My First Year in Prison Ch. 09


Tyler is happily engaged when his life takes a turn. After a couple bad decisions, he ends up in California State’s Prison. Surrounded by bad boys, hot guards, and a lot of testosterones, is Tyler going to manage to keep himself out of troubles? (Erotic Drama).


Chapter 9: Heatwave

This month of June was particularly hot.

There was no air conditioning in the prison and pretty much all of the inmates were shirtless at all times, some even wandering around in just their boxer briefs. Fernando was barely bothering with any type of clothing whatsoever.

The cold showers became a blessing and the guards were not too difficult about allowing us to take a shower outside of the mandatory hours. We desperately needed them; the smell of heated moisty guys was everywhere.

The guards themselves were sweating a lot under their uniforms, forming wet halos below their armpits. I could see Foster’s nipples poking through. He was definitely a cutie. What the hell was he doing in this prison? Could he not find a modelling job or something? I feared that in ten years, he would turn into Falcon.

My work at the laundry consisted more or less of throwing drenched wet clothes into the washing machines, sometimes the sweat being mixed with some cum. Now that Frenchie did not make me sniff them anymore, I almost regretted the time I was forced to play with the dirty underwear. Of course, I could not do anything in front of Kurtis.

Despite the heat, my new co-worker and favourite hunk of the facility had insisted that we kept on working-out. He had taken his mission of getting me in shape very seriously and to be frank, I had not expected that.

That day, Kurtis was waiting for me, already shirtless and bare foot, only wearing a tight short near a press machine. All ready to train me, I was pretty sure that he was going commando. When he turned around, I could see his sweaty ass glued to his white shorts and on the front, he had a very visible penis line. Yummy.

He was drinking water from a bottle and was spreading some on his face and abs when I came in. He had been training before and he seemed exhausted, but he smiled when he saw me. We had started to bond in the last few days.

As much as I hated going to the gym, seeing Kurtis in that state was objectively an excellent source of motivation.

“Here’s my star athlete!” He said, grinning at me.

“Oh, shut up. I should be rewarded just for showing up in this heat!” I complained.

“Rewarded, how?”

I felt a weird tension in the air. I could take this in so many directions.

“Forget it. What do you have planned for today, except for killing me?”

“Relax, Princess. We’ll go slow but we need to stick to a routine. Your body has to get used to training at least three times a week.”

“Yeah, I know, the endorphins…”

During our working hours at the laundry, Kurtis had given me some extensive lessons about proteins, endorphins, nutrition and tons of advice on health or performance. I asked him if he was a professional trainer before being locked up in there and he just said no, without getting into any details. I still had no idea what was his life outside of prison.

Although, one thing was for sure, Kurtis knew what he was doing when it came to working out! And at least, this new objective gave me something to think about during the days.

Sometimes, Xander, Ralph and/or Pope would join us in the gym but that time, it was only the two of us. It felt a bit different. We were used to be just us in the basement doing the laundry but when we were working, Kurtis was wearing more clothes. Right there, adjusting the weights, he was barely naked.

Kurtis acted as my spotter as I lied down on the press bench. I soon had the confirmation he was actually going commando as I could see his meaty dick hanging below his shorts, just above me. I felt something falling on my forehead. Pearls of sweat coming from Kurtis’ thighs. I almost said thank you.

“Come on man, I reduced the weight compared to last time, you can do 10 reps!” He said, pulling me away from my day dreaming.

Everything was hurting but I pushed myself. I had a good reason to stay on that bench, as long as Kurtis was above me, I could find the strength to keep pushing.

I had also come to learn that the pain could feel good. I had told many times to patients to exercise more and I was finally listening to my own advice. Training was a nice distraction from what was going on in my brain.

The day before, Griffin had come to see me again, but this time, he was with Austin. That messed things up for me. Griffin seemed a bit distant and frankly, I almost exclusively talked with Austin, catching up on his life. I was too happy to have my best friend from college back in my life. I regretted the way I had behaved; it was not cool for Griffin. I knew that I had stared at Austin’s biceps the whole time.

