My First Time {fictional}

Big Tits

My First Time {fictional}My first time with a girl was intoxicating. My friends and I all decided that it was time for a girl’s night. We chose to hit the local night club X-Hale. It had the normal loud hip-hop music and the same locals from around town, but it also had hot guy’s there as well. So of course we were all in. Devon came to pick me up and we poured a glass of wine and had a drink while we waited for Dawn to come. I was still adding the finishing touches to my outfit, which was a tight pair of black jeans with a red v-neck tank top. It showed almost all of my 42-DD breast. I heard a knock on the door, as I walked across the living room, I noticed a look in Devon’s eye’s I had never seen before…. almost a look of lust. I opened the door and greeted Dawn. She is very small framed, with small perky breast. She has flaming red hair with beautiful green eyes. I have always been attracted to her. I hugged her and pecked her on the cheek. The thing with Dawn and Devon is they have never gotten along. So they flashed a fake smile to each bahis siteleri other an then started to fight for my attention. Which I loved. I have always like being the center of attention, no matter who it was from. Devon said, she didn’t feel well and went home. Dawn an I sat down on the couch an was thinking about just staying at the house and watching movies.I went and took off my tight jeans because they weren’t comfy. I slipped on a pair of cotton shorts and sat down beside her. I began to notice that she was eyeing my breast, and I began to feel my pussy getting warm. Dawn, asked me if I had ever been with a girl. I looked at her like I was appalled when deep down the thought had crossed my mind more than a few times. She said she hadn’t either, but every time she get’s near me, she get’s hot and wants nothing more then to see how I taste. Out of nervousness I giggled,but I had always wondered the same thing. Dawn moved close and began to touch my breast, she then leaned in an kissed me. It was the softest kiss I had ever felt. It canlı bahis made me so hot and wet. I started to touch her perky breast, her nipples were hard. I pulled her shirt up an licked all over her nipples. She moaned in excitement and begged for more. I took off her shirt and laid her back. Kissing her deep as she grinded me with her dripping wet pants. I sat up and slipped off her pants and asked her what she wanted… I knew, I just wanted to hear it. When she mumbled the word’s “lick my pussy” I almost came just from hearing it. I slid off the couch and dropped to my knees and with one long lick she grabbed my head and said “yes, yes, eat me”” I have waited so long for you” As I lick her hot dripping wet cunt, nibbling on her clit from time to time.I reached up and squeeze her tiny pink nipples, she moan in ecstasy. I begin to finger her tight cunt with one, then two and finally three finger’s. She shoved my face into her pussy, telling me to catch her sweetness with my mouth. As I get up my chin dripping from her juice, I am eager for bahis firmaları her to touch me and please me. We share a kiss as she lays me on the couch and begin touching my tit’s. She licks my big tit’s and bites my nipples, I can barely contain myself. She start’s to work her way down kissing every inch of my body. Finally making it to my thigh’s. She spread’s my leg’s apart and begin’s to lick my clit, I jump from the sensation that shot through my body like a warm current. She say’s…. your so wet, and taste so sweet. She dives into my pussy making sure to lick every part leaving nothing out. I have never had someone turn me on like this. I knew, I was getting ready to cum, then she spread my legs far apart and began licking my asshole. I had never felt something feel that good. As she licked my ass and fucked my pussy with her finger’s, I felt the build up coming from my toes, as I lay there screaming , and begging for her not to stop…. I’m cumming, I’m cumming I moaned in delight, I was filling up her mouth with my hot juices. Dawn crawls up my warm sweaty body and kisses me. I can taste my own pussy on her lip’s. I finally open my eye’s, only to see Devon standing there with her hand’s down her pants. Who knew our girl’s night had just begun!

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