My dirty ol’ neighbor pt.3


My dirty ol’ neighbor pt.3Once again he let out a low growling mmmm…yeh thats good.He held me down on it and I could feel the head pulsing against my tight butthole.As I watched the video my little cock was very hard and when he reached around and rubbed marsbahis güvenilirmi it my asshole contracted and squeezed the large mushroom head of his cock,this made him moan even louder,when he let go of my cock I relaxed my marsbahis yeni giriş ass and his cock pushed deeper in,once again he squeezed my cock and my asshole contracted squeezing his golfball sized head and this time I squeezed marsbahis giriş my ass cheeks really tight around his man meat.I kept thinking wow the only thing keeping his cock out of my little bubble butt was the thin cotton fabric of my shorts and his p.j.’s.We worked this into a rythm he would push and I would squeeze and by this time I had a big drop of pre cum oozing out of my boy clit and I reached down and wiped it with a finger and touched it to my tongue,eat taste so good I couldn’t wait for the next drop…stat tuned for pt.4

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