My Father in law mistakenly fucked me in the dark

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My Father in law mistakenly fucked me in the darkAunt mistakenly fucked by FIL How my Aunt’s FIL mistook her for his wife and fucked her in a brutal wayHi, FRIENDS this is Nalini again, Thanks for the wonderful response I got from you people for my story “Aunty seduced by her Nephew”, urged me to start my new story of my Jaya Aunt which happened in her earlier days of marriage. I a simple house wife residing in Bangalore and newly married having a satisfied sex life with my husband.The story I am going to narrate now is about my Aunt Jaya aged 43 years, who is living in Hyderabad, with her husband and only son. Her husband is a businessman, a very timid fellow who is always on tour for his company purposes and neglecting his wife in bed. She had a son who had just finished his B.E and left for U. S to pursue his M. S Degree.I should tell you about my Aunt Jaya again, in spite of being in early forties now, in spite of having a 23 year old son she looked like a mid thirties Lady, with 36C- 30- 38 figure, and I have seen young men ogling at her 36C boobs and her 38 sized buttocks would sway whenever she walked .She looks very sexy in saree and always wears her saree below her navel revealing lot of midriff region. Sometimes she wears her blouse without bra and it is a sight to behold with her proud nipples poking out of the blouse. I personally knew that her husband was not interested in sex anymore and my poor Aunty would spend her nights lonely in spite of husband sleeping next to her and satisfying herself with her fingers.This incident with my Aunt happened long back about 21 years ago, when Jaya Aunty was 22 years of age then with a figure of 34C-26-36, with a one year old son. She had been to attend her Husband’s younger sister’s marriage in their native village along with family. Their native was in Chittoor district and I can’t disclose the village name for personal purposes. Her Father-in-law was a big Zamindar in the village aged about 58 years of age, 6 foot heavily built man with a big moustache and a very short tempered guy. Her mother in law Savitramma was too timid (like my Aunt’s hubby), was a very devoted wife who worshipped her husband. In spite of being 52 years age and mother of two grownups k**s she was looking like a forty year lady.Well, I think if I narrate the story in my Aunt’s words, I think it will be better for me to narrate the story. So in my Aunt’s narration the story begins……..After all the marriage celebrations were over and we sent the bride and the bride groom to their native place, we left a sigh of relief. Since the house had only four rooms and the guests were more, my Father-in-law asked the men to take two rooms and the women folk two rooms. Since the women were more in numbers, my father in law asked my mother in law to sleep in the small storeroom which was adjoining the washroom. The storeroom was used to store grains in gunny bags on either side of the room with a narrow passage of 3’ and my Mother-in-law was suppose to sleep in that 3’ passage.That room had no windows and there was hardly any space for a person to lie down in that 3’ passage and the door had no latch to it. My devoted mother-in-law following her husband’s orders took a blanket and a pillow went to sleep in that tiny room. But her elder sister stopped her and asked her to sleep next to her so that they can gossip all night about their personal matters. My mother-in-law requested me to go there and sleep and said that she will look after my son this night as there was any space in the storeroom for another person to lie down.As an obedient daughter in law I went to the store room after feeding my son with my breast milk and handing him over to my mother in law. After coming into the hot room pushed the door to the closing position but couldn’t lock it as there was no latch to it and switched off the lights. The room was too hot inside because of no ventilation; I removed my panties as it was sweating between my legs and I was not wearing bra as I was still breast feeding my son. I felt better without panties and laid down the mattress on the floor and slept keeping my head on the pillow.Due to all the religious ceremonies of our Hindu traditional marriage, I was totally exhausted and went to sleep lying on my right hand side, my back towards the room door. I don’t know when I drifted to sleep.Around midnight, I awoke when I felt some one hugging me from behind and pressing his crotch on my buttocks. I thought it was my husband who had already removed his clothes, might have come to satisfy his sexual urges by fucking me for 3 minutes and Cumming in my pussy before I get wet inside. Since I was too tired to engage in sex with him, I just lay on the mattress and allowed him to do whatever he wanted. He pushed his right hand under my head and I lifted my head to place his hands under my head as a pillow. Then the same hand cupped my right breast which was resting on the floor and pressed it softly and now his left hand came from the top and stated to press my left breast. Now both my milk breasts were being pressed softly and I felt milk was coming out from my nipples. It felt very nice as the milk came out, because I had not fed my son my milk properly from past few days due to the marriage functions and he was feeding on solid food.Then he put his left leg on my thighs and started to rub his swollen cock on my buttocks valley in a very erotic way and today I felt the cock was more thicker today may be because I was not fully awake and dreaming.. He started kiss me on my neck and I could feel his heavy sexual breathing and now his hands stated to remove my blouse buttons. I could see he damaged the hooks while removing them and he parted the blouse and bared my soft milky boobs. He then took both my nipples in his fingers and started to tweak them making me moan silently and aroused my sexual desires.Due to his actions my pussy