My Daughter 2

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My Daughter 2The two hours it took my wife to get home with my son seemed to drag by on one hand, and seemed to fly by on the other. Let me explain. I was so anxious to hear the story about my wife seducing my son that it seemed they would never get home. I was also enjoying the company of my daughter and Riley and it seemed that 2 hours was just not enough time.After I had gotten off the phone with my wife, I sat back down on the bed. As Riley was riding Bethany’s face, she looked at me and smiled.”I can’t believe you told Mrs. D. about us. Especially over the phone.””Realx.” I told her, “She’s fine with it. Like I told you, she wants to taste you first hand. She wants you to join us.”From under Riley, Bethany spoke up.”She does not know about us, does she dad?””Not yet.””Well she will. I want to try and talk her into fucking Mark. That way we can all be in the open. Oh, by the way Ri, after you and Mark fuck, I want a piece of him. If that is ok with the two of you…””Well, Beth, your mom is a step ahead of you.” I told her. “That is what I meant by her ‘mission was a success.’ And on a side note, as long as I am still your number one, you can fool with your brother.””Yeah, Beth,” Riley chimed in with a long moan as Bethany started back on her cunt. “I…Mean…..We can…. ALLLLL …..shareeeeee…….” Riley was climaxing with Bethany’s cunnilingus.Riley fell off of Bethany and lay on the bed next to her. Breathing heavily from the orgasm that my daughter gave her, she sighed, looked at my daughter and I and said “I love you both, so very much.””We love you too.” Bethany said. “And now you are thoroughly cleaned up! Dad, are you telling me that mom fucked Mark?””Yes baby, I am. After you telling us last night about Mark jerking off to mom and her panties, she decided that she would teach him about sex, and pay him back for all the torture she unknowingly put him through.””Wow, that is awesome!!!!””Yeah, but neither of you say anything until one of them tells you. Just like us. I will tell her about us, but don’t bring it up. I don’t want Mark to get pissed or anything. If all goes well, we will be one big happy family. Beth…?””Yes, Daddy?””I hope it is ok. I told Riley that she could move in with us sometime if she wants.””I would love that. I would have all my lovers under one roof!!!”After a short lull in the conversation, Riley climbed between my daughter’s legs and, without a word, started to lick. There was no foreplay, she just got down to business pleasing my daughter. Now, it is every heterosexual male’s fantasy to have two girls/women at the same time. As I sat back on the bed, I just watched these two young lovers in front of me and realized that every man’s fantasy was my reality, and was becoming my routine. I have said it before, but I am the luckiest man on earth. My daughter broke me from my trance.”MMMHMMM…” she moaned “Daddy, I am still hungry for cum. Do you have any more you can give me?””I think so baby.” I said as I pulled off my khakis shorts and got on my knees to her left, at face level.She turned her head and reached up with her hands to caress my soft member. She did not waste any time in getting my cock growing in her mouth. I looked down to see my daughter with her mouth firmly around my cock, her eyes closed and her blonde hair flowing over her cheeks. I reached down to brush her hair out of her face and placed my hand at the back of her head. I started to slowly rock my hips, gently fucking her face. As I did so, she placed one hand on my shaft to stroke me, and put the other under my balls. She was gently massaging my balls when I felt her finger drift towards my taint. She played there for a few thrust until she decided to get gutsy. While I was looking down at her, she moved her hand to my anal entrance and started applying pressure with one finger. This was a sensation that I loved, but was one that I had not experienced since I had fooled around with guys in my distant past. She opened her eyes and looked up at me as if asking for approval. I simply nodded and felt her start to work her finger into me. My head was reeling, my daughter was now sucking me fast and furious. She was moaning loudly from the pleasure Riley was giving her. In just a few short moments, Bethany was twitching out of control with another squirting orgasm which sent me over the edge. I shot a few thick strings of sticky cum into my daughter’s mouth. She swallowed all of it.After we had calmed down and laid in bed for a while, I noticed that we only had about 30 minutes to spare before my wife and son would be home. I told the girls to make themselves presentable and that I would go down and watch some television. I had decided not to worry with cleaning the sheets or changing the bed since my wife would find out about the day’s events soon enough. Thinking that with my wife’s new found sexual awakening, she would actually be turned on by the mess left behind.Right on time, my wife walked in the door with Mark. Both of the girls were wearing only their lacy thongs. Riley’s was white, Bethany’s was dark blue. They both ran down the steps to greet them. The look on Mark’s face was priceless when he first saw Riley and Bethany topless in thongs. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as the two girls hugged him tightly at the same time.”Wow! Mom was not k**ding when she told me the dress code around here had gone back to the days of old!” Mark said excitedly”Hey son!” I said, extending my right hand.He grabbed my hand and I pulled him into me for a nice father/son hug.”How was the trip?” I asked him.”It was good. I am so glad to be home. And I must say, having two near naked chicks, even if one is my sister, to greet me makes it the best day yet!””You’re telling me! This is what I have been dealing with for the last month or so, every day! Not that I am complaining or anything.” My wife elbowed me.I pulled her into me and gave her a big, passionate kiss on the mouth. After we kissed, she pulled away and gave me a devious and knowing smile.My wife announced that she wanted to go upstairs and change into something more comfortable and that we would get Mark’s things in later. So, the three k**s went into the living room to sit down and watch TV. Immediately the girls started grilling Mark about college life, parties, lacrosse, girls and anything else they could think of. I think he was still in shock at the two topless beauties in front of him as his answers started with short one or two words. I followed my wife up the stairs.When she walked into the room she stopped dead in her footsteps. She took in the sight of all the covers thrown off the bed and the gigantic wet spot in the middle. At first, I could not gauge whether or not she was pissed, pleased or indifferent.”Honey…?” I asked cautiously “What’s the matter?””What’s the matter?” she snapped backThere was a pregnant pause.”What’s the matter is that it looks like a good time was had in here and I was not here to be involved. That’s what’s the matter.””Well, yes, a good time was had. A very good time. And I will tell you all about it. But first, I want to hear about your day, your conquest.””Ok, but when you tell me about yours, spare no details as I won’t.””Deal.”She started telling me about her day. (Author’s note: From this point until I say otherwise, this will be written from my wife’s perspective, as if she is telling the story.)So, after I left the house this morning, I was so turned on thinking about the possibilities of the day. I was also thinking about what happened on the deck last night and the possibilities of my hooking up with Riley in our bed. As I got out on the interstate, I noticed there were a lot of trucks. Then, I started thinking about showing off for them. So I unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra to let my breasts free. I noticed truckers slowing down to take a look at me. I was becoming increasingly horny. I was able to pull my skirt up to put my dripping cunt in plain sight. I spread my legs a little and started to rub my clit with my left hand. It was then that I looked up and saw a truck in the left lane and one in the right lane (I was in the middle lane) keeping pace with me. Knowing that I was being watched really got me going so I rubbed myself to a screaming orgasm. As I was cumming, both truckers pulled on their air horns. I looked up at both trucks, smiled, waved and sped up. I took the next exit, found a gas station and got myself straightened up.I played and rehearsed every scenario in my head for what I was about to try with Mark for the rest of the trip. The drive seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was sitting in front of Mark’s house. I checked myself over in the mirror before getting out of the truck. I took a deep breath and decided to just let what is going to happen, happen. I walked up to the front door and it was opened. I called in and there was no answer. I looked around the downstairs and no one was there. It seemed that most all of the lacrosse guys that he lived with were gone already. Slowly, I walked up the steps towards his room. I could hear his music playing loudly, which would explain why he did not hear when I was calling from the front door.His door was partially open, and as I walked down the hall, I noticed all of the other rooms were empty. “We have the house to ourselves” I thought to myself as I reached his doorway. I knocked on the door and then pushed it open. His back was to me. He was wearing only his mesh lacrosse shorts as he was packing things into boxes.”Ahem” He jumped as I startled him.”Jesus Mom, you scared me!” he said as he turned around. His eyes then bulged. “Mom. You look…. you look……what are you wearing?””You like?””Hummmmm….” he was lost for words.”Listen, I am going to cut to the chase. Last night, Bethany, Riley, your father and myself were on the deck. We had been drinking and talking. It came up that you were still a virgin, which I am very proud of.”He began to blush and look down.”Mom….””Let