My Descent Ch. 06


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I swallowed greedily and felt so content, so natural as I cleaned his cock. Thanking him for feeding me what I craved. As I was cleaning him, I started thinking of my tasks ahead, I am to get started as soon as I leave here.

I looked up at him and noticed he was smiling, I said, “David you have changed since this began and I think I like the change.”

Smiling he said, “The changes have only begun, since the first time you were in awe of my cock I have been reading, researching and learning of our roles. I have learned a lot about beta faggots and Alpha Males. We will both continue to evolve.”

“Yes Sir, I’m sure we will, and I want to assure you that I am ready and eager to move forward.”

David responded, “Good boy, now you must let Stacy know and complete your shopping assignment. I do want you to shop for your jeans first, then after you buy your panties use the dressing room there to wear your panties and new jeans out of the mall. Also, don’t forget to admire all of the cocks you come in contact with.”

“I replied, yes Sir I will follow your instructions.”

“I was thinking would you prefer to make your purchases and wear them for the meeting with Stacy?”

I quickly said, “No Sir, I don’t want her or anyone else knowing what I have become.”

He started laughing and said, “That’s priceless, you can’t get hard for women, you are going to buy tight jeans and panties. Looking at every man’s cock that you see, do you really think they aren’t going to know what you are? Remember you are accepting yourself and what you are, no better time to start than now.”

“Yes Sir, you are right, I will do as you wish.”

“Good boy, but before shopping let Stacy know as we discussed. Text me after you have completed each task, now go.”

I just said, “Yes Sir.”

I left David’s with so many different feelings, he was definitely becoming more controlling, more demanding and I was becoming weaker. But it felt so right, so natural. I called Stacy and asked if I could stop by and we could talk for a few minutes. She was home and was fine with my stopping by, I drove straight to her house, not wanting to get cold feet and just get it done.

When I pulled in she met me on her front porch, wearing the cutest shorts and tank top I couldn’t help thinking how beautiful she was. We sat on her porch and I began.

“Stacy, you know how amazing I think you are, not only beautiful, but fun, kind, intelligent and I love being with you and spending time with you. After what happened between us, it bothered me terribly. It’s not fair to you to be in a relationship when I am having the issues I am currently having. I think I need time to try and work through a lot of things on my own and it wouldn’t be fair of me to have you waiting while I figured it out. I hope you understand.”

Stacy had been looking at me and then looking down, when I finished, she kissed me and said. “I do understand, and I admire and respect you for being open and honest with me. It hurts and it will hurt but I agree with you we should move on.”

I was surprised that the conversation was as easy as it was. Now I wasn’t sure what to say.

Stacy went on, “What happened between us the other day did bother me, you didn’t find me attractive, I couldn’t arouse you. That isn’t easy to accept, I know it may not be anything you can control but it doesn’t change how it made me feel. I’m sorry but I agree its for the best.”

It was awkward but it was over, I thanked her for everything, and we said our goodbyes.

As I drove away, I was still puzzled but glad the conversation was over and civil, no drama involved. I pulled over and text David to let him know it was finished. He called me almost immediately.


“Hi, so it went well for you?”

“Yes, almost too well, it was very easy, and she agreed quickly.”

David chuckled and asked, “Did she kiss you?”

Surprised at his question, I responded, “Yes Sir she did, why did you ask?”

“Did you stop by your place or chew any gum or breath mints on your way over to her house?”

“No David, I drove straight there.”

David was laughing as he said, “So you broke up with your girlfriend, she kissed you and you had just finished sucking my cock. What do you think you tasted like?”

Oh my God, he was right, she must have known or at least wondered. “David what am I going to do? This is terrible.”

“You are going to go shopping and buy things you are supposed to buy, everyone will know soon enough. Do you want to stop? Back out? Call it off? Never see or suck my cock again? If that’s what you want say it now.”

I can’t do that, I needed his cock, I loved his cock. I meekly replied, “No Sir.”

“Good boy, now be a good faggot and do your shopping and text me when you pull into the parking lot.”

“Yes Sir.”

