my dad part three


my dad part threeMy DadPart threeAfter a short time lying there I got up and went for a pee in the toilet, as I looked up he was there watching and said “babe I really wanted that, it was so good too, and it sounded like you want that piss yes” I said “I was wetting myself when you came, you had loads of cum, didn’t you, have you been saving it up since mum died”, he laughed and said “you know what men do even if they have someone, they still like pulling there cock and not to make it bigger either, since mum died I have done it a few times, the main reason seeing you walking around in your bra and knickers, one or two times I have seen you washing yourself in the bath, and the sight of those lovely breasts all wet and your whole body wet and soapy is really sexy believe me,” I said “it’s something that should not have happened, but I really am glad it did and look forward to more, dad do you mind if I don’t wear anything in the house, you know I’ve always hate clothes even from when I was little” he said “baby you walk around like that as much as you like, but you’re going to make something very large, so if you see it getting very big you can understand why, do you want a drink” I said “ yes please don’t put too much vodka in ok, he went into the kitchen and I could hear him tipping out a drink,, I shouted down to him that I was going to have a bath and I would have my drink when I came down. I went into our bathroom and started running the water, and making sure the heating was on because it always seemed to be colder there, when there was enough water in the bath, I got in and stood there for a few minutes because I love really hot water and it was too hot to sit in straight away, as I eased my way down into this lovely hot water I could feel it working up my legs and thighs, it felt really nice around my pussy and ass as I rubbed my pussy and opened my lips, I got some soap on the sponge and was washing my breasts and thinking about my nipples looking different somehow, the nipples looked bigger and seemed harder, just as I was dreaming about my breasts, Dad said “here you are baby, I look so beautiful and have a fantastic body for a young woman, I love seeing a woman’s body gleaming in soapy water and her breasts just showing through the soapy water mmmmm”, I said “Dad put the drink on the side, and will you wash my back halkalı escort please, I know this is not right, but I am not going to tell anybody and look now horny you are getting, until today I have never touched a man’s cock, soft or big, and he is really getting hard again, I can see your juices coming out of the eye and your nob is wet too look” with that before he could move away, I reached out and with a wet, bubbly hand I had his manhood in my palm again, I sat up in the bath revealing my wet and soapy breasts, and with both hands started to roll his manhood between my palms very gently and slow, I looked up at his face and I knew he was enjoying the feel of my hands on his cock because his eyes were closed and his breathing was changing,, I pulled his manhood rather hard and his juices came out of his nob, so with my tongue I licked it off before it went to waste, pulling his foreskin right back as far as it would go, I started licking all over his nob and where his foreskin had been hiding, I noticed on the back of his cock there was a thin piece of skin, when I lick it and rubbed it between my fingers I could see his whole body seemed to tense up like it was something which really excited him, I pushed his cock farther into my mouth and gently brushed my tongue over the back of his cock, as I was doing this with my hands I slide them down the remaining part of his trunk to those big hanging balls and started rubbing them and squeezing them, they felt really soft skin with two really hard balls, while I was playing with them I could feel them moving around in his sack, so I pulled this cock out of my mouth and started to rub it up and down with my hand, I noticed though his balls were really large and hanging down and I wondered what they felt like to men every day, just hanging between their legs and if they could feel them when walking around, I know they felt really great when he was fucking me earlier because I could feel them bouncing against my ass every time he pushed him deeper into my body, I could feel his hand on my breast pulling my hard nipples and gently squeezing it, I could feel him pulling my breast up off my chest , he could not see my pussy because it was still in the water but I knew he was going to come, so I pushed his cock back in my mouth and was wanking him and sucking it as I felt some istanbul escort lovely warm cum go to the back of my throat , it felt really thick and warm and really made me very sexy, all of a sudden again I tasted his cum and felt his cock pumping cum into my mouth quicker than I could swallow it, I did not realise at the time but his juices where running out of my mouth onto the edge of the bath, I never knew man had so much cum in those small balls, it really tasted lovely though, I reached over to were my drink was and picked it up and put his cock into m vodka and swilled it all over his still pumping nob, I watched as his cum mixed with my drink, but before I drunk it I put his cock back into my mouth and sucked all his juice off it, he was still jerking as my tongue licked all of his cock though, later he told me his cock was very sensitive just after Cumming, he did not mind though , I felt so very sexy I could not stand it, so I started play with my pussy in the water, I could see him watching me and it made me even more sexier his cock was now back to its usual size with his foreskin just covering a little part of his nob, I slide a little further into the water and I could feel it around my breasts but I could still see my nipples pocking though the soapy water, I still was playing with my pussy, rubbing my fingers between my lips and just touching the opening to my pussy with the tip of my fingers, dad said “ slide up a bit baby” and with that he got into the bath with me, standing between my legs, he then knelt down on his knees, I watched as his cock went out of sight in the soapy water, he got the sponge and soaped it up and started to wash my tits, he soaped them up with the sponge then dropped it into the water and with his hands started to wash and very gently squeeze and rub the soap all over my tits under and over he did it making me feel very sexy, it felt fantastic to feel his wet soapy hands sliding over them and his palms gently doing a circular motion over my nipples, then sliding onto my tummy and both hands rubbing the soap into my skin and belly button, his fingers were just doing a circular motion around my belly and into my belly button and every now and then just slide under the water level towards my mound, he then took my one leg and moved it so he could put his legs out straight, one either beylikdüzü escort side of my body, he then put my leg down so I too had a leg either side of him, he slide his hands under the water and I felt them moving under my cheeks, he gently picked my body up and slide his legs under me lowering me back down onto his legs, I knew he could see everything I had now ,tits, pussy the whole lot and it made me feel I didn’t care who he was I just wanted him inside me, he could do anything he liked and I knew he was going to take me again after, I was watching him put soap on his hands and he started to wash the lower part of my tummy and onto my mound and pussy lips, his wet soapy hands felt so very sexy and I knew I was going to make him do this again sometime, his hands were sliding down my clit which he was rolling and flicking with his fingers, one finger he was rubbing the top of my clit and gently pushing between my skin there, I knew my juices were flowing too and I just thought , I will have to bath again after this, I felt him open my lips and with one hand he kept then open, a finger on each lip I could feel his other hand by my open pussy and he was pushing a finger just inside, then he pushed three fingers inside me and started to fuck me with his hand, I felt his other hand, now playing with my clit, rubbing both side of it, his our hand had all his finger in now and it felt like his whole hand was in too,, he pulled his hand out and licked my juices off them, then pushed three straight back inside my tingling body, his little finger I felt by my ass, I could feel it pushing into my hole, he then pushed his hand in as far as he could and his little finger was in my ass too, I was playing with my breasts pulling and rolling my nipples squeezing my tits and licking my nipples which were really hard, my whole body was alive and it felt like every nerve in me trembling and throbbing with pleasure, I looked down at dad and could see my juices were squirting out like a fountain, he was licking my juices off his hands, all I could say was “that was something special mmmmmmmmmmm”, he got the sponge and washed my pussy and with his hand he washed my pussy and lips, “ I said dad I think I wet myself when I came, did you see how much juice came out of me I could not stop or control my body at all, I think every nerve was tingling” he said “ that was really good baby, shall we go and have some food” as he went to stand up I reached out and touched his cock again, got the sponge and washed his now small cock and balls, we both went to have something to eat.

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