too much to ask. Then I realized our position and the way I left the question hanging suggested something inappropriate so I went ahead and asked it anyway. “I mean, if you’re free and if you wanna come, do you wanna watch me in the district figure skating competition?” Mason breathed out the breath I didn’t realize he was holding. “But if you don’t want to, it’s totally okay, I’d understand. I mean if–” “Of course I’ll come. There’s no way I’m gonna miss it.” The day of the competition, I woke up extra early because I wanted to rehearse before the performance at the rink. I took a warm bath and put on my tights. Mason is supposed to take me to the rink, drive back to the house, and go back along with my family. My tights hugged my toned body. I had on a special underwear that concealed my dick even in the tightest of tights. I was more conscious of my butt because my figure is perfectly exposed in my back area. It looked bigger than it actually is because of the spandex. I went out of my room to grab a quick breakfast before I leave when I spot Mason looking at me like I was a ghost. He explored my body with his eyes and took his time at my butt. He didn’t look like he was gonna stop staring at it so I waved at him and went down the flight of stairs to the kitchen. I felt giddy. Did Mason kocaeli otele gelen escort like my outfit? Why was he staring at my ass? Is it because he thinks it looks funny and I look too feminine in this get up? Just like that, my confidence has flipped and I suddenly want to get this thing over with. I sat on the stool and Mason took the seat beside mine. He wore a white shirt and grey sweatpants that was cut just above the knee. “Nervous?” he asked. “Like all hell. But it’s okay, I’ve gone over my stuff so many times, I don’t think I’ll mess up.” “You won’t. I know you’ll do good.” “I hope so, let’s go?” I stood up and went towards the car with Mason following right behind me. I make sure he was actually following me so I turned my back only to see him staring right at my ass. He wasn’t even trying to hide it. His face ignited an urge within me. He opened the car door for me, but I dropped my phone on purpose and picked it up, sticking my ass right in front of Mason’s face. I made sure to slowly pick it up and sure enough, Mason was watching so intently like it was on fire or something. He shook his face and went to the driver seat. The ride to the stadium was quiet. I was mostly on my phone, and Mason’s gaze never left the road, as he should. We arrived at the parking basement where Jake was already waiting for me. I pointed towards where Jake was and Mason drove there. “Sooo, I’ll see you later?” I unclasped the seatbelt and went out of the car before Mason could even answer. Jake met me with a hug and playfully slapped my butt. He knew Mason could see it and I’m sure he did that to get on his nerve even more than he already does. Jake and I parted when I met with my coach. We had to rehearse until before the competition in case I forgot some parts of my routine, but the rehearsal actually went quite well. As afternoon came, the stadium got crowded quite fast. A few moments passed by with me just meditating and stretching, and the program started. I perform third, so I have a little time to watch, and so I scour the audience and see my parents waving at me. Mason was looking at me with his arms crossed. He was acting all weird ever since this morning. I went over the routine over and over in my mind to make sure that I don’t forget it, and then suddenly my name, along with my school is called and I could hear the heavy applause of the audience. I skidded to the center of the stage as gracefully as I can and I hear the mellow start of the music. I closed my eyes and felt the music as my soul flowed with the beat of it. I spun and jumped, I flicked my hands like I was supposed to. I can feel my heart violently pumping, reaching the very tip of my toes. I take a slow and smooth stride, tracing a semi circle against the hard ice with the tip of the blade on my skating shoe. Without a moment’s notice, my ears are filled with resounding applause and I see my family by the stands, jumping as high as I’ve ever seen them jump. Just beside my sister Celine, was my cousin Mason, who stood clapping but had a stoic expression, never breaking his gaze on me. I didn’t place any meaning to that gaze, but I never realized that it was the start of something that would flip my life over. I ended up winning the whole competition because of my unique approach to theme and my wonderful selection of music. I was congratulated by a lot of people I don’t even know, I was celebrated, and it made me feel proud and happy. We ate at a steakhouse right in front of the skating rink, and the whole time, Mason was awfully quiet. Like he was thinking hard about something. “Mase, you alright? You’ve been quiet. Is there a problem?” Mason was uneasy. He kept looking at my lips and back at my eyes again and again. He isn’t usually like this. He’s the type of person to look at another person’s eyes when talking to them. He liked to give whoever he was talking to his full attention. Maybe he’s.. distracted? “Yeah, I’m totally fine. You handed their asses to them there. I’m proud of ya buddy.” My heart exploded in happiness with what he said. He’s not very good with words but I really felt the sincerity in his voice. The ride back home was quiet. Andrew and Celine were dead asleep. They cheered like crazy so it was only natural for them to feel tired after all that. Once