My first gay experience part 2


My first gay experience part 2So after giving my friend Robert the first and probably the most unforgettable blow job he ever had, we made out some more. He laid back and went back to watching the porn i had put on the ps2. The scene came to the part where the guys were starting to do anal and DP. I had my head on his chest as i was watching that scene unfold, i looked at him and i told him that was hot. He gave me a smile then he told me to roll over and spread my legs. So i did, then i felt him put his hands on my ass cheeks and he started to rub them. He then put his fingers in his mouth then he started to finger me. I quivered as he stuck the pinbahis yeni giriş first finger i ever had in my hole besides my own. He eventually worked two of his fingers in and he complemented my tight hole. I could see he was hard again and i just gave him that look that i wanted him now. We got into a spooning position then i lifted my leg in the air and i told him to stick his dick in me. The first time i felt the tip of his cock run up my thigh i knew it was intense as i started twitching. He tried to stick it in but i was too tight for his boner lol. I then told him to just rub up on me with his cock sliding between pinbahis giriş my butt cheeks. Man did he love that idea, he just kept pressing up against me and we made out from that position. We eventually broke the position and we went to jacking off again. He shot his load again and it was all over his stomach. He then took some on his fingers then he put his cum soaked fingers in my mouth. I so enjoyed every drop of him, i never enjoyed tasting something so much as his essence lol. It got me so hot that i was getting ready to shoot. He returned my helping hand with his and he jerked me off. When it came time to shoot, he just squeezed pinbahis güvenilirmi down on my shaft down to my balls. my dick was pulsing up and down with white ropes of jizz all the while he had his fingers pinched down to my nuts. As the pulsing stopped, he then squeezed the tip. GOD!!! that felt amazing. We passed out on each other, when we awoke, my mom was pulling up to the driveway and here we were scrambling to get our shit together lol. we came so close to getting busted lol.Robert and i stayed friends/ suck buddies up until our freshman year of college, but this was the most memorable experience i ever had with the same sex. He winded up moving to Chicago and i stayed here in Miami. He now has a girlfriend…i wonder if she knows ; )… Robert is such a playboy, i personally think he can get whoever he wants. He still comes down once or twice a year, but it will never be like it was at 18. <3

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