me finish. It also came up that I had stopped dressing so ‘scandalous’ around the house and that you and Bethany missed that. I also know about you using my and your sister’s panties to jerk off””Mom…I…I…I’m…” he was painfully trying to come up with something to say.”Listen. I am not mad. Not even in the slightest. If I had known that dressing in near nothing at home was ok with you all, I would have continued. Furthermore, I find it very arousing that you think of me sexually. So arousing, in fact, that I laid on the floor of the deck, completely naked, and fingered myself to orgasm in front of your sister, Riley and dad. I decided this morning that I would go back to dressing sexy for you all. I like the attention. I also decided that since you are still a virgin and don’t want to be an ‘idiot’ on your first time, I would, if you want, take your virginity. After all, I owe it to you after all the years of you fantasizing about it.”There was a few moments of silence. You could cut the awkward tension with a knife. Then he spoke.”Mom… I don’t know what to say. I don’t think I can….. with you… you are my mom.” He looked at me, embarrassed, confused.”Well, ok honey, I just thought I would offer. But you need to get use to seeing half naked or completely naked women at home. Riley has started being more comfortable around us. Oh, and by the way, she wants to fuck you.”After I said that, I turned around and bent over, straight legged, to pick up a stack of boxes to carry out to the truck. As I turned back around, I saw Mark staring, and I knew that he had just seen my freshly shaven pussy. He continued to stare as I walked out of his room.When I got to the truck, I decided that I was not going to pressure him, but I would try one more time. I took another deep breath, not willing to give up and walked back to the house, up the steps and towards his room.When I walked back into his room, he was leaning against his bed (which was lofted slighly). He had his head in his hands. I walked up behind him and put my arms around him to hug him from behind.”Mark, please don’t be upset or uncomfortable. You are a very attractive man, and the woman that gets to take your virginity will be a very lucky person. I will be jealous, but I don’t want to pressure you into anything you don’t want to do. I am here if you need me. I love you.” As I was telling him all this, I let my hands rub down his tight pecs and his washboard abs.”This is crazy, I don’t know why….I mean, I shouldn’t be…” he said”You shouldn’t be what?” I asked as my hand drifted down to the elastic band holding up his shorts “You shouldn’t be what dear?””I don’t know mom…. I mean this is not right….””What is not right?” I asked again as my hand slipped into the top of his shorts. I could feel his body getting tense as my hand worked lower. Slowly I caressed his upper pubic area (which was neatly trimmed) until my fingers found the base of his achingly hard cock. “Its not right that you are turned on by your mom? And she knows?” I asked.”Exactly…” he said as he let out a long sigh as I wrapped my fingers around his stiff rod and started to stroke.”Well, maybe this will help make it right” I said as I turned him to face me.I got down on my knees and pulled down his shorts. Tucked in there was his hard, 6 and a half inch cock, just as thick if not thicker than yours. It sprang up and nearly hit my chin and then pointed directly out towards my face. I smiled, it was magnificent. I slowly brought my hand up and began to stroke him.”Mom….” he started to say before I took his cock fully into my mouth. “Oh my God mom….that feels so fucking good… yes. Keep sucking it.”Mark had the nervous jitters as I started to get into sucking his cock. I looked up at him and noticed that he was staring down at me, his mother, with disbelief. His hand were by his sides. I slowly ran my hands up his legs to the back of this thighs and then up to his firm ass. I grabbed has ass tightly and started to pull him into me. He got the idea and started to rock his hips in time with my head bobbing. I then moved my hands to meet his and directed them to the back of my head. I felt him grab my hair and heard him start to moan.His cock felt so natural in my mouth, and it tasted so great. I could feel the heat rising in my pussy and knew that I was getting incredibly wet. It was obvious to me that this was not his first blow job as his hands on the back of my head, fingers tangled in my hair, proved that he knew how to face fuck. Very quickly his nervous jitters went away and he started to take control. He started to slow down his pumping and finally with a long slow thrust he pulled my head as far as he could to him forcing his cock to the back of my throat. He just held me there for a few seconds and then ever so slightly thrust his hips eliciting a small gag from me. I had drool running out of my mouth and dripping down on my blouse.He let me pull away and I took a moment to catch my breath. Looking up at him, I saw a different Mark. Not my sweet and innocent son, but a sex crazed man. The look of lust in his eyes only served to heighten my arousal. Without losing eye contact with him I seductively unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall to the floor. His gaze never left mine, and as I reached back to unhook my bra I said “I love you son, so very much.””I love you too, mom.”I let my bra fall from my shoulders, freeing my big tits. It was only then that his eyes left mine and he stared down at them. I reached up with my right hand and started pulling on my right nipple, making it harder, like that was even possible. With my left hand I gently cupped his heavy balls and slowly moved up to grab his still stiff shaft, stroking it ever so softly.”Do you like them, dear?” I asked.”Wow, mom, they are even more incredible than I remember!””Please, won’t you feel them?”Mark was hesitant at first. After all up to this point the only sexual contact had been from me, he had yet to touch me sexually. I sensed that he needed a bit of encouragement so I reached with my right hand to his left and guided it down to my right tit. It was like electricity coursing through my body at the instant the flesh of his hand gently touched my nipple. I guess it was the excitement of having someone new, and even more so the excitement of that new someone being my only son.As soon as he was comfortable, which only took a matter of mere seconds, his right hand fell to my left tit and he started groping me with purpose. I leaned forward and started my fellatio on him again. This time he was more tender in his fucking of my face, but I could feel his cock swelling and his breathing getting more shallow and rapid. My son was going to cum in his momma’s mouth, or so he thought.I pulled away, leaving his hands massaging my breasts. He had a look of disappointment on his face. I just smiled as I placed my hands on his and encouraged him to pinch my nipples. The feeling was intense, almost like my nipples were connected to my pussy. It was like a faucet had been turned on as my juices started dripping down my legs.I stood up, keeping my hands on his firmly to my tits. I looked our dear son in his eyes and leaned in for a kiss. It was one of the most erotic yet tender kisses I have ever had. And to think, we had yet to open our mouths. Just his lips against mine sent a shudder through my body. He pulled back and asked if I was ok, to which I answered by pulling him back to me to kiss some more. This time, as if rehearsed, we both opened our mouths and let our tongues mingle in forbidden love and lust. Now that, that was something. My legs suddenly went weak as our tongues caressed and his fingers fondled my painfully hard nipples. Suddenly, he released my tits and wrapped his arms around me, holding our naked torsos together. The heat from his body pressed against mine was something that I can’t find words to describe. I pulled away from our kiss and gazed into his eyes as he held me close to him.”Take of my skirt.” I told him, matter of factly.Without a word he reached his hands down to my waist and started to pull down. He got the waistband down to just above the top of my slit and stopped. He looked me in the eyes, looking for reassurance. His hesitancy was cute, in a c***d-like way. He was, without words, asking his mommy’s permission to keep going. I simply smiled, nodded my head yes, and leaned in to kiss him some more. He pulled my skirt the rest of the way over my hips, and as soon as it was loose enough, he let go of it, letting it drop to the floor. I stepped out of it leaving me naked and exposed to his gaze. Mark left his hands on my hips and pulled my naked body in close to his.I could feel his hard cock pressing into my abdomen, just above my slit as he held me tight to him. We continued to kiss passionately while his hands gently roamed up and down my sides. From my hips to my breasts and back, over and over. The sensation was incredible. Feeling his strong, athletic hands on my soft skin gave me goose bumps. To be honest I was hoping that by now he would have gotten over his inhibitions to touching his mother sexually, but he hadn’t. All I wanted, in that moment, was for him to grab my ass, or cup his hand around my cunt. Perhaps he was just teasing me, and if that was the case, it was working. He was driving me absolutely fucking nuts! But I think he was more scared or nervous than anything. So, once again, I had to take control of the situation. With my hands, I slid his down and to my ass. As soon as he took the hint, he started rubbing and squeezing both of my cheeks. He let out an audible sigh and I felt his cock twitch against my belly.Of course, by now I was so fucking horny that I could barely stand it. I needed release, I needed to feel my sons fingers or cock or both in, on and around my dripping hot cunt. So, I pulled away from him, only slightly, enough to turn around and lean against him. His cock, now throbbing, found a nice spot, nestled in the crack of my ass. His hand immediately found their way to my tits, and almost