My favorite fuck with my brother-in-law


I have fucked my husbands brother almost as long as I have my husband. They look alike but couldn’t be more different. My husband was the life of the party , everyone adored him and he loved the attention. A little too much. I’d struggled with affairs our whole relationship. Which is why His little brother Nick was the love of my life. Growing up he was the angry one. The black sheep of the family. The one no one understood. Except a few . One of them I was proud to say was me. I’ll start writing from the beginning eventually , but first I want to tell my favorite time.

It was a Saturday in June. The heat wasn’t unbearable, just enough to want to stay in the shade and leave everyone’s skin shining from being on the verge of sweat. Nick picked us up for the graduation party. We only lived twenty minutes away from the party but I was the designated driver . He looked great as always. While my husband came out in a t shirt and jean shorts, Nick was dressed casually but wore the shirt I d just bought him. Kinda secret code for our secret life. He smelled good, I didn’t drive there. But I got in the car and inhaled the smell of his cologne and the leather seats of his Mercedes. That alone got me hot. I could tell my nipples were hard and visible through my thin shirt.
The party was long. There was the usual barbecue and salsa dancing , and of course the beer flowed like water. Everyone had a good time. Except me. I wouldn’t say I was a escort bayan party pooper. I just hate being the responsible one of the household . While my husband Alejandro could drink and not have a care in the world, I was the one always there to keep him out of trouble .
I’d taken my kids home hours ago. They knew the scene all too well. Me begging and pleading Alejandro into the car, him making me stop at all the old hang outs and friends houses.
We finally got home at eleven. Not bad timing on my part. The kids begging to get some drive thru burgers and me loving the chance to drive Nick’s Mercedes I go. By now I’d changed to a wife beater and very short cotton shorts. Asking nick what he wanted to eat , I could see his dark eyes looking me up and down. Raised his eyebrow. I knew he didn’t care what we ate , cause all he wanted was me.
The trip for food was fast. Even so Alejandro was passed out cold by the time I returned. Nick and the kids ate and watched tv. I went to get some blankets so they could build a fort in the tv room. Making nick a spot upstairs on the living room sofa, I feel him behind me. His hand on my waist and one on my tit. Kissing my neck. This mans touch made my skin tingle and pussy instantly wet. I tell him to stop. The kids are here and more importantly so is his brother. He lays in the blankets I just set out for him.
Downstairs in my room, I lay down. The drunken snores are loud and Alejandro’s taken the whole kocaeli escort bayan bed. Why the fuck should I care if he doesn’t. I creep back up to Nick. Tiptoeing past the kids watching a slasher movie. Nick is waiting. He knew I’d be back. I always am. He’s stroking his cock lazily. Keeping it hard for me. I walk right over and throat his dick. It slides in my mouth and down my throat easily. His body was made for me. I can hear him breathe a little ragged. His fingers are pinching at my nipples . I have to have him. I live for our sex. I pull his hand and lead him to the banister of the stairs. The obnoxious snores echo through the hall . He’s still asleep. I bend over the ottoman and move my shorts to the side. Nick wastes no time. His cock pushes through my already slick pussy. My cunt is aching from the anticipation. He pumps his hard prick into me from behind. Neither one of us bothered to undress. We never have much time. If we got caught , we’d dishonor the family and honestly end up dead. The snores aren’t even. Every time I hear him stop , I make Nick pull out. We go one for twenty minutes this way. Ten thrusts before I pull away from fear. I can’t take it anymore . I know it’s not honorable but I have to have him. I turn around and suck my juices and his pre cum off him and turn around again. Pull him to me , make him grab my waist and go deep. His hand wraps around and touches my kocaeli escort shaved pussy and runs my clit. A soft moan escapes. He says “shhhh mami” and fucks me harder. His balls are slapping my ass now and my tits are bouncing . One hand still running around my clit and pussy lips , the other squeezing my D’s hard. I hope he leaves bruises. He’s always so careful not to leave marks when sometimes I wish he would. I’d tattoo his name on my twat if he’d let me. I may be his brothers wife but I’m his bitch. His breath is louder and full of lust. The snores are loud and they’re giving me a rush. I’m fifteen feet above my husband getting fucked doggy style by the brother he doesn’t understand. One hand I clutch the banister to hold my self up, the other reaching through my legs cupping his sack. It’s so wet from our sex. He pulls out all the way to the tip of his cock then thrusts it back on deep. He’s going slow twice then quickens again . He’s makin me wild. The last slow one my orgasm hits , he keeps going until I hit three. By then I can tell he feels it. It’s so hot and wet. I can even smell my sweet smell of myself. He pumps faster now , he’s not pulling out as much now going deeper and faster. The snores are louder so I let out a moan and call his name. Nick owns my pussy. I feel him pulsing inside me. He’s holding his breath and I squeeze his dick inside me. His cum mixing with mine and spilling out my lips . He busts a nut like he hasn’t been fucked in years. Pulls out. I kiss the head of his dick like I always do. Kiss him on the lips and go sleep next to my husband with my brother in law’s load dripping on our sheets.

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