Subject: My Dad, My Herp part 3 – (Gay, incest, father/son My Dad, My Hero – Part 3 This is a story about sex between a young gay man and his dad. The story is fictional. All legal disclaimers apply. If this topic offends you, do not read any further. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas) and too young to be reading such material or if you are in a locale or country where it is not legal to read such material then please leave immediately and come back when it is legal for you to do so. We’ll be glad to have you back. If you meet the criteria then read on, enjoy, and kindly let me know what you think. On the sites that provide for you to rate the stories or leave comments, I value your thoughts and opinions. * * * The next morning, I woke up with a hard-on and was trying to figure out a way to get out of bed without being noticed by my dad. I looked over at him and by the looks of things. he had one too. Good for him! I thought. Then he turned over and put his arm over me. I thought to myself, Now, what am I going to do? And my cock got even harder. I turned away and onto my side. That’s when he stirred and moved to spoon me. I was frozen now. I could feel his hard-on in my back, then his hand moved down my stomach and brushed my raging hard-on. Instead of stopping, though, he reached in through the fly, grabbed it and started stroking it. I was trying not to make a sound but was so turned on by what was happening that I couldn’t help letting out a moan. That’s when he seemed to realize that it wasn’t his cock he was stroking. I turned my head and he opened his eyes, looking gaziantep travesti straight into mine. I smiled at him. He was startled and almost jumped back, but I grabbed his wrist, holding his hand in place before could fall out of the bed. He sputtered an apology, “Oh my God, Son, I’m so sorry!” But I cut him off saying, “It’s O.K. You thought it was yours.” “But it’s NOT O.K., Son! I shouldn’t have touched you that way!” he said, a little too harshly and pulled his hand away. “Dad! It’s no big deal. We both had morning wood. It happens.” Then to ease the tension, I added, “But I think we need to take care of these,” I said to him. Then I pulled my boxers off. “Now you do the same.” He hesitated, but pulled his pajama bottoms off, just as I had suggested. I could tell that he was more than a little excited by the whole thing. I turned back to face him. “Dad, you’ve always had an incredible body. Do you know that?” He didn’t answer but flushed with embarrassment. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s true and you should be able to take a ompliment, especially from your son!” He said, “O.K.” Then I reached out and touched his hairy chest, now sprinkled with gray. “I’ve always envied you your hairy chest,” I said as I rubbed my hand back and forth through it. “But your chest and arms are very well defined. And well, your legs are almost as big as mine. You must work out a lot!” “Thanks for noticing. But it just doesn’t make up for the lack of chest hair.” “If we’re gaziantep masaj salonları giving out compliments, then… you have a killer ass. I mean, I probably shouldn’t say this, but I do check out other guy’s asses when I’m at the gym. I guess it’s because mine isn’t as firm as it once was… yours is hot.” As if to punctuate the point, he reached around and grabbed a handful of my muscular ass-globe and squeezed. I chuckled and said, “Thanks, Dad, that means a lot coming from you. But your ass isn’t as flat as you make it out to be.” And I grabbed a handful of his butt cheek to make my point. “And well… your cock… it’s one of the biggest and most beautiful I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen quite a few!” Now he was really embarrassed. “Thanks,” he said sheepishly. “Yours is a good length and thick, too.” “Not as big as yours, though! Oh, and by the way… thanks for leaving me my foreskin. I love it!” Before he could answer, I let go of his ass and grabbed my cock showing him how I could move my foreskin up over my cock-head and then all the way back down again till it was real tight. “It feels great when I beat-off, but it’s super sensitive after getting a blowjob or fucking.” He started to move his hand toward me but thought better of it and pulled it back. I caught his hand and moved it to my cock. “Like this,” I said, moving his hand up and down my rock-hard shaft. Then I closed my eyes and started to moan. “That’s right. Mmhmm, just like that.” That’s when he really got into it. He sped up, bringing me closer to gaziantep escort bayan orgasm with each stroke. But I didn’t want to come without him, so I stopped him, but left his hand on my cock. I reached out and grabbed his huge boner and started to stroke him the way I knew would drive a circumcised man crazy. Up, down and around the head with a twist at the end. He closed his eyes, sheer pleasure registering on his face. I sped up and brought him closer and closer to what I hoped would be an amazing climax. Then I started his hand up and down again on my stiff prick. Before long, we were both on the edge. “I’m really close!” I said breathlessly! He looked as though he could be, too. “Let her rip, Dad… ’cause I’m gonna shoot!” Within moments we were shooting our loads together. Thick ropes of my cum shot up in the air and hit his chest. His did likewise to mine. We were both moaning and convulsing as we shot more and more ropes of cum all over each other! It was incredible… almost as memorable as my first orgasm at the “Y” all those years ago. Almost. When we were both spent, I realized we were both still holding onto each other’s now softening cocks. “WOW! That was amazing!” I said. He nodded in agreement. “You’ve been saving that up for a while haven’t you.” Before I realized what I’d said, his eyes closed and I thought I saw him tear up. I pulled him to me and rubbed his back as I apologized, “I’m sorry, Dad.” He said, “That’s O.K. I haven’t had an orgasm since before your mom died. I guess I felt a little guilty… and sad.” “That’s perfectly understandable, Dad,” I said as I wiped a tear from his cheek. “I’m glad that you were here, to help me with my… umm… Problem, Son.” “I’m glad I was too, Dad. Besides, you did help me with my problem this morning as well!” We both laughed and then I suggested that we take a shower. He agreed, and we headed for the bathroom.

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