My Favorite Meal


I take you by the hand and lead you into the bedroom. With the lights turned off I move close to you, letting my fingertips run up and down your arms…ever so slightly…barley even touching you. I make sure I am far enough away that we are not touching at all…just my finger tips running up and down your arm. I slowly lean in to kiss but just brush my lips against yours and move to your cheek. You lift your arms toward me to embrace me but I hold them down and give you a small smile. “Wait” is all I whisper. I then lean in again and kiss your cheek very softly. I kiss lightly down your cheek to your neck. My hands are still gently massaging your arms slowly and lightly.

I spend a lot of time on your neck. Kissing softly and slowly. I move in a little so our bodies are closer yet not touching too much. I keep kissing your neck up to your ear. I gently nibble on your earlobe then move to the back of your ear. I kiss there softly, letting my tongue slip out every once in a while. I then kiss up your ear to the top then down to the inner ear. I whisper very softly “I can’t wait to hear you cum. To taste your pussy. To fuck you.” I then kiss back down to your cheek.

I take another step closer. Now, my cock is rock hard and you can see the outline of thru my shorts. I step closer so that the tip of my cock is rubbing against your crotch. Our clothes are still on but I know you can feel the tip of my cock thru your dress.

Now I slowly start to kiss toward your mouth. Slowly and lightly. When I get to your mouth I back away. I ask you to close your eyes then I back away more. I have your hands at your sides and I start to slowly walk around your. Staying very close to you so you can feel me..feel my breath…feel my hands lightly touching your breast, your ass, your arm, your thigh. I walk around you slowly, carefully. From time to time I whisper in your ear “I can’t wait to eat you.” “I want to slowly let my cock slide inside of you.” “I can’t wait to feel your tongue.”

I finally stop at behind you. I move closer so my cock is pressed firmly against the middle of your ass. I reach around with my hands and take your breasts in each one. They are so nice. I slowly start to massage them …rub them in my hands while I kiss the back of your neck and start to slowly start to grind into your ass with my cock.

I let my hands start to roam down to your stomach…to your crotch..I bend down to follow them…kissing your shoulder. I reach up with my left hand and slowly unzip your dress from behind and let it fall to the floor. I get kiss down your back, to the middle of your back while my hands lightly massage your legs as my hands did your arms. I keep kissing down and down…to the waistline of your panties then over them..down your ass I keep kissing…down to your thighs. I now stop and stand up. I slowly take off my shirt and pants and boxers. I reach out and unclasp yoru bra and let it fall to the floor. I now look at you…your incredible body in just panties. My c**k gets harder and harder…

I walk up behind you again and press my cock against your ass. It feels SO good. I reach around and cup your naked breasts in my hands and start to kiss your neck again. Soft, wet and gentle kisses. Every now and then I let my tongue slip out in a kiss. All the while I am moving slowly against your ass with my cock. I know your are enjoying this as your nipples are errect and your are standing on your tip toes. I then reach down and lower my cock and slid it between bostancı escort your legs so the tip comes out the front, right below your pussy. I let you reach down and massage my cock. Slowly rubbing the tip. I reach down and place my hand against the croch of your panties. Wet. Nice.

After a few min. I back away and slowly turn your around. I bring you towards me, place two hands on each side of your face and lean in to kiss you. Softly I part your lips with my tongue and let it slide into your mouth. We kiss and embrace for what seems like forever until I pull away, take you by the hand and lead you to the bed that is waiting.

You lie down, on your back and I lie down beside you. I start to slowly kiss you on the mouth while my hand cups and massages your breasts. I let my tongue slide in your mouth, exploring every detail. When I feel your tongue enter my mouth I suck it in and hold it. It feels so good. I then let it go to explore my mouth as well. I slowly start to kiss down your cheek to your neck…down to your throat. Slowly kissing. Gently. I move down to your breasts. While I cup one I take the other in my mouth. Sucking it. Letting my tongue dance around the nipple. I start to flick your nipple with my tongue. I then kiss down and up to your other breast and repeat the same thing there.

