MY FIRST HIGH HEEL MASSAGEI remember lying on the bed, on my stomach with a Spike High Heel rubbing on my cock and fantasizing about a real woman wearing the Shoe and massaging my cock, what I did not realize at the time was that my next-door neighbor had been peering in the window and was watching me. I was totally engrossed with my fantasy and shot my cum all over the Shoe. The phone rang about fifteen minutes later and it was my neighbor asking if I would come over and help her.I was knocking at her door five minutes later and when I entered she stood before me wearing a Black Lacey Slip, Black Nylons and Black Suede Spike High Heels. She had on make-up, to include Bright Red Lipstick. She slowly walked away and sat on the couch exposing the top of her Garterbelt. She motioned me to come over, but when I did she told me to lie on the floor facing her. I laid down where she told me and before I could say anything she raised her High Heel to my cock and gently started nurdağı escort to massage it. She told me that she had seen me masturbating and thought that I would rather have the real thing, which was her rubbing my cock with her Suede High Heel Shoe. She took her other foot and placed it next to the one on my cock and rubbed with a faster pace. I could see up her Slip from where I was lying and the sensation was unbearable. She told me to cum and within seconds I could feel the warm liquid covering my underwear.She had me stand-up in front of her and by the way she was breathing I could tell that she was enjoying this. She pulled down my blue jeans leaving only my underwear with a large wet spot where her High Heels had made me cum. She pulled me to her and began kissing the wet spot leaving her Red Lip outline on my shorts. She licked the spot and within minutes my cock was hard as a rock. She stopped for a minute şahinbey escort to reapply her Lipstick and then pulled my shorts down and put her Red Lipsticked Mouth around my cock, her head slowly moving back and forth leaving Red marks on my cock. I saw her reach down and remove one of her Spike Heels and she put the toe gently under my balls and massage as she was moving my cock in and out of her Red Lipped Mouth. I started to moan as I was getting ready to cum again, she moved her Mouth faster on my cock and within seconds I was shooting a load down her throat and as I was doing this she shook with an orgasm of her own as I saw she had placed her other hand up her Slip and was masturbating as she was massaging my cock with her High Heel. We rested for a few minutes trying to catch our breath and then she put her High Heels back on, stood up, straightened her Slip and walked over to the chair and sat down. She told şehitkamil escort me that I could come over to her house and repeat this activity any time she was home. She said that she loved wearing High Heels and having sexual pleasure with them on.She then went into the bedroom and returned wearing a pair of Leopard Skin High Heeled Spike Shoes that must have been at least 5 Inches High. She carried her Black Suede High Heels and walked over to me, knelt down and positioned the Black Heels above and below my cock and started to gently massage my hardening rod. Her Lips were Red again with Lipstick and she lowered her head engulfing my cock. She moved her head in an up and down motion with the massaging Heels. The pleasure was out of this world and within minutes my sperm entered her Mouth and slid down her throat. She took my cock out of her Mouth laid back on the carpet spread her Nylonned High Heeled legs and I crawled up between her Slip and found her hot pussy. I licked, tongued and teased her for as long as I could before she tightened her legs around my back and let go with a shaking orgasm. The time was getting late and as I left she handed me one of her Nylons to masturbate with and to shoot my cum into. She told me to make sure that I brought it back the next time.

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