My First Piss Play Experience


Telling my experiences to you gives me such a thrill. If you are getting thrilled too, then I must be doing something right.

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This experience happened pre Andi


After a long day working, I get home to do the routine things. Make dinner, pour a glass of wine and watch a bit of telly to unwind for a bit before looking online. However, on this particular day, I didn’t open any wine. I wanted to go out and have some fun. I went to my fridge and took out a large can of my favourite energy drink. Normally if I drink too many, I end up bursting for the loo often. However, I do like the taste.

I logged onto the gay meeting site to see what was about. My profile was viewed by a couple of nice guys. Sadly, they were more than 50 miles away. Getting bored with profile hopping, I checked the chat rooms. Sometimes you can get tied in a chat with a total time-waster, which in turn you miss out on a meet. So I was being cautious.

There was a ding, a new chat window appeared.

“Hi there. Nice profile BTW. Are you into piss play?”

I blinked a bit. Stunned by the bluntness of the question. I have only seen it in porn films. But never in person. So I gave my answer as honestly as possible.

“Hi. Thank you. Not tried it yet. Not really thought about trying it. Maybe I haven’t had a reasonable offer yet lol”.


“According to your location, I am not that far from you. I’m near the station. I would love to meet a guy as hot as you. I’m Matty BTW”.

I was getting intrigued now. To hell with caution! The station was only a 10 minute drive. I quickly typed my response.

“Hi Matty, I’m Andy. OK, let’s do it. What is your address? And what do I need to do beforehand?”

Matty gave me his address and the information I needed. I felt very comfortable when he explained that he is extra careful with newbies to this, and will respect my wishes if I change my mind. I showered, and made my way to his place.

He answered the door with a cheery face.

“Hi Andy, please come in.”

We chatted for a little while. Matty explained to me more about knowing what to do and when. He also enjoyed the same energy drink as me. I was also surprised to hear how he is also effected by drinking too much of it. We laughed about how many times we have had to pee within the last 30 mins before I arrived. So we drank more of it. After about 15 minutes chatting, we finished up our current drinks and went upstairs.

Grabbing hold of a few cans “Let’s not forget to bring these to replenish our bladders.” He laughed.

I was led to one of his bedrooms.

“This is where I do most of my piss play.” He was looking proud.

My first impression before arriving was a room used for piss play would have a smell. This room smelt very sanitary. It was spacious with a massive bed in the middle of it. The bed had a PVC covering over the top. A pvc covering protected the carpet. This room was definitely dedicated to wet play.

We took our clothes off and placed them in one of his drawers. Then we were facing each other naked, sporting huge elections.

Matty’s cock must have been a nice thick 8 inches. It was proudly standing to attention asking for me to grab it. I reached forward, and stroked it with a fixed gaze into Matty’s eyes. He moved forward to kiss me. I met him with my lips apart, and let his tongue explore inside my mouth. He was twirling his tongue around breathing heavy. He was very turned on. So was I.

After a short while, I pulled away.

“I need to piss again.” I whispered.

“I like how quickly your bladder works.” He chuckled. “Let’s start this in the bathroom.”

Matt held my cock with one hand. Without saying another word, he lead me to the bathroom. It was a modern looking wet room. We stopped into a large walk-in shower. He turned maltepe escort to face me, and got on his knees.

He directed my cock at his chest waiting for my stream to start.

“Let it go Andy.” Looking up at me. “I want to see your piss.”

The feeling from inside was building up. And then the pressure from my bladder was released. My piss stream splashed over his chest. He was holding my cock with one hand and wiping my warm liquid over his chest and neck with his other. He was loving the amount that was coming out. He placed my cock into his mouth, spraying his face, and took a load of my Amber liquid. Swallowing hard as I continued to fill his mouth. I was getting a blow job while having a piss. It felt absolutely hot. After about 20 seconds, I finished my hot stream. Matty completely wet with my urination, stood up licking his lips

“Mmmmmm, tastes just like our drinks.” He said.

“Really?” I asked.

Offering his hand to my mouth. “Have a little taste.”

I took a quick lick of his wet hand. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t taste bad. There was a sweetness in it. Probably from the sweetners of the drink. I leaned forward and lapped his wet chest to taste some more. I couldn’t believe how horny this was.

Matty smiled. “Like it?”

“Yes, but it was only a little taste though. I wonder what yours taste like.”

“If you like, I am nearly ready to piss.” He told me. “I would love your hot mouth to suck my cock before I let go.”

