My garden shed

Big Tits

My garden shedHere’s a story I wrote for a ‘pen pal’ who was into water sports and submission- hope you like it. I could see you from the back window as you crept into the shed from the back alley. Just as I’d asked, you had on a tight blouse that showed off your big tits, and it looked like you had on stockings or tights under the skirt – I hoped it was stockings.I’d told you where the key was hidden, and like a good girl, you took it in with you when you closed the door behind you. I hoped you’d find the wine I left beside the mattress on the floor in there – I do like having a huge shed – when I get down to you, it’ll become my fuck box. What a great name for a shed!It took about 45 mins before my wife eventually left to meet her girlfriends, so I knew you’d be getting all horny and desperate as I made my way down to the end of the garden. I used my key, and locked it behind me as I went in. “Hello baby, so glad you could make it down” I said as I looked at you sitting there on the mattress. “What took you so long Denny, I’ve finished one bottle already and I’ve started on the other one.” I grinned at you, which made you smile, and your hand slipped down between your legs – “I’ve already had one wank thinking about you and what you’ll do to me here in your secret cave – won’t you come over here and fill my filthy pussy with your cock!”“Hmm, very soon my little slut, very soon”. I poured myself a glass, pulled over a chair and sat down looking at you. “Right my little darling, I’m gonna sit here with a drink and a fag, and you’re gonna show me just how much of a whore you are by wanking for me while I watch!” You smiled as you finished off the drink in your hand and watched me settle in the chair.Putting down the glass, you slowly pulled up the hem of your skirt and spread your legs to give me a good view. Stockings! Superb! You began to rub yourself through the sexy panties, and I could see they were already damp with your excitement.“Get your tits out with the other hand” I ordered, and you quickly began to undo the buttons of your blouse with one hand while the other slipped down inside your silky pants and began to work on your clit. With the buttons open, your matching bra was there for me to see, and as my cigarette smoke drifted up to the ceiling, I was able to admire the size of your fettered tits as you stroked them through the soft material.Your breathing was getting quicker now as I watched you playing with yourself. You were struggling to get your huge boobs out over the bra cups with one hand, so I got up, placed the cigarette in your mouth and reached in and pulled them up out of the bra. I couldn’t resist them as they bursa escort sat looking thrust up my the bra underneath them, and as you sucked on the fag, I pinched each nipple to get them hard and proud as you groaned through the fag smoke. I placed a pillow behind your back and pushed you back against the cupboard behind you, then went back to my chair. I undid my zip as you pulled your panties to one side and began to finger yourself. Your eyes were closed and your breathing was getting faster as I pulled my cock out and began to slowly stroke it and tease the foreskin as I watched your fingers going into your pussy.“Look at me” I said as my throbbing cock stood tall and proud out of my trousers. You open your eyes and they fell on my crotch, seeing me stroking this big hard rod. You moaned as your fingers started fucking faster – all the time your eyes watched my hand moving on my cock.“Open it wide with your other hand, show me you’re a dirty bitch, open that hot cunt while you watch me wank, and fill it with your fingers.” You spread your lips and stuck another finger inside. “That’s it baby, show me what a filthy whore you are, sitting in some shed, your slutty legs spread, your big tits out and half your hand up your cunt as a dirty old man wanks in front of you.” I began to pull my cock harder, the big purple head shining as I stroked myself up and down. You’re wanking hard now as you watch my cock and my eyes looking at you.“I’m your filthy slut Denny baby” you gasp as you wank hard. “Your slave is just a slutty whore and she wants to cum for you!”“Let me see you cum then” I say, and you begin to work on your pussy even harder with both hands. “Oh, I wish I had your cock I my pussy” you say, “Or even my dildo so I could fuck myself for you”. I reach beside me and pick up the garden rake that’s there. I hold the head, and from where I’m sitting, l lean over and stick the thick handle end of the pole up against your soaking pussy. “Oh my God!” you gasp as I push the end of the handle up your pussy. Slowly at first, but then faster and faster I fuck you with 4 or 5 inches of handle. Your fingers rub your clit as you feel the plastic go in and out of you, and you see me grin as I begin to wank again with my other hand.“What would your friends say if they could see you now? Would they believe you’d let yourself get used like this? You really are a cheap dirty cunt!”“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum” you whisper, as your pussy is fucked by what looks like a thick broom handle and your clit is rubbed like mad by your fingers.I stand up, put the rake up against the shelves and walk right up to you, my hand stroking my cock right in bursa escort bayan front of your face. I tell you to spit on it to Lube it for me, so you do, and my hand spreads your spit down its length as I wank it, pointing it at you. You try to lean forward to like and suck it, but I push you back.