My discotheque princess


My discotheque princesswritten for theone25 So i went to a new discotheque ive been hearing about it was a really packed place but a quick flirting with the bouncer and i was in, the music was great as i found my way to the floor and started dancing. A little about myself Im 6’2 with a nice set of d cup breasts toned athletic body and long sexy legs if i do say so myself and a killer backside, long black hair and greyish blue eyes. For this night i wore black hot pants with a black and white corset with my leather cropped vest with a set of 4 inch spike open toe heels i looked damn good. Anyway I was bumping and grinding to the music when i saw this gorgeous brunette infront of me she was a cute little thing id say around 5’5 but her heels put her almost at 6’0 she had beautiful straight hair with the most beautiful blue eyes youve ever seen we locked eyes and before i knew it we were grinding up against each other my hand were all over her and hers on me her face was buried in my breasts as she started to lick them kurtköy escort slowly the music was setting the mood as i spun her around and grabbed her hips, my god her ass was amazing so soft and big she started grinding it on me as i looked up and saw curious onlookers checking out or hot little scene.I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me as she leaned up i kissed back of her neck softly and ran my fingers slowly up her stomach then over her breasts as i put one hand around her neck and the other on her hip and squeezed softly the smell of her perfume was intoxicating. I began licking the back of her neck then i whispered in her ear ‘your so sexy’ hearing this she turned around and we kissed slowly and intently i felt her tongue against mine as we slowly pressed and grinded against each other. The song ended as another started up i grabbed her hand and led her to the bar as i ordered our drinks we kissed again and i noticed she was wearing a sexy mini with a tight halter top and fishnet stockings aydıntepe escort she looked very deliciously sexy the bartender served us but we were to focused on each other dancing slowly and kissing two sexy strangers i broke our tender embrace as i looked around and led her to the back we found a secluded spot with a view of the floor as i kissed her slowly and made my way down to her tiny breasts i kissed and licked at the exposed flesh as i got on my knees kissing her stomach she tangled her fingers in my hair as i pressed my face into her already wet panties i inhaled deeply my god i wanted this woman so badly.I pulled her panties down and she step up and i put them in her mouth as i looked up into her eyes and began to lick her tight shaved pussy she tasted so sweet and delicious as i ran my tongue along the length of her pussy sucking her lips as i felt her shiver and flex her legs i bit down and sucked her pussy lips and she tightened her grip on my hair as i sucked slowly and teased her clit tuzla içmeler escort with my teeth. She was soaking wet as i felt her first orgasm hit her juices dripped down my chin and onto my tits as she moaned aloud i truned her around and ran my tongue up between her gorgeous ass not giving her a chance to recover as i slide my tongue inside her asshole swirling it deeply as i brought my fingers up to her pussy rubbing it slowly. I felt her tight up as she came again her legs were quivering as she slide down now squatting infront of me as i slide two fingers inside her pussy i bounced her up and down on my fingers as i wrapped my other hand around her neck and squeezed she gasped as she closed her legs and rode my fingers furiously.I felt her starting to come again as i tightened my hand around her throat and fingered her harder i bit her ear as she squirted all over my hand and collapsed against me my fingers still buried in her tight pussy she was breathing heavily as i pulled the panties out of her mouth and kissed her she tried to speak but i kissed her again and said ‘names sasha’ as i stood her up and kissed her passionately and gently pressing her against the wall i turned and walked out leaving her breathless with my number written inside her panites.

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