My first time with a man – Part 2


My first time with a man – Part 2As I was cleaning myself up he asked me if I would like to come back to his hotel. His hand was still stroking my thigh and what we had done together had made me feel really horny. I said yes and about ten minutes later we were in the lift on the way up to his room. I was quite excited at the idea of something more happening and when we got in the door he kissed me on the lips, wet and soft and said I could pour a drink while he went to the bathroom. He came back a few minutes later wrapped in a towel with a nice gel fragrance over him. I took over and had a shower too. Then we were in his bedroom, lights down. He pushed me onto the bed, falling on top of me; I could feel his towel slip from his waist and his warm cock pressing against mine as he lay on me, his tongue in my mouth and his hands all over my body. I could feel him rubbing himself on me, his cock getting sarız escort harder and thicker, his breathing becoming heavier as he snogged me and pleasured himself against my naked skin. He knelt up on the bed and asked me to suck him. I turned around till I was facing him, crouching on the bed in front of him on my elbows and knees. I held his hard cock in my hand and looked up at him before slipping my mouth over him. I swallowed his cock and started to pump him with my mouth. His hand came down over the back of my head and pulled me deeper onto him, I was trying to take him as best I could but was choking and gagging on him as I felt his lovely cock reach the back of my throat, he seemed to like it when he made me gag on him and I heard him moan and groan and felt he was about to cum. I sucked and licked his thick cock and stroked his heavy balls with my hand. I felt him harden in my mouth and he unloaded his spunk, holding my head down on him till he spent his last. I looked up at him, his cum dribbling down my chin. I felt such a slut and so horny.I reached down to stroke myself. wiping his cum on my hand I reached down and rubbed it over my tight little hole, spreading his warm cum back up over my cock and balls and moaning as I touched myself. He lay next to me on the bed and I felt his fingers between my legs, I opened my thighs to let him get at me and felt his finger probe my tight little bottom. I moaned and he kissed me, his tongue pushing into my mouth as his finger pushed deeper into my hole. I reached down and started to stroke his soft, sticky cock as he finger fucked and kissed me. Soon I could feel him getting hard again and he was pushing me over onto my front. He moved across and lay on top of me, pressing his firm cock between my thighs and against my hole, already wet and sticky with his spunk. I cried out as I felt him penetrate me, but he held me down on the bed as he pushed his cock inside me. I felt it stretching my hole as he eased his way deep into my bottom and began to fuck me. I could feel his balls slapping against me as he buggered me. His hand reached underneath me ad stroked my cock, I could hear him calling me a little cunt and whispering dirty things in my ear as he made himself cum for a second time in my bottom. His hand kept stroking my cock until I came, spunking up in the palm of his hand as his soft cock slipped out of my cum filled bottom. I used a tissue to wipe myself clean and got my clothes together. I could feel his cum seeping out of my hole and running down my thighs. He then thanked me and said he hoped we could meet again sometime. I left the hotel and got a cab home. I could still smell him on me, my hands were shaking but the smell and taste of his cum was making me hard again.

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