My first lesbian Lust feeling ! “`


My first lesbian Lust feeling ! “`Walking in the hallways at Ebony Lesbian College , I just spotted a girl that caught My eyes. While walking by i notice she had A Fat a** that sat up in her Blue Ripped Shorts , pretty feet with With red nail Polish so bright it caught your attention from her nails to her toes , the sandals she wore had Fit her foot very well , her Lips were pink Like my Red Pu*** when it got wet When i get horny. I had a flash back from when i watched this Lesbo Porn video on , I dazed out thinking about two girls squirting in each others face getting real wet , screaming till they couldn’t scream anymore . ** school bell rings ** i snapped back into reality , while gathering my thoughts I Saw her walk by me , i smelled her Gucci perfume or maybe it was Coco channel ,, I don’t know what it was but it had me attracted to her smell. While walking to class i notice that People where spreading secrets around as soon i walked in the brown , Rusty wooden door. Asking myself “what are türbanlı artvin escort they talking about” , ” Did i do something, im only fresh meat “. But then all that change , the girl , my crush , the girl i wanted fuck walked into the room I Could smell her scent that she left when she walk by in the hallway. The professor Mrs.Backmen asked for her schedule , Mrs.Backmen was married to her 45 year old boyfriend but she still fu** girls even though she was happily married. I Know what your thinking she hot for that but her apperance wasn’t but you couldn’t tell or know because she always kissed a girl infront of us or smacked there Butt , the girls liked it but me i wasn’t interested in it , i just wanted one thing and one thing only. After she looked at her schedudle the teacher introduced her to the class * Mrs.backman talking * ” GoodMorning everyone i would like you to meet Paradice she is new here , she is from jamacia and is mixed with chinese ” Wait ! stop türbanlı artvin escort bayan ! i thought to myself , she’s Mixed ? can’t be she looks … so ..PERFECT ! SHE’S THICK , RED SKINED , HAS C-CUP BOOBS . While i looked at her i saw something strange .. i notice her Belt around her hips it said “Lesbionest” i put 2 and 2 together she LIKES GIRLS !!!!! I never thought this day would come, well at least not today .. Then something happend she sat right next to me , i got so excited but Horny , i wanted to just her shirt and suck on her boobs giving her that nice suckable lips she never had. After she sat she started talking to me * Padsice and Lana convo* Paradice : Hello , whats your name ?Lana : Im Lana .. and yours ?Paradice : Im paradice .. do you like girls ? if so can i ask you something ??Omg she asked me that last question on top of a question, i didnt know how to respond but i had an answer ready .. Continued Convo Lana : Yes i like girls , and yes türbanlı escort artvin whats our question ?Paradice: Do you like any girls here ? Lana : Yes i do .. Paradice : who ?Lana : lol i think thats personal .. why ?Paradice : Oh ! com’on you know you like somebody tell me … and because i like you , i like how stared at me in the hall way ,giving me those diry Looks .. Lana : Uh .. I .. Was staring ?? Paradice : Yes . yes you where .. well since we both know you like lets go on a date .Lana : Well yea ! of cours where ?Paradice : My place tomarrow at 9 dinner well be served and so will wine .. and put on something sexy for me .. ;)Lana : Ok .. i will After having are short convo , i notice she dropped a piece of papaer on the floor i picked it up and unwrapped it , it said ” call me ” with her Number on it .. After that i got to work , i studied throwing hand signals at her letting her know i like her .. i wanted her .. she was to be my baby , my slave , my propertty , Just all MINES .. *Bells rigs* class ended i went straight out to the parking lot ready to go since it friday i need some rest .. and tomaroww i had a date with Paradice anyways .. I got in the car drove 1.4 miles to my house . i pulled up , opened the door . eat my food from red lobster my leftovers , studied for my exam on monday , then took my 1hr shower and went to sleep …. To be continued ..

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