My first time with a black girl (true story)


My first time with a black girl (true story)Well, Im a 42 year old white guy, I look in my thirties. My wife recently left me, although for over a year I saw it coming. I havent had sex in almost 7 months. I was feeling lonely so I post an ad on a dating site. To my surprise, and very cute you black girl sent me a message. (her pics are in my profile). She is 19, about 5 foot 6 and about 150lbs. We talk on the phone for about 2 weeks before we met. Both of us sent pics, and we text all the time. She told me she always dated older white men. Her last boyfriend was 45, and the one before that was 31. We have phone sex two grandbetting yeni giriş night ago, the things she was saying got me soooo fucking hard! Well, we finally met last night. She is so sweet and sexy! We talk about our phone sex, she asked me how long it had been since I had sex, I told her around 7 months. The next thing to come out of her mouth was, “lets go to your place and watch a movie”. I jumped on the opportunity.As we were watching “waiting” we snuggle and caressed each other, then our lips met, then our tongues. It was fantastic! It had been years since a woman kissed me like grandbetting giriş she really wanted me! She got up, took my hand and said “which way to the bedroom?” I happily told her. She had me sit on the bed while she undressed herself, great body, firm young tits, and that chocolate brown skin!I had NEVER been with a black girl before! She stood me up and proceeded to remove my clothes. We then climbed onto the bed, she pushed me onto my back and straddled me. Kissing the whole time, I could feel her smooth shaved pussy lips rubbing on my cock. She then reached down with one hand and positioned grandbetting güvenilirmi the head of cock in her pussy. She slowly lowered herself down onto me. SO FUCKING TIGHT! When my cock was buried as deep as it would go she started to ride, I almost lost it, I told her to stop and let me regain myself. Thats when she said “I going to ride you til you tell me your going to cum, dont worry about it being soon. We always have other nights”. And with that she started again. Holy shit it felt good! She rode fast and hard, within a minute I was ready to explode! I told her “now! Im going to cum now!” and she planted herself down with my cock deep inside her and began to gyrate on me. I unloaded in her like nothing I can remember in recent years! When I finished she layed down on my chest with my cock still in her. We cuddled and fell asleep. Before she dozed off she told me to be ready for more in the morning.

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