As I pulled in, I text güvenilir bahis him and let him know I had arrived, almost immediately I received a text from him. It was his cock with this message.

“I want you hard as you are trying on the pants, make sure the salesperson that helps you is a guy. After you try on each pair, walk out of the dressing room, look at yourself in the mirror and ask the guy helping you if he thinks it shows off your dick enough. Understood?”

I was so hard but terribly scared and nervous, I replied simply, “Yes Sir.”

As I left my car and started walking into the mall, I could feel how hard I was, I was walking with my eyes lowered when I realized I was supposed to be looking at cocks. I started what I had began earlier in the day, noticing, comparing, wondering. My dick was now straining against my jeans. I was so nervous to go to the store. As I walked in it was somewhat busy and most of the salespeople were with other customers. A male voice behind me said, “Can I help you with something today?”

I froze, the salesperson was a guy in one of my classes, I recognized him, I had noticed his cock earlier this morning.

He said, “Are you ok?”

I stuttered, “Yes I’m fine, I am looking for some jeans.”

He said, “No problem, anything in particular in mind?”

This was it, I spoke very softly and said, “Something tight that shows off my dick, something that looks as gay as possible.”

He tried to smile and said, “Ok, we can try a few styles and choices.”

My dick was throbbing I was so turned on, I just asked for jeans to show off my dick. I told him my size and he went and found 4 different pair for me to try on.

“Here you go, let’s start with these and we can go from there, follow me to the dressing room.”

He handed me a pair he thought I should try first, I went into the dressing room and tried them on, my dick was so hard it was obscene. I walked out and looked at myself in the mirror.

He spoke, “What do you think? Are they a good fit for you?”

I turned and said to him, “Do you think they show my dick off enough?”

He said, “I don’t think I’m the best judge of that, but it can be seen yes. Here try these next.”

I went back in and changed and realized how soaking wet my underwear was. I walked back out, looked in the mirror and asked the same question while looking at his cock. He wasn’t hard.

He responded, “I do think it’s more pronounced, yes. I thought you and Stacy were a thing.”

I just looked at him and said, “No, not anymore.”

He gave me another pair and said he would be back, I changed and walked back out. I didn’t care for them at all, they were very uncomfortable.

He handed me a pair and said, “Try these I think they are more what you are looking for.”

When I put them on, I could feel the difference, they were very tight. I walked out, looked at him and said, “What do you think?” Realizing that as I continued trying on the jeans and asking for his opinion, I was becoming more and more comfortable.

He looked at me and said, “You can’t miss it now.”

I smiled at him and said, “Thank you, please give me 3 pair.”

I met him at the checkout, and he explained to me that they were actually women’s stretch jeans. It was too late now, they did what they were supposed to do so I bought them and started walking toward Victoria’s Secret.

I had just purchased women’s jeans so that my cock would be clearly visible, from a salesperson that I shared a class with, and he knew Stacy and I were dating and I am on my way to buy panties. And I am enjoying myself, knowing that I am pleasing David. More importantly he will be allowing me to suck his cock. Almost naturally I started looking for men so I could check out their cocks, everything was becoming easier. It could change drastically when I approach a salesgirl at Victoria’s Secret to help me find panties.

I stopped and text David, “Just purchased my jeans, ended up buying female jeans, stretch and the salesperson said it showed my dick off well. He is in one of my classes, I was so embarrassed. Going into Victoria’s Secret now.”

I waited for his response. “Good boy, I love that you chose women’s jeans, stay hard thinking of my cock, don’t forget t o ask for opinions.”

“Yes Sir.”

Upon entering the store there were quite a few customers, all female browsing the selections. I know I looked completely lost, I was looking for a salesperson when an attractive older lady asked if there was anything, she could help me find. Smiling sheepishly, I mustered up my strength and said, “Yes I am looking for panties.”

Smiling she said, “I can certainly help you with that, do you know her size?”

I didn’t anticipate that question, “No I do not and to be honest they are not for someone else, they are for me.”

She seemed slightly surprised but remained professional as she responded, “I am sure we have some options that you would like. Do you have a preference regarding material, güvenilir bahis siteleri comfort, style?”

