My Daughter Takes Charge


Author’s Note: This is a continuation of the four part series Mary’s Story.

I have tried to write this story in such a way that it stands alone as much as possible, but for some context for those who have not read all or part of Mary’s Story here is a very brief synopsis:

Mary is a single mother of an eighteen year old daughter named Beth. After raising Beth entirely on her own following the un-timely death of her husband Mary has rediscovered her submissive needs. Mary is now a collared sub. The property of Master David.

This story combines BDSM with Mother/Daughter Incest. If either of these subjects is offensive to you please read no further. I have placed this addition in the BDSM category to remain consistent with the beginnings of the original story line. The story is told from the point of view of Mary’s daughter, Beth.

It was very late on a Saturday night. I wasn’t supposed to be getting home until the following day, but my second weekend away to visit the State University that I would be attending next fall was cut short when another one of the other girls I was traveling with became very sick and I volunteered to drive her back home.

When I turned the corner on to the street on which the house that I live in with my mother Mary is located I saw a black Mercedes coupe parked in the driveway. I instantly recognized the car as that of belonging to my Mom’s boyfriend David. They had started dating just over two months ago. And I had met him a few times. He seemed really nice. Most importantly he made my Mom happy. My father had died when I was very young and I never really got the chance to know him. Mom talked about him a lot though throughout my childhood. She would often tell me how much I reminded her of him.

I entered the house quietly so as not to disturb them in case they were sleeping, or even worse having sex. As I reached the top of the stairs my mother’s bedroom door was open and the noises that could be heard coming from her room sounded like sex. I am young, but not naïve. The problem was my mother’s bedroom door was at the top of the stairs and my room was down the hall.

As crept up the rest of the stairs I could see that the lights were dimmed. Curious as to what was going on I approached cautiously and peered around the corner of the door frame. Nothing in my life could have prepared me for the sight that I saw.

My mother was naked in the center of the bed on her hands and knees. Her boyfriend David was naked kneeling behind her. It was very obvious that his penis was not in her pussy but clearly stuck in her ass. But what was even more shocking was that my mother had her face buried between the legs of another woman lying naked on the bed in front of her. I watched the scene in front of me play out for several minutes. Then the women lying on the bed spoke up with an angry tone.

“Pet, if you don’t start doing a better job of licking my pussy I will have to call Miss Veronica and have her bring her whip instead.”

With those words my mother appeared to double her efforts between the woman’s legs.

“That is much better, Pet. You are learning fast. But still have much to learn.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” my mother said as she briefly lifted her head before again resuming her efforts.

Mistress I thought, why would my mother call this other woman Mistress? And why did she call my mother Pet? And what was that about a whip? Upon hearing this I decided that it would be best if I just tried to sneak back out of the house without getting caught. When I reached my car I got my cell phone out and called my best friend Sara to see if I could stay with her tonight. She said to come on over since her parents were gone for the night.

The next day I hung out with Sara until it was about that time when I was originally scheduled to get back home. I didn’t tell Sara anything about what I had seen at my mother’s last night. I just thanked her for letting me spend the night and said that I will see her in school tomorrow.

When I approached the house again I didn’t see David’s car any more so I thought that it was save to come in side. I could not have been more wrong. What happened next changed the relationship between me and my mother forever.

Inside on the living room floor I found my mother. She was kneeling on the living room floor naked with her legs spread wide. I could clearly see that her pubic hair had been cleanly shaven away. In her mouth was some sort of gag so that she could not speak, and she had a blind fold covering her eyes. Her arms appeared to be held behind her back by some type of restraints. Around her neck she wore what looked like a large leather dog collar. I recall she was wearing that last night as well.

As I stood there staring at my mom in disbelief the other woman from the night before came down the stairs. She was wearing a black corset with a blue satin front that was more than over filled by her very large breasts. Her legs were covered in black thigh beylikdüzü escort high stockings held up with a garter and she had on very high black heels. Long wavy black hair hung down past her shoulders.

“Look, our little spy from last night has finally come back home,” she said.