was itching and it started to get wet and my nipples were leaking milk a bit now by his handiwork on my erect nipples. He took his left hand from my left nipple and placing near my legs tried to lift my saree up along with petticoat. But he was not successful to lift them up, so I lifted myself up and allowed him to lift the saree and petticoat up as I badly wanted his fingers or his cock to enter my wet pussy to quench my thirst because he had already ignited the fire in me.Once my saree was up till my stomach, baring my pussy and buttocks, he aggressively rubbed his cock on my bare buttocks and could sense in the dark the cock was big. I thought my husband was already erected and has come to cum in my pussy. Now his left hand fingers were rubbing my pussy lips and playing with my clit making me wet in my pussy. After rubbing my pussy lips he immediately drove one finger inside my pussy and started to finger fuck me. I was taken aback by this sudden assault of his fingers inside me and I felt that the fingers inside my pussy was bigger than my husband’s as he had lady like fingers very soft but this looked like manly one. When I was thinking about this, he brought his mouth close to my ears and whispered” Savithri, why is your pussy so tight today and your breasts also seems firmer today”I was shocked on hearing him, this is not my husband who is playing with my body, but his father and he was speaking to me in our Mother tongue Telugu. I panicked on learning that my own Father-in-law is beside me and fondling with my body all this time in the darkness. Oh! God, my father-in-law is the one pressing roughly my soft milky breasts with one hand and his other hand between my legs junction and trying to insert his big fingers inside my pussy and trying to make my pussy wet for the sexual intercourse with his own Daughter-in-law.I was suddenly frightened on learning this, maybe he thought his wife Savithri is in this room and has come here to satisfy his sexual urges. Since it was too dark in the room and as he himself had ordered his wife to go to this room, he was thinking his wife is sleeping here. But my mother-in-law in turn asked me to sleep here. My Father-in-law had no knowledge that I was sleeping here, his own daughter in law and not his wife Savithri.I felt relieved on learning this that my Father-in-law is not after me but his own wife, but I didn’t have the courage to tell him his mistake, because I knew that he was a very short tempered man and would have scolded me for not telling him that I am his Daughter-in-law.I was in a dilemma thinking that should i tell my Father-in-law that is was not his wife but his Daughter-in-law Jaya. But out of fear, I became very quiet and thought that he will realize his mistake and thinking that I was sleeping, he may go away but that was the dumb mistake I did. Seeing me lie still he was aggressively pushing his fingers in and out of my pussy and his right hand was still working on my right breast.But I became tense when I felt his other finger near my ass hole and trying to penetrate it. I had not tried to finger my pussy till now let alone my husband’s cock and I was a pure virgin down there. Oh God! , my Father-in-law is trying to enter my asshole with his fingers and I shivered at the thought.He said “What is the problem with you today, Savithri, you know that I love having both my fingers in your pussy and your ass hole too, and you get aroused and make your pussy wet when I do that, I don’t know why you are acting strangely today”Till now I had seen my Father-in-law as a strict and disciplined man, but hearing him mouthing the l words like pussy, asshole etc.., thought he was a very horny guy at this age of 58years.I didn’t want to further antagonize my Father-in-law and more over it felt very nice when he was finger fucking me and wanted to see how he plays with my rear hole. So I relaxed a bit and allowed his fingers inside my ass hole. At first I felt a lot of pain but when he inserted his finger fully inside me it was nice when both his fingers were moving in and out of my bottom holes. He was moving his fingers in both my holes in a very crude manner like an a****l and wondered how he will use his cock in my pussy or ass hole. I started to enjoy this and had an orgasm, as I was used to soft fucking of my hubby who never lasted more than 3 minutes with his small 5 inch cock.Then my Father-in-law lifted my thigh up and I felt his cock near my pussy lips and in a jerk he tried to enter my vagina in a brutal manner. I could sense that his cock head was really big and my pussy had never seen this type of big cock and it resisted. He then forcefully again tried to push his big cock inside my pussy and I let a small shriek and my left hand went near my pussy and touched his cock and tried to stop him from entering inside my pussy. Once my hand touched his cock I shivered in horror as my hands were not able to clasp his cock. It was really huge with almost 3.5 inches thick and about 10 inches long. I was now really excited to have this huge cock inside my pussy, as I was fed of my hubby’s small cock and wanted to enjoy this night with monster cock. But I was afraid to tell this to my Father-in-law and didn’t want to disclose my identity to him now, as he might stop his sexual act with me right now thinking that this is sin.However I didn’t want to lose this opportunity of getting fucked by a giant cock which was my ambition after seeing black men’s huge cocks in the porn. So I lifted my thighs more up in the air and opened my pussy lips more to accommodate this monster cock.When I did that, my Father-in-law knew that his wife was awake now and now co operating with him and he once again pushed his cock with all his might and was successful to go inside only 4 inches inside my pussy and my vaginal inner walls expanded to accommodate this thick cock. This was the depth my hubby had entered my pussy and the rest of my pussy depth was still unexplored and my vaginal walls was not familiar