“No Ma’am, I have never done this before and truthfully I am very nervous. What I do know is that he prefers that the choice I make sort of, I guess showcases my groin area.” I was shaking I was so nervous, I just inadvertently told her I was buying them to wear for another man and that I wanted them to show off my dick. Although so very nervous I was also extremely turned on.

She replied, “Let me show you what I think will give you what you seek.”

I followed her through the aisles feeling as if every woman in the store was watching me. I couldn’t even make eye contact with anyone, I was thinking my god what are they thinking. As we walked, she introduced herself as Ellen and assured me she could help. We arrived at a complete display of panties with lace leg openings and waist bands in every imaginable color.

She started with “These are from our most recent collection and are purposefully designed to be extremely tight, for women they would rather not have any lines at all, so it is a thong as well.”

I was trying to listen but so were several women around me, I was so embarrassed and really wasn’t sure what to say.

She smiled a knowing smile and said, “Let’s start with your waist measurement and we will have a better idea of what size you are.”

She took the measurements she needed and chose 3 different styles that she recommended.

“Would you like to try them on?”

“Yes, I would please.” I responded just as 2 younger girls walked by and giggled.

“Perfect, you will need to put on a disposable pair before trying them on, let’s get the disposables and I will show you to the dressing rooms.”

Again, I followed her my embarrassment written all over my face.

She handed me the disposable undergarments and my selections, sheepishly I asked. “Do you mind if I ask your opinion as I try each style on?”

“Of course, that’s what I am here for, I will be just outside, if you need anything just let me know.”

I entered the dressing room and started to strip down, when I removed my jeans, I noticed how wet I was and realized why they provided the disposable underwear. I pulled on the first style and admired myself in the mirror, wondering if he would like them. I was doing this for him, so that he would allow me his amazing cock. It felt good to know that.

I stepped out of the dressing room, so nervous, so embarrassed and very hard. She was waiting for me and asked, “How do they feel? They look very cute and seem to be a good fit.”

I replied, “They fit well and feel nice, just very different especially with the disposable garment underneath.”

She said, “Go on and try the others.”

I went back into the dressing room and quickly tried on the next pair, they didn’t really fit as comfortably as the first pair, but I promised David I would show each pair.

When I walked out, she immediately responded. “Those don’t seem to fit as well. What do you think?

I agreed with her and went back in to try on the last pair. I was feeling less stress and much more comfortable, I was very fortunate to have the sales lady I did. I pulled them on, and they felt very comfortable and seemed to show my dick well. I walked out.

Her attention seemed to immediately be drawn to my panties, maybe to my dick. She smiled and said, “I think those provided more of what you are looking for, how do you feel?

I smiled back, “Yes I think I like these the best, do you think they show off what I wanted?”

She said, “Very much so. He should be very happy.”

“I will take these, I will need 4 pair please in various colors.”

As I returned to get dressed, she told me to meet her at the counter and she would have everything waiting for me. I quickly put myself back together and moved to pay for my purchase.

As I moved to the counter, I felt much more relaxed and didn’t really worry much about what anyone thought. I had accomplished what David asked me to do and I felt proud of myself knowing it would please him.

I thanked the very nice salesperson, paid for my panties and walked out of the store. All I needed to do was to find a restroom to change into my new panties and jeans. I almost forgot to be looking at men’s crotches as I walked, focused on finding a restroom.

I found the restroom and found a stall to change my clothes in, I quickly stripped off my jeans and underwear and started putting on my new purchases. The amazing feeling as I pulled the panties up my legs without any of the disposable underwear was exhilarating. I was instantly hard, and they fit around my dick so nicely. Showing it prominently. I couldn’t wait to see how they felt with my new jeans, I put them on and realized how tight they were. I put my old things in the back and walked out of the stall. Looking in the mirror I was shocked at how obvious my dick was and how tight the jeans looked.

As soon as I walked iddaa siteleri out of the restroom, I had a feeling of weakness overcome me, maybe it was the panties that felt so incredible as I walked. I didn’t care what it was, David will be very pleased, and I will be allowed to suck his cock. I started looking at every man’s crotch although there were not many, and my hunger was growing.

