My Daughter and Her Mischievous Friend

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My Daughter and Her Mischievous FriendMy 14 year old Lori was always a good, well behaved c***d. She got straight A’s in school, and never got into serious trouble. Her best friend Brittany on the other hand, well let’s just say she wasn’t really the pristine angel her parents thought she was. Brittany was a few months younger than Lori, but she developed faster than Lori did. And it was about that time when Brit became more than just a prick tease. Lori and Brit knew each other since the second grade when her family moved here 7 years ago. They bonded almost immediately, becoming fast friends. As the years went by, their friendship became more like sibling sisters. They were inseparable, some even started thinking they were lesbians. But they weren’t, at least I think they weren’t. But as they got into their teens, especially Brit, they became boy crazy, and boys became crazy over them.Every other weekend, the girls would alternate weekend sleepovers at each house. I didn’t mind Brit staying a weekend here.She was a cute 7 year old when Lori first brought her home to introduce me to her new bestie. Lori was also an only c***d. Her mom died after giving birth to her, so having someone over made things more exciting and fun. Brit had 2 younger siblings, and she was always glad to spend time here and away from her bratty brothers. Now she had just turned 14, and looking more and more attractive everyday. Maybe it’s her voluptuous C-cup breasts that made her very desirable. But when she turned 13, and knew she was turning heads, not just from horny little school boys, but even grown men who would see her walking down a street, whistling, or blowing their horn as they went by. She made herself look older than her age. She started wearing make-up, which my daughter then followed, and would curl her beautiful mane of black hair, that would bounce and flutter whenever she walked, or turned her head. She would wear cut off shirts, that would reveal her nice belly and her deep inward belly button, and would wear tight ass jeans or black yoga pants.Lori wasn’t as voluptuous as Brit. She was still an A-cup, but she had a nicer ass than Brit did. Lori too followed Brit in hair style and clothes. Lori liked to curl her dark brown hair as well. She’d also wear cut off shirts, but they would be tighter at the top. Her nice ass filled out the yoga pants she would wear along with Brit. But Lori was a little more shy than Brit was. Brittany was a go-getter, while Lori was more like the ‘you had to go get type’. But nonetheless, she was still very attractive. She looked like her mother, and my mom. Which made for a nice combo. But if it wasn’t for Brit, I think Lori would’ve built a shell so thick that no one would be able to crack. It was Brit’s turn to spend the weekend here. They went out to the mall, like any teenage girl would do, to eye shop, go see a movie, or just hang out with friends. I spent the day doing yard work. When I was finished, I saw how sweaty and dirty I was. I went into the house after cleaning, and putting everything away. I got undressed, headed toward the bathroom, to take a nice hot shower. Since the girls were gone, I didn’t bother to lock the bathroom door. I got out of the shower, and dried pendik escort myself off. I could hear that the girls were back, and suddenly, I see the door opening up. Brit was standing there with eyes wide open from being startled seeing me in the bathroom. Her eyes peered down looking at my 8″ rod hanging down. “Oh. Um. Sorry Mr. Williams.” She said as she started to close the door.”That’s okay. It’s my fault I didn’t lock the door. I didn’t think you girls would be back so soon.”Brit closed the door shut. I could hear her tell Lori what she just saw. I wrapped a towel around my waist, then headed out to Lori’s room where they were both sitting on her bed. “Did you girls eat at the mall?” “No. We just did a little shopping. Hey dad how do you like this shirt?” Holding it up in the air.”Nice! Daddy’s Princess. That you are. What would you two like for dinner?””PIZZA!!” They said together.”Okay. You call for one while I get dressed.”Forty minutes later, our pizza arrived. We sat at the kitchen table eating, and listening to their stories about the day. I noticed how Brit was now looking at me. It was a look I’ve seen many times when a woman was sexually interested in a man. There were even times that she would drop a napkin, or a topping from her pizza would fall to the floor, and she’d bend down looking at my crotch, trying to feel with her hand whatever dropped on the floor.”Was she that curious about cock already?’ I thought to myself. I know she saw my pecker hanging out when she saw me naked in the bathroom, but usually, girls get traumatized by these things. But here she was trying to get a peek up my shorts. I actually got a hard on watching her get a glimpse of my pecker. Lori didn’t have a clue to what Brit was doing. I knew, and I was loving it.It was 10 o’clock. The girls were still up talking in Lori’s bedroom. I walked in telling them it was time for bed. They laid down, as I pulled the covers over them. I gave them both a kiss on the lips saying goodnight, I love you both, (Which I did). and pleasant dreams. They would tell me the same, except Lori would say ‘Love you dad’, and Brit would say, ‘Love you daddy Williams’. I turned off the light, closed the door, and went to bed myself.It was about 2 in the morning when Brit woke Lori up.”Lori, wake up. I want you to see something.””Hmmm. What? What’s the matter Brit?” Lori asked being woken from a sound sleep.”I want you to see something.” Brit repeated. “What’s that? Can’t it wait til morning?””No Come with me.”Brit and Lori got out of bed. They left her room heading towards mine. Brit opened up my bedroom door, slowly, and quietly.”What are you doing? We can’t go in there!” Lori whispered.”Shhh. I want you to see this.” Brit whispered back, opening the door more.”Were going to get in trouble. Let’s go back to bed.””Will you ever stop being such a chicken!? Now come on, and be quiet.”They tip-toed their way to the side of my bed. I was sound asleep, laying on my back. in the middle of my full size bed. “Come on Brit, my dad’s gonna kill us if he wakes up and catches us here.” Lori whispered.”Don’t you want to see your dad’s cock? You always said you wanted to, Now shut up or you’ll wake him.”Lori did as Brit told her. She was still scared escort pendik though imagining the horrors if I did wake up seeing them in my bedroom. Brit carefully got on my bed. She gently grabbed the waistband of my shorts, pulling them down slowly. The street lights gave a dim illumination in the room, allowing them to see the head of my cock peep out from my pulled down shorts. She reached around my hips, pulling them down below my ass. My shorts were now down by my knees, my cock visible to 2 teenage eyes. “Look at it Lori. It’s huge.” Brit whispered “Come on. Get up here but slowly.”Lori climbed up on the other side of the bed. They both stared at my soft cock, as I laid there asleep.”Think I should touch it?” Brit whispered.Lori shook her head no. “Okay, we’ve seen it, let’s go.””There you go being a chicken again.” Brit lightly put her finger on my cock. When she saw I didn’t wake, she put another, then another, until every digit was touching my pecker. She was admiring my cock as she gently caressed it with her fingers. She curled her fingers wrapping them around the shaft. Again, looking at me making sure I didn’t wake up. As she stroked my cock, she reached up under her nightie, squeezing her boob. Lori too, was starting to get turned on. She was biting her lower lip, still scared of what might happen if daddy sees them doing this. But she wanted to be like Brittany. Bold, daring, and mischievous.Lori watched as Brit pulled her hair back, and tied it in a knot. “Don’t want to wake him tickling his belly with my hair.” She whispered and chuckled.Lori was shocked at what she saw next. Brit lowered her head aiming her mouth to my dick. She opened her mouth, taking in the hood. Lori watched how Brit was giving me a blow job. My cock got hard as I awoke. I opened my eyes just slightly enough to see two naughty 14 year old’s on my bed. One was Brit sucking my cock, the other my daughter watching her do it.”Wow! Your dad’s got a nice cock. You want to try? Or you going to be chicken again. Here, I’ll hold it for you.””No. I want to hold it.” She whispered. “I couldn’t believe it. Was my Lori really going to blow me?” I thought to myself.I felt her soft, lanky fingers wrap around my cock. Brit was telling her what to do, and Lori would follow everything she said. “Go ahead. Put it in your mouth.” Brit