My First Virgin


My First VirginI was looking for my swimsuit. My husband had the k**s for the day and I wanted to spend some time working on my tan. I heard a sound behind me and turned to see what it was and there stood George the cabana boy. I was buck naked but not ashamed to let him see me. I am 42 years old and feel that I look better now than I ever had in my life. I had waxed and trimed, worked out all year to look good for this trip. After giving George a full frontal view I went back to looking for my suit hoping the akwardness would pass. George asked me if he could help and I told him sure if he did not mind my old naked body. He smiled and said that he had seen several customers in the buff and I was by far the hottest. I smiled and kept looking. After several minutes I noticed George had a pretty good tent going in his shorts. We were on holiday at this little resort. I liked it because you had a very few people here and a nice private beach, your own cabana and your own cabana boy or girl. George was our cabana boy, he was about fifteen, smart, okay looking and from the UK. I made a comment to him that I bet he gets lots of girls and probably has to fight off the ladies at this place. George blushed and said no, he was still a virgin. He said the girls were not interested in him. bahis siteleri I thought for minute and remembered a few weeks ago having drinks with my lady friends at the country club. We were talking about our first virgins, I had never had one. The other ladies said that men always remember their first. They kept talking and talking. Then I thought about what George had said. My pussy got very wet. I told George we should give up. I sat on a bar stool with my legs open and my pussy pointed at George but acted like nothing was up. George could not keep his eyes off my cunt or my boobs. I was making small talk as I tried to figure out if I should fuck this k**. I told George that I should get dressed and not tease him any longer. George smiled real big and stated that he was good looking at me all day if that was okay with me. I smiled real big and told him good because I liked being naked. George went about picking up around the suite as I decided to get on my hands and knees and pretend tolook under the bed for my suit. I knew this blow Georges mind.I sat back up and George said he needed to use the bathroom and ran off. I jumped up and followed him. Acted concerned for George and would not leave him alone in the bathroom. George grew frustrated with me and finally told me he canlı bahis was so turned on by me that his penis was so hard that it hurt and he wanted to be alone to masterbate. Then he said for me to not get upset and complain to the manager as he did not want to get fired. He said he should leave right now. I told George not to leave and that I was very flattered that a nice young man like him would find me sexaully attractive. George seemed releaved. I told him I could help him since I caused him the problem and I started to rub the bulge in his shorts. My pussy was burning now and I wanted this boy. George sat back on the vanity still unsure about what was happening. I rubbed his cock thru his shorts and acted as sexy as I could then started to kiss him. George melted and I knew I had him. I had not felt this kind of power in a very long time. I undid Georges pants and had him slip them off and remove his shirt. I pushed back onto the vanity and went down on his cock with my mouth. He was leaking precum big time and I thought that it would not take much to send him over the edge and make him blow so I turned it down a few degrees. I then lead George to the bed and pushed him onto his back on the bed. I started to kiss all around his cock and balls and slowly worked my way up güvenilir bahis to his mouth. At this point my pussy was right at his dick, and he was pushing around hoping to get his dick inside me. I sat up and placed my pussy above his cock, I grabbed his cock and guided it into my pussy as I lowered myself down. His cock slid easily into me and felt great inside me. He was super rock hard and ready to blow and so was I. I moaned and told him how good his cock felt as I worked my pussy around his cock. George moaned and arched his back and I felt his cock swell then explode pumping rope after rope of hot young cum deep into my cunt causing me to orgasim also. Both of our orgasims seemed to go on forever.When we both finished I collasped next to him on the bed. After a minute George rolled on top of me and started to fuck my sloppy pussy a second. This time he lasted much longer before he painted my insides with more of his cum. I could not believe the amount of cum this k** pumped into me. We laid there for a awhile then he fucked me again. After that I told him I needed to rest and he left me alone for several hours. We only had three days left of our trip but every chance George got to fuck me he did. Between my husband and George I had so much cum in me I was afraid I would slosh when I walked. The last fuck George and I had he told me he would never forget me. I would have to say that fucking a virgin was and incrediable experience and I am already looking forward to next years holiday.

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