as if it was an instinct, canlı bahis he began kissing and nibbling on my ears and neck. My son sure knows how to drive his momma crazy! I leaned my head back on his shoulders and closed my eyes. As intense as the feeling was, I still needed more. I had to cum, and now. Without much thought, my hands slowly, but purposefully, crept down my body until they reached my pussy. I started fiercely rubbing myself trying to reach what was sure to be the first of many climaxes with my son.Mark whispered in my ear “Here mom, allow me.” as his right hand released its grip on my nipple and moved down to my crotch. If I thought him touching my breasts was electric, feeling his fingers on my pussy was like a lightning bolt. I had a small orgasm at the first touch of his hand. I could tell that he knew it because he laughed a little to himself.He kept his ministrations going, urging me to another orgasm and I reflexively began to grind against his hand, and consequently, against his swollen member that was nicely nestled in in the crevasse between my ass cheeks.Mark started to moan with the pleasure of my ass rubbing up and down on his cock, and that moan in my ear as he was kissing my neck sent me over the edge. My body started to tremble, the speed of my gyrations rapidly increased, he started rubbing faster and harder over my clit. I thought I was moaning quietly, after all the front door and the windows in his room were both open. But, that wasn’t the case. I found myself screaming out in ecstasy as my son started making me cum.I was screaming things like “Oh yes son, keep going!!!” and “Rub your momma’s pussy boy!” and things like that. Hell, I am not even sure I knew what all I was saying, much less remember!Wave after wave of pleasure wracked my body. While I was experiencing one long orgasm, it had peaks and valleys. It was like my orgasm was having an orgasm. And, I have to tell you, for the first time in my life… I squirted. I’ve tried so hard with you for many years to squirt, and I don’t know what was different besides the heightened arousal from being with my son, but it was amazing. The crazy part, he still had not made penetration with his fingers inside my love tunnel. All of that pleasure was induced solely by clit stimulation.My body continued to tremble as I kept cumming and cumming. I did not think it was ever going to end. Suddenly both of my knees gave out and I nearly fell to the floor. Our son held his mom tight to him, keeping me from falling out. Carefully he picked me up and laid me on his bed. My body was still trembling and twitching, still in the throes of my climax. Although not nearly as intense, my body shook and I came every time his hands brushed any part of my body. It was like my entire body was connected through my clit. I have never felt anything like that, it was incredible.We laid in the bed for only a few minutes before I could muster the strength to return the pleasure to him. I reached between us and found his cock, still erect, still throbbing, and now leaking pre-cum. Slowly I stroked him, softly he moaned his approval. And, even though I had just climaxed harder and more than I ever had, I still needed more. I was insane for our son’s cock!I rolled over on top of him and started kissing and licking his neck and ears, slowly, but steadily working my way down his body. I really only stopped once, to flick my tongue across each of his nipples, and sucking them into my mouth. He must have enjoyed that, based on the long, low moan that escaped his mouth.Finally I reached my destination and took his cock back into my mouth. I gave him one long and deep stroke in my mouth before I released it and started licking and teasing all around his shaft. I loved watching it twitch every time I flicked my tongue across the underside of the head. The more I teased, the more pre-cum seeped out. And, of course, I happily cleaned it up. It was about this time that I realized, I have never really enjoyed giving head. I mean I do it occasionally, and only when I am really turned on, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why I didn’t enjoy it. It’s safe to say that there will be many more blow jobs given by yours truly!I continued licking his shaft and balls, and randomly sucking him into me for another 5 minutes. By then, I was already to have another cum myself. When I looked up at him, smiling down on me, he looked as if he was disappointed that I had stopped. But that disappointment soon faded when I crawled back up his body, positioning my extremely hot and wet twat over his penis.”I love you son, and I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel.” I told him.”I love you too mom, and it was my pleasure to please you.” “No, THIS will be YOUR pleasure.” I said as I slowly impaled myself on his cock.I would love nothing more than to say that we fucked, in several positions, all over his room and house for hours. But, since he was so worked up, a virgin, and I was still oh so sensitive from my first trip to euphoria, we both lasted only about 4 or 5 minutes. But those 4 or 5 minutes were some of the best of my life.With Mark on his back, and me riding him, he reached up and pulled me down to him so we could kiss. This was not about fucking, it was about making love. And that is what he did for his mom, he made love to me. That is right up until the time he was about to cum. I could sense that he was getting close. Even through my wetness I could feel is member swelling more. He was starting to grunt rather than moan as he started driving his hips up and into me. His cock was like a piston, pumping in and out of my pussy rapidly. And then suddenly, “Oh Mom!!! I’m CUMMMING!!!!”Well, at least that is what I think he said because at the moment he finally slammed into me before he started to cum, I too had started another journey on the road to ecstasy. I am not even sure I was screaming in English, or at all. Perhaps it was so intense and loud that nothing came out. But whatever the case, his moans and screams sounded very distant.We also came down from our highs at the same time, and I just laid on him, his cock still in my pussy, his baby batter leaking around it and onto the sheets, and fell asleep.We only napped for 20 or 30 minutes, but what woke me up was his cock. I don’t think it ever came out of my pussy, but now it was hard again and he was grinding it into me. I looked up at him and he said, facetiously of course, “Oh, I didn’t wake you did I mom?” I just laughed.”Mark, honey, I don’t think your momma’s got anymore orgasms left right now, I still feel a bit weak.” I told him.”Ok, I’ll stop.””Don’t you dare, young man. Just because I won’t cum doesn’t mean you can’t. Use my pussy to get off, please. Fuck me until you cum deep inside of me.””Mom, I’m not going to do that.” Mark said, trying to get me to roll off of him.”Yes you are son. And from now on, you will use me, your mom, anytime you need to cum. If you are just in the mood to fuck, no problem. If you want to make love, great.””Ok, if you say so…” he trailed off, and I could tell that he was thinking about something.Before I knew it, he had rolled me off of him and was now on top of me. He had both of my legs over his shoulders and my knees up by my head. Again, I don’t think his cock ever left my pussy. I am here to tell you that he fucked me harder than I have ever been fucked. It was actually painful. Tears started forming in my eyes, and although he asked if I was ok, I could tell that he didn’t mean it. I wanted him to stop. My legs were cramping, my pussy was getting sore. He was literally beating my pussy up with his cock. I was sure that I was bleeding, that something had torn. But I could not ask him to stop. Oh, I am sure that he would have, but I did ask for it after all. I did tell him to use me. It was not enjoyable at all. I was practically being ****d by my own son.But then something unexplainable happened. My body seemingly betrayed me. I started enjoying the pain, and with the realization that my son was kind of r****g me, the pain started to give way to extreme pleasure. Like I told Mark, I did not think I had another orgasm in me, but yet there I was on the verge of another toe curling cum.And then it hit, with a vengeance. His cock was pummeling my cunt and with one last, hard and deep thrust, we both entered our climaxes, both screaming loud. As the pleasure began to ebb, he released my legs, and rested his weight on top of me. He kissed my cheeks where tears had previously fallen. “I hope I did not hurt you mom. I am sorry if it did hurt, but not sorry that I did it. You wanted me to use you, and I was so driven. That was incredible and I love you endlessly.” He whispered in my ear.”Mark, it did hurt, but it hurt so incredibly good. Don’t be sorry, and I love you so much more, and now not only as my son, but as my lover.” I replied to him. We kissed and embraced for a few minutes before getting up and gingerly getting dressed.After we got all of his things packed into the truck, we looked around his room one last time. I was looking for things that may have been missed, but I am sure he was re-living losing his virginity to his own mother because he had a wide grin on his face.We agreed that we would take turns driving home since both of us had exerted a lot of energy today. It was decided that I would drive first. We had not been on the road long before Mark’s hand crept over to my thigh, and then further up and under my skirt. It was just a few more minutes before his fingers were gently caressing my sore and swollen outer lips. But as sore as they were, this light touching started to have its effect on me and I was becoming wet.It felt like a thousand miles and 4 hours, but in reality it was probably only six minutes and not even an exit further on the interstate when I decided that I could not take any more of his teasing. Without notice, I whipped the truck over and took the next exit that lead to a rest area. Mark sat there, not saying a word but continued to rub my pussy. I felt him part my lips with his fore and ring