My Craziest Sex Moments


My Craziest Sex MomentsHi there. My name is Melissa. This story is about my craziest sex moments so far in my life since I turned eighteen years old. I love to look back at these times and laugh and masturbate about them. So here goes…<<<<<<<<<tipobet365 güvenilirmi up and do something bad to me. So I’m in the food court at the mall enjoying my ice cream and I’m staring at the crotch of this older gentleman who is having lunch with his wife. The man notices my stare and he suddenly pulls his cock out of his pants and starts jacking his cock under the table just inches from his wife’s legs. She is jabbering on her cell phone and is clueless about what’s going on. Then the dirty man spills his cum load just inches from her feet. I blow him a kiss and he puts his cock back in his pants…I’m at a Brimingham Barons minor league baseball game with my fiance. It’s some cheezy promo night and the place is packed. It’s hot and humid so everyone is wearing shorts and most of the girls at the game are just there to get laid or tease the men. So I’m standing in a concession line to get some snacks for us. Everyone is pushing and shoving because it’s so crowded and I feel someone pressing up against my ass. At first I don’t think anything of it. But then I can feel his hard cock through his soft shorts and he’s practically rubbing it right between my ass cheeks and he’s dry-humping me like we are two dogs. All of a sudden the security team at the stadium grabs him and hauls him away to who knows where…I’m at a party with about thirty girls and we are celebrating the end of the first year of college for some of them. It’s really a “hen tipobet365 yeni giriş party” and we splurged and hired five male strippers to entertain us. We’re all drinking and the music is loud and the hard cocks of these guys are making us crazy. Some of the girls take off their clothes and you know where that leads. One of the girls who I’ve never seen do anything more than touch a guy on his shoulders is in the doggy and getting fucked in her pussy by one of the male strippers while another of the guys has his cock in her mouth. I’ve never seen live hardcore before and it’s mesmerizing to watch. I’m still clothed and I’m just really enjoying this proper girl getting fucked when another stripper comes right up to my face and dumps his load of thick white cum all over my cheeks and into my hair…My girlfriend Holly and I love to wear butt plugs and go without our panties when we go shopping. It makes us feel naughty. We are standing in the grocery store check out line laughing so loud at all the stupid headlines in those rag scandal newspapers when Holly’s butt plug drops out of her asshole onto the floor. This elderly lady standing behind us picks up the butt plug and hands it back to Holly and says, “Dear, I think you dropped something.” The sweet woman had no idea it was a butt plug or where it had been. Outside the store I bent Holly over the car and stick the plug much more securely up her asshole so it won’t fall out again…My (ex)-boyfriend tipobet365 güvenilirmi is really hot for me but I’m not ready for all out sex. But I like him and want to put out a little. So I tell him I will give him a handjob if he drives totally naked in his car to the edge of town and back. It is night time but it is still a risk. I go with him just to make sure he doesn’t just drive around the corner and wait a few minutes and then come back. If we are stopped then I don’t know what the cops will do. Probably arrest him and give me a lecture or worse. Well, we make it back to our starting point without any problem except for two girls who suspect he is naked. Then we drive – with him still naked – to a park right around the corner. We get out of the car and I wrap my hand around his cock and jack his big load of hot cum all over my legs…This one isn’t really about a sex moment. It’s more about a crazy fetish thing that I’m into. I have over five thousand pics of hard cocks on my computer. I put my cock pic collection into different folders. One folder is for big cocks, one folder is for bald cocks, another folder is for cocks that are nicely shaped. Then there is the folder for cocks spurting cum and so on. I watch the pics as a slide show while I masturbate my pussy. Something about just collecting cocks like this makes me feel like a bad girl and makes me wet. Even with all the stuff that I write about in this story, I’m really very normal if you see me out and about. I’m thinking there are other girls who love to look at porn and are closet perverts just like me.<<<<<<<<<

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