My Forth Story by blueslipman

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My Forth Story by blueslipmanAs you are standing in the bedroom wearing your long red gown, I come up behind you and wrap my arms around you. You can feel my hard and throbbing penis thru your gown and you push yourself back into me. I stand there with you in my arms as I start to kiss your neck and shoulders and rub my hands up and down your body. You then bring your hands up and start rubbing my arms, trying to get me to hold you tighter.As we embrace I feel you push back against me harder and start to rub your silky covered body against my cock. I respond by slowly working my manhood in between your butt cheeks and I start moving back and forth. I feel the silkiness of your gown wrap around me between the softness of your butt as we just stand there holding and rubbing each other.Although already hard, you feel my cock get even harder and grow even more. I have been anticipating this moment all day and now that it is here I am so very excited. I continue to stroke and kiss you as you grab the side of your gown and reach back with one hand and start to rub my thigh and butt with the smoothness of your gown.As we stand there, you slowly and passionately start to turn around; you are so aroused that you must kiss me deeply just to express to me all that you are feeling. As our lips finally meet it is like electricity and I know in that moment just how much you love me. We hold each other close and just explore each other with our eyes, mouths and hands. I rub your lower back and butt as your hands touch and stroke the back of my head and shoulders.As we finally break our kiss you looking longingly into my eyes and tell me that you love me. I tell you that you are the love of my life and that each moment with you is like the frame of a movie that I would like to stop and just live in that moment forever. We kiss again and hold each other as if there is no tomorrow.We continue to rub and stroke each other as I slowly lead you to the bed. As we stand just on the edge of the bed you reach between us and with your gown, grab my still hard penis and start to stroke me. I am also using your gown and rubbing and massaging your lower back and butt.Finally we break from each others arms as you sit on the edge of the bed and continue to stroke my hard-on with your silky gown. My eyes are closed and I am just in the moment with you as I feel your hand slide up and down my cock. You then slow your stroking so that you can expose the tip of my straining member and you lower your mouth to my waiting, throbbing dick.I stand there and enjoy your manipulations as I run my hands thru your hair. You continue to stroke me with your nightgown as your mouth and tongue work the head of my cock. As I get more aroused I start to thrust my hips forward, trying in vain to get more of my cock into your mouth. You know how much I love this and so you take me out of your mouth and just hold my dick without moving, waiting for me to calm down. You don’t want me to lose my load too soon.Then you lie back on the bed and beckon me to come lay next to you. As I lay down I pull you into my arms again and kiss you. I just want to hold you and kiss you for awhile, we have all the time in the world and there is no need to rush. As we hold each other we begin to rub and stroke each others favorite spots and I lower my head to your breasts. I first just kiss them on the outside of your gown but then I move to your cleavage and before long I have one illegal bahis of your breasts out and as I fondle it with my hand I slowly and softly lick and suck your nipple.We then sit up and face each other, legs intertwined. You offer me the side hem of your nightgown as you pull it to the side, I take it and wrap it around my pole as you sit back against the pillow that is propped up at the head of the bed. With one hand grab your exposed breast and with the other hand you slowly start to run your hand between your legs. We are both sitting there watching as we rub ourselves, stroking and massaging our love parts. I watch, mesmerized, as you slowly part the lips of your pussy and insert your finger. I just stare as you slowly run your finger in and out, in and out. I have to stop stroking myself for fear of losing control and you just smile and continue to finger yourself.After a few more moments you finally remove your finger and offer it to me. I softly grasp your hand and raise your finger to my mouth. I then proceed to lick and suck all of your juices off your finger, savoring the taste and knowing that I will have the pleasure of licking your pussy soon. As soon as you feel I have gotten all of your juices licked off your finger you then lay forward and push me back so that you are lying on top of me.I wrap my arms around you and give you light little kisses all over your mouth and face before lowering my mouth to suck, kiss and lick the nape of your sensual neck. As I am running my mouth up and down your neck and shoulder I feel you start to rock up and down on me. I then feel my cock go in between your legs as I realize what you are doing. I just lay there and kiss and suck on you as you move yourself up and down until my cock is almost completely wrapped in your gown. You then raise your chest off of mine and bring your knees up. All of a sudden you are sitting on top of me, my cock in the folds of your gown, pressed down by the warmth of your pussy as you start to rock back and forth.I feel the heat coming from between your legs and I want to feel the wetness. As I try to pull your gown from between us you squeeze your legs together, locking your gown into place. I struggle some more and look into your eyes, I notice that they are barely open and that you are caught up in the moment. I continue to pull on your gown until you finally release your legs and after a few moments I pull it free and you are sitting directly on my cock.I am not inside of you and you slowly start to rock back and forth again. I can feel your heat, wetness and passion now and I love it. You just keep rocking and I can feel your pussy lips sliding up and down my cock, not penetrating, just sliding. You start to speed up and that is when I realize the every time you slide back, the head of my dick rubs against your clit. You continue to slide on top of me and my cock continues to get wetter and wetter from your juices. You keep going faster and faster and I know that if you keep this up we will both come too soon.Finally you stop and roll off of me. You are panting and absently running your hand between your legs. I then reach for my cock and feel your wetness all over it, I can not believe how wet I am, it is as if I were really inside of you but I know that I wasn’t. I look down at your gown and I notice and large wet spot on it from where it was pressed between us.I know how aroused you are and so I decide that you need illegal bahis siteleri some relief and although you are facing the bottom of