fingers and tickle my clit with his middle one. The parking lot at the rest area was fairly busy so I pulled around to the back side where the tractor-trailers park. I found a spot between two trucks and jammed our truck into park.”Mark, make me cum again, please son.” I begged.Mark, still not saying anything raised the center console, making the front seat a bench seat. He pulled my legs up and guided me to lay back against the door with my left knee resting against the radio controls. I was preparing for another rough fucking when his head fell to my lap. Our son began to kiss and lick around my cunt. He took his time being sure to lap up all of my juices, mixed with some of his cum from earlier, that were leaking out of my well used fuck hole. After he was satisfied that I was cleaned up and thoroughly aroused I felt his head start to wander lower. He pushed my hips and legs up and back displaying my tight asshole to him. I felt his tongue start to lick around my ass cheeks and slowly make his way to the center of my tight hole.As you know, I love to have you rim me, but this, this was something so completely different. It was, for a lack of better words, AMAZING! I guess that part of it was the fact that my first born was giving me such forbidden pleasure, but I think the bigger part of it was the fact that we were nestled in between two tractor-trailers in the parking lot, in broad daylight. He spent several minutes tongue fucking my asshole while using his hands to finger my sore and dripping cunt and play with clit. It was pure bliss, to be honest. I was about to reach another orgasm when he stopped. I was beginning to think that he was not as innocent as we were lead to believe, he sure knew how to fuck, as evidenced in his room, as well as tease and sense when I was about to cum. But when I was about to ask him about it he spoke up.”Mom,” he started but then paused.”Yes, honey?””Well, it’s just that I have always wanted to do that to a girl, you know give a rim job. I have heard about it from people and seen it in porn – and even some of the girls that hang around the team have said they love to have it done. So I wanted to try it. Did you like it?”His question was so innocent, it reminded me of when he was younger and would draw me a picture, or pick flowers for me, and asked if I liked it. I knew then that he was only as experienced as what Bethany had told us.””Of course I like it and you were excellent!” I told him “It is actually something that your father started doing to me when we were dating and first getting sexual with each other. He loves to do it, and while I would rather feel a tongue, or anything else for that matter, on and in my pussy, it does turn me on! Thank you for doing that, and please feel free to do it as much as you’d like.””OK, I feel much better now, and I think I will take you up on doing it more, I think I’ll need practice to try on Riley, if what you say is true, that she wants to fuck me.””Oh, it is very true, dear!””Mom?””Yes, honey” I answered curtly. I just wanted him to make me cum again.”Mom, do you like to have anal sex, too? It’s just that I’ve heard some girls like it, and some don’t and I….””You want to try it with me?””Well, yes, actually, if that would be something you’d be willing to do.””Well, your father and I have done it. I used to act like I didn’t like it, but in the heat of the moment I would sometimes beg for it. That said, it took literally years before he could make full penetration without it hurting. But every single time, even with it barely in, I always cum so hard while he’s rubbing my clit and fucking my ass. So, to answer your question, yes, it is something I am into and willing to do, but not here. Not today. And actually, once we do it, and once your father knows what we’ve done, I’d like to have you two double team me, if you’re ok with it.””Hell yeah I would be!””Good! Now, either go back to licking your momma’s pussy, or fuck me. You got me all worked up and horny, I need to cum!”With that he lowered his face back down to my pussy and started licking. He focused on my clit, alternating between licking it and sucking it. He was driving me wild, and then I felt something very familiar, something that you do all the time. His fingers found their way to both of my holes. He slid two into my wet, and still sore pussy, and one (and I’m not sure which one) slid, with ease, into my ass. My pussy was sore and aching, but the pleasure was too intense for me to tell him to stop.I looked up and saw out of the drivers side window above my head that we were being watched by a truck driver. That only served to fuel my desire and pleasure, but since the windows were starting to get foggy, and the cab of the truck was getting stuffy, I reached up turned the key and let the window down. When I looked back up, I notice the observer coming closer. I decided to unbutton my blouse and move my bra out of the way so he could gaze at my tits. It was then that I noticed that he had his cock out and was jacking it furiously.”That’s right, son, eat your mom’s pussy!” I said, loud enough for the trucker to hear. “Make your momma cum again boy!”I heard the trucker say, to himself “I can’t believe I’m witnessing i****t. This is so hot!” Then to me he said “May I?”I looked up and saw his left hand reaching for my tits. I told him that it was ok only if my son said it was ok. Mark looked from my cunt and said “Yes, just her tits. And she loves for her nipples to be pinched, hard.” And he returned his mouth to my clit.I realized that the truck driver was having difficulty holding on because he was standing on the running board of the truck, so I told him to move so I could open the door. This allowed for my head to fall off the edge of the seat and him to move closer.I felt his rough, calloused hands start to maul my tits, and taking direction from our son, he began to pinch my left nipple, hard. It was like fire coursing through my body to my clit and I started a slow climb to orgasm.All the while, the trucker never stopped jacking his cock. He never motioned or tried to get me to touch or suck it, and I wouldn’t have, but just the thought of him jerking off to my son giving me oral pleasure was turning me on like crazy. I was nearing my impending orgasm when I felt the trucker’s fingers tighten on my nipple and heard him grunt. He was about to cum and it dawned on me that there was only one place he could shoot it, on my face and tits.And just as I had that realization I felt the first of many strings of cum splash against my face, bare tits and down to my stomach. If I am not mistaken, some even landed on Mark’s head, in his hair. If he felt it, he didn’t let up on his oral assault on my pussy. The feeling of the stranger’s hot cum on my body, knowing that what I was doing was so taboo and had drove him to cum on me, sparked my own climax. I soaked Mark’s face and hands with my love juice as I kept cumming and cumming.After I came down from my high, I looked around and did not see the trucker anywhere. Had it not been for the copious amount of cum on my face and torso, I would have thought that had been a dream. He just vanished.We used one of the towels in Marks dirty clothes to clean me up and after I squatted by the truck to take a piss (yes, I know, another first for me…) I climbed back into the driver’s seat and we set out for home.When we got to Seaville, Mark said that he wanted to drive, so I pulled over and was about to get out when he said, “Just climb over me.” So I did. And as I crossed his lap, he wrapped his arms around me, shoved one of his hands up my skirt, and the other to my right nipple and told me how much he loved me and was thankful for me.Once we got back out on the road, I reached over and got his cock out of his pants and started stroking. I got him as hard as could be and kept him that way for the entire hour and a half back to Elleburg. When we were about 20 minutes from home, I leaned over and sucked him into my mouth.”It’s about time!” he told me, and I just laughed.He started to pull off, but I told him to keep driving, I wanted him to experience true “road head.”After about 15 minutes, when we were about 5 from here, he finally erupted in my mouth. It was such a huge load that I almost was not able to swallow it all, but I managed to! I am not sure if you noticed the look in my eye when I kissed you down stairs, but that’s why. Less than 5 minutes before I walked in the door, my mouth was full of our son’s cum. I could still taste it when I walked in. Hell, I can still taste it now!”Mark!” I yelled from out on the back deck. “Yeah, Dad?” he responded from somewhere in the house. We had the windows on the house open, letting the warm air flow through. I wasn’t sure where he was, but I could sense some hesitance in his voice.”When you have a minute, come out here with me, I want to talk to you for a bit. And bring the cooler out when you come.””OK” He replied, nervously.After about 5 minutes, Mark appeared at the back door. In one hand he held a bottle of water, in the other was the handle to our rolling cooler. He was shirtless wearing only his athletic shorts with his college lacrosse team’s logo. I got up to help him with the door.”What are you doing drinking water? If I wanted to drink alone, I would have asked you to bring me another beer, no the whole cooler!””Are you seriously OK with me drinking?” he asked stunned.”Are you seriously not remembering how liberal I am with you k**s? Besides, I am no fool. You can’t seriously believe that I think while you were away at college you didn’t drink. Furthermore, you’re going to be 21 by the end of the summer, what difference does a month or so make?””Good point.”Mark sat the cooler down and reached in to exchange his water for a beer grabbing me another as well. I directed him to sit in the chair to my right. We sat in the shade provided by the trees around our house in an uncomfortable, mostly on his part, silence. We were alone at the house bahis siteleri this evening. My wife had to work late, and Bethany and Riley went to the mall to do some shopping for some ‘summer attire.’ Finally, after having both taken a few drinks from our beers I broke the silence.”So, are you glad to be home, or are you already ready to head back to college?””Well, dad, to be honest, I am really enjoying being here. I mean, with Riley being here all the time, and naked, and knowing that she wants to fuck me. I don’t know why I would ever want to leave!””Mark, be honest, is it only Riley, or is it your sister and mom, too, that you like to look at?””Well now that you mention it, Bethany sure has become quite the looker! And mom still looks good for her age too.” He replied timidly.After a few moments of reflection, and a few more drinks from our beers I said “Well, this summer is sure to be a great one!””Yeah…” he responded and trailed off. I could tell that he was reliving his time with my wife, his mom, and thinking about all of what this summer would bring, especially since she had told him about Riley wanting to fuck him. “Have you seen the two girls together, yet?” I asked him, breaking his trance.”What do you mean, ‘together?'” he asked.”I think you know what I mean. I know you know about the pact they made, right?””What pact?””Well, they made a pact that they would stay virgins until the ‘right guy’ came along, and they have held each other to it.””Well I know that they committed to not having sex, but didn’t know that they had a pact. Besides, what does that have to do with anything?””It has everything to do with it, actually. You see, they decided that they wanted to experience some sexual stuff before that ‘right guy’ came along. So they started fooling around with each other. It is quite possibly the hottest thing I have ever seen.””So, how did it come about that you have seen it? And does mom know?””It’s a long story, but let’s just say that I walked in on them one morning. And yes, your mother knows, and has seen it too.””When?””The other night out here on the deck. As a matter of fact, Bethany, knowing your mom didn’t like to give blow jobs, asked for a demonstration so as to be prepared for her first lover.””And did she demonstrate?””Yep.” I said, matter of factly. There was another few moments of pause. Mark reached into the cooler and grabbed another couple of beers and handed one to me.”Did she demonstrate on you, or a banana or cucumber?” He said, with a nervous laugh.”On me, silly. Besides, it was really just a Bethany’s ploy to get mom to suck my dick. After your mom got started, Bethany looked at me and mouthed the words ‘you’re welcome.’ And afterwards, she laid back on the deck and masturbated while Riley had her face in your sister’s cunt. Riley’s perfect ass and shaved pussy was pointed in my direction, and thinking that your mom wouldn’t notice, being all wrapped up in the girls and herself, I reached over and rubbed Riley’s clit until she came. But, your mom did notice, and when she was done, she crawled over on her knees to me and took my fingers in her mouth and sucked all of Riley’s pussy juices from them. And, to top it off, for as long as I can remember being with your mom, we’ve always fantasized about bringing another girl into our sex life, she said she wants Riley to be that girl.””Wow.” he said before taking a long chug from his beer. “I guess mom was right, things around here have changed.” Then he cut himself off, thinking he may have said something that would let his secret out of the bag.”Yes, a lot has changed. For one thing, I understand that after your visit with your mom the other day, she plans on sucking a lot more dick. She said that she didn’t know why she hadn’t liked it for so long.””So she told you already?””Yes, as soon as you all got home the other day. She told me all of the details, from your first session, to your rough fucking (good job by the way) to the truck stop and your road head. I am sure you noticed her little perverted move by kissing me only minutes after swallowing your load. She’s turning into a naughty little lady, for sure.””Yea, I noticed.” He said, then paused for another drink. “So you’re not mad?””Mad? Hell no I’m not mad. Or jealous. I’ll tell you like I told her before she left the other morning. If she is going to get fucked by someone else, I would rather it be with my son than some Jack-leg from the street.””So you knew?” he said shocked.”Yes, son, I knew. And besides, how could I be mad? You two were not the only ones having fun that day.””What do you mean?””Well, let’s just say that Riley, much like you, wanted some experience before finally having sex with you.””So you fucked Riley?””Yep.””Does mom and Beth know?””Yes, your mom knows, I told her over the phone when you all were on the way back. And Bethany not only knows, but encouraged it. The only rule was that Riley couldn’t do anything with me that Bethany hadn’t already done.”Letting that sink in for a moment, I paused and chugged about half my beer. By this point I noticed that Mark was u*********sly stroking his cock through is athletic shorts. I was starting to get hard, too, and decided that I would stroke my own through my mesh shorts.”Wait…. you mean…. did you say that Riley could only do with you what Bethany had already done?””Yes, you heard me correctly.” I told him.”So you’ve fucked Bethany, too?””Yes, and to answer your next question, your mom knows. And with both of them, it was some of the best sex I have ever had! Oh, and one more thing, Bethany and Riley have the same kind of agreement with you. Riley gets you first, but Bethany wants to fuck you too. Bethany can only go as far with you as Riley has.”By this point, neither of us were hiding the fact that we were stroking our cocks through our shorts. I was reflecting on the events of the past few days with the girls, and the past several months of blow jobs from my daughter. I could tell that he was thinking about all of the possibilities, having fucked one of the three women in the house, and now knowing the other two wanted to fuck him as well. We spent the next several minutes talking about everything. I filled him in on the promise I had made to Bethany when she was 16. I told him about the morning that I first messed with both of the girls, and about the nightly blow jobs from his sister. At the next lull in the conversation, Mark handed me another beer and opened one for himself and started a new conversation.”Dad, I have a question…””Go ahead.” I told him in an encouraging voice.”Well, you know that Bethany and I have remained ‘free’ around each other, hanging out naked whenever you and mom went to bed. Even though neither of us have ever acted on anything, or even mentioned it, I can tell that there was more than a brother/sister feeling there. And since I have been home I have found myself thinking more romantically about her. And then there’s Riley. I have always had a crush on her, and when I heard that she wanted to fuck me, I was more than excited, but also a bit scared. I feel like I am falling for her, too. Obviously my mind is wracked with emotions towards mom, too. I mean I was so turned on by her, but when we made love, and when we’ve kissed sense, it’s been something different. I guess my question is, is it ok, to love each of them?””Mark, buddy, of course it is. Don’t get me wrong, my love for your mother runs very deep. And I love your sister as my daughter. But recently, especially with everything that has happened, I have fallen in love with each of them on a deeper, more than physical level. As a matter of fact, I have asked Riley to move in with us. I am sure that she is still trying to find a way to explain that to her parents since they live right up the street, but with the problems her brother has been having with d**gs and the law, I don’t think that will be an issue. But bottom line, each of the ladies in my life knows about each other and is in full support of our love together. Your sister and Riley are in love with each other. Your mom and Riley, as you may have noticed, are flirting more and more, and I think falling in love. This open family we have is more than just sex.””Makes sense.”After some more silence Mark got up to grab more beer. I noticed the bulge in his mesh shorts, and being just as hard, I knew that our cocks needed freeing from the confines of our clothes. I suggested that we strip naked and sense his hesitancy.”Mark, seriously, with everything that has transpired, and will transpire, we’re bound to be seeing each other naked quite a bit from now on. Besides, imagine the surprise on the girls’ faces, no matter who arrives first, your mom or the girls, when they walk out here and see us naked and hard.””You’re right.” he said as he stood up and pulled his shorts down. As he worked the elastic band over his cock, I let my eyes wander down and could see that my wife’s description was spot-on. He appeared to be slightly longer than me, but definitely thicker. His pubes were very nicely trimmed, and with his fit physique with a cut chest and washboard abs, I was envious.After he had stepped out of his shorts and sat down I stood to remove mine. I noticed as he nonchalantly adjusted his gaze to my mid-section while resuming the fondling of his own cock. Once my cock was released from the restraint of my shorts, I looked down at him while he was looking below my waist and gave myself several long and firm tugs before sitting back down.”Well,” Mark started, “I can see that we are cut from the same cloth, dad!””That may be so, but the seamstress was more generous when cutting for you.” I replied jokingly “Your mom’s description was as accurate as can be.””I’m not that much bigger than you.”We continued our conversation about the women in our lives, what’s been happening, what we want to happen and some talk about his first year in college. By now, we were both about 5 or 6 beers deep – not drunk, but surely feeling a bit buzzed. We heard a vehicle start to come down the driveway. Since we were a family of trucks, and a firm ‘MOPAR’ family, we all owned and drove full-size Dodge/Ram trucks. It was hard to determine by the sound of the engine