How could I not? It was already super warm outside and the College stud who had turned into bahis şirketleri an actual Hunk of a Man was wearing the tightest tank top. Sure, I was done thinking of Austin as a potential boyfriend but God Damn it, the man was a perfect 10.

I was feeling guilty since I got out of the parlour. Griffin had accepted to wait for me as I was locked-up in prison, basically because I had fucked another guy, and when he came to see me, I was more interested in chatting with my crush from college than taking the time to connect with him.

I promised myself I would call him to make things up.

I felt several drops of sweat falling on me. I got some on my upper lips. This time, the drops were undoubtfully coming directly from Kurtis’ dick and big balls. He realized.

“Fuck, sorry man.”

“That’s cool.” I said trying to sound casual, his sweat (or precum? One can dream…) in my mouth.

“Let’s move to the legs.”

“By legs, you mean my ass I presume?” I said, sitting on the press bench.

“Stop complaining and let’s do those squats!”

Kurtis believed that working out the legs / thighs / glutes was as important, if not more, as working the upper body. I guess this is fair but the man literally seemed obsessed with my ass. We would do squats at every single session and every time, it felt like he was checking me out.

I figured it was just my imagination, but we were at our fifth session now and I was starting to have my doubts on Kurtis’ intentions with me. I caught up on some things.

For instance, when we would hang out with the other inmates, and when the discussion would end up revolving around sex (which was literally the case for every single conversation), Kurtis was very neutral on the pronouns used. As a closeted gay male, I was myself too familiar with this practice not to notice:

“Look bro, when you find the right person, you just know it.” The right person, I noted, not the right woman.

“At this point, when I’ll get out of here and have sex, this is going to be epic!” With whom? He did not say.

“My favourite thing is sloppy blowjobs.” Again, was he the receiver or could he be the giver? I wondered.

Kurtis was not the type to talk much so I could totally have made all this fantasy up in my head, I basically knew nothing about him, but still. Once again, he wanted me to squat and he wanted to supervise my moves very closely.

I remembered something he told me the first time we worked out together, Xander and Pope were there.

“Damn, your ass is great Ty, a lot to work with!” Kurtis had said, seemingly excited.

“Cut it off, I know I have a big ass.”

“I’m serious. To gain some muscle and have nice glutes, you have to start with something, and you definitely have some.”

Xander had intervened:

“Damn, Kurtis, just kiss his ass already at this point!”

And we all laughed.

But this time, it was just him and I so when he said: “Your ass looks super good, man.” It felt way more intimate.

I just said “thank you” awkwardly and kept on with my squats. My ass crack was actually sweating like crazy.

I was about to give up when I felt Kurtis’ hands around my waist, on my wet shorts and t-shirt.

“What are you doing?” I mumbled.

“Relax, just readjusting your position.”

He moved his hands on my lower back, he touched my thighs too. He did make me change position but once it was done, he did not move his hands away.

“Go on, keep on going.” He ordered.

“I’m exhausted.”

“Come on, last rep!”

I continued with my squats but he had still his hands all over me. Something real was happening this time. This could not be my imagination. I had not been touched like that in weeks.

I could not tell if he was getting hard but deep down, gay or not, I knew that Kurtis had been locked up for more nearly four years, I felt how he was touching me, I knew the effect my ass could have on someone. I was convinced he was enjoying it. Could I make a move? I should not though. No matter what, this was exactly what I promised myself not to do.

He finally let go of me and I was done with my training.

“How did I do?” I asked, drinking from his bottle of water. It was disgusting, the water had turned warm, I spat it out.

“Relatively good. But I won’t be so gentle with you next time.” He winked at me. I felt shivers.

Shit, that was no good.

I wanted to kiss him in the middle of the gym but I had to contain myself. I could not do that to Austin. Wait, I meant, Griffin! What the hell was happening to me? I was engaged, I was happy, I told myself I would behave. I had to!

Probably the heat was getting to me.

I followed Kurtis into the communal showers, he had not taken two steps that his shorts were already at his feet and then, flying up in the air.

“More dirty laundry for us later! I’ll take care of this one because I think I have produced three gallons of sweat in my shorts. They must stink more than Ray’s dirty feet!”

I smiled, looking at bahis firmaları his round slightly hairy ass. I could not help myself.