with this type of thick cocks.My Father-in-law came near my ears sivas escort and whispered “ Savithri , what has happened to your pussy today , it is very tight today and it is not allowing my cock to enter you, earlier it used to go in smoothly”My Father-in-law knew that I was awake and I couldn’t be silent now should reply to him and tell him that it is your Daughter-in-law you are fucking not his wife. I regained myself a bit and said softly to him.Me: Maamagaaru (Father-in-law), I am Jaya, your Kodalu( Daughter-in-law), not Athagaaru(Mother-in-law), you have mistaken me as your wife”On hearing my voice, my Father-in-law was shocked removed his cock from my pussy who was beside me and trying to enter me from the back, came near my legs and positioned himself between my thighs with his monster cock head touching my pussy lips and his hands resting on the floor beside me and whispered” Oh God , is this you Jaya , I thought it was my wife Savithri, I had told her to sleep in this room and since the room was very dark I couldn’t identify you in this darkness. Why did you come and sleep here?I whispered “ Athagaaru told me to sleep here, as her sister wanted to talk and sleep next to her, so I came here giving my son to her as there was no place here in this room for two people”Father-in-law: At least you could have told me in the beginning itself, we could have avoided this awkward situation”Me: I thought it was your son and I was very sleepy too, so I thought of allowing him to satisfy himself without bothering me, never thought it was you Maamagaaru”Father-in-law: When did you find out it was me”All this time I was telling the truth, but this time I lied to him and said “Only when you entered my pussy, and I knew that my husband’s was not that big, and when I heard your voice I was confirmed it was you only and didn’t wanted to create a scene in a marriage house, so I kept quiet, Maama”I deliberately started calling him Maama (singular) instead of Maamagaaru (plural).As I was whispering to him, he didn’t try to remove to get up from me, nor did he remove his throbbing cock away from my pussy, even though he now knew that I was his Daughter-in-law. I too secretly not wanted him to move his giant away from my pussy and wanted it back in my pussy again. So I folded my legs till my thighs and widened my pussy in anticipation. His cock head slightly dipped into my pussy lips and he was now rubbing his cock on my wet pussy without actually removing it.He was about to say something but kept quiet when we heard someone going to the washroom and we both panicked. We couldn’t afford to get caught like this semi nude in this tiny dark room and with all the close relatives still in the house. It was family prestige for both of us and it could become a scandal in the whole district as my Father-in-law was a powerful person in the entire district and my marriage too would be destroyed.Father-in-law whispered this time very softly “Someone has gone to use the restroom, let us not make any noise or else it will be trouble for both of us”Me” Yes, Maama, we can’t get caught like this, let the person go away first”Father-in-law: Jaya, my knees are paining as I was standing all day long for the ceremonies, let me lie on you till the person goes back”Before I could say anything he laid his huge body on me and I was feeling suffocated as his chest had crushed my big breasts and I was not able to breathe. My Father-in-law sensed that I was not comfortable, so embraced me tightly and rolled a bit by bit until he was on the mattress and I was on top of him.My Father-in-law was already naked and I was in semi nude position, and I was enjoying his naked body touching my hot body and his manly sweat smell was intoxicating for me.Father-in-law: Jaya, it is very uncomfortable for both of us in this position; we will lie side by side, but keep your legs towards my head and my legs towards your legs.As I was on top of him I turned my head towards his legs, and he turned slightly and rested his body on his left hand side. I too slept next to him on my left hand side and deliberately shifted my body up so that my face was in front of his manhood and my pussy was directly in front of his face. So exactly we were now in 69 side position and his cock was grazing my face and his mouth was touching my pussy.I badly wanted his mouth to lick my pussy, but didn’t have the courage to say it to my short tempered Father-in-law, but in the guise of adjusting myself pushed my crotch towards his mouth. His cock was had grown bigger now and he too was rubbing it on my face in the guise of adjusting himself, so we both wanted this to continue and not to stop it here, but neither had the courage to say so.Then we heard the person walking away, and Father-in-law whispered “Jaya, I think the person has gone now, shall I leave now”Me: No Maama, if you leave now, you will make noise and that person might hear it. Let us wait for some more time till that person goes to sleep, and then you can go”But inside I badly need my Father-in-law monster cock in my pussy again and never wanted to miss this golden opportunity from getting fucked by his giant cock and badly wanted to experience the real sex with this giant man with his monster cock.Father-in-law :Yes Jaya , you are right, that person may take some time to go to sleep, till then I will lie here with you, or else it will be a big scandal in the family in front of all our relatives”Me: I know Maama, don’t worry everything will be alright’Father-in-law: But whatever has happened should have not happened, I entered my Kodalu’s pussy which my son has only got rights to fuck it.Me: I am your Daughter-in-law, Maama, I will not tell this to anybody, I will uphold our family honour, believe me”Father-in-law: Jaya, are you sure that you will not tell this to anybody not even to your Mother-in-law”My Father-in-law was relaxed now on hearing me, trying to adjust himself caught my buttocks with his right hand and brought his fingers near my pussy