My First cuckold couple

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My First cuckold coupleI used to meet couples from sex contact magazines but never really got the banter right so didn’t meet as many as a mate did, he was in his 50s but could write great letters to couples and meet em and fuck the female half of the couple. I met him through a contact magazine and as I was 20 years younger than him he used my photo as an advert for him to meet more couples, which was OK by me. One couple who wanted to meet him were John and Suzy (made up names to protect the innocent, and the not so innocent) Anyway John was orally bi and submissive which My mate didn’t go for being a macho older bloke. And she was gorgeous but he passed their details on to me. So he rang them for me and they came round. They were both attractive and he wanted to watch his wife being fucked by me and I said are you into being tied to a chair and he said yes. I think we had a beer first then I started kissing Suzy and fondling her breasts. It wasn’t long before we started stripping each other off, and I ran my hands over her gorgeous shapely body. She had black stockings and suspender belt on which bahis siteleri got me a hard on straight away as she peeled away her leather jacket and miniskirt. I asked them on the phone earlier if Suzy liked dirty talk and she said she loved it. I’m orally bi so any games with men and women is ok with me. I made them stand at the end of my bed and I made them both lick the length of my cock and lick on the end and take turns sucking on it. People say “two’s company three’s a crowd” but I always say “two’s company but three’s switch as much pleasure” I love the cuckold husband who loves watching me fuck his wife and it’s always the best turn on for me so I was in Heaven.I had tied John naked to a chair but he begged me to at least free one hand so he could at least wank and join in the action. I allowed him this one pleasure seeing as I was going to enjoy his wife’s body to the full. I watched him wanking as I started on his wife. I ordered him to tell me and Suzy when he was cumming so we could both watch and enjoy his ejaculation. So I mounted Suzy in missionary position and started slowly canlı bahis penetrating her almost clean shaven cunt. I love slow teasing fucking and I penetrated her at different angles so my cock went inside her and my cock end rubbed along more or less just one wall of her cunt which always makes women moan a little as it’s so unusual to do that. I did a few shallow strokes and a few full cock length deep ones too. (This is Taoist sex technique) These techniques usually make women moan more than just vanilla sex and I love women moaning and generally making as much noise as possible. I occasionally play with a woman’s clitoris sometimes too to tease her even more and bring her yet more close to orgasm. I love hearing a woman orgasm so I tease, I fondle and try everything to push her over the edge. I was telling John how lovely and wet and slippery her cunt was, and how much she was loving having a real man pounding her cunt. She was getting just as excited by my dirty talk as John was and I could see my unusual sex techniques were pushing her close to the edge much quicker than just normal sex güvenilir bahis and I told her what a filthy bitch she was and that she should be ashamed of herself and she came explosively after about 3-4 minutes. I was doing everything so slowly and teasing her she just climbed on top of me and started riding my cock. I took advantage of the situation and held my hand out as if to shake hands, I put my hand on her clitoris so as she rode my cock my finger teased her clitoris, and I told her what a dirty slut she was and she deserved a good spanking. it was only a few more minutes before she came even more noisily. She was the dominant one of the two so I made her fuck John as he sat tied to his chair which got her so wet and horny yet again. I sucked on her tits and verbally abused her again and played with her clit again as she came. She seemed to also love the cuckold scene and I asked her when we’d finished if her orgasms were more intense and she said “yeaaahhhhsssss”I always remember this sex session as it was one of the best I’ve had and I still fantasise about it as I wank. We met again but I spoiled it by saying how cruel she was to John (that was supposed to turn her on even more but it didn‘t) and that spoiled the mood and they never came round again. So I’m always careful what I say now in sex sessions.

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