“You saw me,” I replied.

“It wasn’t too hard; you practically had your whole head stuck through the door with your mouth wide open.”

“What is going on here?” I asked, “Why is my mother naked and tied up?”

“Your mother is tied up because she displeased her Master last night and this is part of her punishment. Having her little secret revealed to her daughter.”

Puzzled, “Her Master, and what secret?” I asked.

“Your mother is a submissive little fuck toy. A sex slave named Pet who belongs to Master David.”

“What is going on here? I don’t understand what any of this is about?” I questioned.

“As I just said your mother displeased her Master last night and he has giving me permission to punish her and teach her a lesson as I see fit.” She answered.

“If you want to know more just follow me upstairs,” She said. Then removed the blindfold, released my mother’s arms from behind her back and clipped the leash she was carrying in her hand onto the collar around my mother’s neck and said, “Pet, Come with me.” She then led my mother Mary who remained on the floor crawling on her hands and knees by the leash over to the stairs. The two then began going up the stairs. I followed with my curiosity getting the better of me. I should have been thinking that I should call the police or something.

The woman lead my mother to the top of the stairs and back into her bedroom. I entered into the room to find another woman standing there. She was also tall. Not as tall as the first but still taller than me or my mother. Her hair was platinum blond cut just above the shoulders and parted in the middle pulled back exposing her ears. She wore a black vest and short black skirt both made of leather. On her feet she wore tight black knee high boots with a three inch heel. In her hand was a curled up whip that looked extremely wicked. The dark haired woman pulled up on the leash and my mother resumed her kneeling position on the floor with her legs spread wide again.

The dark haired woman spoke first, “Since you decided to join us I think we should introduce yourselves. This is my assistant Miss Veronica and I am Mistress Lynn. As I explained to you downstairs your mother displeased her Master last night and for that she will need to be punished. You are free to stay and watch or leave.”

Miss Veronica moved over to my mother and removed the gag from her mouth.

Mistress Lynn then spoke, “Pet, Do you have anything to say to your daughter?”

“Beth, I hope that you will eventually be able to understand what is happening here. You can go if you want, but I think you should stay and see this.”

I only asked my mom just one thing, “Are you sure you don’t want me to stop this or call the police or something?”

“No Beth, I must willingly accept my punishments. It is one of the rules.”

Still not sure at all what this was all about or what I should do I just continued to stand there.

Veronica then came around and stood in the front of my mother’s face were she raised her short leather skirt exposing her bottomless ass to me clearly displaying a cursive letter “L” tattooed onto her left butt cheek. She then placed her pussy to my mother’s mouth.

“The better the job you do, the less severe your punishment will be,” she said.

It took a little bit of time but Veronica’s breathing became a little heavier as my mother’s tongue must have started to be doing a good job licking away at her clit. Soon I could see her legs become a little weaker as she trembled with an orgasm.

“That was better than I expected, but you still have a lot to learn.”

Veronica then took the leash from Lynn who had been still holding it. She moved over to the bed which had been stripped of all bedding and sheets to only a bare mattress with my mother crawling on the floor in tow. When Mary reached the bed she climbed up onto it. Mary knelt in the center of the bed facing the headboard. Veronica than attached her wrists to two chains hanging from a large bolt that had been screwed into the wall. Next she took each of her ankles and attached them to ropes secured under the bed. Once my mother was fully secured she asked.

“Pet, are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes Miss Veronica, please whip me.”

With that Veronica uncurled her whip and struck at Pet’s back. The slap of the whip on bare skin clapped like the sounded of thunder. The scream my mother let out was un-like any I had ever heard before. But when she had finished screaming and regained her breath what she said next truly startled me.

“One, thank you Miss Veronica, May I please have another?”

Following that Miss Veronica beyoğlu escort landed a second wicked lash to bare skin. Again another ungodly scream could be heard.

Then, “Two, thank you Miss Veronica, May I please have another?”

