My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch. 09

Non Nude

Chapter 09

Father & Daughter’s Anal Surprise

Bree had lunch with her mom and dad. Afterwards, Angie stayed at the cabin and rested. Dave decided to continue his cataloging of the state of everything at the resort. Bree went out and wandered over to the stables.

“Hi Bree,” Tracey smiled and called out in a friendly manner when she saw the pretty brunette. Tracey liked Bree and wanted Bree to like her. She thought about adopting the beauty pageant stance, one foot in front of the other, to hide her muscular legs and give herself a sleeker silhouette, but she decided against it. She read Bree to be someone that would appreciate an honest, direct approach. So Tracey spread her legs exposing her sex and put her hands on her hips thrusting her smallish chest out.

Bree smiled and adopted the same stance. A wrinkle of pink flesh was visible below her vagina. Her slightly large tits were highlighted by the silver barbells.

Tracey smiled and said, “I was hoping you would come back. Can I interest you in a visit to the tack room?”

“You don’t beat around the bush, do you?”

“Not unless you ask me too,” Tracey said displaying a wicked smile.

Bree walked over to Tracey and linked arms with her and said, “Take me to the toy room.”

When they were in the tack room the two women embraced and kissed.

“You’ve got nice lips,” Bree said.

“So I’ve been told, wait until you see them,” Tracey said with a little laugh.

The women kissed more while exploring each others bodies. Tracey found Bree to be fit, soft and carefree. Bree discovered that Tracey’s body was tight and athletic. Tracey’s small tits were very firm; her waist wasp-like and her lower body although bigger and muscular, was not overly developed or unappealing.

Tracey laid 3 horse blankets on top of each other and then invited Bree to lie down. Tracey climbed on top of her and they French kissed and ground their pubic bones together. After a couple of minutes, Tracey flipped around into the classic ’69’ position; each woman buried her head in the other’s snatch and they pleasured one another. Bree discovered these lips were indeed nice.

Tracey was sexually tuned on and enjoyed the taste of Bree. She imagined herself dominating the pretty raven haired beauty and that made her even more turned on. Soon Tracey was fucking Bree’s face. Tracey came with a loud cry, “Uugghh” and rolled off Bree.

When Tracey had recovered she peppered Bree with little kisses and said,

“I saw you with a whip the other day. Can you take as well as you give?”

“I swing both ways,” Bree said with a laugh.

“Why don’t you let me take care of you today?”

“All right,” Bree answered.

“Put this on,” Tracey asked.

She handed Bree a leather head cover. It would cover Bree’s eyes, ears and mouth. Bree smiled and slipped pendik escort it over her head. Tracey laced it up snugly.

Tracey then led Bree by the hand over to a saddle on a stand. She directed Bree to bend over at the waist, lay her stomach on the saddle and spread her legs. Tracey knelt between her legs and nibbled on her new friend.

Tracey went to work like a professional. She varied her speed and location, used her lips, tongue and fingers, singularly and in wicked combinations. She played Bree’s clit like a pussy eating prodigy and then avoided it for so long Bree was almost crying. She kept Bree on the edge of climaxing, but denied her the satisfaction.


Dave had worked his way around the resort to the horse stable. He began a thorough investigation of the property. The outside of the barn and stables were showing the same lack of upkeep as he had observed elsewhere. Dave went inside to check out the interior.

Dave was concentrating hard on his task and taking detailed notes but he didn’t fail to notice the feminine squeals of pleasure coming from the tack room. They made his dick swell. As he moved towards the sounds, he heard Tracey say.

“You’re so beautiful. Mmmm you taste so good. Oh, what’s this?”

Dave was dying to know. His dick was throbbing from hearing the sexy banter of the sensuous redhead. He crept forward to satisfy his curiosity. Dave poked his head through the doorway and saw a beautiful, nicely rounded female ass facing him. The woman appeared to be bent over a saddle. Tracey was standing behind her caressing the ass and cupping the woman’s sex.

“What have we here?” Tracey asked.

Tracey was playing with the woman’s anus. She was gently pressing a finger tip against the tight hole. The woman below squirmed against Tracey’s touch.

“Oh, you like a little ass play. Good, because a butt this fine, this delicious looking deserves to be noticed… touched… and fucked.”

When Tracey said the word ‘fuck’ her finger slipped in and out of the other woman causing the other woman to moan loudly. Tracey picked up a riding whip and dipped the whip’s thick handle in some Chapman’s Premium horse liniment. She also scooped out some of the viscous material and plopped it down on Bree’s butt crack. Dave could read the container’s label it said: Eases pain, Healing Agent and Muscle Relaxant.

Bree was going with the flow. So far Tracey was pushing all the right buttons for her. She was excited. Fluid ran out of her pussy and down her legs.

Dave’s cock was fully expanded. The show he was watching had him as hard as he had ever been. Was Tracey really going to shove that whip up the submissive girl’s ass? He hoped so. He wished he could shove his dick up that picture perfect ass.

Tracey reached under Bree and played with her clit as she worked one then two fingers in Bree’s tuzla escort greased butt hole. Bree’s sighs of pleasure and moans were muffled by the head mask, but they showed that she was enjoying the digital encounter, the pain and the degradation. Bree reared up when Tracey went to three fingers and Dave saw that the woman he had been lusting after was wearing a mask. Dave got so excited he fell through the doorway.