“I didn’t say you could suck me, you filthy slag! Look at yourself, sitting there like some sex mad slapper. I reach up to the shelf and pick up an oil tin. “Are you my filthy slut? Are you just a dirty pig?”“Oh yes, I am” you croak, as you feel your pussy begin to leak all over your fingers. “I’m Denny’s cum slut and I’m his to own. I’m your dirty whore!”“Well you are now” I say as I tip the tin slowly over you. The dirty oil splashes thickly over your tits and thighs as I let it dribble over you. I let it cover your shoulders and part of your face as I continue to wank in front of your face. As the thick black liquid drips down into your pussy, your fingers spread it everywhere and you start to cum. Your head falls back and your mouth drops open as your orgasm explodes like a bright light in front of your closed eyes, and as you groan I shove my hips forward and my cock fills your mouth.“Now suck me you nasty little cunt.” I grip your hair and pull your face into my crotch. “That’s it baby, suck it deep as your filthy body drips with all that messy shit.” I reach down and fondle your oily tits. They move and squash in my hand as I spread their slick skin with the dripping oil. You’re gagging with my cock being forced into your mouth, and suddenly your eyes bulge as I fill your mouth and throat with my hot cum. I cry out as I shoot my load, releasing the pressure on your hair so you can breath a little easier, but I don’t let you go completely, and your forced to swallow the thick salty spunk as it pumps out of my throbbing cock.As you sit there in your soiled clothes, your lips dripping with a mixture of cum and oil, I pull away and zip myself up. I go behind the shelves and come back with a large uniinflated c***d’s paddling pool. I tell you to stand in it, then I connect an electric blower to it and blow it up.“You look a right mess” I tell you as I look at your disheveled, stained clothes. “Sit down while I clean you up a bit”. As you do as you’re told, I lift up the nozzle of a hose I connected earlier and aim it at you. “Open your legs again for me, you sloppy bitch. Let me look at your dirty pussy before I hose you down.” You do as you’re told, and I see your pretty shaved pussy, still puffy from your rubbing and the handle fuck. Your stockings are smeared with oil, and your skirt, blouse and bra are looking very second hand. escort bursa “This is gonna be cold, so prepare yourself” I warn, “but before I clean you up, I want to do this…” I take my cock out again and instantly my stream of piss hits you right in the face. The hot liquid splashes all over you as I aim it all over your oily body and clothes. “I’ve been dying for a piss for over an hour now, so I’ve saved it all for you baby!” I walk closer, holding my dick in one hand and the hose in the other as I turn it on, aiming it down at your tits as I push my pissing cock between your lips, filling your mouth with the hot acrid stream. You gag again and splutter the urine out of your mouth as I lift the hose up over your head and aim it down onto you. You’re now dripping with the mixed oil and piss as the water cascades over you, rinsing it off you into a dirty pool in the paddling pool. I tell you to stand.“Now it’s your turn” I tell you as I reach down and slide my fingers into your pussy. “Your turn for a piss while I finger fuck your hungry pussy”. You bend your legs and spread your thighs, half crouching as my fingers begin to slide in and out of you.“Go on you cheap slut, piss on my hand as it fucks you, or would you rather I got the rake out again and rammed it up your dirty cunt while I hose you down?” I could feel your muscles release your bladder through my fingers in your pussy, and almost immediately there’s a stream of hot yellow liquid splashing over my hand and wrist as I ram them into you harder and faster. “Good girl baby, piss on the hand that’s fucking your greedy pussy.” You gasp and have to lean back against the shelves as I aim the hose up at your pissing labia. The fingers inside you, the warm piss splashing everywhere, and the cold water aimed right at your clit are almost too much to take, and when you feel my mouth clamp around one of your nipples and begin to suck, your body shudders as another orgasm rips through your body. My mouth goes from one nipple to the other, sucking and licking. My face banging into your soft swinging tits as my hand smears your cum and piss over your pussy. I raise the hose between your legs, and before you can think of it, the nozzle is up inside you and the cold water fills you and spurts out the sides as your legs almost give way.“Right. I’m going for a cup of tea. Get yourself cleaned up a little, I’ll want some more when I get back in a little while.” I show you where I left the towels and a hair drier over on a bench. “I’ll expect you to be as cleaned up as possible when I get back – I have another little surprise for you”. And with that, l left you standing there in the oily, pissy, water-filled pool. I picked up the key you left by the door, and you heard me lock it as you watched me close the door and walk back up the garden path.If if I get enough likes and comments, I’ll continue the story. xx

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