My gay lover


My gay loverHi I have known I had gay tendencies since I was a boy. Especially on Boy Scout trips where I used to admire other lads in white Y fronts. My story begins when I went to a lay-bye that was frequented by gays. We would park in the lay bye and then go for a walk into the woods. On this particular day I call there before starting my afternoon shift.I first noticed a gorgeous looking dark haired man in his late thirties. He got out of his car and walked into the woods. I quickly followed and when we got a discreet distance into the woods he stopped and lent up against a tree. I approached saying hi, he said I have been waiting for ages for an opportunity and was about to leave when you pulled up.I didn’t ‘t waste any time I grabbed his face in both my hands and kissed him tenderly on the lips. I know some men don’t go in for the kissing but I love it. We both started to French kiss and whilst our tongues searched each other’s mouths we began to undo each other’s trousers. To make my day he had a lovely pair of white türbanlı escort Y fronts on the same as me.With our trousers down our thighs we continued to kiss passionately. I took his erect cock out through his fly and he supported a gorgeous 7″ cock which was circumcised. I couldn’t resist and got on my knees to take his hard length into my mouth. I gave him a blow job that he said was one of the best he had ever had. I kept changing from sucking his beautiful cock through his white Y fronts to a full kissing session.My cock was bulging in my white underpants but he had’ t yet touched me, I didn’t mind as I was enjoying his cock too much. After a great session of kissing and sucking his cock I did appreciate him grabbing my arse checks as we kissed passionately. I then stepped away from him and pulled my white underwear down to my knees and turned away from him. He got the message and as I leant over a fallen tree trunk I felt his finger lube my arse in anticipation of the delights I türbanlı escort bayan was soon to receive.He moved behind me and put the head of his cock against my man hole. I reached behind and pulled my bum cheeks apart to be ready for the buggering I was about to receive. He eased in slowly at first to give me chance to accommodate him until I felt his was up against my bum as he was now fully home.I was in heaven my gorgeous lover started to bugger my arse hole. I tried to picture the scene his trousers around his ankles his cock sticking out of his white Y fronts pushed up to the hilt in my bum hole. Me slightly bent over a tree stump my white pants stretched around my knees and my cock swaying to and fro as my lover buggered me. It was then that I noticed two ladies walking their dogs who had stumbled upon this scene and we’re taking it all in. Once they were discovered they said don’t stop on our account we have virtually seen the whole thing and have to say how much you have both escort türbanlı turned us on.With that my lover quicker his buggering and the ladies approached to get a better look as his hard cock piston in and out of my arse. They too looked at my swaying cock. Then to my surprise one of the ladies reached under her skirt and started to feel herself as she came for a closer look. She bent over the same tree trunk as me and gave me a French kiss as my lover by this time was finding the whole occasion a bit too much and virtually stopped buggering me to stop himself coming.I then noticed her friend lie down in front of us and proceed to perform oral sex on her friend. The lady kissing me soon came and as I broke off my kiss I saw her friend with her hand down her own knickers start to suck on my cock. My lover who by this time had recovered started buggering my bum again and soon shot a load of cum up me at the same time I jettisoned cum down my cock sucking ladies mouth.We recovered ourselves and the ladies blushed at what had transpired between us my gay lover and I exchanged another passionate kiss for the benefit of the ladiesOr more likely for ourselves. We have arranged to meet again where I hope to get another buggering from my gorgeous looking lover. Will the ladies turn up again well we will have to wait and see.

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