My Friend Pat’s Grandmother (Cont’d)


My Friend Pat’s Grandmother (Cont’d)I woke up the next morning with a splitting headaches and heard Margaret, my friend Pat’s grandmother, wlaking down the hallway calling to us that breakfast was ready. I was in the guest room, and Pat was in his room, and already, the heat and humidity of the day were building. Margaret stopped at my door, and I told her I wasn’t feeling well. She told me to stay in bed for a bit, and that she would bring some aspirins to me. I fell back asleep, and didn’t wake until I felt the bed move. Margaret was sitting on the bed holding a aspirin bottle in her hand, and I noticed a large pitcher of juice on the nightstand. “You got too much sun yesterday,” she said, “take these and a good drink, and it will help.” I took the aspirin, and asked where Pat was. “Oh, he and the guys are out and about, but I told him to stay away from the house unitl noon – I’m sure you’ll be better by then.” I thanked her, and she got p saying, “I’m going to get a cold washrag for your head.” As she got up, I realized two things. First, the room was terribly hot, and she was dressed only in a shiny black full slip and was barefoot. I instantly remembered the day before when I saw her napping on the sofa, and how erotic that was. My penis began to sit immediately as I watched her walk to the doorway, and saw the sunlight from the hallway shining through the material of her slip, giving me a shadow view of her curvy legs. She was back in a moment with the washrag, and sat back on the bed. “This damn heat is awful…makes clothing even this lightweight feel hot.” I nodded as she applied the cold compress bahis siteleri to my forehead. I got a closeup view of her breasts – she wasn’t wearing a bra under her slip – and was fascinated at the way they moved as she did. The top of the slip was mostly lace, and I could see her nipples and aereola clearly. My penis was now on its way to maximum erection, and as she reached over to pour another glass of juice, her right breast brushed across my face. My erection now was throbbimg as I tried to nonchalantly drink the juice. “Does that feel better?”, she asked. I nodded, and she crossed her legs and put her arm out over mine to steady herself on the bed. The slip she was wearing was very shiny and soft looking, and it had a row of lace around the hem, which was now just to her thighs. It, like the one she wore the day before, was a bit tight on her, and it showed her slightly round belly very well. I drank the juice, abd we chatted, when she suddenly said, “These bedclothes are too hot…let me fix that,” and pulled the light comforter down. I was sleeping only in my briefs, and was now only covered by the thin sheet. My erection was unmistakeably noticeable, and she paused for a moment to look at it. “Oh, my goodness, young man…do you have a problem?” she asked. I blushed and tried to speak, but she said, “Don’t be embarrassed…it’s a natural thing.” I became very nervous, and she placed her hand on my thigh saying, “What, exactly, has caught your eye?” I tried to weasel out of the situation by saying I didn’t know, but she interrupted me by saying, “Is it my soft black slip – or my breasts canlı bahis – I have seen you looking at them since you got here.” I simply nodded, and in an understanding tone said “Women wear things like this to look pretty, and part of that is showing our breasts.” I nodded again, and she asked, “Have you seen lingerie and breasts before?” I whispered a weak, “Yes, ma’am.” She lightly stroked my thigh and asked, “Whose were they?” I replied that I had seen my mother and aunts like that by accident at home. She smiled and said, “Well, of course, and that is perfectly o.k. – did you touch yourself when you saw them?” I said I hadn’t, and she said, “You may touch my slip if you wish.” I put my hand on her slip-covered thigh, and she smiled. “Do you like how it feels?”, she asked. I nodded, and she said, “Go ahead…touch my breasts…it’s o.k.” I felt her large and firm breasts, and my penis began to ache. She changed her position so she was closer to me and facing me at the side of the bed. The slip had slidup to halfway on her thighs, and the sight of her creamy skin against the black nylon and lace made me dizzy. “Do you play with yourself when you are alone?”, ahe asked. I nodded, and she said, “You look uncomfortable…let me fix that.” She pulled the sheet off, and pulled the waist band pf my briefs down. My hard penis popped out at her, and she said, “Hmmm…looks like you are enjoying what you are seeing.” I nodded and she turned a bit more to face me. She pulled the slip straps off her shoulders and let the top fall to expose both of her breasts. “Now”, she said, “take a good long look.” güvenilir bahis Her nipples were fully erect, and both breasts moved together as she began to breathe quickly. “Touch them,” she said. I put both hands on her breasts and caressed them. She took my hand and placed it on her thighs, saying, “Rub my legs with my slip.” I was starting to get the same feeling I had the day before while mastubating with her slip as I watched her sleep. She put my hand onto my penis, and said, “You may play with yourself while you do this,” I began to masturbate as she watched me, and soon got to the edge and stopped. She looked at me and said, “What is the matter?” I blurted out that I wanted to lay on top of her, and she smiled, and crawled up next to me on the bed. “Well, come here,” she whispered. I pulled off my briefs and crawled on to of her soft, hot body. She told me a was being somewhat of a “naughty boy”, but not to stop. My penis was between her legs, rubbing against the slip, and her breast were under my face. She was perspiring – as was I – but she smelled of perfume. I was just about to go over the edge when I heard Pat come in the back door. “Quick !!”, she said, let me up…we can do this again another time. I rolled off of her and ahe got up, pulled the top of her slip back into place, pulled down the skirt portion, and hurried out of the room. I didn’t know what to do, so I masturbated thinking of how she looked and felt. Soon, my hand and penis were covered with the same clear and slippery liquid I had left in her slip the day before.In a few minutes, she (now wearing a flowered robe) and Pat appeared at my door. “Come on, man,” Pat said, “Let’s do something.” Margaret intervened saying, “I want him to rest for tow more hours until noon, then he’s all yours.” As they turned to leave, she turned to me and smiled.

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