who it was, my wife or Bethany and Riley. “Hey Mark, who do you think it is?””Well, I bet that it’s mom. Knowing the girls, if they are indeed shopping, there is no way they are home now.””I think you’re right, but for the sport of it, I’ll take that bet. I’ll say it’s the girls. What does the winner get?””The winner get’s to fuck the girl, or girls, of his choosing in front of the loser. But the loser has to be naked and restrained with his hands behind his back.””Deal” I said extending my right hand.Mark looked at me for a moment and then down to my hand and back up. He smiled and extended his right hand to shake mine. It was in that moment that I realized his cause for a moment of hesitation. Not that a hand shake was anything sexual, but the fact that our right hands had just been stroking our cocks, and then made contact with each other was a bit awkward, but a bit exciting at the same time.Our silence was more comfortable now as we both sat, drinking our cold beers and slowly stroking our cocks. We were both waiting to see who would win the bet, even though I was sure that I took the sucker bet and would find myself naked and restrained while my son fucked one, or possibly all, of the females in front of me. That thought sent a twinge right to my cock and I let a low moan escape my lips. Mark heard it and gave me a knowing grin. About that time we heard the door from the house open and we both looked up to see my beautiful wife standing there, just as naked as we were. She had a look of surprise mixed with lust on her face.”Wow! What a nice surprise it is to come home from a long day at work to have both of my lovers sitting together, naked.”Laughing I replied, “Hey honey. Mark and I have just been discussing everything that has happened around here, and decided that clothes were now, or would soon be, a moot point. Besides, all the talk got us both excited, as you can well see, and we needed to let our members breathe.””So Mark is up to speed on everything?” She said smiling.”Yep, and I think he’s as excited as the rest of us about what our lives have become.” Turning to Mark I said, “Now Mark, you should know that there is a proper way to greet your lover. Now get up and give her a proper welcome home.”I watched as my son got up with his cock in his hand and walk towards his mother. He reached for her face with his left hand and pulled her in for a kiss. Her hands rose to his face and their mouths opened to let each other’s tongues in. Mark lowered his hands to her waist and then to her ass as he pulled her in tight, pressing his hard cock into her abdomen. While they were making out, my wife moved her right hand down to his ass and her left to his cock that was nestled between them. She started slowly and lightly stroking him, eliciting a low moan from his lips. It was one of the most erotic things I had seen to this point, watching my first born passionately make out with his mother, my wife.They finally broke their embrace and my wife walked up to where I was sitting. She leaned forward and kissed me much the same as she had kissed Mark, gently stroking my cock with her right hand as she balanced herself on the arm of the chair with her left. As she stood back up, I notice Mark grabbing enough beer from the cooler to go around and start towards his chair. I told him to sit on the couch next to his mom. I could sense that he was starting to get nervous again, so I nodded my head in affirmation and the two of them sat down. My wife snuggled up next to him and he placed his arm around her. She was sitting closest to me with Mark on her left. Her left hand found his cock again and started slowly stroking him.”So, tell me what you’ve been talking about.” she said, as if I hadn’t already told her.Mark and I started telling her all about our conversation and filled her in on the emotions that we both were experiencing for the ladies in our lives. She kept a constant smile on her face as we were talking. I noticed my wife start to fidget in her seat and I knew that she was getting horny. We all paused several times during the conversation to enjoy some more beer, and on the last pause my wife sat her beer on the side table and leaned over taking Mark’s hard member into her mouth.”Ahh Mom, that feels so good,” he said, “But if you keep it up too long, I am going to go off. I’ve been worked up for quite a while.”I watched as my wife grabbed the base of my son’s cock and squeezed tightly. Not tight enough to cause pain, but enough to prevent him from erupting in her mouth. After a few more seconds of sucking she sat up. She looked at me and said “Honey, is it ok if I get fucked by our son?” She never released the tight grip that she was holding on his cock. I nodded my approval and watched as she had him lie down with his feet towards me. She positioned herself above him, facing him with her back towards me, and started to slowly lower her dripping cunt on to his cock. I could see the wetness seeping from pussy as she lowered herself down.”So Mark, are you collecting your debt for the bet?” I asked.”No, not this time, I’ll wait.””What bet?” My wife asked through a long moan.”When we heard your truck coming down the driveway dad and I bet on who it would be. He knew, as well as I, that it would be you, but he took the sucker bet for sport. The loser has to sit naked and restrained and watch while the winner gets to fuck the girl or girls of his choice in front of him.””Ohh, sounds like a nice bet, I’m looking forward to watching your dad squirm.”We all laughed at that, but only briefly as my son started to thrust his cock upwards into my wife as she would thrust downward onto him. By now, I was stroking my cock with more purpose as I watched my son making love to my wife. I was staring at his cock disappearing and reappearing rapidly inside her when her voice broke my trance.”Don’t cum too fast baby, mommy’s needs to cum!””Oh mom, don’t worry. You got me settled down nicely when you gripped me so tight. I’ll be able to go for a while now.””Good.” she said as she started bouncing faster and harder.I could hear her moans starting to turn into screams. Between breaths I could hear her wetness sloshing as Mark fucked her furiously. I knew, at that moment, that my son was giving my wife as much, if not more, pleasure than I had ever been able to. I was actually grateful for him to be able to please her that much. She deserved it. I was just happy to be a witness to it.Breaking my trance once again was my wife’s voice, only this time the words that she was uttering were not recognizable. She was, by now, screaming. I could make out when she said “Fuck your momma good boy!” and “Oh yes, I’m cumming on my son’s cock!!”In the dim light provided by the torches around the deck and setting sun, I could see her pussy juices gushing from around his cock. His balls were soaked and her body was trembling. She laid her torso on top of him and he wrapped his arms around her. They started passionately kissing, and her hips reflexively continued to buck on his cock. He slowly and gently continued to thrust his cock into her, enhancing the feeling of euphoria she was slowly coming down from.Finally, after a few minutes of relaxing on top of her son, my wife rolled off of him and turned around. Now facing me, she straddled our son again and said that she wanted to see me while our son spilled his seed into her. That idea sent a jolt of electricity through my body to my cock and it twitched in my hand. I realized that I hadn’t stopped jerking it and was now leaking a fair amount of pre-cum.As my wife slowly impaled dripping pussy back down onto his cock, I locked eyes with her and told her that I loved her. She started grinding and gyrating her hips as he began to thrust back up into her. Sitting upright she reached her right hand down to her clit and began frigging it with an intense speed. Suddenly she stopped and looked at me.”My clit needs a tongue on it. And since our son is not really in a position to provide that for me, I guess you’ll have to.” She said to me.I slowly left my chair and got on my knees on the deck beside them. I was a bit timid to put my mouth so close to the point where my son and wife became one. So, with my left hand stroking my cock under the couch, I brought my right hand up to her clit. She placed her hands above each of his shoulders and leaned back. She looked at me with a determined look and said “I told you I wanted your tongue on my clit, I can finger myself.””Yeah, dad, give her what she wants. I want to fuck her good, but it doesn’t seems as if she’ll fuck back until you start licking. So get to it.”Still timid, I used the fingers on my right hand to spread her outer lips and leaned forward. I gently placed the tip of my tongue on her clit and flicked it a few times back and forth. Doing so caused her to moan and I could feel her hips start to move again. She let out an audible sigh as Mark started to grind back into her. Feeling a bit more relaxed I used my entire tongue and licked her, from just above the point that his cock disappeared into her, all the way to the top of her slit and back down again. This gave her a more intense feeling and I was rewarded by hearing her moan loudly and feeling a rather violent thrust of her hips.Their fucking started to become more rapid and I noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep my mouth in position to give her the pleasure that she so badly desired. So, I decided to rest my head on her pubic mound and stick my tongue out. This way, my head would move in time with her hips, and my tongue would keep constant contact on her sensitive love button.My wife seemed to like this new position and started to really get into fucking our son with my face so close. From my vantage point I could see every vein in his cock as it slid in and out of her, I could see her tight pussy lips bahis şirketleri wrapping around his fuck tool as he plunged in and out of her. I was fiercely jerking my cock under the couch, while keeping my tongue pressed firmly on her clit. My knees were starting