My fantasy.

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My fantasy.Went to a party with a friend last night out on the fry in the Bahamas, we talked about future business deals we could make, when all of a sudden a taxi pulled up next to the spot we were sitting and out jumps three sexy partly clothed white girls, Josh noticed me staring each of them down frown their long hair which was blowing in the wind to their nicely shaped breast, one even had their nipples pierced which caused me to even get more curious of what else was. As they came closer they looked us up and down and asked were is a good place for them to get some good Bahamian food, so we suggest some places that they could try, so I asked if they would like to join us in what we had already ordered from the place we were eating from, they looked at each other and smiled and agreed to join. We all sat there and had a couple of conch fritters, and chicken wings while we chat to find out more about each other, the young lady with the nipple piercing noticed that my eyes were undressing her of which she leaned back so I could see even more, this caused my prick to start to pump with a little maltepe escort warm blood, her long blond hair blowing the wind and her blue eyes were calling me while Josh kept the other two ladies attention. So after awhile Beck said she wanted me to walk with her on the beach after whispering to the other girls so I agreed and told Josh to be a gentleman with the ladies, as me and Beck started to walk she opens up about the whole night and said that she noticed me undressing her the whole night, I was stopped in my tracks and admitted that it was true and thought that she was just damm sexy and beautiful, she blushed as she pushed her long blond hair back out of her face. She then told me that she was married with two k**s and just need some time away, I told her that I to was married but always was attracted to a nice woman, she said it was her deepest and wildest dream to be with a black fella if only once, this caused every vein in my cock to jump, as we walked and talked out life and our fantasy she noticed that my pants was starting to have no more room (if you know what I mean) escort maltepe , this same to have turned her on so she asked if I could just gave her a hug, I said sure thinking she wanted a first time friendly hug, she hugged me then drew her body so closely to mine that air couldn’t pass, she wanted to feel everything, after a long hug she said they were right. I asked her what she was talking about, she answered black guys have very large clocks, I laughed and said thanks put would you like to try it, her face lite up and said if I ever!! We went further down on the beach where there was no light and no one walking around, so I drew her close to me and kissed her soft lips I could feel her body wanting to let everything go so I kissed her even a little more passionately while squeezing her hips, she started to breath hard and looked into my eyes as to say take me, so my eyes answered hers back by saying not yet, I then knelt down and sucked on those pierced nipples of hers she started to moon from pleasure, licking the tip of her nipple then blowing which caused her body to jump, maltepe escort bayan I then went further kissing her belly button which was pierced as well, she held my head as I went down screaming ohh god that feels good, I pulled down that very short pants she had on and went straight for the clit, as I sucked and blow on it she screamed from excitement, her juices started to pour out like a fountain. I looked up at her and she was in a trans I stood up and asked if she was ready she wrapped her arms around me and said of cause, I then sticker my black cock in her warm pink, wet pussyfooting she yelled take it slow it’s to big. After a while she was able to welcome my full manhood in her, she started to turn red and asked for more it was both of our first time having an interracial experience. We both loved it and agreed to meet up again, we cleaned up and tried to join our party back, but she took me by the hand and kissed me passionately and said that she really wish she could stay, that she has now been blackened and don’t think she can turn back now. We exchanged numbers and everything and tried to act as doe nothing happened as we joined the girls and Josh again, when we got back they said wow you’ll been gone a pretty long time, one of her friends said Beck I know that look and smiled…………………. ( to be continued)

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