I could hardly belief my own ears. My mother from the sound of her scream was undoubtedly feeling great pain, but was counting each lash of the whip, thanking Veronica for it, and then asking for another.

“Three, thank you Miss Veronica, May I please have another?”

Witnessing all of this something began to change inside of me. The power to have so much absolute control over another individual in such a way that they would permit you to inflict this much pain on to them you would think would be unthinkable. And then have them thank you for it was so totally unbelievable to me yet also so attractive to me I desired to be the one next holding the whip.

I was brought back from staring transfixed at the scene occurring before me by the words, “Ten, thank you Miss Veronica, May I have another?”

Before Veronica could strike again, Mistress Lynn said, “Stop that will be enough for now. Let her loose and then tend to her back Miss Veronica.”

“Yes, Mistress Lynn.”

Veronica put down her whip and began releasing Pet from her restraints.

“Beth, may I have few words in private with you”, said Mistress Lynn and motioned for me to follow her out into the hallway.

Once in the hallway Lynn spoke in a quiet tone, “May I ask what your reaction is to what you have just witnessed?” she asked.

My response, “I found it to so totally unbelievable that if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes I would not have thought such a thing was possible. Yet I want more. I find myself wanting and even desiring to have that much control over another person. I want to be the one wielding the whip.”

“Even if that other person is your own mother,” Mistress Lynn asked.

“Yes”, I answered, “This whole thing is such taboo it makes it even that much more attractive.”

“That is exactly the response your mother hoped you would have,” Lynn said, “When I told her what her punishment would be.” Then she asked, “What should we do now about your mother?”

“I think she still needs another lesson if that is alright with you,” I said.

“By all means go ahead,” was all she had to say.

Completely naked except for a pair of my highest black heels that I retrieved from my bedroom I walked back into my mom’s room and stood in front of my mother. She looked up at me from her kneeling position down on the floor with the hint of a smile spreading on her face. I placed my hands on my hips and said.

“Pet, crawl over here and start licking your daughter’s pussy. And if you don’t do a good job this time I will be the one wielding the whip next time.”

The feeling of power and control as my own mother crawled forward, knelt at my feet and then placed the lips of her mouth on the lips of my pussy for the first time was indescribable. Here I was still a virgin and the very first other person to ever touch my pussy was my own mother. Soon her tongue began to lick its way up and down my slit then poke its way between my lips. Her nose pushed deep into my fiery red pubic hair. Then she found my clit and really started to go at it. Very soon I felt the first trembling’s of an orgasm radiating out from between my legs.

Then I cried out, “Don’t stop, keep going. You are going to make me come!”

My legs nearly gave out as my orgasm flooded through my body.

When I had regained myself, Pet was still kneeling at me feet with her head down. From my experience with oral sex, which was none, I thought she had done a very good job. But I was not about to teller her that.

Instead I said, “I hope that you liked the taste of your daughter’s pussy because I am pretty sure that you are going to be doing this again quite often from now on.” Then with my hands back on my hips, “Now Pet crawl over to Mistress Lynn and beg to lick her pussy and tell her that you will be a good little pussy licker from now on.”

Pet briefly looked up at me that hint of a smile still there then began her crawl across the room to where Lynn and Veronica had both removed all of their clothing except for their shoes and had taken a seat on the bed. She then knelt and began to speak.

“Mistress Lynn, May I please lick your pussy. I promise to be a good little pussy licker from now on.”

“Yes you may, but first I think you need a little more encouragement. Miss Veronica go and get the largest butt plug you have out of your bag and shove it up Pet’s ass.”

Veronica stood up from the bed and crossed over to a black bag sitting in the corner of the room. Then opened it and pulled out a large black conical shaped object and a small bottle. Squirting some of the liquid from the bottle onto the object as she walked back and then rubbing it in such a way that it fully coated the object. When bomonti escort she reaches my mother’s backside she placed the object against her tight opening and began pushing it into place. Pet’s anal opening stretch to accept this intruder into her body. Miss Veronica did not stop pushing until the opening had widen to take the whole thing inside then close around it leaving only the base exposed.