I hurried to my car, anxious to call David. As soon as I was behind the wheel, I was calling him. He answered, “Hi David, I wanted to let you know I just finished purchasing the things you wanted me to purchase, and I would love to come suck your cock.”

David responded, “Good boy I am very proud of you, how do they feel?”

“David, they feel incredible, I really like them, and they show off my dick nicely. It was a bit embarrassing at first, but I relaxed more at both stores.”

“Of course, you did, as you accept who you are it becomes easier, it will also continue to become easier as others know that you are faggot.”

“Yes David, I understand, may I please come and suck your cock?”

“Yes, you may, but I want you to model for me first.”

“Thank you, David, I am on my way I will be there shortly.”

I couldn’t get to him fast enough, everything he said was true. I had purchased tight women’s jeans, panties, walked through the mall looking at cocks. Told the lady I was buying the panties for another guy, people will start wondering or asking about me. I didn’t really care, I needed David’s cock and would do what I needed to get it.

I practically ran to his apartment and knocked, he opened the door and I felt so weak, so proud to show him what I had done. As I entered, I walked to the center of the room and turned for him to see, he smiled, and I felt myself feeling warm all over. “What do you think?”

He smiled a very broad smile and said, “You are embracing who and what you really are, and I am very proud of you. How do you feel?”

“I feel alive, I feel freedom, I am so hungry for your cock David. May I please have it?”

“Come, show me and you will have it, I want to see your new panties. This is a celebration, don’t start on your knees, come sit on my lap.”

He sat on the couch and I sat in his lap, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my thigh. The object of my desire, my hunger, my passion, my world. He put his arm around my shoulders, it felt safe, warm, secure. I was completely giving in, becoming so submissive in our situation. David was explaining how proud he was and how wonderful I must have felt being fitted for my new items. I was listening but also enjoying the feelings and his hand lightly rubbing my back.

Things had moved so quickly to be where I was at that moment, changed so much and it was all due to David, to him and his cock. He had literally changed my life. I put my arms around his neck and thanked him, laying my head on his shoulder, why did it feel so normal to me.

I started caressing his cock, feeling it harden even more under my touch, I wanted it so badly. Hearing him moan was so wonderful, knowing I was providing the pleasure. I would do anything for his cock, anything for him. It felt so wonderful, so perfect. I had an overwhelming desire and moved my face to his, I wanted to kiss him, I needed to kiss him. As our lips drew closer, I was ready.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” David yelled at me. “There is only one faggot in this room, and it isn’t me. Get on your knees where you belong.”

I felt destroyed, stupid, worried that I had totally screwed everything up. I quickly got on my knees, looked up at him and said, “I’m sorry Sir, that won’t happen again.”

“What the hell were you thinking, I’m a man not a cocksucking faggot like you. A lot will need to change before that type of behavior is even a consideration. Now take my cock out, look at it. Stare at it.”

I quickly did as I was told, the same feelings I have had since the first day I saw his cock came flooding over me. I wanted it in my mouth so desperately, I needed his cum.

David began, “You have taken many very big steps recently, realizing and accepting who and what you are, breaking up with Stacy, watching and lusting for other men, making your purchases today, falling in love. I mean a lot has happened, I think its time to slow down just a little.”

I was staring at his cock my own dick throbbing in my panties, what did he mean falling in love, slow down? So, I asked, “David please tell me what you mean by slowing down.”

“I mean we need to begin allowing you to feel more comfortable with your new self.”

“Why did you say I had fallen in love?”

He smiled at me, “Haven’t you? You are kneeling in front of me staring at my cock, I’m sure your little dick is hard, and you want it in your mouth, am I wrong?”

Everything he said was true and I was accepting and realizing every single aspect, overcoming many of my fears. I looked up at him, “Yes Sir you are right.”

“What am I right about? Please tell me.”

“Everything you just said David, it’s all true and I am realizing it. I am in love, I am in love with your cock, I will do anything for it, for you David.”

He smiled broadly, “Anything? Are you sure?”

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