“You have a nice ass too.” I spoke.

He looked behind him and smiled at me. Again, the shivers.

“Eight years of work! You’ll get there.” He said, flexing his glutes. Was he tempting me on purpose? Did he really want me to bury my tongue into his ass?

Just some friendly banters between bros, I reconsidered. There could not be anything more.

After more than three weeks in prison, I had got somewhat accustomed to see the guys naked in the showers. Dozens of inmates, soaping their bodies, stretching, showing off their dicks, some of them being hard in the middle of the room.

Usually, I would jerk off discreetly during the night to avoid being too turned on when I would get to the shower. Although, as of late, I had told myself that it would be ok if I got hard, nobody was accusing Ralph to be gay and he frequently (and quite proudly) was flaunting hard-ons in the middle of the room. Same with Pope and his big black cock.

But this time, it was different. I could not have an erection. There was no distraction. Just Kurtis, right there, stark naked. In a sense, it was way more erotic than having 20 naked guys in there, way more intimate. I felt that my dick was twitching, there was nothing I could do about it. I took off my clothes and turned around. I was fully hard.


He was facing the other way too. Maybe, he was hiding a boner as well. I could not resist and took a peek but could not see anything else than his back covered with cold water. Thank God the water was freezing cold, it calmed me down.

I looked at Kurtis again, his teddy bear tattoo on his neck.

I was not only attracted to his stunning body; it was the mystery too. Kurtis was smart, too smart for prison, discreet, tough, confident. He was not a drug addict, he was not shaking or hesitating in front of the guards. He was not getting into any fight but he was still respected. He had never had a visit from anyone since I got there and Xander confirmed me once that it was the case since himself had been locked up, nearly two years ago.

Who was this guy outside of prison? I could not even say if he was straight or gay anymore. Maybe, he was bi?

I put a towel around my waist as he was drying off his large, but limp, dick a few feet away from me. I was about to ask him about the teddy bear tattoo when I heard:

“Braxton! Been looking everywhere for you!”

It was Falcon and his stupid bald head, barking at me, as per usual.

“What’s happening?” I asked, wondering what the hell I could have done this time.

“Just follow me.”

“Ok, I’ll just put back some…”

“No, no need to wear any clothes, just keep the towel and follow me, this is urgent.”

It was the second time Falcon was taking me away from Kurtis and he knew something was up. When Kurtis asked about it later on, I lied and told that I just had to sign some paperwork but I was pretty sure he was convinced that Falcon was fucking me.

It was not the case though.

I was not even sucking Falcon’s dick. No, he was taking me to someone else I needed to serve. Warden Deen.

I walked in the corridors still semi wet with just a towel around my waist, we passed by Glenn whose eyes were glued to my crotch area. Apart from him, nobody really cared though. Everybody knew that Falcon was a crazy motherfucker and the majority of the inmates were already semi naked at all times, so a guy wearing just a towel, that was not that surprising.

When we got to the Warden’s office, Falcon stayed behind. I looked at him worryingly but he mostly ignored me. He nodded slightly, inviting me to knock. I would go in alone. I knocked and waited for the Warden to invite me in.

Deen called me and I opened the door nervously. There was air conditioning in his office. It felt nice. I got suddenly very self-aware that I was in the nude except for my towel. It was like one these nightmares where you are called into the principal’s office and you realize you are butt naked.

But this time, it was real. I was not dreaming. And Warden Deen also noticed, his eyes widened behind his glasses at my sight. He smiled largely.

“Well! Bloody hell, that’s a first! You did not even bother putting some clothes on.”

“I… I’m sorry… I did not know I would come here, Guard Falcon told me to…”

In his usual fashion, the Warden turned towards me on his chair and spread his legs. He held a hand in the air to make me shut up.

“No need to justify yourself, inmate. I don’t blame you. You wanted to wear an outfit that you deemed appropriate for a visit to your warden and you thought that a sole towel would be the best option.” He sighed. “You were wrong, of course.”

“Warden, this was not my decision…”

“Shut up, Braxton. We are not all used to the fag ways!”

I looked at my bare feet. What the hell was he talking about? I could already tell that he was hard kaçak bahis siteleri under his pants.

