My Dominant Ex Pt. 01


“Please Karen” I said as I looked up at my ex-girlfriend.

She ignored me and continued to watch her show.

“Please Karen, I want it to so badly!” I said.

She barely acknowledged me, only looking down at me for a moment before returning her gaze to the show.

I looked up at her figure in admiration. She was exotically beautiful, with dark features, wide hips, a round ass, perky breasts and flawless skin.

She was slightly taller than me, but she had an imposing presence that made her seem much taller than she was. She commanded attention with an unwavering glare the second she looked at someone. It made some men fear her. It made some men submissive to her. It made men who crave dominant women lust for her.

In my case it was all three. And she knew it. And she worked it. She knew exactly how to make me submit.

I remembered a time when she wasn’t so dominant. When her and I were equals and lovers. We dated for a time. But I didn’t respect her, and I paid the price for it. The price being I lost her affection and interest.

We didn’t speak for three years. And in that three years something happened. I don’t know what it was. She always seemed like the authoritative type when we dated. But she was well beyond that now. Now she had an aura about her that silently screamed “dominant”.

In that three years we were apart I came to realize that I desired powerful women. I craved the attention of women who believed they were superior to me.

It began with femdom porn after Karen and I broke up. Something bahçelievler escort about her had stirred an interest in me to explore kinks and fetishes. And as the months passed I watched more and more of it, until eventually it’s all I watched.

And now, three years later I was on my knees begging her to let me lick her ass.

I’d just done her dishes, laundry and swept her house. She instructed me to get on my knees on the floor in front of her when I was done, but to keep my head down. She said if I blocked her view of the show she was watching that she would send me home immediately.

So I kept my head down, while looking up at her. “Karen please let me lick your ass… it’s all I can think about” I said.

It was true. My cock was throbbing hard in my jeans as I thought about her ass. I often got off to the thought of her. Of worshipping every part of her body. I wanted to lick and suck her clit until she orgasmed. I wanted her to stick her dirty, sweaty feet in my face and force me to smell them and clean them. I wanted to kiss and caress her breasts and every other part of her body.

But most of all, I wanted to worship her ass. I wanted to spread her cheeks and stick my tongue as deep as it could go inside her. I always had an ass fetish, and it was made even stronger after I embraced my submissive side.

I moved my cock so that it was facing upwards. An erection in jeans was tight and generally unpleasant. But at the moment I only cared about one thing.

I stayed bala escort on my knees, prostrate and quiet for another ten minutes, until her show ended. Finally, she looked down at me and said with an emotionless expression and asked, “I haven’t showered in two days. And last night someone I’ve been fucking came in my ass. And I’ve been sweating all day in these dirty panties. Do you still want to lick it?”

The thought of her getting fucked in the ass was even more arousing. Suddenly all I could imagine was her getting pounded from behind by a huge cock while I watched.

“Yes, I want to…” I replied.

She stood up, continuing to look down at me. She turned around, then slowly and seductively pulled down her pants. She shook her ass slightly, then slowly took off her panties. Her ass looked as divine as I remembered. It was perfect, flawless.

I stared with awe and lust as she got on her knees on the couch, with her ass just hanging off the couch slightly. She leaned forward and stuck it out slightly.

“Lick it.” She said commandingly.

I immediately began rimming her. Savoring every second between her asscheeks. I licked all around, cleaning her, tasting her, occasionally sticking it in as deep as I could get it. I heard her moan lightly a couple times. “I should fart on your face you submissive little bitch” she said.

She reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit. And a few minutes later she said, “I wonder what your fiancé would think if she knew you were tongue deep balgat escort in your ex-girlfriend’s asshole.”

It’s true, I was engaged. And my fiancé was a wonderful woman. But she was very submissive. We often had BDSM sessions where I was in charge. She refused to take charge and I found myself thinking of being dominated almost everytime I fucked her. It got to the point where the only way I could cum was by imagining myself submitting to someone. Often that person was Karen.

I was about to reply to Karen but she stopped me and said, “I didn’t give you permission to speak” and then she pushed my face deeper between her asscheeks. So I kept rimming her.

She quickly rubbed her clit with her other hand, then suddenly had a powerful orgasm.

“Oh fuck!” She screamed out, and finally let go of my head.

I pulled back and when her orgasm was done she turned around with her legs spread. I was still on my knees.

“Do you miss my pussy?” She asked.

I nodded quickly and replied, “Yes”

“Good” she said.

“If you’re really obedient, I might let you fuck it sometime.” She said.

I just stared at it. I wanted to fuck her so badly, but I knew better than to disobey.

She picked her dirty panties up off the floor and looked at them. “These are soooo dirty. Open up” Then she shoved her dirty panties in my mouth.

“Now get out” she said. And pointed at the door. I walked to the door and put my shoes on. Without even looking at me she said, “I want those back. But tonight you can smell them and jerk off knowing I’m getting fucked by a big fat cock”

I pulled the panties out of my mouth and replied “understood” and walked out the door.

As I drove home all I could taste and smell was the intoxicating smell of her dirty panties. I knew exactly what I was going to do when I got home.

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