and ass hole and pushed my buttocks towards his mouth and was tasting the smell of my moist pussy. I too was inspired by him and clutched his heavy ass with my right hand and brought my lips close to his erect big dick. His cock smelt of piss and instead of disgusting me it was intoxicating me.Father-in-law in the guise of adjusting himself again, pushed his fore finger in to my asshole again and I let out a small moan and opened my mouthed while doing that. His monster cock which was near my face entered my mouth by about one inch. I could sense his fore skin was peeled back as my tongue tasted his big cock head without fore skin. I quickly closed my lips on his cock afraid that he will pull it back. Father-in-law encouraged by me inserted his thick middle finger inside my pussy and licked my moist pussy. But it looked like his face was slightly far away, instead of bringing his face closer to it , inserted his fore and middle fingers deep inside my holes and pulled me towards his face and his tongue entered my vagina.I was aghast by his invasion but recovered myself and started to suck his thick cock like a candy. Now I could taste his precum which was dripping out of his penis and it was tasty. Down my Father-in-law was tasting my cum juices and I was licking his precum. My Father-in-law was a master in licking pussy, he used to bring out his tongue out and lick my clit faster with his tongue which made me shiver in my pussy in excitement. And he would dip his tongue back into the vagina and roll the tongue inside my vaginal walls and was sucking my cum juices which were dripping.My mouth had opened wide to accommodate his thick cock and I bit his cock with my teeth when he was licking my clitoris faster with his tongue tip. My hand had cupped his big balls which were of big in size and I wondered how much cum has he got in those huge balls. His balls were too big for my small palm and it needed both my hands to grasp those huge gigantic testicles. When I did that he pushed all of his 9 inch cock inside my mouth and gagged me. It went deep into my throat and his cock head had hit the back of my throat, but instead of pulling my head back closed my lips firmly and never wanted to release it like a small k** with a candy. But it was too much for me and felt like coughing, so pulled the cock out of my mouth and gently coughed a bit without making much noise got my breadth back.I desperately wanted his big organ in my mouth, took it back in my mouth and started to suck it taking almost 6 inches of it inside my mouth. My hubby never liked me giving blowjob for him in fact he was not interested in foreplay at all. Here was his daddy a He-man who knew how to romance a Lady and use her like an a****l in a brutal way. My Father-in-law had removed his fingers from my both holes and with both his hands had opened my pussy lips very wide and dipped his face into my pussy and even his nose was inside my vagina along with his mouth. His tongue had gone almost 4 inches inside my vagina and was licking deep inside and i was too happily sucking his big dick and tasting his sweet precum which was dripping faster now.We might have been sucking each other’s private parts for about 2 minutes, suddenly to my disappointment he withdraw his cock from my mouth and stopped licking my pussy and said” Jaya, it is better if we get back to our original position, open your legs wider now and I will come and lie between your legs. You can comfortably lie on the mattress and I will lie between your legs”I was disappointed on hearing him, thought maybe he stop now and go back, but couldn’t show it to him and I wanted more now as he had ignited the fire in my body. He got up leaving me some space to lie down on the mattress properly and widened my legs for him to come between my thighs. He came between my legs, since he was a big man couldn’t sit properly between my legs so I folded my legs and lifted my thighs up till they were in touch with my breasts. Now my Father-in-law kneeled on his knees comfortably near my buttocks and bent his body forwards keeping his hands beside me.So my Father-in-law was in no mood to go back and I secretly rejoiced, and we both needed sex very badly but were pretending because of our relation of Father-in-law and Daughter-in-law. His cock was resting on my midriff and pinching me, so to encourage him to take the next step forward I lifted my ass up in the air which was on the mattress. Now my Father-in-law cock was directly in front of my pussy. He too sensed that and pressed his cock on my pussy lips and laid his weight on me crushing his cock on my pussy.Father-in-law: Jaya, my erect cock is troubling both of us as it has no space to rest, shall I put it inside your tight pussy so that he can rest inside you for a little while till I go back”Me: Maama, do whatever you want, your big organ should not suffer and I think it will be comfortable to both of us that way. But mama don’t you think it is sin to have your cock inside my pussy, you are my Father-in-law and only your son has the right to enter it. I feel shy and also afraid that, can my tight little pussy take your big organ totally inside”Father-in-law: Don’t worry Jaya; it is no sin to have my cock inside you as I am your husband’s father, only you should not tell anyone about this”Me: I won’t tell anybody, Maama, but can your full organ go inside my vagina, I know that your big cock is struggling between our bodies and I want to help you also. It is ok, come Maama , put your big organ inside my pussy and rest your cock there but go inside me gently”I placed my hands on my inner thighs and pushed my folded legs apart and opened my pussy door wide and my pussy lips were parted and invited him to invade my pussy shamelessly. My Father-in-law inserted his big cock head near my vaginal opening slowly gave it a small thrust inside my pussy, i gasped when the cock head slipped inside me and he slowly gave small thrust with his tekirdağ escort cock. Since I was relaxed now, my wet