After Veronica had completed her task Lynn un-crossed her legs exposing her full but neatly trimmed dark black pubic hair and said, “Now you may begin.”

Pet placed her head between Mistress Lynn’s thighs and began moving her tongue and lips around her most sensitive spot.

“Ah, Pet you are doing much better this time, you have learned your lesson well.”

Soon this was followed by in a husky voice, “Don’t stop, I going to come.”

As Lynn recovered from her orgasm Pet again knelt and waited for her next command. Knowing that practice makes perfect I said, “Pet now thank Miss Veronica for your whipping by licking her pussy.”

Pet shifted to her left to kneel in front of Veronica and said, “Miss Veronica, May I please lick your pussy as thanks for whipping me?”

“Yes you may,” was all Pet needed to hear for her mouth and tongue to find their way between Miss Veronica’s thighs as well.

After Pet had brought Veronica to her orgasm as well, Lynn stood up and began speaking.

“Beth as you may have noticed all of your mother’s belongings have been removed from this room and are now stored in the basement. As the new woman in charge of this household it is your decision to choose what if any of her belongings she is allowed to have back. You may even choose to have Pet move all of your belongings into this master bedroom.”

“Did you hear that Pet, start moving all my belongings into my new room.”

“Yes Beth.”

“That is Miss Beth from now on, do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Beth.”

“And for a little bit of motivation that butt plug stays in place until you have finished.” I added.

As Pet left what was once her room to begin her task of moving my belongings into my new room Mistress Lynn said, “We should go back downstairs and relax until Pet finishes with her task.”

Downstairs in the living room Mistress Lynn said, “Miss Veronica, go into the kitchen and find us a bottle of wine or something.”

“Yes, Mistress Lynn.”

Then turning to me she said, “Now that you are the woman in charge in this household you will have a lot of new responsibilities. Pet will be under your control when she is here, but she does not belong to you. She still belongs to Master David and only he will determine the limits of your authority and have the final say in any matter.”

Just then Veronica returned from the kitchen with two glasses of red wine. First she handed one to Lynn. I thought the second one was for her, but she handed it to me instead.

“Miss Veronica, go and bring the car around. We will be leaving as soon as Pet finishes with her task up stairs.”

“Yes, Mistress Lynn.”

“Now Miss Beth please tell me some things about you, what do you like to do? What is going to be your major in college? And anything else about you that I should know.”

For close to an hour or so Lynn and I chatted casually about my life and even about by childhood. She was very interested that I was planning on pursuing a career in finance like my father before he passed away. Lynn told me that if I ever needed anything she had lots of connections and would be glad to help in any way that she could.

She then gave me a card with just a phone number on it, “Call me anytime. That is my private number.”

When Pet had finished her task up stairs she came down stairs and knelt in front of me.

“Have you finished with your task Pet?” I asked.

“Yes Miss Beth, all of your belongings are now in your new room.”

“Then we need to be going”, Mistress Lynn said. “Pet turnaround and bend over so that Miss Beth can remove the butt plug from your ass then get a coat or something that you can wear out to the car. We are going to your Master’s House.”

Pet came back a few minutes later wearing a long coat over her nude body. The three of us then went out the front door. As we walked towards the white Chrysler 300 parked in the drive way Veronica got out from behind the driver’s seat and opened the side door. I entered the car first, followed by Pet who sat between me and Lynn.

After driving in near silence for close to an hour we reached our destination. Veronica pulled into a long curved driveway of a large two story home set well back from the road. Veronica parked the car by the front door then got out. Lynn waited for Veronica to open her door before she exited the car. The three of us followed Lynn to the front door then waited for Veronica to open it. Veronica then went back to the car and waited. As soon as we were inside Pet went straight to a small closet located under the stair way removed her coat placing it into the closet then knelt in the middle of the entry foyer floor. David came down the stairs a few moments later.

“Pet, in my office now”, he said then walked into a room across from the stairs. Pet stood and followed him into the room closing the door behind her.

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