Tracey immediately noticed him. Bree looked towards the commotion, but couldn’t see anything. Tracey pushed her back down.

“Stay down, Precious. Something fell. It’s nothing for you to worry about.”

Tracey motioned for Dave to come forward. He hesitated. Tracey spoke as if to Bree,

but while looking straight at Dave,

“Do as I say and everything will be all right. If you don’t, there’ll be hell to pay.”

Tracey slapped Bree hard across the ass with the whip. Bree cried out in genuine pain.

Dave inched forward and then balked. Tracey spoke to him again as she caressed Bree,

“Precious, have you ever been in a sex video?”

Bree grunted a barely audible, “No.”

“I saw a hot one the other day made on a surveillance camera.” Tracey paused and used the whip to point out the camera Dave and Angie didn’t notice the other day. Dave shuddered when he saw it. He was frozen in his spot praying that it wasn’t on when he and Angie played cowboy.

Tracey continued, “The best part was when the man whipped the woman’s overly large nipples like this.” Tracey reached around with the whip and flicked on a metal clad nipple. Bree screamed in pain. Dave nearly fainted, Tracey had him. She knew! All his resistance evaporated. Dave walked over to Tracey. She gave him a patronizing smile signifying “yea, I’ve got you”.

Tracey grabbed him by the dick when he got close enough. She stroked his hard cock while she fingered the masked woman’s pussy. Tracey spoke to Dave and Bree,

“Good. You’re ready. You’re going to love this. Precious, have you ever been fucked by a strap-on? …No? Keep your head down and we’ll all enjoy this.”

Tracey yanked on Dave’s penis, pulling him behind Bree. Tracey held her finger up to her lips in the universal sign for “Keep Quiet”. She grabbed his shaft and shoved it in Bree’s pussy. Bree gave a satisfying moan and a sigh of relief. She thought to herself “God that feels good. Tracey is just playing with me…the bit about fucking my ass”. Dave started to moan too, Bree’s pussy felt fantastic. Dave’s vocalization was stopped when a hard elbow from Tracey hit him in his side. Tracey covered up his sound by large cries of her own.

Tracey pushed on Dave’s ass signally him to fuck the masked woman. He did so with gusto. Bree, having been teased mercilessly by Tracey, relished the satisfying fuck and came quickly. She withered in ecstasy on the end of Dave’s dick.

Tracey kartal escort yanked on Dave’s hips pulling him out of Bree. Tracey said, “Let’s make sure we have enough lubricant.”

Tracey grabbed Dave’s dick glistening from the secretion of his daughter’s sex and further lubed his organ with horse liniment. Then she lined his dick up with Bree’s asshole and began forcing it into her. Bree struggled against the invading object moaning,

“Oohhh, wait. Oh God! No.”

The tip of Dave’s dick went in. Dave felt like crying out too. If he was allowed to do so, he would have said, “This is amazing. Look my dick is in her ass. God it’s so sexy and so tight!”

Tracey was really getting off. She liked sex, but she loved dominating people. The thrill of being in control and especially making them do things they ordinarily wouldn’t do gave her a higher high than even the best orgasm.

Tracey got behind Dave. She rocked her hips into him causing him to further drive his prick into his daughter’s ass.

Tracey said, “This is so hot, so special. Precious, is this the first time you’ve had anal sex?”

Bree, through gritted teeth huffed a response, “I’ve never… had something… this big in me before.”

Dave had bottom out. He too was an anal virgin. He was finding this so hot, so erotic. The masked woman’s asshole was oh so snug and taut. Tracey too got a thrill out of seeing the father’s cock buried in the daughter’s ass. She let them pause for a minute, and then grabbing Dave’s hips Tracey began directing him to butt fuck his daughter. Tracey controlled the tempo. Tracey controlled the whole game and she loved it. Her sex was creaming.

Bree absorbed the pounding. She didn’t know what was in her, but it filled her to capacity. She assumed it was a rubber or silicone dildo. “She must have warmed it up before inserting it,” Bree thought.

Tracey walked around in front of Bree. Bree was a mess. Her hair was matted from sweat which covered her whole body. She was lost in her own world concentrating on the mass hurting her and pleasuring her as it moved in and out of her ass.

Tracey said,

“Precious, I was messing with you about the strap-on. I only want the best for you so I got you a real cock. Feels good doesn’t it?”

Bree lifted her head stunned and surprised. Tracey said,

“Don’t worry you know him.”

Dave was delirious. He barely heard Tracey. His blood was throbbing in his ears; his dick was throbbing in her ass. Anal sex was proving to be more amazing than he had imagined. He pumped into her hard and fast. He came hard and hot. Bree felt jets of cum being deposit in her ‘out box’. The pair collapsed in a sweaty heap.

Tracey smiled and said, “Precious, I can see you’re hot and having trouble breathing, let me take the mask off.”

Tracey unlaced the mask and pulled it off Bree. Dave and Bree looked with intense interest to see who had been their totally hot sex partner. Their eyes widened and their mouths dropped open in shock and horror as father and daughter recognized one another.

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