My Friend’s Wife’s Dirty Laundry


My Friend’s Wife’s Dirty LaundryI was at a buddy’s house tonight catching up after not seeing each other for a while. I was ready to cut loose with him since his wife was out of town. His wife is a lovely person, she’s just wound a little tight and her anxiety has a way of impacting the vibe sometimes. She would have been mortified if she knew I was in their house while it was in the state it was in. My friend and his wife are, admittedly, not the tidiest couple around. Whenever they host, they put a decent amount of time and effort into cleaning the week’s mess up before guests arrive. Today, my buddy spontaneously just ask me to come over and I gladly obliged. Now the mess doesn’t bother me at all. I get it. Years ago my apartment was much worse than their home. I am unfazed by clutter. When I arrived I hung my coat on the banister. Also on the banister was one of sarıyer escort my friend’s wife’s bras. I assume it was hung there to dry. Now, a bra is such a minor thing to get excited over but it lit a small, soon to be raging fire of arousal in me. Her bra reminded me that in recent months I have begun to look at her in a very different way. I have always found her nervous, self-conscious, mousy personality a very endearing. Women like that have always been so sexually mysterious to me.My curiosity and imagination have teamed up to construct elaborate sexual fantasies about her for months. It is now impossible for me to ignore her large tits, thick thighs, and round and what I assume is a satisfyingly pillowy ass. She is voluptuous and hides it well most of the time. I think about her when esenyurt escort I masturbate. I think about her lips. I try to imagine how heavy her tits are. I torture myself over what her pubic hair must look like. Is it darker than her sandy blond hair? Is she shaved? I hope not? Is it neatly trimmed? Is it a free-growing bush?! I hope so. I wonder what my cum would look like on her pale white skin because of how little contrast their would be. Would it be hard to see? Would it run down her face? Would it neatly hang in thick ropes from her tear drop tits? Wait, what do her nipples look like? I digress…I was forewarned about the mountain of dirty laundry in the main floor bathroom. It ended up being a much smaller pile than I had imagined. When I walked into the bathroom for the first time tonight, I immediately noticed avrupa yakası escort a gray pair of panties that was not cohesively mounded with the rest of the pile of clothes. I’ve never ever felt the urge to root in a woman’s underwear before tonight but I was nearly overcome by the urge to bury my nose in this utterly normal pair of panties. They weren’t sexy – not a thong, not even lingerie. Just a normal pair of athletic underwear. A million thoughts raced through my head as I pissed, staring at her underwear on the floor, most of them wishes and fantasies. I wanted to smell her on them. Maybe there was faint hint of her what her pussy and ass smelled like before she showered. Would it be possible to taste her on them?! I might find a pubic hair and deduce even further what her bush might look like. My cock engorged in my hand as I finished pissing. I want to rest her underwear on my hard dick and snap a photo with my phone. I thought about how I might smuggle them out of the house to cum in them later.In the end, I was content letting the fantasy play out in my mind. I did not steal the panties but now I’m wondering what her sexy underwear looks like. Hopefully the house is a mess when I’m there next weekend.

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