pussy loosened up a bit and was trying to accommodate his thick big cock inside it.Since my Father-in-law was an experienced fucker knew that my pussy was ready to take his giant cock, he wasted no time pushed his giant cock all the way inside me and didn’t stop till his cock head reached my pussy cervix.I opened my mouth to shout in pain looking at him with eyes wide open as my vaginal wall was stretched to its maximum limits, my Father-in-law sensing that I may scream any second closed my lips with his mouth and rested his huge body on me. I was surprised at his power and also I was surprised at my pussy as it had taken full of 10 inch monster cock inside it with one jerk.I put my hands on his neck and pressing his face towards mine and kissed his lips out of affection and appreciation. Because my vagina was filled completely with his cock and it had reached the bottom of my pussy which my timid has never entered. Father-in-law too encouraged by my kiss thrust tongue into my mouth and I gladly started to suck it. His tongue tasted of my vaginal juices as he was licking my moist pussy a few minutes before and I didn’t mind tasting my own juices.Now all the pretentions of Father-in-law and Daughter-in-law relations were over, we were just horny man and woman who wanted to enjoy their sex. My Father-in-law stated to thrust his giant cock into my pussy slowly and he gradually increased his strokes. But now he became very violent in his fucking, my body was flung up and down due to his violent thrusts. I now groaned in pleasure at his onslaught of his monster cock inside my vagina. He hugged me tightly and started his rhythmic strokes with his cock in and out of my moist pussy. We were both drenched in sweat because of the heat in the room and his manly sweat smell was making me more hornier and wanted to have more of him in my pussy.He now started to kiss all over my face licking the sweat off my face and he even kissed both my earlobes and I shuddered in excitement when he did that. Down his rhythmic thrusts was going on in full speed nonstop almost pulling 8 inches of his cock and again diving inside my wet vagina. I really thanked my stars that I got be fucked by this giant b**st and my vaginal walls were stretched to its limits when he was digging down into my pussy.May be my Father-in-law was intoxicated by my sweat smell, he brought his face near my armpits and sucked the sweat near my armpit and he was licking my armpit hairs too with his stretched out tongue. When he was doing that I was licking his sweat from his face where I could reached due to his violent shaking.He had not stopped fucking my pussy down even for a second and he was banging me in a rhythmic manner. My thighs and legs were shaking due to heavy banging’s and my back was hurting me a bit now as he had pinned me down firmly on the mattress, of course I didn’t mind that.My fill roughly grabbed my breasts with his mouth and started to chew my nipple with his teeth mildly, I knew that my hot young body was giving him excitement for more sex and i felt proud of myself thinking that at least a manly man is treating me as a woman today , satisfying me and in turn satisfying himself.In excitement I lifted my head up and kissed his nipples, sucked it and bit them with my teeth. To tease him more I held his nipple between my teeth and pulled his nipple towards me. He moaned in pain or pleasure which I didn’t know and he stopped sucking my nipple and the banging’s too. He dropped his hands next to me and resting on it took a deep breath. I was worried now as he had stopped fucking me and was looking at me, I was staring at him with a worried expression on my face.Father-in-law: Jaya, have you brought water, I am thirsty”Me: No Maama, I didn’t bring it, shall I go and get you some water from kitchen.Father-in-law: If you go now, some may get up due to the noise, it is better not to go out. I don’t want a scandal after all we have done here secretly. Me: Yes Maama, so what shall we do now, you look very tired after all this fucking. Tell me Maama how I can help you”Father-in-law: Of course you can help me if you wish, but I feel shy to ask my Daughter-in-law for that. You may think badly about me”Me: Don’t worry Maama, after all I am your Daughter-in-law, and I am your property now and it is my duty to help and satisfy you, feel free to ask any thing with your Daughter-in-law”Father-in-law staring at my milky boobs said “If you can give me some milk from your breasts I can quench my thirst a bit “So my Father-in-law wants to drink my milk from my breasts, but wanted to tease him further said “But mama, I have not brought any glass, so how shall I pump it ‘Father-in-law: Don’t worry Jaya; I will drink milk directly from your breasts like your son. Till now you were my wife and now for milk I will be your son” My Father-in-law wants to suck my breasts and drink my milk and I felt very proud of my breasts. Maybe he might have seen me breastfeeding my son and secretly wished to suck my nipples and maybe he had thought of fucking me also.Me: ok Maama, come and suck my nipples and quench your thirst. But my milk comes very slowly if I lie down, so you have to lie down and I will come on top of you and give you my nipple to suck for you.”He stood up and pulled me up too, and he embraced me for a second to turn ourselves for changing positions. I removed my blouse of my shoulders and removing the knot dropped my petticoat down. I was totally nude now in front of my Father-in-law but he was not able to see my naked body, but I wished he saw my nude beautiful body. He got down and lay on the mattress and joined his legs together. I came on top of him placing my legs next to his legs and slept on top of him moving myself up till his face came near my breasts. I supported myself with my right hand lifted my body up so that my boobs came in contact with his mouth. My Father-in-law wasted no time in mouthing my left breast nipple and started to suck milk like a hungry b**st.At first he was