to hurt from the hard wood below them, but I didn’t care. I, too, was wrapped up in the moment watching my son plow into his mom.My moans mixed with theirs and soon there was a chorus of ecstasy emanating from our deck. Their pace quickened and I could hear the wetness from my wife once again start seeping from around our son’s cock. I was greedily lapping up her juices, keeping my mouth open with my tongue darting around. Then it happened. Mark’s cock slipped from my wife’s wet cunt and on his next thrust upward, it found its way into my mouth. It had been many, many years since I had done anything with another guy, but by instinct my lips closed tightly around my mouth’s new intruder. Just as quickly as it happened, I realized the gravity of the situation and quickly lifted my head removing has member from my mouth. Led by instinct again, I reached my left hand from my cock and placed it on his. I gave him a few short tugs and fed it back to her hungry cunt. Neither of us spoke a word about what had just happened, so I returned my face and mouth to my previous position and resumed licking, while he started to roughly pummel my wife’s cunt again.Once again I found myself beating my dick with renewed vigor. The brief few seconds that I had my son’s cock in my mouth brought back a multitude of memories, all of which were just as clear as if they had happened yesterday. While I was licking my wife’s clit, jerking my cock, and enjoying the fucking that was happening under my nose, literally; I was also thinking about my past encounters and found that I was on the verge of shooting my load across the deck below the couch the two lovers were on. My thoughts were interrupted when Mark’s cock escaped the warm and wet confines of my wife’s pussy and found its way back to my mouth. Again, I closed my lips around his cock for a few strokes, but when I started to lift my head I felt my wife’s hand on the back of it, encouraging me to continue. Hearing Mark moan, I assumed that he didn’t know what had just happened and decided not to fight it.With the position we were in, my wife’s clit was being overly stimulated by the rubbing of his cock and my cheek. I could hear her moans starting to get louder. Her breath started to quicken and become more shallow. Her grip on the back of my head was becoming more and more firm. I knew that she was starting the short but intense climb to another wild orgasm. Seemingly fueled by her sounds and motions, Mark started fucking faster and harder, fucking my mouth for all he was worth. I was certain that he thought he was still buried in her pussy so I paid special attention to keep my teeth away from his sensitive and swollen gland. I could see Mark’s balls start to tighten and felt his cock start to swell between my lips. I knew that he was about to erupt and I knew that having him erupt in my wife’s cunt was just what she needed to send her over the edge. Even though her grip and pressure on the back of my head was strong, I forced my head up and my mouth off his cock. Without missing a stroke I was able to lead his cock back to her waiting cunt and as soon as he bottomed out in her I could hear them climax in unison. I could see his cock and balls pumping his cum into her womb. She was bearing down hard on him as her body started to twitch and tremble. She was so high with her orgasm that her screams came out silent. The only noises I heard were grunts as Mark finished emptying his cum into his mom. Then I realized that some of the grunts that I had been hearing were actually mine. I had shot my seed all over the deck below the couch.I sat back on my legs and looked over the two lovers on the couch. Mark had his hands firmly on my wife’s tits as she laid back on top of him. He was kissing her neck and ears and kept saying over and over “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”I let my eyes wander down her body to her well used and now sloppy cunt. His cock started softening and when it finally fell out of her pussy, a glob of his cum followed. I was just about to lean over to lick her cummy pussy clean when I heard a long low moan from behind me.The three of us looked towards the door of the house and saw Bethany and Riley standing there, naked. Riley had Bethany’s right tit in her mouth and her hand between her leg. “That was so fucking hot to watch, guys, thank you!”I suddenly found myself wondering just how much of it they had seen.Sometime much later that night, or more accurately, very early the next morning I was awakened by the soft touch of my daughter Bethany’s hand on my now growing cock. I heard her sweet voice as she leaned in and whispered in my ear.”Hey daddy, I’m sorry to wake you.””Don’t be sorry, baby, you can wake me any time, especially like this!” I replied with a whisper.I looked over to her and saw that she was naked. Even in the pale moonlight that invaded my bedroom through the curtains, I could see her beautiful curves and perfect breasts. I was madly in love with this girl. More than a father should be with his daughter. But there was no fighting it, and no point to even try since my wife, hell, my whole immediate family was all in the same position with each other.”Daddy, I’m so horny. I really, really want to feel you lick my pussy.” she whispered in my ear before she started kissing my neck. She knew how to start driving me wild.”Ok baby, let’s go to your room and I’ll do more than just lick your pussy, I’ll make passionate love to until lunch time tomorrow.””No daddy. I want it right here. I want to ride your face right here, right now.””But we could wake up your mom.””Duh, that’s kind of the point. Besides, she hasn’t seen us actually do anything together. I am sure it would be a nice surprise for her to wake up to.”I couldn’t argue her point. And I found I didn’t really want to try. So I nodded my approval and she leaned in and kissed me passionately on the lips before standing up and straddling my torso. She had me raise my arms above my head and she placed her knees in my armpits. Once she was in position, she reached back with her hand and started playing with my cock again while I leaned forward the best I could to start licking her clit.At my tongue’s first contact with her pussy she let out a soft moan. She was already wet, so I could tell that she was excited just thinking about doing this. I also let out a soft moan in to her soft folds as she started to stroke me more firmly. I started slowly, kissing and licking around her outer folds. I could tell that she wanted me to really get to licking her dripping pussy, but she was the one that woke me up, she would have to wait. Or so I thought.With her left hand still gripping and stroking my cock, she brought her right hand to the back of my head and thrust her hips forward, practically forcing me to lick and eat her entire pussy. Although it had been my intention to tease her a bit, I was more than encouraged to give in to her desires when I heard her moans of pleasure and felt her hand really start to work my cock with more vigor and purpose.I scanned her body with my eyes, taking in her absolute beauty. When my gaze reached her face she simply looked down and smiled. She said “I love you daddy!” and started grinding her pussy onto my face. I couldn’t reach much with my hands as they were precariously positioned with her knees in my armpits, but I managed to reach forward enough to grab her ass with both hands and encourage her face fucking.It was then that I felt a familiar feeling on my cock. It was warm and wet, but not tight enough to be a pussy. I realized that Bethany had released my cock and was now balancing herself on my face by leaning against the wall behind my bed with both hands, and someone had replaced her hand on my cock with their mouth. I was so happy to know that seeing her daughter riding my face turned my wife on enough to give me a blow job.Although I was not able to turn my head as it was locked in my daughter’s thighs, I glanced to my right to see my wife laying beside us smiling. All the while, the blow job on my cock was becoming more intense and was feeling indescribably good. I was confused. My daughter was riding my face, my wife was beside me watching our daughter ride my face. I thought I had heard Riley leave earlier, but I realized she must have come back.I watched as my wife sat up next to us took one of our daughter’s tits in her mouth. It was so erotic, in and of itself, but knowing that it was my wife’s first lesbian encounter, and it was with our daughter, made it so much more intense. My wife licked and sucked and Bethany’s tits, alternating between the two as I laid under my daughter with a mouth full of pussy. The attention on my cock was steadily getting better, I was in pure bliss. After sucking on her tits for a few more minutes, my wife pulled away and looked at our daughter, smiling a very devious smile. She then leaned in and kissed Bethany with as much tongue as I used with all of the women. It was such a passionate kiss and I knew that my wife’s inner lesbian had just been fully released.I was lost in eating my daughter’s willing cunt and watching my wife make out with her that I did not notice, at first, the hand that was now on my cock, stroking me into the mouth that was sucking it. The hand was rougher than I would have expected Riley’s to be. I was starting to become confused, and I guess my wife and daughter could tell. They both looked down at me and smiled and gave an entertained laugh. Just then I heard a low moan from behind my daughter. It was a voice I recognized, one that I had heard earlier that night. I knew this time, though, that it wasn’t mine. Then it dawned on me. The moaning voice I heard from behind my daughter was that of my son’s. The rough hand, was his. The mouth… holy shit, my son was sucking my cock.My eyes must have bulged out of my head and Bethany noticed. I tried to push her off of me. Even though I had Mark’s cock in my mouth earlier in the evening, that had been in the heat of the moment and a mistake that he surely didn’t notice. This