My first older lady


My first older ladyI was 20 y.o when I meet my friends coworker she was a 63 y.o lady she was 5’4 nice thick bbw she had nice DDD breasts big hips so me and a couple of friends picked her up so we can go to nice club close to my house we a some drinks and we started talking I don’t know how but we ended up talking about our sex life she was telling me that she had 2 years with no sex so I asked her what kind of guys she like she said that she was married to some one her age for 30 years and she had never had an orgasm so she separated and one night she meet a 25 y.o and ask him if he wanted to go home with her he said yes she fucked him and I ask her if he made her cum she said no …I said wow that you don’t know what your missing she ask me if I’m up for the challenge of making her cum…i told her to come back to my house she said fuck yes!!! So we arrived at my house my friend past out in the couch so it was just me and her and we started türbanlı bilecik escort kissing and touching each other and she was so surprise when she grabbed my cock she wow is big I’m 9 inches I told here I never had one that big …so I took her to a room and she started getting undress I got into bed and she started sucking my dick..mmmm it was so good she was spitting on it nice and sloppy sucking my balls she takes off her panties and to my surprise ….. She had the biggest and fattest pussy I have ever see it was bigger than my face!!!! Nice and shaved so I just dove in and started eating it she started screaming saying she never had her pussy eaten her pussy lips were like 2 inches thick I kept sucking on them and her clit then I slid my finger in her asshole she was holding her legs spread eagle and she said faster..I slid another finger in her ass while still sucking her clit türbanlı bilecik escort bayan ..then she yell what’s happening to me …then it was like someone threw a bucket of cum in my face it was amazing !!!! She said oh my god!!!!! Another one !!!!ii keep sucking then it was like a geyser I got on top of here and put my hard dick inside her and just started fucking her hard she couldn’t stop screaming the more she screamed the harder I fucked her ….here comes another one she said aaahhhhhhh all over my stomach we were both cover on cum she got on top of me she was ridding me hard and fast it was like she was posses just girding me so good I didn’t know a 63 y.o can fuck so fuckin good then she said …I want you to fuck my ass so she squatted up and grab my hard cock and put it in her asshole and little by little she started up and down and deeper and deeper ….she screaming türbanlı escort bilecik oh my god I’m cumming again…. All over my stomach again ..I turn her around and I start fucking her doggy style in her asshole she is face down ass up I tell to put her arms around her back she does I grab them and I start to fuck as hard as I can she cant stop screaming !!!oh my god !!!! I’m cumming again !!!! I’m about to cum myself so I fuck her harder she start to gush again I keep fucking her she’s just quivering laying face down in bed I tell her I’m about to cum and she says i want to eat your cum so she turns around put my dick in her mouth and start sucking me I tell her I’m cumming aaahhhhh she takes it all in her mouth and swallows all my cum !!!! She tells me that I’m the first guy that has made her fell like a women and she was only with 2 other guys before me..I was curious and ask her how many times she cum …. She looks at me with a beautiful smile and said…12 times I said to her I’m glad …you need it that and she said I needed you…hope this is not the last time you do me..I tell her to let me know when she ready for me again …..we had sex 3 more time then she died of a heart attack she was 64 …till this day I dream about her she had the best pussy I’ve ever seen. It was big,fat and tight .

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