sucking my nipple in a gentle way, but it changed when his big hands cupped my boobs and started to press them roughly. His mouth was attacking my nipples and sucking milk. But I felt lighter now as the milk flowed out of my nipple because my son was not interested in my milk and lots of them were stored in my boobs. I couldn’t pump them out as I usually did in my home here because of the guests. I was thankful to my Father-in-law, as he is helping me out and I thought that he too secretly wanted to feed on my breasts. I had breast fed my son in front of him many times though covering my breasts with my pallu never had he glanced at me like other pervert men did. My Father-in-law was a through gentleman and felt proud of him. And I felt like worshipping this village Greek God of mine by surrendering myself and my whole body to his whims and fancy.I felt lighter in my left boobs thought that it was almost empty, so I pulled my nipple out of his mouth and asked my Father-in-law “Maama, are you satisfied now, or do you want some more milk”Father-in-law: Jaya, your milk was very sweet, thanks for feeing this hungry man, but my cock is still hungry for your tight young pussy”Me: Don’t worry mama, your Daughter-in-law will take care of that too, my right boob is still full of milk because your grandson is not drinking milk properly, please empty it also”Father-in-law: Ok Jaya, give it to me, I will empty it in a second and make you lighter. But you have to take care of my cock.I rejoiced at the thought of me fucking my Father-in-law from the top, so I slide down until my buttocks touched hic cock. I took my right hand back and caught his mammoth cock in my hands again, raised my ass a bit and placed his cock head near my vaginal opening. My Father-in-law was quick to react, lifted his ass up and pushed his cock inside my moist pussy again to some depth. And it was my turn now to act pushed my buttocks down and my pussy swallowed all of his 10 inch inside it. This time the penetration was easier as my pussy was accustomed to his size now and the moistness in it made it simpler. I rested on his body for a few seconds, brought my right breast closer to his mouth, but his mouth was not able to reach my nipple. My Father-in-law lifted his head up and caught my nipples with his mouth. I rested both my hands on the floor, slowly started to move my ass up and down.His cock was going in and out of my pussy and was making wet noises because of my juices inside my pussy. I was stroking up and cock on his cock in a gentle way not in the crude manner like my Father-in-law did when he was on top and fucking me. He was engrossed in sucking my milk like a baby and was torturing my breasts with his hands to ooze out the milk faster and his other hand was on my empty left boob giving the same treatment to it.I was very much tired by now and my thrusts also became slower and i felt like discharging heavily my cum and I knew that i will collapse after this orgasm, said “ Oooohhhh ……Maama……….. I am cumming any minute, please do something and make this moment memorable for me, I can’t control myself any longer”Father-in-law stopped sucking my breasts looked at me and said” No Jaya, don’t do this to me, I am yet to cum and please don’t cum now. Come on lift your ass up”As a obedient Daughter-in-law followed his instructions lifted my ass up but was careful not to slip his cock outside my pussy. He hugged me firmly crushing my big boobs on his hairy chest and started to fuck me from the bottom. My ass was jumping up in the air due to his violent thrusts and it to hugged him firmly afraid of me falling down and keeping my ass properly positioned for his banging’s.I thought what an amazing lover my Father-in-law was, and I was amazed at his strength who was fucking me with his giant 10 inch cock without losing control. He was again entering my deep end of my pussy and my vaginal inner walls were again stretched to its limits. My cum juices were leaking out by the sides of his cock when he was thrusting me from the bottom and was making a nasty sound in the silent room. He had noticed that I am at my peak now and began to violently thrust his monster cock deep into my vagina even though it took lot of effort from him to do it from the bottom. My excitement was increasing rapidly and I was sweating heavily now and I had locked my lips firmly on his lips and thrust my tongue deep into his mouth. He gladly accepted my tongue and was sucking it roughly in an a****l way building the excitement in me and I couldn’t hold my orgasms any longer cried in despairI was completely out of breadth and let my cum juices completely out and released my secretions out of my vagina and drenching his cock more. My whole body was shaking due to my orgasms and it took a few moments to regain my composure. But he was continuously pumping me in and out of my pussy and catching my breadth back planted my lips firmly on his mouth and closed my lips over his and stated to suck both his lips. He stopped fucking as he knew that I had cummed as my juices were still coming out from the sides of his cock which he could feel it. He gently caressed me on my hairs affectionately and kissed me back on my lips like a young lover does and he too relaxingly caught his breadth back. He took his hand near our intimate parts which were coupled and joined both of us like a couple with our juices and roamed his fingers on my secretions.I released my lips looked at my He-man with affection and asked “Maama, have you cummed”Father-in-law: No Jaya, you came too early and you didn’t let me finish”Me: My poor Maama is not satisfied yet, come Maama, I will lie down now and satisfy yourself with your loving Daughter-in-law. I just want you to be satisfied fully before you leave this room. Use your Jaya as your whore and do whatever escort bayan you want with my young body”HE embraced me tightly and rolled over so that I came under him and he on top of me and he took care that his cock didn’t slip out of my pussy. I