My first Bisexual


My first BisexualOur Hawaiian Escapade (Bisexual) ExtendedIt was our first trip to the beautiful islands.My girlfriend and I landed in Maui late night and checked into our resort.The rooms were spread out on several adjusant islands.There were just 2 villas on our island. . We had a lovely villa with a private pool and jacuzzi.The bedroom was spacious and had the biggest four poster bed i have ever seen.There were plenty of couches and cushions around the room.A fantastic view of the sea from the adjusant verandah completed this perfect room. Sharing the island as us were a young couple. Magret and Dave. Magret was tanned,had the most beautiful eyes,well endowed with round breasts and a nice bubble bottom.Her belly button was pierced. David blonde and well built.They made a beautiful couple..We met them over breakfast and we seemed to have a lot in common….A lot more than one could imagine 🙂 . That the four of us went snorkeling that morning. Magret and I got friendly .We began enjoying each others company at once.I helped her when she stepped on a sea urchin when we were snorkeling and she was teaching me ping pong. .My girlfriend elizabeth and david were having a good time together too.They played soccer and had a whale of a time surfing.We were good friends by the evening.We invited them over to our room for drinks and they obliged immediately. After a couple of drinks they got back to thier room.Elizabeth and i indulged in a quick bout of oral sex before dinner.She sucked my cock till i was totally turned on.Then i sucked he pussy…gently lapping the delicate flavour.Then we did a 69 and she made me squirt my cum into her mouth.We bathed together and went to david and magrets room to call them for dinner.We knocked at the door.”Dinner?” He shouted “So early?”” Why dont we have some fun first and then get to the dining room he said” He opened the door. He was butt naked.He was well endowed with a penis of about 8 inches and 2 inches 1xbet yeni giriş thick.He was clean shaven.His butocks looked firm and athletic. He smiled at us.And said “surprised?” .. Wanna join the fun?”. Inside the bedroom was magret. She was lying on the bed with her legs apart. She had the most gorgeous pussy I had ever seen .Magret smiled at us.”Cmon you guys ..get in”. Elizabeth and me looked at each other. I have had swinging fantasies before…but wasnt sure about elizabeth. She smiled at me and said “lets get it on baby””ok ” i said. “Who does what?” Just get it on said david. Liz and i removed our clothes. We got on the bed with magret and david. Eliizabeth and magret lay besides each other. David got on liz and began to suck her boobs.She moaned in pleasure and asked me”…baby do u mind whats going on?”I said “What u mean?””No way, its so fucking hot”. David gestured at me me to get into action with magret. I lay besides marget and started kissing her lips, slowing moving down to her breasts and belly button. Licking her belly button was fun and she giggled so much when i did that. I turned her over and started caressing her buttocks. She was taken aback, surprised that I was being so agressive. I gently parted her ass crack to see her beautiful little ass hole. It was dark pink. I began licking it gently. She was so warm down there – I loved it. Slowly licking her butt hole pushing my tongue around the creases. I asked her if she liked anal sex. She said she had never tried but would love to have me in there. Dave looked on approvingly..”Can i be the first” i asked.”I would love you to do me in the bum” she cried. She took a moment and went into the bathroom to freshen up. She came out with a small bottle of lube. She lay on the bed doggie style. I eased her tensed asshole, slowly rubbing it with my finger and poured some lube over it. I then gently pushed my middle finger in. She was so tight. Pencil thin!I began 1xbet giriş to gently push my cock into her fabulous butt hole. I was in heaven…I could feel the texture of her tight rectum engulf my cock and her rectal muscles tensed up around me.. LIz looked at me smiled…she knew how much I love a tight butt. I i was getting deeper into magrets p*o hole. In and out..gosh.. It was tight yet soft. I could feel her heart beat from the nerves in her rectum . I pulled out for a second. She moaned deeply. I was happy that she was enjoying it. Liz stood next to me and started playing with my nipples. I absolutely love it when she sucks my nipples ! David was looking at us and stroking his cock…. he looked at us wistfully…I knew he wanted to join usHe moved forward and laid his head under magrets pussy for a 69, as I was gently fucking her asshole. It was the first time I’ve had a guy so close to me. He was fingering her and licking her while.. His mouth and fingers came very close to my cock…I pulled out again for a second time to tease marget and began kissing Liz. I could feel Davids firm hands …reaching for my cock. He gently held my cock, gave it a few light strokes and dropped it. There was an air of tension in the room. Liz broke the silence. She looked at me with a naughty smile….she seemed to like what he just did to me. “why dont you boys get it on? It’ll be so much fun to watch baby. Ive always had this fantasy of seeing you with another guy” WTF I though. Why didnt she ever mention this to me?Magret giggled. I guess she knew davids intentions all along.I’ve had light thoughts of being with a guy before too, but was too shy to express them to Liz. I was so happy that she was ready to let me try this. I moved towards him standing up…he got on his knees and got a hold of my cock and began gently sucking it..pushing it deep into this mouth…and then out again and agiain and again…..pushing my foreskin back and 1xbet güvenilirmi flicking at my glans…then rolling back the foreskin and nibbling gently.OMG! He was an expert at this. Moving towards my balls…licking each testicle and gently pulling at the hairs on my scrotum….moving down onto my perineum licking it as he stroked on my cock. He got behind me and parted my buttocks and began slow and gentle laps with his tongue up and down my butt crack. He made me lie on the bed on my back with legs up ……I was going to get fucked missionary style. For the first time tonight I was actually a lil shy. The girls moved towards me….they could tell I was a lil shy and nervous. They wanted to give me all the attention they could cos they knew it was my first time. They began kissing me and caressing on my nipples and belly. David gave me a light blow job before he moved down to my butt and started licking it.. gently..using his tongue to move up and down my ass crack. I could feel my body tingle every-time his tongue hit my anal opening. All of a sudden, he stuck a finger into my butt. It felt awesome. He massaged my butt hole with his fingers for a while….I was so erect…the gurls were having a fun time with my cock…..then magret opened the bottle of lube and began applying some on my perineum..Mark took his fingers out and pushed my buttocks into the air….magret poured some the lube into my little burrow…and let her finger in to massage it. It felt heavenly. I was relaxed and ready now…. mark moved on top of me and started kissing me…our cocks were rubbing….his body felt so hard and muscular. He knew he was in control, and his body movement just showed that. He held on to me tight and began to search for my orfice with his cock….it was bending….. Liz moved behind him placed his cock on my asshole. I took a deep breath. He lowered his loins onto me …..AAAAHHHHHHHHHhis cock was moving into me.. i could feel the fullness in my butt. He was slowly moving up my rectum. I wrapped by arms around him tightly… he was making steady progress…now almost all of him was in me. He thrusted gently…In and In…outIn and In..Out..i was going crazy. To be continued

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