My first buttplug

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My first buttplugIf you’ve read any of my stories, you’ll know that since I’ve been divorced, I’ve been pretty much 100% gay, and for me that means. 100% submissive to real men.I’ve been humiliated and embarrassed both privately and publicly, and although it can be truly awful at the time, I keep on going back for moreHowever, for all the dominant men that have used me, and many have been on a regular basis, none of them have ever left me with a buttplug inserted.This is something I have desired for sometime now, and last week I bought myself a cute purple gel buttplug. Over the last few nights, I have inserted it and left it there a while, and obviously played with myself. The feeling of orgasming with a buttplug in is quite hot, but obviously I’d prefer a real cock, however…I decided to go further with illegal bahis my new toy, so today I inserted it as I got out of the shower, and kept it in all day at work. I was worried that people might notice me walking a bit different, or it might just fall out, but it stayed in there nice and snug, and I felt myself gently massaging myself in the chair when no one was around. This was all very well until I realised I was leaking precum like a fountain! I went to the gents, and made a big wad of toilet paper to wrap around my cock. To soak up all my precumIt’s early autumn here in the UK, and gets dark at around 7PM at the moment. After work, I decided I could not wait to get home, so I stopped off at a cruising ground on the way home (Bison Hill at Dunstable Downs if anyone is familiar with it) I parked illegal bahis siteleri up and got straight out of the car, I walked, well…minced really, slowly around the carpark, and then through the gate to where the action was dusk, and I quickly got undressed hoping someone would be there soon.I need not have worried, almost immediately a guy came out of the bushes and across to me. As I unzipped him and was just kneeling down to begin blowing him, another guy came from the direction of the carpark. I’d seen him there before but never been with him. They were both in their 60’s – just the kind of guy i likeI began sucking the first guy, and the second one put his hand to my little boi pussy, he had a bit of a surprise when he felt my buttplug, but all he said was” I’ll take canlı bahis siteleri that out and give you a real cock now you faggot” I was I heaven! Just how I like guys to talk to meThe original guy got in on the act and said “don’t stop sucking you little scrubber” I felt the second guy pull the dildo from me, spit on me and then put his cock in quite hard. It felt like it was about seven inches, certainly bigger than my 4 inch buttplug.It only took about a minute for him to explode into me, and when he was spent, the other guy pulled out of my mouth and turned me round for fucking. He lasted a while longer, but he also filled me with cum soon enough. As they were both finished, they just zipped up and strolled off laughing “that little fag is here often, we must shag it again sometime”I was very hard by now and it only took a free strokes to shoot my load.I got dressed, picked up my new toy, and came homeA very nice commute home, and a great way to celebrate a whole day with a buttplug in me.Anytime you may be passing Bison Hill, drop me a message

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