whispered. “I don’t know. I’m scared. I like to be like you Brit, but I’m just worried whet he’d do if he caught us.””Go ahead sweetheart. It’s okay. Do what Brit did.”They were both petrified. I could see the horror in their eyes as they heard me speak. They had no idea what to do. It was if they were frozen in time.”It’s okay girls.” I said rubbing Brit’s back,and Lori’s arm. “It was just a matter of time before you became sexually curious. I’d rather you learn from me than from some ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’, kind of guy. Brit. Since it seems you know a little more than my princess does, you tell her what to do. Lori you do exactly what she says.”Brit told her what to do, and Lori followed. Even I, would give her some instructions, since I had more experience when it came to getting blow jobs. Lori took my cock in her mouth. She kept it there, getting use to the feel. Brit would tell her to move pendik escort bayan her mouth up and down, just as she did. I could feel her teeth grinding along my cock.”Don’t use your teeth baby. Just your mouth and tongue.””Mokay daddy.” Saying with my cock in her mouth.Lori’s fears soon subsided. She was feeling more confident now, more bolder. She was getting better sucking her old man’s cock. She’d do whatever Brit or I would tell her. Before long, she was doing it without any help. “That’s it Lor. Suck your father’s cock!” Brit shouted. Brit and I smiled as we watched Lori going crazy sucking me off. Her sounds of slurping echoed throughout the room. “Okay you.”. Looking at Brit. “You saw mine, what you gonna show me?”Brittany smiled, then removed her nightgown, showing her bouncy C’s. I told her to sit up on my chest. She straddled herself sitting on me. Her legs were spread open showing me her pink underwear covered crotch. “Have you ever had your pussy licked before?” She looked towards Lori. “Not by a man.” She said giggling. I pulled on her undies, bringing them down past her ass. Brit slipped it down one leg, then shifted over, and slipped it off the other. She straddled herself over me again, She was on her knees placing her black hairy pussy over my face. I bent my arms, placing my hands on her hips. She lowered herself putting her twat onto my open mouth. Her pussy was sweet and tasty. It’s been a while since I had a pussy this good in my mouth. I sucked on her hair covered mound, licking my tongue along her labia. Within minutes she began to moan as I ate out this 14 year old beauty. She held onto the headboard, as she gyrated her hips and pelvis, grinding her super moist, super hot cunt on my face and mouth. “This was fucking awesome!!” I thought to myself. “My daughter is sucking my cock, and I’m eating out her best friend’s pussy.”Lori was blowing me like crazy. She lost all her fear and shyness. This was her father’s cock she was sucking on. She wanted to please me more than anything, and knowing I gave her the A-okay, she wasn’t going to stop now. As I ate out Brit, getting her close to an orgasm, Lori was close giving me one. “That’s it baby. Make daddy cum. Suck me baby. Suck me and make me cum.”I don’t know if Lori understood what I was saying, but Brit did. “Make him cum Lor. Make our daddy cum. Keep sucking his cock, He’s ready to cum.” Brit shouted.My cock was throbbing. I could no longer eat Brit out because my little princess was about to get my load in her mouth. She sucked and stroked my cock. Before long, my cock erupted, shooting my hot white cum into her mouth.”Ewww! Blech! Ohhh! That was nasty.””Did he cum in your mouth?” Brit asked still grinding her twat on my face.”Yes!! It tasted horrible.” She said spitting out the taste.Brit got off my face to see the pool of cum that Lori spat out. She licked a little off my stomach tasting it for herself.”It’s not that bad Lor. Maybe it’s because it’s your first time tasting it. Go ahead lick it up then swallow it quick.”Lori licked up the rest of my cum. She smacked her lips after she did that.Though Brit told her to swallow it as soon as she licked it up.”It doesn’t taste bad now. Maybe it was just the way it felt in my mouth.” She said watching Brit lick the last of it up. Lori took off her nightie and undies, and we all naked . I let them sleep with me for the rest of the night. I held them close to me, as they held on to my cock.deleted

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