My Forever Love


You are my forever love – my ValentineFor it does not matter the time of day, or year,Whether high upon a mountain top orDipping and diving on the deep blue sea,Whether your bronzed body is basking in the sun orDripping wet from the monsoon storms,Be you naked bahis siteleri or wrapped in the finest silkAll I will see is my forever love. Gifts and cards do not matterRoses and champagne are not required.Our true love will surface when our eyes lock togetherBe canlı bahis siteleri it across a crowded room or atop a puffed up pillow.Memories will win the day of those times:When my body tingles at your feathered touch,Trembles on the end of your whispered canlı bahis kiss,Or falls into your twisted arms for that tender embrace. We shall not feel the need for Cupid’s arrow,Even when the red petals fall, be they roses or poppies,It shall not matter.For my heart will smile with gladnessAnd those special moments will play our tune on my heartstrings.I know – that when I look, I will find that I will always love you,And with every waking moment of my life,I know that I too am loved.

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