My Fantasy

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You are my perfect lover, our tastes match and we feel so good together, we fit like a hand in a glove. You enjoy exactly what I want to do to you and our needs and wants seem so close and I know our fantasies match. I dream every day of feeling your body against mine and your perfect little pussy welcoming my hard aching cock as it pushes deep inside you.

I long for the touch of your body, I can’t get your out of my mind, I keep thinking of you, thinking of making love to you, thrusting my burning flesh into the depths of your body. Each time I think of you my cock swells and hardens, throbbing for your touch, aching for the pleasure of your sweet cunt. I think of you at work, my prick too stiff for me to stand, and dream of fucking you in every way imaginable. God I need you, I need to feel your tight little pussy gripping my hard shaft as I thrust in and out of your body. I need to feel your soft mouth moving on my hard flesh. Tasting me as your tongue runs over the smooth skin and then accepting my rich musky cream as my pleasure spills over into your mouth. I need to come inside you my love, I want to fill your body with every drop of sperm that I have, pumping it into you as we both scream with pleasure.

Imagine me naked and ready and waiting for you, hard and stiff, erect and throbbing for your body, yearning to push the burning flesh of my sex myself into the sweet moist warmth of your tight sex. I am desperate for the caress and ultimate release of your tender excited flesh. I want you so badly – my perfect lover. I want to pour my essence into you, flood you with my passion, fill you to overflowing with my creamy juice as I draw the pleasure deep from within your own eager body.

In my mind I lead you to the dining room table and push you forwards against the edge to make you bend over it and rest your body on the cool flat cool surface. Looking sideways you canlı bahis can look in the big mirror and see yourself lying prone on the dark wood your pert little bottom pointing towards me.

I am naked, standing above you, my big hard cock thrusting towards you, its heavy curved length pointing eagerly at your sweet rounded arse. Imagine me dropping to my knees behind you. My hands reaching up and cup your firm rounded buttocks, drawing them apart to see the pink pouting lips of your succulent pussy.

I love the sight of your sex. Your soft curves and open pouting lips make me ache to plunge myself deep into the yielding warmth of your body and force my cock in an out of your tight little hole until I come, your gorgeous cunt milking my pumping cock. Instead though to excite us both more I lower my mouth to your perfect bottom, savouring the smell of your excitement, the musky aroma of your glistening sex exciting me even more.

I begin to lick the cleft of your arse, running my tongue up and down in long slow strokes, lingering on the sensitive bud of your anus and moving down to the plump swollen lips of your cunt. My tongue probes your body, working it’s way between your lips and into your cunt, its smooth probing warmth penetrating the ache of your desire before moving up to press tentatively into the tight ring of your arse, just dipping into the sensitive hole beyond. I love pleasuring you this way, the groans that you make and the way you push against me to force my tongue further into your body shows me that you want me too, your need making mine even greater, but I am determined to heighten your pleasure and make you come this way before I let myself push into your body.

I begin to lick you faster and pushing my tongue deeper into your molten sex, building up an insistent rhythm against your gaping sex and working my tongue against your clitoris, coating bahis siteleri my face with the juice of your excitement I suck your swollen sensitive clit between my lips.

You start to thrust yourself against me, looking in the mirror at my face pressed deep between your buttocks, gasping loudly and grasping at your own tits to ease the ache, your body writhing with pleasure against the hard surface of the table until the release of orgasm overwhelms you, your pleasure wrecked body jerking against me as your rub your throbbing sex against my face.

You moan softly and slump onto the table as your pleasure fades and normality returns, my tongue moving in slow lazy circles over your engorged pussy and flicking your hypersensitive clit.

I stand and look down at your body with your rounded arse, cheeks temptingly parted and your moist welcoming cunt exposed between your open thighs looks beautiful like this and I want to just enjoy just looking at you exposed this way, taking in the wonderful sight of you in this position, your cunt exposed and open for me, offering me your body as I rub my cock in front of you.

I could stay like this, looking at you for much longer but I know you are waiting for me, eager for the feel of my cock filling your waiting hole and my own burning flesh is aching for release, desperate for attention of your body.

In turn you look in the mirror and watch me standing behind you looking at you. As I move my cock swings gently above my tightened balls and as I pull my foreskin back to show you my swollen cock in all its glory, a bright drop of sticky dew slides from the pouting slit bisecting the dark engorged head, showing my intense excitement to you.

You watch eagerly as I move the head of my cock towards you parted buttocks. I am feeling dirty and am tempted to push my swollen cock into the tight ring of your arse, but instead bahis şirketleri I think of your pleasure and position my cock against your soft wet sex, gripping your hips as I push gently at the entrance to your body. Then feeling you part around the smooth blunt tip of my cock thrust I forcefully and slide easily deep inside you with no warning, burying myself to the hilt deep inside your warm liquid body in one delicious movement. As I stretch your delicate sex around my rampant shaft I feel your body open around me as it accommodates my thickening shaft until the base of my cock nestles between your thighs, the hairs at its base brushing between the cheeks of your arse and my tight balls pressing up against your clit.

You moan with the pleasure of being penetrated and squirm on my upright cock, driving me even deeper and savouring the feel of the warm solid flesh filling up your soaking hole all the time watching my hips thrusting towards your body, my buttocks clenching with the effort of forcing my cock deep into your body, you wetness glistening on swollen shaft as it slides in and out of your pleasure wracked body.

Your head falls forward onto the table as I start to fuck you with slow deliberate strokes of my iron hard and painfully swollen cock. My balls bouncing between your thighs and brushing your clitoris as I pump into you with long hard thrusts of my hot throbbing shaft. You begin to moan with pleasure, crying out now each time I force my solid burning flesh deep into your tight yielding cunt.

Lifting your head and arching your back you force you beautiful cunt down hard onto my upright cock driving it hard up into your body, sobbing with pleasure as you use my body to satisfy yourself and then coming. Your sweet pussy contracting hard on my glistening sex as it stretches your delicate lips and fills your tight hole, squeezing me hard as you come, tightening around my thick engorged shaft, gripping me and forcing my orgasm from me, milking my sensitive pulsing cock as my thick creamy sperm spurts powerfully from my body flooding your welcoming body with my musky essence.

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