folded my legs and spread my thighs apart anticipating his brutal attack on my pussy with his cock.Father-in-law looked at me and without saying another word he just slammed his monster organ into my pussy which was full of my cum juices and I could sense my secretions spilling out of my pussy. It went inside very smoothly as it was third time it had invaded my pussy. He bent down and closed my lips with his began his cruel attack on my vagina, by thrusting his magnificent cock in and out of my swollen pussy. I tried to scream but couldn’t as he had firmly sealed my lips with his mouth. I now understood why he closed my lips when he began his brutal sexual attack on my pussy and my scream was swallowed in my throat and tears rolled down my cheeks.My Father-in-law gradually increased his speed of thrusting and to control myself from shaking violently I hugged him tightly on his bare back. I started making grunting noises which was muffled by his mouth as his monster organ was destroying my pussy. I didn’t mind at all of his violent attack on me , as I wanted my Greek God to enjoy me to his fullest like he has never enjoyed in his entire life. Because he has showed me the heaven in fucking which I never couldn’t have imagined let alone experience it.To show my eagerness to satisfy him, I began to lift my buttocks up to his cock and to match his thrusting movements even though I was tired to do it. Seeing me do that he was more brutal now and violently banged my pussy base hardly with his thick cock. He was sweating profusely and breathing heavily looking like he was getting tired. So I squeezed my vagina to make it tight for his cock and to give more friction when he moved in and out of my pussy. This did the trick for him as his cock was getting resistance by my pussy and taking the wind out of his cock.I could feel that he was nearing to cum as his balls had begun tight and he released my lips and concentrated on the fucking. I caught my breadth and got ready for the final assault on my pussy. His thrusting became faster now and he was grunting heavily and sweat was falling on my face. I too started to moan and didn’t care about the family, society or even my husband; my breasts were shaking to and fro to his violent thrusts.Father-in-law said in a hush voice “ Jaya…Jaya ….I am cumming…….ohhhhh…ahhhhhhhh………. Jaya” After saying he began shooting his hot cum deep inside my pussy, my whole vaginal walls were sprayed with his hot cum. He discharged his semen for about 30 seconds; it was quite a load of it. His hot semen and my cum were mixed together inside my vagina giving me a chance for another baby of my darling Father-in-law. I felt very happy thinking of having my Father-in-law’s baby in my womb.After completely emptying his cum inside me, he was breathless and collapsed on top of me like a baby. His face was resting on my soft boobs and I hugged him in affection. He was panting heavily and I tried to console him like my baby by caressing his hairs with my fingers. He looked into my eyes and said” thank you Jaya, for this wonderful fuck you gave me. Even my wife has not satisfied me like this in our 30 years of marriage. You are a wonderful lady, my son is a lucky boy to have such a lady, and even i am lucky to have you fucked, thanks once again, Jaya”I felt very proud on hearing him, because I had seen my Father-in-law as a strict and a disciplined man not as a lover and I was successful in satisfying my darling Father-in-law completely with my body and pussy.Me: Maama, even I am lucky to get fucked by you tonight with your wonderful organ here”He got up from me and stood up and I too got with him. He went near the door and closed it properly and kept a small gunny bag full of grains near the door, so if anybody pushed the door it will not open. I was wondering why he was doing that then when he switched on the lights I understood his intentions.The room was fully bright now and my hands without knowing i covered my breasts with my hands in shy. My Father-in-law was looking at my nude body from toe to head with excitement in his eyes. Because he was seeing me stark naked for the first time and I had dropped my head in shame to avoid his glaring eyes.Father-in-law: Jaya, there is nothing to be ashamed of, you are a woman and I am a man. We both enjoyed sex with each other that is it.Hearing my Father-in-law, I dropped my hands and looked at my Greek God naked for the first time; the first thing I noticed was his cock. It was swollen now and in that swollen position it was almost 6 inches and I wondered what might its size when it was erect may 10 or 11 inches, I shuddered at that thought and wondered how my pussy swallowed such a big cock inside it.I looked at his big hands and the fingers and was amazed to see that his middle fingers were very big and thick and it resembled the size of my Husbands cock when fully erect. So these big fingers had fingered my pussy as well as my asshole and made wet to have sex with this incredible Hunk.My Father-in-law lifted his lungi from the floor and began to wipe the sweat of my body and I stood proudly in front of him and widened my legs. My pussy was dripping of his juices and was flowing down my thighs. He wiped the semen juices from my pussy and I shamelessly allowed him to do that, he even bend down and wiped my thighs and legs.He was about to wipe his body with his lungi, but I snatched the lungi form him and took my saree which was on the floor. I started to wipe his hairy chest, his back and bending a bit wiped his thighs also and finally came to my favourite part, his cock. I dropped my saree down and cupped his cock in my hands and started to lick of the semen juices with my tongue. My Father-in-law moaned in pleasure when I did that and placing his hands on my head was caressing my hairs like he did to his grandson to show his affection.I completely licked and cleaned his cock and also his balls with my tongue. His thick pubic hairs was full of cum juices, I held them in my mouth and