Kiss and suck and massage your breasts until your nipples are rock hard. I then start to kiss down…down to your stomach letting my tongue dap into your belly button. Then down further to your panties. I kiss your mound then keep going to your thighs. I hook my thumbs around your panties and take them down as I kiss down your your knees..your shins..your ankles then your feet. I slowly take your panties off and toss them to the floor. I look up and down your body and smile. It looks great.

I take your left foot in my hand and slowly start to kiss, suck and massage it. Gently I kiss all over your foot while I also massage it. I start to move up and do the same thing with your ankle. Kissing it all over. I move up your leg slowly kissing and sucking and massaging the whole way. Up to your knees then your thighs. I slowly spread your legs while I kiss and suck your thighs. Your pussy smells so good from here. I can see the glisten of your juices dripping out of you. I continue to kiss your thigh. 5….10 minutes go by and I kiss and suck your thigh…Up and up…up and up…up and up I kiss until I get to your pussy………..I make sure not to touch it or anything around it but instead skip it and kiss up to your your breasts. I suck and play with your nipples then kiss up your neck to your lips. I gently kiss your lips then kiss down your neck…to your breasts…down to your belly…then I skip over the honey and kiss down your right leg this time. Kiss and suck gently all the way down to your foot.

Taking your right foot in my hand I kiss and massage it. I kiss back up…your ankle…your shin..the back of your knee…to your thigh. I kiss and suck your thigh letting my tongue come out more. I kiss up and up…to your pussy. I then skip it and kiss up your belly to your breasts to your neck to your ear to your cheek to your lips. I take your mouth in mine and kiss you long and softly.

I now begin to kiss down your body again but this time down the middle. I kiss between your breasts..down to your stomach..skip over your honey until my head is between your legs. I then gently büyükçekmece escort take your legs and spread them apart. I get down so my mouth is not 2 inches from your pussy. It smells so good. I blew into your pu**y lightly and get closer….closer….

Finally I dive my tongue into your warm, wet pussy, cleaning it out. My tongue darts in and out of you, quickly sopping it all up. I bring my two hands around and with my thumbs start to play with your clit as my tongue is cleaning your pu**y. I work your clit..around and around with my thumbs. Gently pressing and rubbing in circles.

My tongue is making quick work of your juices. I bring my hand down and part your lips to give my tongue more room to work. Very gently I take your vaginal lips in my fingers and pull them out so my tongue can clean them on both sides. I slide my tongue all around your lips and inside of you. I bring my other hand down from your clit and with take both my thumbs and slide them inside you, opening the way for my tongue to go deeper in your.

I lick up and down, in and out. Finally, I move up to your clit. I can tell from your moaning that you are getting close to cumming. With my two thumbs still massaging your pussy, I start to flick your clit with my tongue. Very quickly I let my tongue dart in and out, just dabbing your clit very quickly with light thrusts of my tongue. I alternate between that and lapping your clit up like an ice cream cone. I make sure, while I am teasing your clit, that I don’t let my thumbs get too far in your. Need to make sure you don’t feel anything too deep until it is my dick.

Your moaning increases and your are on the brink of cumming.

I stop everything. I back away from your pussy and start to kiss down your thigh…to your knee…your shin..your feet then back up. I work my way back up, skipping your pussy in the process. I kiss up your stomach to your heaving breasts. You are breathing heavy now and sweating. You look at me and wonder how I could bring you to the brink of an orgasm then stop. I kiss your nipples, each of them, and suck them both. I kiss up to your neck, your cheek then your mouth. Long and wet I kiss you. Letting you taste your own juices.

We kiss long and hard until your breathing is somewhat back to normal. I then kiss down your cheek…your neck…your breasts…down to your stomach…your mound…then your quivering clit. It is red and swollen. I lick it with my whole tongue…nice and slow. I reach over to the night stand and get an ice cube from my glass. Gently I rub it across your swollen clit. Round and round in circles as I once again start to kiss your thighs. I lay there, on my side, kissing and sucking your thighs while massaging your clit with the ice cube.