I went down on my knees. Which put his cock level with my face, I quickly started to lick and suck the end of his knob. The bulbous head of his meaty beast just about fit past my lips. As soon as it was in, I held onto his waist. I started rocking my head back and forth, feeling his gorgeous rod sliding in my mouth. Matt moaning with delight grabbed the sides of my head, thrusting his hips forward. Clearly he was enjoying my oral skills. My tongue twirled over the tip, making him moan more. I then pulled his body closer to my face, feeling the head of his cock proding the back of my mouth.

Matty moaned out with complete joy. “Oh fuck! You’re so fucking good!”

And then I surprised him more. I opened my mouth harder and pushed his throbbing cock into my throat. With a pop, his fuck pole took residence past my tonsils, his massive balls touching against my chin. He gasped, not expecting his cock being swallowed like that. Rocking my head back and forth, I was taking him balls deep in my mouth.

After a minute, Matty pulls out.

“I need to pee.” He panted. “Where do you want it?”

I wasn’t sure at first. I panicked.

“Just how you did it.” Was my reply.

He held his cock downwards, pointing to the base of my neck. I just knelt there, holding my head up, waiting for the streaming to start. Within a few seconds, I was hit with a powerful jet of warm, barley coloured liquid. I gasped with joy at the force of the piss hitting me. I moved my head down to have it spray my hair and face. Some of it ran down into my mouth. I swallowed. The slight salty, yet lovely taste made me open my mouth again and let it spray in. I closed my mouth to swallow, causing more piss to spray on my face. Was this classed as being degraded? I was being showered by this guys warm, fresh from the bladder, bodily fluid. Have I have been initiated by a hot, horny guy into the world of piss play? If so, I love it!

I leaned forward to take his cock in my mouth to drink more. Closing my lips around the squirting head, forming a seal to prevent any more tasty juice escaping. My mouth started to fill up very quickly, I hesitated to swallow at first. Something in my head made me wait. Knowing that if I don’t swallow immediately, I could choke or lose the amount I have in my mouth. I took a large gulp down. The taste was stronger, but it was still pleasant. I took another gulp as my was mouth mamak escort filling up again.

As soon as I had finished drinking down from this sexy tap, he went slightly limp. I returned to deep throating his cock again to get it hard. It didn’t take more than a minute to get him hard and ready again.

Amongst the puddle of piss, I stood up.

“That tasted nice,” I smiled. “Please show me what else can be done.”

Matty looked me in the eyes. “Turn round.”

I turned round, putting my hands against the wall. I felt his body up against my back. He started to kiss the back of my neck. His hard cock twitching in the crease of my arse. He dropped his hips down so he can line the head of his veiny beast up to nudge the entrance of my hole. He held it there, rubbing it around the entrance, getting me even more horny.

He then let go again.

The warm liquid was washing away over my arsehole, making it all wet. My groans of joy was telling him how much I was enjoying it. I reached back with one hand and held it directly at the entrance of my fuck hole. I kept it in place till I felt the warm fluid seeping inside of me. The sensation of feeling warm piss in my back end has made me desperately want more. I pushed my arse back to get more of his warm liquid in me. His cock head introduced itself into my hole, flushing my sphincter area at first.

“Oh wow!” I whispered. “That feels wonderful. Please fuck me!”

Matty gave a little grunt with a short thrust. He slid in me still pissing, his wonderful warm gift going deep in me. He started giving short strokes, going deeper with each stroke. Finally, he impaled me on his cock, fucking me balls deep whilst giving me his piss deep into my bowels. I was filling up as he was pumping it in me. I knew that this is something I wanted more of. I must have more.

“That feels so fucking good!” I said. Your cock is fucking fantastic!”

That spurred him on to fuck me harder and faster. My moans of joy just made him go faster.

Matt was slamming into me so hard and fast. I couldn’t contain all of his piss in my arse. It started to spray back out. He pulled out to let the urine present he gave me flush out. It ran out my arse, trickling down my legs.

“You are a horny fucker.” he said.

“Yes,” I replied, “This is awesome.”

“Come on,” he said. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Still wet from the bathroom, we walked into the bedroom. Now I know why the bed was covered with pvc.

I laid on my back, allowing Matty to climb on top, kissing and fondling each other. Matty slid off me and moved back. Lifting my legs up, he drew his mouth to my arse. His tongue darted in and twirled around, making me squirm with delight. The more he thrusted his tongue in me, the more I moaned.

Panting I called out “Tongue me deep! Taste my ass!”

