My friend’s future wife.

Ass Pounding

My friend’s future wife.Before I begin I want to say that everything from this story is 100% true. Maybe for many of you this story will not be extraordinary, for me it is because it is the kind of story which I have dreamed in my wettest dreams.I am living a normal life, working hard for a good deal of money, have less time for friends, having a fiancée etc . 3 years ago the guy whom I grew up with and my best friend moved out of the country and we saw each other once since his departure. When he left, he took with him his girlfriend from that time, a very sexy girl (mid 20s, quite short, blonde, blue eyes, quite slim and very big breasts and ass, especially for her slim body). Her name was Anna and we never got along, we hated each other like we were the biggest enemies in the world. I never understood why but it was a fact that we hated each other and everybody saw that (including my friend).Anyway, returning to my story, about 2 months ago, my fiancée was out of town on a business trip and I returned home very tired from work. I saw a familiar car parked in front of my house. When I approached, it was my friend with Anna. We hugged, invited them in and talked for several hours drinking 2 or 3 bottles of wine. They came back to announce the friends and family that they are getting married. It was quite a shock for me because I didn’t saw it coming. After all those drinks very many strange thoughts started to run my sahabet güvenilirmi mind and I couldn’t take my eyes off Anna. She was very sexy dressed and I could see that she enjoys the attention. Little by little she started rubbing her legs, touched her breasts, lick her lips and I was simply on fire. When my friend went to the bathroom I couldn’t handle myself and went near her, touched her waist and kissed her very gently on the lips. I felt very guilty after that but her answer was more than I could have dreamed. She told me that they will leave in 10 minutes and she will tell him that tonight she will sleep at her parent’s house to discuss more about the wedding. She said that in 20 minutes after they leave she will return to my house because we had our differences in the past and she wants to have the time and discuss alone about all that. As she said, in about 10 minutes they left and in 20 minutes I heard my doorbell. There she was, very sexy and very confident (she always knew that she is beautiful and she can have any guy she wants … it was true). She is about 160 cm tall, had a nice tan, very beautiful and long blonde fair, nice big blue eyes, her face is simply gorgeous. She was wearing a tight shirt which was hiding her big breasts and I could see her hard nipples in it, a short skirt which revealed her nice legs and high heels. We sat on the couch very close and continued drinking sahabet yeni giriş wine. She explained that she is very sorry for all the trouble caused in the past, she always attacked me because she was sexually attracted by me … In that moment my dick became huge. She said that the only way how we can go past our differences is to sleep with each other and in that moment all her problems with me will probably be gone. Hearing this, I started to kiss her, and gently touch her thighs and breasts, kiss her neck and I slowly undressed her. After I was sure that I kissed all of her beautiful body, I put my head between her thighs and start kissing and liking this divine pussy, I almost came only watching her enjoying herself and sticking her nails in my shoulders. Her pussy was very juicy and in one point she kicked me hard on the floor and started to suck my big dick. I don’t want to brag but I have an 8 inch dick and she sucked and licked every part of it. At one point I almost came and she stopped. After that she licked my balls and looked directly into my eyes, I probably had the best sight of my life. After a while I heard what no other girl told me before … “I will fuck your brains out”. The wine makes wonders to my sex life and since I already drank a lot of it, I knew it was going to be a long session of incredible sex. She came on top of me and start fucking me hard. I was dreaming, sahabet giriş this gorgeous woman was fucking me, her breasts were bouncing in front of my eyes and I could see the pleasure on her face. After having her first orgasm she slowed down and I sensed that it is my turn to pound her hard. By that time we were both very sweaty and I put her on her back and started fucking her. My dick was in heaven, I didn’t wanted that night to end. After about 30 minutes of fucking and multiple orgasms from her, I sensed that it is my time to give her a huge load in the mouth. I put her on her knees with the back against the wall and fucked her mouth, after about 1 minute her eyes were tearing because of my big dick and I gave her a full mouth of cum … then she looked into my eyes, swallow the whole load, kissed me on the cheek and told me that we should do this more often. I couldn’t close my eyes all night thinking about my friend but every time Anna crossed my mind my dick became hard instantly. It is not right what I did but if she enjoys sex that much … it is better for me to fuck her than some stranger. We have met several times since then (me with my fiancée and my friend with Anna) but there weren’t awkward moments … we shared a nice experience and it is our little dirty secret … from time to time when we found ourselves alone in a room I didn’t lost time and kissed her very quickly, touch her breasts or her warm pussy. I could see that she really enjoys it. We did it another time since that beautiful night but in another month they will have the wedding so I think that maybe we will do it once or twice until then … once with the wedding I think that we should stop … or not …

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