again, Mason’s body is pressed against mine hard. I could feel his skin on mine, because the tights isn’t really all that thick at all. I kept noticing that his hands stayed on his groin for a while. I was really spent too, so after washing up and changing into more cozy clothes, I decided to call it a day and headed straight to bed. I turned my phone on and saw that there were a lot of people congratulating me and posting photos of me on instagram. kocaeli sınırsız escort I looked hella good and sexy. I felt my eyes drooping after a long day. I felt like I was floating. I was in a state where I didn’t know if I was dreaming or if it was real but I’m sure that I was conscious of what was happening. I hear the door open and close quietly. I manage to force my eyes open, but I wasn’t able to identify who barged in my room as I was facing away from the door. I felt a warm hand rest gently on my arm. It glided downwards until it fell on my hips. The hand caressed me intimately until it captured one of my globes. It fondled my ass gently at first, then I could hear someone breathing heavier and heavier until the gentle caress turned into violent fondling. I was turned gently on my back, and I felt a warm presence just beside my bed. I dared to open my eyes ever so slightly just enough that I could see whoever was molesting me. A large figure materialized from beside me and I could make out a muscular man in a tank tom and a blue plaid boxer shorts. It was Mason! I didn’t manage to actually confirm if it was Mason because I didn’t want whoever it was to find out that I was actually awake, but judging from the smooth and muscular build and the masculine musk, it just had to be Mason. I had to conjure some light snores and I opened my mouth slightly. I suddenly hear the friction of a fabric against skin followed by a quiet snap of the flaps of his boxer shorts. What the fuck is he doing? I immediately feel warmth just above my face and then a warm, smooth, and electrocuting skin touched me. I knew from that moment that it was Mason’s dick, I just couldn’t believe what he was doing. I could feel the base of his thick cock just below my cheek and his length caressed my whole face gently. His thick meat scoured my entire face, coating me with his manly musk. He lifted his tool away from my face and started exploring it with the tip of his dick. The plump, soft, but firm head of his cock was spouting precum that spread throughout my lids, my nose bridge, my cheek and lingered on my lips. I could taste the saltiness of his precum because he kept on gliding it across my lips back and forth. He grunted softly from the pleasure and I found myself voluntarily opening up my mouth slightly. I was hungry for his cock in my mouth, I wanted this more than ever, and I so wanted to just open my eyes and service him then and there but I thought about how he would feel if I did just that. Maybe the reason he came into my room to do this in my sleep is that because he didn’t want me to know about it. Maybe he wasn’t ready. So I’ll settle for this. A lot of things went through my mind, but my main question was why he was doing this to me. He had no interest in guys, all his exes are girls, and I even found out that his browser history are filled with lesbian porn, but all of those questions ceased to exist when he gently penetrated my mouth. My wet lips offered no resistance from the moment it touched the slit of his dick. I wrapped his huge dickhead completely until I felt the ridge that connected his glans from his shaft. The shaft right after the head was slightly thicker in girth than the head which caused me to open my mouth practically as wide as I can without giving out that I was actually awake, of course. I tilted my head towards his direction so that I could take his tool better, and disguised it as a stretch. He stayed like that for a few moment then he started to fuck my mouth in a slow and steady rhythm. I made an effort not to scrape my teeth against his dick, and it’s hard to make it seem like it wasn’t a conscious effort. I loved the way his dick filled the void in my mouth, like it was made to take his cock. He wasn’t even using half of his cock because he’s afraid for me to wake up. Mason has the biggest cock ever. I could compare his girth with a beer bottle, and he’s at least 8 inches long. If he wanted to be a pornstar, he’d be famous in a blink of an eye. I was enjoying it too much that I couldn’t stop myself from whimpering softly. The way he used my mouth made me feel so giddy. I tried to speak gibberish while I was engulfing his cock so that he would think that I’m just having a wet dream. Mason kept fucking my mouth until I felt his cock swell and lengthen even more. Not long after, squirts of cum gushed through my throat and I tried to swallow every single drop of it but it was just too much. A few drops flowed from the edge of my mouth and into the bed. After a few more thrusts and squirts of pleasure, he pulled out from my mouth and wiped the excess cum from his cock on my cheeks. I heard his footsteps becoming quieter, and I thought he would leave me like that, but he returned with sheets of tissue paper. He wiped away his essence from my face and mouth, but some of it has dried out and caked my face with his musk. After being satisfied with his cleaning, he fondled my ass one last time and headed out my room. As soon as that door closed, my eyes went wide, and I couldn’t believe what the fuck just happened.

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