was not right. I was not comfortable with this. But as hard as I tried to escape from underneath my daughter, I couldn’t. Oh, sure, I’m big enough and strong enough, I could have pushed her off, so I guess somewhere deep inside I was enjoying this, and wanted it to continue. But I still couldn’t let that be seen.”It’s ok daddy, just enjoy it. And keep licking my pussy!” Bethany demanded.”That’s right, honey, keep licking our daughter’s cunt and enjoy your blow job.” My wife reiterated.I couldn’t say anything, Bethany had all of her weight bearing down on my face. My tongue was as deep into her velvety tunnel as it could go, my nose was rubbing against her clit. I feigned a struggle and began to buck my hips, trying act like I wanted to escape. But all too soon I felt the weight of my son’s muscular body on my legs. I tried to reach around Bethany, but I couldn’t extend my arms past her hips. She knew it and laughed through her moans. I knew that, even if I wanted to, there was no way I was going to get out from under my two c***dren. Again, I surely could have gotten my sexy daughter off my face, but I wasn’t so sure about wrestling off my very strong and athletic son. Still, I felt like I needed to give in to their sport and act like I was not approving of what was happening.Suddenly I felt a new sensation, a vibration through my cock. I listened carefully and heard Mark moan. I realized that he had my cock buried in his throat and was moaning around it, the vibration I was feeling was from his voice. I could feel his tongue on the underside of my cock, where it comes together with my balls. I was actually amazed that he had taken my entire 6+ inches to the back of his throat without gagging.In turn, I began to moan into my daughter’s pussy and started to vigorously tongue fuck her. With my right hand I reached to find my wife’s pussy and found it to be extremely wet. I started flicking my fingers across her clit and into her inviting entrance. Her moans joined the rest of ours and when I looked back up I saw her leaning in to make out with Bethany some more. My wife started gyrating her hips and rubbing her pussy on my right hand. Her hands were all over Bethany’s chest as they made out.Everything happening to, with and around me was starting to make my head spin. I was getting close to cumming but, with a mouth full of my daughter’s cunt, I had no way of warning Mark. Just as I started to moan loudly I felt Bethany’s thighs tighten around my head and was greeted with a flood of moisture in my mouth as she began cumming on my face. Her climax sparked my wife’s to start and within second my wife was screaming into our daughter’s mouth as they continued to make out throughout their orgasms. See and hearing that, and tasting my daughter’s lovely cum sent me other the edge. I bucked my hips hard, one time, as a warning to Mark that I was about to erupt. But he never stopped. My son kept on his oral assault of my cock and after mere seconds I was spurting into his mouth. I felt at least 3 hard strings of cum eject from my cock with several smaller eruptions in between. I could hardly breathe, as he continued to work my cock with his mouth and hand.All too soon, though, our orgasms all ebbed, and we were left in a pile of spent flesh on the bed. My wife moved over to give Bethany a spot to lay between us. Mark climbed up and laid on top of his mother and began making out with her. After they were done kissing, my wife turned to Bethany and began to kiss her, just as passionately as before. I watched in awe as the two ladies kissed. And just as quickly as they started kissing, they broke away. Bethany turned to me and pulled me in for a kiss. When I opened my mouth to let her tongue enter, I found that she was sharing some of my cum that had been kissed from Mark to his mom, then to her. When we broke away she looked at me and smiled. We all laid there with contented smiles on our faces and reflected on what had just happened.”What. The. Fuck. Was. That?” I asked abruptly, but not with an angry tone.”Well, dad,” Mark said, “Earlier tonight when I was fucking mom on the deck my cock slipped out and into your mouth. When I felt that, it was like something I’ve never felt racing through me. The first time it happened was obviously an accident. But I had to have it again, so the second time I purposefully did it, hoping for similar results. I was pleased. But when I felt you starting to pull off again I tried to reach your head to keep you there, letting you know it was ok. Mom noticed that I couldn’t quite reach so she did that for me.””Yea,” Bethany interrupted, “And Riley and I saw the whole thing, from when you first got on your knees beside them. When we saw Mark’s cock go into your mouth, and you actually suck it, we both nearly came in each other’s hands. It was so hot!””Anyway…”Mark interjected, regaining control of the conversation, “I had always wanted to see what it would be like to give and receive oral with a guy. I also wanted to do something, or say something to you to let you know that it was ok, and that I liked it. So I sat with Beth and Riley in my room after you two went to bed and told them the same. Together we devised this plan, knowing that I couldn’t just come out and suggest it to you. We knew that if you were distracted by Bethany, you’d be less likely to protest.””Honey, did you know about this plan?” I asked my wife.”No dad,” Mark answered for her, “She was an innocent bystander. But she did see me approach the bed and nodded her approval when I pointed to your cock and indicated that I was going to blow you.”I laid there on the bed, stunned. There was no disputing that I enjoyed it, and no use in hiding that fact. My wife was aware of my past with guys and knew that it was something that I actually enjoyed. But I was conflicted. As good as it felt, I had no attraction or desire for my son, and I didn’t want to pursue any kind of sexual or romantic relationship with him. I knew I had to say something to that effect, but I wasn’t sure how. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or make him regret what he had just done for me. He was, after all, exploring his sexuality.As if reading my thoughts Mark spoke up.”Dad, I will be honest, I truly enjoyed when your mouth was on my cock earlier, and I actually truly enjoyed bringing you the same pleasure. But please don’t worry about any expectations or anything. I don’t see us hanging out alone and deciding to blow each other. I don’t even see us making it a point to do it when the girls are involved. But what I want to make very clear is that I am not opposed to it happening incidentally, or in the heat of the moment. For example, if I am fucking mom, and you come in and want to join, I can envision mom and I making out around your cock, similar to what you had Beth and Riley do that first time. Or I envision one of us sucking the other like you did on the deck, in the midst of sex. That’s it. I guess the short version is that I am not opposed nor ashamed to have that contact with you if it happens, but certainly won’t, and don’t expect you to, pursue it.””And if I do?” I asked without thinking.”Then so be it.” he replied immediately.After we all let that sink in I asked the k**s what their plans were for the next day. Mark explained that he and Riley had a date and that, although neither of them verbally said it, he had a feeling that it would be the night for them to finally make love. Bethany jumped up and said “I hope so! I’m dying to finally fuck you bro!” We all laughed at that.”Ok then, in order to give you privacy tomorrow night, perhaps mom, Bethany and myself can make ourselves scarce in get into our own fun.””I like that idea” said my wife.”Then it’s settled!” Bethany said.When I woke up some time later the morning sun was just beginning to peak through the curtains. I heard some low moaning and rolled over to find Bethany masturbating while watching my wife give Mark a blow job.I snuck my hand between her thighs and started rubbing her clit for her.”Ohhhh. Morning sleepy head!” Bethany said to me. “I woke up a bit ago and saw that poor Mark had a raging boner. As bad as I wanted to help him relieve it, I knew I couldn’t break my promise with Riley. So then I thought that since he and mom had already, you know, I would wake her up and have her take care of him since he is the only one that didn’t cum during our last session.””That is very thoughtful of you baby.”I looked past my daughter and watched as my wife fervently sucked our son’s cock. She had a hungry look in her eye and I knew that Mark was in for another wild ride. My wife was sitting up at the foot of the bed. Mark was standing in front of her with both of his hands on the back of her head. I could tell he was restraining himself from flat out fucking her face. It seemed, again, that my mind was being read and my wife pulled off his cock.”Don’t hold back baby boy, fuck your momma’s face like you mean it. Feed me your cum!”That seemed to ignite a flame in not only him, but his sister too. She was gyrating on my hand on the verge of another explosive, squirting orgasm. Just as her moans began to get louder, so did his. And, almost as if it was planned, our two c***dren broke into an orgasmic symphony of screams. Bethany’s pussy released a flood of fluid all over my hand and the bed at the same time as Mark released his pent up seed into him mom’s waiting and hungry mouth.My wife milked our son’s cock with her mouth, never letting a drop of his seminal fluid leak out. I could tell that she swallowed most of it, but could also tell that there was some left in her mouth. I had an idea as to what she was thinking, but before I could say anything, or protest, Bethany spoke up.”Mom, come here and kiss me. I may not be able to taste it from the source, but I am dying to have a taste of my brother’s cum!”My wife leaned in to our daughter and they made out with reckless abandon. When they broke apart, they were both flush and Bethany licked her lips. “Yum!”

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