Finally, after a few min. I reach up and place the cold cube in your mouth and get back to work. I wrap my arms around your legs so they are resting on my shoulders then I literally bury my head in your pussy. This time, I am not as gently. I dive in with gusto and get my tongue as far in your pussy as I can. All the while I am reaching up with my hands to massage your breasts, one in each hand. I lick and suck your honey pot and your vaginal lips until I hear you begin to moan again. I then bring my hands down and I move up to your clit. I start to kiss and lick your clit again. Making circles on your clit with my tongue while my hands reach out to hold your hands. I lick and çekmeköy escort flick your clit until you are moaning that you are going to cum…and I stop. I pull away letting go of your hands (but making sure they don’t reach for your clit to finish yourself).

I move around and take the glass from the night stand and get some ice cubes. I take one and place it in your mouth. With the other I lay beside your and move the cube across your sweat soaked brow, down to your cheek, your neck..all down to your breasts. I circle the cube around each nipple then place it in my mouth. I take another larger cube and continue where I left off…down to the stomach…the legs…back up to your face. I place this melting cube in your mouth as well then bend down to kiss you once again. I kiss back to your ear and whisper “This time…you cum”.

I start to kiss down your neck..your breasts…your stomach…then back up to your neck and your ear. I whisper “I’m going to fuck you until you cum…twice.” I then kiss down your your your stomach and back to your clit. I start to lap your clit again with my tongue. I lap and flick, lap and flick with my tongue. I start to kiss your clit hard then, when pulling away with my lips, I suck your clit. I go down and with my fingers, I open your vaginal lips. I then take turns…I will lick your pussy then go up and lick your clit. pussy, clit, pussy clit until I just concentrate on your pussy. I flick and lick your pussy.

Your breathing gets heavier.

Flick and lick your clit.

Your moaning gets louder.

Lap, flick and lick.

You start to moan more and louder. You are near to cumming. You are so wet.

I start to flick my tongue over your clit over and over and over.

You are now moaning at the top of your voice telling me you are finally cumming.

I move up your body quickly. In one fluid motion, while you are cumming, I slide my cock deep into your wet and waiting pussy. My hands go around and cup your ass with each hand to bring you closer. I kiss your mouth long and hard and I start to pump my dick into you hard.

While you are cumming…I start to fuck you hard…hands on your ass and my tongue in your mouth…pulling your ass off the bed to meet my co*k with each thrust. Harder and faster…not letting you moan..just keeping my lips and tongue wrapped around your mouth.

Finally I break away from your mouth. I take one leg in each hand and place them over my shoulder. I bend them back so your knees are almost touching your shoulders. I then start to pump harder and faster. I lock onto your eyes and tell you “I am fucking your pussy!” again and again. Faster and faster I fuck you. I keep fucking harder and faster…. I then ease back and thrust slower. I slowly let your legs down and ease back more. Finally, I slide my cock out and move down the bed.

I move in and start to kiss your clit again. I kiss and flick your clit again over and over. I move down and start to gently massage your pussy with my tongue again. Up and down and around I move my tongue. I kiss and suck, flick and lap your honey pot and clit over and over again. I hear your breathing getting heavier…your moaning getting louder.

I flick, suck, lap and eat your pussy and clit more.

You are starting to cum again.

In one fluid motion I am back up and inside of you. I wrap my arms under your arms and up to cup your shoulders. You wrap your legs around mine and I start to fuck you again…fast and hard. Fast and hard. I start to kiss and suck your neck…then move up to your lips. I start to screw fastser as I sink my tongue into your mouth. Faster and faster..harder and harde until I finally cum into your sweet pussy.

After a few more thrusts I slide out and lie by your side…I reach over and grab some more ice to cool you down…

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