Matty drove his face harder against my hole. He had a long tongue which went nicely in me. His hungry mouth eating me out like his life depended on it.

With my ass hoisted up in the air, my own cock was now hanging above my face. The view I was getting was amazing. I reached up to grab his head to hold it there. That tongue of his was doing some magical stuff. Gripping his hair, I pulled him tighter into my arse. I wanted to let him know how much I loved it.

Matty finally pulled away. Moving my head to the edge of the bed, he wanted more of my greedy mouth. Getting my head hanging back, he started to feed me his meaty cock again. The angle was perfect for getting a good face fucking. I reached to his waist to guide him in slowly, his gorgeous meat sliding deeper. My throat opened up to allow his thick monster to do deeper still. He gave murmurs of approval as he watched my throat expanding, accepting his juicy beast without any resistance.

“I need to piss again.” he panted.

I held onto his waist tighter. One party trick ankara ofise gelen escort I had was allowing a cock to shoot its creamy load whilst it was deep in my throat. I want to have him piss in me the same way. Holding his cock balls deep was all I needed to let him know that’s where I wanted it.

“Oh you are a horny fucker!” He laughed.

Holding on to his waist still, I pushed him away, took a deep breath in, and pulled him back in. Swallowing on his cock, it slide in perfectly. The moment he was in fully, he started to piss again. I could feel the speedy flow of his tasty urine through his cock. The warm sensation being experienced was like having a whiskey or brandy. Feeling a warm trickle going down to my gullet.

15 seconds later he stopped, and slowly pulled out. I was thankful, as I was starting to fight for my breath.

I gasped with satisfaction that I did it.

“Wow!” Exclaimed Matty. “You are an amazing cock sucker!”

“I know.” I chuckled.

I hoisted my legs up, wanting Matty to take me in that position again.

“Please, I really want you to fuck me hard now.” I asked.

Matty climbed on to the bed, his cock hard with anticipation. Lined up, and with a big thrust, pushed his massive tool deep into my arse.

Holding my legs up and back, Matty built up a rhythm. Pulling right out and slamming back in. Each slam making me moan out loud, and give words of encouragement.

“Mmm, fuck yes! Ooh, don’t stop! That’s fucking good!”

The more I spoke, the harder I was getting impaled.

Very soon, I had the urge to let go. With my cock bouncing above my face, it meant I will be getting it over my face and body. Not wanting him to stop, I didn’t tell him. I held back the urge as long as possible. Matty’s breathing quickened, he looked close to cumming.

“Do it!” I said. “Please give it to me and I’ll piss for you!”

His pace quickened more, like a frenzied beast, repeatedly stabbing my insides with his meaty spear. He wasn’t close to cumming at all. I think I have discovered Matty’s party trick. This man is a machine! He kept up the pace without faltering.

After about 2 mins of being shafted by a steam engine, my bladder couldn’t hold out any longer. My Amber fountain sprayed out, hitting me in the face. I moved my mouth around to catch the stream. I swallowed what I could. Half waterboarding myself as my piss shower went into my nostrils. When I finished spraying, I could just about open my eyes with the amount of my golden fluid around.

“That looks so fucking hot!” Matty called out.

“Shut up and cum in me you dirty fucker!” I replied laughing.

He pulled out, flipped me over on to my stomach, and slammed his meat back into me. He was holding me down with my face in a puddle of my piss. I started licking it up as he was giving me his all. His beast smashing against my P Spot with precision.

I suddenly felt that he was tensing up. He was going to cum. His thrusts were getting long and hard. With a powerful final thrust, shot his juicy cum deep in me. His cock twitching deep in my bowels, giving me that lovely white seed.

“Wow!” I panted. “You are a really hot fucker!”

Rolling off me laughing, Matty said. “Now you shut up and give me your cum!”

He rolled me onto my back again, and his mouth immediately went down to my cock.

He greedily took in and started to furiously wank it with his lips. He wanted it badly. I grabbed his head and started to buck my hips up, giving it to him deep. I felt my cock pop into his throat. That really turned me on more. I held his head still and started to face fuck him. The quacking sound he was giving me took me to the point of no return. I drew back a bit, and exploded my creamy juice into his mouth. Matty nearly swallowed it all. Some spilt out over my groin area. Once he was satisfied that there was no more cum from my spitting cock, he proceeded to lick up what he couldn’t swallow.

We laid there kissing and playing for a few more minutes, before going to the shower to clean up.

We had many more experiences. But that’s another story.


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