the bed that this position will be just fine and I slow work a pillow underneath you. I then climb between your legs and start to kiss your belly and inner thighs. I reach up with my hands and slowly start to rub your sides, stomach and legs. After a short exploration of your outer parts I move my head directly between your legs and I start to lick around your lips and up over your clit without actually touching it.When I do finally press my tongue in between your lips and make contact with your clit, you gasp hard and hold your breath waiting for the immediate sensation to subside. You are so aroused that even the smallest touches send off little electrical impulses that kind of feel like mini orgasms. I continue to lightly tease and touch you as I slowly start to working up and down your slit.I continue to lick your lips and lightly brush my tongue against your clit until I lower my head just a little more and insert my tongue into your pussy. I am like a starving man, I can’t get enough of you but at the same time I want to slowly savor every lick I give you. I continue to probe my tongue inside of you as my hands explore your body. I rub your stomach and pubic area and all along your outer thighs and up your side until I feel your hand reach for mine and place it on your still exposed breast. I know that this is a signal from you that you are getting more and more aroused so I stick my tongue deep into your pussy once more and then slowly draw it out and move it up along the fullness of your lips.I feel you reach for your nightgown and the next thing I know, the world has turned a dark red. It is night outside and with only one lamp on for effect, your nightgown gives off an amber glow from beneath its folds. I then feel your hands start to explore my back and shoulders through the diaphanous fabric, rubbing and stroking me, making me wish it was my cock that your were stroking. I continue my oral manipulation of your soft wetness as we continue our loving, sensual, sexual embrace.The fingers of my other hand are now beneath your gown and I am slowly using two fingers to spread your lips and my tongue continues to move in small, soft circles around your clit. As I open your lips I again move my tongue in between them I want to feel and taste the inner parts of your lovely pussy as you start to grind down onto my waiting face and tongue. After a few moments of sliding my tongue in and out of you I move back to your clit, making room for my anxious fingers.My hand then starts to probe you more intensely, finding its way to the opening of your softness as I slowly start to penetrate deeper inside of you. We both know that tonight I will not only be licking and fingering you to pleasure, but I will also be exploring, trying to find your G-spot. I insert my finger deep inside of you, as far as it can go. I then gently curve my finger to touch the outer wall of your pussy as I slowly start to slide it in and out, up and down, and side to side, in search of the ever elusive pleasure spot. I continue to finger you and you continue to push down against me. I know that whether or not I find your G-spot, you will not last much longer. You continue to squirm from the attention that I am giving you as I continue to explore the depths of your pussy with my finger. All of a canlı bahis siteleri sudden my finger moves and you tense up, you grind hard down on top of me forcing me to push against you as your legs tighten around my head. I continue to lick, suck and finger you as your fluids gush from inside of you, soaking my face and tongue, and the sheet beneath us. I continue to lick you until you finally start to relax, releasing my head from between your legs. I carefully lick your pussy lips some more, careful not to touch your clit, as I slide my finger in and out of your hole until your orgasm completely subsides. We just lay there as you continue breathing, me licking and fingering you, you rubbing your nightgown all over my head, neck and shoulders.Finally you pull your nightie from on top of me and reach down to pull me up along side of you. You wrap your arms around me and nuzzle your face in between my head and shoulder where you decide to start kissing and licking my neck. I reach down and grab a handful of your nightgown and wrap it around my cock. Your orgasm was so powerful that you got me completely aroused and all I want to do is cum. My mind is full of lust for my beautiful wife that I just start stroking myself hard and fast. You grab my hand and pull it off of my cock and tell me to sit on your face.I regretfully remove my hand but quickly move my body overtop of yours and slowly lower my cock to your waiting mouth. Then you close your lips around the head of my penis as I start to pump it in and out of your mouth. After just a few moments you again grab your nightgown and start to rub it against my balls as I continue moving my cock in and out of your hungry mouth.I know that I will not last much longer but I know that I have got to have your pussy. I pull my cock from your mouth and lower myself until my cock is pointed directly at your pussy. As my cock makes contact with your pussy, my mouth makes contact with your lips. I kiss you gently as my cock slowly slides into your wet mound. As I thrust myself the rest of the was inside of you I lower my body the rest of the way to you, feeling the heat of your skin, the softness of your breasts, the tenderness of your arms as the pull me closer still.I continue to run my cock deep inside of you as we hold each other in a passionate embrace that we both wish could last forever. That is when I feel my orgasm building deep within me, I want to savor this feeling but I know that it must end some time. I plunge myself into several more times before I raise myself up until I am on my knees. I then grab your white slip and wrap it around my twitching cock and I begin to stroke myself as you watch with eager anticipation.As I stroke myself you begin touching and stroking your breasts and pussy for me knowing that I love to watch you do that. I feel the softness of the slip sliding up and down my cock as I watch you rub and stroke your pussy. You finally let one finger slide between your puffy lips and start to run it in and out, watching as I sit there with your slip around cock. With just the head exposed I continue stroking faster and faster until I can’t hold on any longer and my cum bursts forth in what seems like gallons of unending streams of white goo. I cum all over your still glistening pussy, coating it with my sex.Finally, after my orgasm subsides, you sit up and take the head of my cock into your mouth, making sure I am completely empty and clean. You are careful because you know how sensitive I am so you just use light touches and only on the tip.When you are done I fall into your arms where we remain, talking and whispering sweet nothings to each other until we both fall asleep until morning.

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