cleaned all of his pubic hairs with my lips. Since both our juices were mixed together it tasted different but it was tasty on my tongue. Once his private parts were clean of semen i held both my breasts in my hands and started to press them pointing my nipples towards his monster swollen cock. My milk was coming out in spray and fell on his cock drenching his tool with my milk. I made Abhisheka with my milk like we do for the Gods in the religious ceremonies, because it had become my God of love who had fulfilled my desires for sex.My Father-in-law who was watching me with interest lifted me up and gave my blouse and petticoat to wear. I put on my petticoat, panties and weared the blouse and saw that my Father-in-law had broken my hooks when he was trying to remove it. Without bothering, I took the saree and wrapped it across my body. By this time my Father-in-law had worn his shirt and his lungi and searched for his underwear, he took it which was lying near the door and wore it.W e were looking at each other in silence, as I was admiring his tall muscular body, I could see a guilt in his eyes thinking that he has used his own son’s wife for his lust. May be was thinking how he has ravaged his own Daughter-in-law in a very brutal manner and satisfied his sexual hunger. I felt sorry for him, and wanted him to be happy and not feel gulty for what he has done. Even I too had sinned and enjoyed the sexual pleasures through him. We both were loss for words and were looking at each other awkwardly in complete silence. He was looking to go out f this room but was not able to do so as he was watching me and admiring me and my body.I too didn’t want my Greek God to go out and wanted to keep him with me forever and getting banged by his giant cock forever. I was missing his rough hands on my body mostly my breasts were missing his sweet torture of his hands. He had completely satisfied my hunger for sex and my body was begging for more of it. Maybe he will feel guilty for what he has done and start avoiding me from tomorrow. I couldn’t think about that, and wanted this man in my life forever. I being a married lady left all my inhibitions and I did the unthinkable. I went near him and hugged him tightly. My blouse was open and my naked boobs were crushed on his on his chest. I took out his manhood from the underwear and lungi and holding his big swollen 6 inch cock in my hands began to jerk him and kissed him on his lips. Releasing his lips whispered in his ears softly” Maama, your son is going tomorrow to Hyderabad and I will not bolt my door tomorrow night just in case you feel lonely and want to see your Daughter-in-law and her body , you are most welcome to come and not hesitate to do so ”Father-in-law: Jaya, you want me to come again after all the way I used and fucked you”Me: Yes Maama, I want you to do this again to me, and my pussy needs a big cock like your now on wards. I know that your son won’t be able to satisfy me with his small cock now, as you have shown me what a real fuck is like. Pleaseeeeeeee …… Maama… don’t disappoint me and don’t feel bad that you are fucking your son’s wife. You are in turn helping me save my marriage as I had already thought of leaving your timid son. I want a real man like you not like your son. From now onwards you are my husband. You are welcome to come to me every night and fuck me and satisfy me and I will promise that I will satisfy you in all means, and this relationship of ours will be a secret between us. I beg you, Maama”Father-in-law looked at me with staring eyes and smiling said” Ok Jaya , I will come tomorrow not in the night ,but in the afternoon when your Mother-in law will be taking her afternoon nap. But keep your breasts full of milk; I want to drink your milk daily from now onwards”I was on the moon when he said that, I replied “Don’t worry Maama; I will keep my breasts loaded with milk for you. You just signal me with your eyes and come to any corner I will feed you my milk anytime and anyplace. I am still not wearing any bra and keep my one or two blouse hooks open, I will just lift the blouse up and you can drink your milk”He just smiled at me again and pressed my breasts for one last time went back to his room half heartedly. I removed the safety pins which were in my Mangalasutra (sacred chain for Hindu married ladies) and pinned my blouse with the pins.I switched off the lights and laid on the mattress, completely satisfied with the fuck my Father-in-law gave me and my pussy got wet again when i thought of his monster cock. I could smell the cum juices in the hot and humid room. I was wondering how my Father-in-law was going to fuck me tomorrow and my nipples were awaiting his rough lips on them. I thought instead of giving him his coffee I will serve him my milk early in the morning.I was feeling very tired and exhausted now and still thinking how and where i am going to serve him my milk I drifted to sleep.Maybe I will continue the story how Father-in-law milked my breasts almost 5 times and fucked me savagely 3 times in different positions the next day till he went to sleep with his wife( my Mother-in-law) satisfying his Daughter-in-law.Friends, How was my story of my sex Aunt Jaya, hope you like my story of my Aunt and if you liked the story, please mail me at and flood my inbox. Guys please do comment on the story and don’t ask for my personal information, which I wouldn’t be giving in any case. Guys please don’t use fake female id just to chat with me.Girls and ladies are welcome to chat with me in hangouts, to personally share their sexual experiences with me and trust me it will totally be secret between us and if we are both compatible with each other, we can take it forward discreetly. And unsatisfied Bangalore ladies and girls are most welcome to chat and share their sexual experiences with me as I am from Bangalore and this can be secret friendship between us only.Thanks and Bye, see you soon with another story.

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