“Wearing a towel in an office is totally out of place, inmate. Take it off.”

This time, I stared right in his eyes.

“Sir, I am naked underneath.”

“Take it off.” He repeated distinctively, licking his own lips. I could see his bulge growing further in his fancy pant suits.

I dropped the towel on the floor. I was surprised, my dick was semi-hard. Probably the reminder of my time in the shower with Kurtis or maybe I was actually aroused by the warden’s tone.

“Was it what you wanted, Sir?”

I asked, almost defying him.

He did not pay attention to me.

“You know the drill, on your knees, and come here. My dick needs a throat massage.”

There was no pretending anymore. No time to waste. He wanted me to go straight to business. I crawled towards the warden and waited for him to give me his big veiny dick. He did not. He put his hands behind his head, I had to unzip him and release the monster under his pants myself.

I did it. He was not wearing any underwear. Despite the air conditioning, there were hints of sweat on his balls and pubes.

I was not too sure what I was being punished for, or if I was punished at all. I was not sure If I was consenting on some levels to what was happening. All I know is that I swallowed his dick, felt his precum in my mouth and then I licked his sweaty balls.

Deen moaned and then put one of his hands behind my head, pushing me further down his shaft. He wanted me to choke.

“Fuck, one of the best mouths that I had.”

And I bet he must have had hundreds of mouths before mine, in that office. How come nobody ever denounced him? I guessed I was not willing to tell anyone what was happening at the time, so this made sense that he could remain hidden all these years. None of the inmates was in a position to challenge the prison’s warden.

He spat on my face several times.

I could see that he was getting aroused by the fact that he was making me do this, that it was not my decision. I was certain that he would not enjoy it that much if I looked too willing. Clearly, he did not care about finding gay guys in bars, he could have dated tons of them, he was handsome, sexy, fit. What he wanted was using his power. He wanted to submit unwilling subjects.

Was it the whole reason he had become a warden in first place or did this habit came with the power? I would never know.

My eyes were filling with tears as he was pushing me for harder deepthroats. Kurtis had shared that he loved sloppy blowjobs earlier in that week. It was one of my specialities, I was certain I could help make him feel good. Austin loved it too back in our college days.

Fuck, again you caught me my dear reader! I was sucking a man’s dick while thinking about another inmate and about Austin. Why did not I think about Griffin first? For God’s Sake, he loved deepthroat as much, if not more, than the next guy!

Deen slapped me. Harder than usual. I was destabilized. He laughed it off.

“Damn, you are hard.” He said while sliding down his pants completely. “You love that dick too much, take a piece of that instead.”

The Warden moved up his legs, helped by his desk to maintain his position, and exposed his musky and very hairy asshole to me. There were some grey hairs in this bush.

“EAT IT!” He barked.

I had never been one to refuse my tongue to a male asshole. My dick was dripping with precum on the carpet. Jesus, was I really enjoying this?

Going on his hole, I did not pretend like I did not what I was doing. Immediately, almost instinctively, I buried my whole face in this warm ass, and my tongue found its way into his anus and then, into his insides. I was desperately searching for his prostate.

“FUUUUUUUUCK.” He moaned.

He grabbed my hands so they would jerk off his cock at the same time. He was about to cum. I was indeed too good at this.



I was the one moaning. I dug deeper into his asshole. I looked for his most sensible spot inside his body but he was already losing it, as he was about to cum, he pushed me back. I had managed to throw him off his game. I bet the other inmates were not so eager when he asked them for a rim job!

“Come on my laps, inmate! This is unacceptable!”

I was shaking a bit but obliged. It was surreal. What was unacceptable? I only did what he made do!


He spanked my bare ass once.


My hard dick was rubbing against his. I was punished because I enjoyed eating his ass too much!


He was whispering in my ear: “Did your fiancé spank you like that?”


“Answer me, boy.”


“Sometimes Sir, only when I ask him to.”

I felt his dick throbbing when I said that. What kind of sick game was he playing, were we both playing?


And he started spanking me harder, I was getting really scared, I felt like his dick was about to explode against my groin.

“Sir, please.” I begged.


It was starting to hurt really much.

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