My First Coming Out Party


Call her about once a week to thank her for the wonderful lovemaking we had. I told her how impressed I was with her leather glove collection and of all the beautiful gowns she had. I shared with her my fantasy of being dressed as a debutante someday and be able to wear shoulder length white kid gloves.

We made a date that would give us enough time for a transformation as she called it We met again at the department store and she looked stunning. I told her she reminded me of Lana Turner. This time she was wearing a brown leather 3/4 coat and brown boots and brown gloves. You couldn’t help but stare at her. This time she had brought her car and so we made our way to the parking garage. We could hardly wait to get into the car so we could kiss and hug and I could feel her smooth leather gloves on my cheeks once again.

When we arrived at her apartment, she fixed us drinks, a vodka tonic for her and a lemonade for me. She put on some records and started a nice slow strip show for me. The first thing to come off was her leather coat. She kissed the leather and tossed it on the couch. Her up to the elbow brown kid gloves were next and she took them off in a sexy rhythmic dance . Again she un zipped her leather skirt let it fall to the floor and kicked it on the couch next to her leather coat. Then she sat on the couch and extended her booted leg and motioned to me to smell and feel the leather of her boots. The aroma made me dizzy and I could not help but kiss and lick her boots. She had me un-zip her leather boots and pull them off her legs. The boots were leather lined and the aroma of the leather and her feet had me almost coming in my pants.

Next, I unbuttoned her satin blouse and placed it carefully next to her leather skirt. She was wearing a gorgeous satin bra and her milky breasts almost spilled out of it. I undid her garter belt and rolled down her stockings. I put my arms around her and kissed her long and slow as I worked to unhook her bra. She let her bra slip off and placed my gloved hands on her breasts and had me suck on her nipples which by now were hard and stuck right out.

Then she had me take off my kid gloves which I was still wearing and took the rest of my clothes off. She led gaziosmanpaşa escort me into the bathroom and she filled her tub with water and sprinkled a lot of bubble bath beads until the tub was filled with wonderfully smelling bubbles. She tested the water to see if it was warm enough and we embraced and kissed. She had me get in the tub and knelt beside me and started bathing me all over. She could not believe the size of my erection and she enjoyed getting my cock all soaped up as she stroked it, gently pulling the foreskin back to make sure that it was squeaky clean. Then she got in the tub with me and I soaped up her beautiful round breasts, leaning over to kiss her nipples as she moaned softly.

We played with each other in the bubble bath until the water began to cool and we stepped out to dry each other off. I don’t know why, but I had already begun to feel very comfortable standing naked in front of Alice. She combed her hair and put on a black satin robe then led me back into the bedroom and had me put on the white satin panties she had already gotten ready for me. There was also a shiny satin bra along with the panties. She had me slip my arms into the bra straps and she put some forms in the cups which instantly gave me a pair of nice boobs which felt almost like real ones. She secured the snaps in the back and adjusted the straps so that it felt comfortable on. I could not help but bring my hands up and feel my new boobs which brought a smile to her face. Next she had me put on a garter belt and helped me put on the white lacy thigh stockings and hook up the garters. I was already starting to feel so feminine, and had butterflies in my stomach.

She walked over to her closet and came back with a white satin robe for me to wear while she applied my makeup. She did not have to ask me twice as I was living out this super fantasy. She had me sit at her vanity table that was covered with all kinds of makeup: foundations, eye makeup, mascara, lipstick, eye liner. She looked at me and asked if I would like to be a debutante today. She had the perfect dress that she thought would fit me and she went to her closet again and returned with a royal blue satin evening gown and gölbaşı escort laid it out on the bed. Then she went to her bureau drawers and brought out a pair of up to the shoulder white kid opera gloves. I was getting an erection again as I watched her bring out everything that I had fantasized for so long about wearing. It was like she had been inside of my mind all along. She did not pay attention to the bulge under the satin robe as she began to apply a light foundation to my face. She applied the eye liner and the mascara and the eye shadow and lined my eye brows. She finished with a light powder which she brushed gently from my face to even it all out. She applied a little rouge to my cheeks which she brushed again.

I was in 7th heaven by now but she still would not let me see her handiwork. She got up and came back with a shoulder length blond wig which she carefully brushed out and put on my head. She found a pair of open toed silver sling back shoes and had me try them on for size and stand up. I was really feeling like a woman by now. She had me take the white satin robe off and step into the blue evening dress. She zipped me up in the back and I felt so elegant. She then applied the lipstick and had me smack my lips together and blotted off the extra. She said that I was almost ready, but to just stand there. She went into a jewelry cabinet and came back with pearl earrings and a pearl necklace and put them on me. The last step was putting on the long white kid gloves. I had dreamed of owning such a pair of gloves but had never tried anything like that before. She helped me slip my hands into the gloves and worked the smooth leather up my arms and gently pushed the glove over each finger. She tugged on the gloves until they almost reached my shoulders and fastened the three pearl buttons at the wrist. She brushed and set my hair again and sprayed a little perfume behind my ears, rubbing it in with her fingers. I was overtaken with a sense of well being that I had never before and almost began to cry.

She then had me walk through the living room and back into the bedroom. I felt so elegant. When I came back into the bedroom, she walked me to a full length mirror so I could see keçiören escort my girlie side for the first time. I was so overjoyed at the way that I looked and felt that I embraced and began kissing her passionately and rubbing her breasts and feeling her between her legs. She returned all my affections in kind and she began to moan and to press herself into me.

She sat on the edge of the bed and opened her robe to reveal her gorgeous breasts and her nipples were hard. She pulled back the covers to reveal shimmering light blue satin sheets. Then she took my head in her hands and directed my painted lips to her nipples and made me suck each one back and forth while massaging her breasts with my gloved fingers. She was moving rhythmically to my sucking and massaging as she opened her legs and gently moved my face down to her pouting lips. I had never kissed a woman like this before and so she gave me simple directions on just what made her feel the best. I put my full mouth on her pussy and took those lips fully in my mouth. She had me stick my tongue in leading me to her clit which she had me suck on until I could feel her getting wet and juicy. She did not have to give me any instructions as I could tell by her moans and squeezes that I was pleasing her and I knew that she wanted me to suck and swallow her love juices which I did. She kept rocking back and forth on the bed and giving out a loud scream then fell backwards and pulled my face out from between her legs and had me get on top of her on the bed and start kissing her.

We rolled over on the bed and she reached for my cock and she took it all in her mouth. It only took a matter of seconds before I was shooting my full load into her mouth. It was both wonderful and painful. I pleaded with her to stop but she just kept sucking and sucking until my poor cock just gave up and went limp.

She stopped and inched her way up and kissed me on the mouth. I could taste her pussy mixed with my cum in her kiss and wanted more. She me let rest a while and then started stroking me and when I got hard enough she mounted my cock and proceeded to fuck my brains out.

This went on for a few months until Alice called me one day to tell me that she had found a boy friend and that we could no longer see each other. She also invited me over to help myself to some of her gloves, lingerie, and dresses if I planned to continue cross dressing.

Alice had taken some pictures of us that evening. Unfortunately I lost the pictures in one of my many moves.

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