My elder step-sis


My elder step-sisMy parents divorced when I was young and my Mother remarried an older man with 3 girls of his own , who lived with their Mother half way across the country. I only saw them occasionally at holidays and such and they always stayed with my step Father former in-laws , so I hardly new them. My mother , step-father and I lived in an older house that had been partially remodeled and upgraded ,but my room was in the older part of the house.The old part of the house still had the old style of cold-air return ducts that were about 12″ square and mounted vertically on the wall , from the floor up. I had one of these in my room . My room was located above a room in the basement which served as storage and laundry , which had an unfinished ceiling in it . This meant you could see through the cold air return from the storage room to my room and vice versa depending on which room was lighted. About the time I was hitting puberty I was informed my eldest step-sister would be coming to live with us and she would be taking my room , as it had its own bathroom and closet . I would be living in the basement , in a room withno bathroom and no closet . I was a little pissed , my bathroom was now a dirty old shower and toilet off the storage room and my step-Father hung a rod in the storage room to serve as my closet.I grudgingly moved my shit to the dungeon , as I referred to it and a couple of days later my step-sister Amy showed up . To add insult to injury I had to help move her stuff into my old room . She set her dresser up to the left of the cold air duct and a mirror to the left of the dresser , just to the right of the bathroom door .Amy had just finished high school and was going to going to nursing school nearby. She wasn’t smoking hot , but she wasn’t ugly by any stretch either.She wasn’t fat ,but very curvy , tall and statuesque I guess is what you would call her.I had a summer job and got up to the sound of Amy leaving for her job ,but one morning I had to go in an hour early and upon getting out of the shower I went into storage room to get a pair of pants off the rod my step-father had hung for me . As I entered I could hear Amy humming and looked up to get a glimpse of her walking across her new room in just her panties and bra . I stopped in my tracks ! She had walked adiosbet yeni giriş into the bathroom , I could hear water running and her brushing her teeth , then heard the water shut off and she came out and went to her dresser , I could only see her a little , because of the position of the dresser ,a bat of her right leg and butt cheek her left arm and her face . She grabbed some things out of the dresser and then the next view I got she had clothes on . Show over.The next morning I set my alarm even earlier than the previous day to see If i could get a better show , I waited in bed until I heard the shower upstairs start and off I went .After hearing the shower turn off I got in position she came out and i could her the squirt , squirt of a lotion bottle , she must have been putting on lotion in front of the mirror. Fuck I couldn’t see a thing from my vantage point. I was getting a little exited just at the thought of seeing her and then it happened , across the room she went to her night stand to grab something , tits and ass from the side view and back to the bathroom. Awesome , I thought then she came out to the dresser and as she pulled out a drawer I got a good shot of one boob , it was big with a good sized aerole and nipple . She finished dressing with not much more of a show , so I returned to my room and tossed one off thinking of her .The next few days I had my timing down and would be hard with dick in hand at the right moments and would shoot my load all over the storage room floor. Then one morning I decided to take some lotion with me to enhance my pleasure , but I realized it made some noise , so i had to try and stroke slow , asto not give myself away. A few days of getting comfortable with the slow lotion method , I decided to get a better veiw by standing on a 5 gallon bucket and it worked . Now I routinely got good boob shot and some side bush .This continued for a couple of weeks and then one morning Amy stopped humming and stood there silent and still ,like she heard something . I thought ,Oh shit I,m busted and as I tried to exit off the 5 gallon bucket , ti sc****d along the floor . Fuck ! I eased back from the light coming through the airduct and then saw Amy peer down at the duct . I stood as quiet as I could she backed away and a adiosbet giriş few minutes later heard her exit her room . I bolted back to my room closed the door silently behind me and then heard footsteps coming down the basement stairs, I could her someone walking around , but stayed in my room until I heard whoever it was go back up stairs.That night at dinner Amy asked her father if he could help move her dresser and rehang her mirror I thought Oh well it was good while it lasted.That was on a Friday night and I was going to my Grand parents for the weekend this whole time Amy and I interaction was strained , she uprooted me from my room and I think she viewed me as the little dickhead step-brother , but upon returning from my weekend away she greeted me with a warm ” Hey little b*o , how was your weekend . Hey I moved some stuff around in my room and don’t have room for that chair that was in there , so I put down in the store room , hope it,s not in a bad place for you ” and ended with a wink and a wry smile . I thought what the fuck was that all aboutand went down stairs noy thinking anything of it . The next morning my alarm went off , I got up and headed for the storeroom , thinking my voyeur days were over ,upon opening the door I found the chair from upstairs directly under the air duct and looked up to find my view into Amy’s room was not only not obstructed but improved . The dresser had been moved farther to the left . Hmmm ?Just then I heard the shower turn off , so I looked up and a few minutes later Amy came out of the bathroom past the dresser and stopped right in front of the air duct , clad only in a towel around her body and another one around her head . My cock immediately started to stir . I watched as she slowly unwrapped the towel on her head as she dried her hair . then tossed the towel to the side and took a brush from her dresser and started brushing her hair . She raised her arms as she did this and the towel also raised to give me a shot at her inner thighs and a glimpse of pubic hair. This whole time I am stroking my cock and straining upwards with my neck, but then all of a sudden she goes back into the bathroom . Shit! I had been stroking dry and was going to dart into my bathroom to get my lotion , but as I turned I noticed some baby adiosbet güvenilirmi oil on the 5 gallon bucket by the door . ? I grabbed it applied some to my now rock hard cock and decided to sit down on the chair. I couldn’t have placed that chair in a better place myself . ? just as I sat she returned to the spot in front of the air duct still wrapped in the towel and with her back to me she let the towel drop to the floor . Her ass was right there in it’s full big beauty , large smooth legs with no fat dimples , I felt myself getting close to shooting my load ,so I slowed my pace . She started to put lotion on on her ample behind and her arms , still with her back to me , then started down her legs and as she bent down I would get little shots of pussy from behind . Then when she finished withher legs she turned to around and I got the view I had been waiting for full frontal nudity .She was looking straight ahead she got more lotion on her hands and started to applyit slowly over her breasts, her breast were full and round , but they didn’t sag , she moved her hands around them working her way to her nipples , all the while humming some tune . When she finally got to nipples she quit humming and let out a faint moan as she worked the lotion around each of them with her index fingers and thumbs . This was incredible , I was losing myself in the moment . She reached for more lotion and started down her stomach , waist dipped in above her hips giving her a full figured hour glass look , she was beautiful. More lotion , then she bent down to do her legs , those big tits dangling down in front of me, only 6 or 7 feet away , swaying back and forth .. oh shit I can’t cum yet . I squeezed my dick as hard as I could to keep from cumming . She raised up and reached for something on her dresser , this time she she a little bottle of baby oil , the same kind I found at my disposal ! She squirted a little bit onto to her fisrt few fingers of her right hand , returned the bottle to her dresser and with her left hand pulled up on her pubic area slightly exposing her lips . She lightly began to rub oil to her lips and all the while quietly moaning . Then she started to put oil on her clit and slowly exposing more of her pussy bit by bit . Seeing this wonderment before my eyes I could no longer control myself and started jerking off at a feverish pitch not caring about anything just as I was about to shoot all over the place she slipped 2 fingers into herself I heard her moan as I stood up and shot my load to the storeroom floor.True story and more to cum

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