My GF takes me to a BI Gay Party


My GF takes me to a BI Gay PartyNow that Melissa and I had really gotten into scenes where we’d add a stud or a couple of studs to our mixes, and where much of what went on in those scenes turned out to be scorching sex between me and the studs, at Melissa’s eager urging — she at times just watching, sometimes joining — we were both now game for even more, ever wilder, freakier, raunchier scenes.Melissa had heard about a party, a big orgy where the focus would be on sex between the men, and where the studs would be a mix of gay and bi guys, some of the bi men there with women, as I’d be there with Melissa. The orgy was in a big house on a cul-de-sac a few blocks from campus, and a lot of the guys and girls would be from the college.We got there, Melissa and me, and it didn’t take very long for all the clothes to come off and the big living room to fill with young, nicely shaped,naked male bodies, and a few female ones. Most were college age, twinks some call them, but there were older guys there too, like me. And then maybe five or six women, Melissa, and the rest chicks from the college. The orgy was hosted by this rich bitch coed heiress who had a real thing for gay guys and male-male sex, as did Melissa. That’s how Melissa heard about the scene, from this chick, Katie.Melissa told me Katie could be a very sly and wicked bitch and had confessed to Melissa that she was going to add Viagra to the punch. Sure, all the studs invited to her party she knew would be horny and virile, but why not make them even hornier and more viril? That way some of them, maybe most of them, could get hard, cum, and then get hard again and cum again. And then maybe even go for third and fourth rounds. Katie said she wanted to see hard cocks and big loads until sunrise. That thought made Melissa drool, she said, the image of big, erect cocks everywhere she looked, and then to see those cocks unload and cum. Over and over again.Anyway, between the Viagra and the general horniness of all us studs, there was a steel hard cock, sticking up hard and straight, attached to every male body in sight, everywhere you looked. The place reeked of sex, especially the promise and potential of scorching male-male sex.And then the sex began. Stroking and sucking and fucking and rimming, all between the guys, with the chicks just cheering, urging the guys on and sometimes helping to orchestrate mixes, threesomes, moresomes.Apart from the chairs and couches, there were a couple of mattresses slapped on the floor. On one of these mattresses a really cute twink was face down, a cushion under his stomach to raise his ass, and behind him, attacking form the rear, a beautifully built stud, a muscled jock, his back and shoulders and thighs rippling with tightened muscle and sinew, his body gleaming from sweat, was pinning the twink down with big hands firmly wrapped around the twink’s wrists, as he pounded it into his ass. His cock, which we all gazed at it as he first slid it up the twink’s asshole, was massive, exceptionally long, and really thick. Now he was fucking the shit out of the twink, all of us surrounding the mattress cheering on the duo, the twink groaning and squealing and writhing under the aggressive anal onslaught, the stud fucker hammering away hard with the power of a sex athlete, the sound of his body slapping against the twink’s as he rammed it in, loud and clear, the unmistakable sound of two studs rutting, ass fucking.And then the fucker let out a loud groan, his body twitching, and we knew he had just cum deep inside the twinks’s ass. Pulling out, he let go of one more spurt, which landed right over the twink’s vividly flaring just-fucked asshole, and on his balls too. Alongside the fucker, another fucker had been waiting his turn, stroking his cock, at least as big as his buddy’s. Next, he stepped up and we all again watched keenly as he now took his turn jamming his big cock up the twink’s ass and resumed fucking him. More writhing and moaning from the two of them as all of us gazed at the spectacular sight, us studs stroking our own cocks, or each other’s, all the bitches strumming their clits, everyone so turned on by the heat of the ass fucking, the twink and his two anal assailants putting on a sizzling fuck show for us all. Power ass fuckers hammering greedy cock-craving male ass.And then the second fucker twitched and throbbed and we all knew he, too, had cum inside the twink’s ass, depositing a second load. When he pulled out. the twink’s ass was on full view, the hole raw from all the hard screwing, cum starting to leak out of his ass, some splattered on his buttocks and balls.”Watch this, everybody,” Melissa announced to the room, as she pushed me forward behind the twink as he just lay there, panting, catching his breath, recovering from the the rugged 2-man rectal invasion he had just endured. “Steve loves to clean studs who’ve just been fucked and taken loads up the ass.”She wasn’t lying, as she pushed my face down canlı bahis behind the supine twink. Now everyone had something new to watch as I first lapped up the droplets of cum off the twink’s perfectly smooth young ass, then lapped up the streaks of semen which landed on his balls. I really got to work, spreading the his cheeks wide open, curling up my tongue and digging it in to rim the well-fucked ass, lapping up the cum that started leaking out of it, a mix of two loads.”Holy fuck, will you look at that!” one of the bitches screeched, a foxy sex freak who had come to the party with the twink who had just been fucked and who I was now rimming clean. “He’s lappin’ up all the cum outta Donny’s ass. That is so fuckin’ hot and nasty.”Out of the corners of my eyes, as I lapped away, I could see all the lust-glazed gazes zeroing in on my tongue meeting the twink’s cum-dripping asshole, the studs fisting their steely erections, Melissa and the girls unabashedly reaching between legs to strum overheated, dripping pussies and engorged clits. I was holding his ass wide open, greedly lapping up the cum that was leaking and spilling out of the twink’s ass, the mixed cum of the two hung studs we had all watched batter the cute twink boy for the last half hour. But lapping away and even curling my tongue and digging it in to scoop up more, I knew there was plenty inside him out of the reach of my tongue. From the way the studs had been moaning and twitching and their cocks throbbing, I and everyone else knew they had unloaded very, very heavily inside his ass. Melissa knew it too.So now she told me to rest my neck on the edge of the mattress and pulled the twink up and told him to squat over my face. My eyed wide open, looking up at his perfect his ass, suddenly more cum, a lot more, started leaking out of his asshole and right into my open mouth.”Oh man! Those studs really unloaded inside him, didn’t they?” a bitch hissed breathlessly, “look at it all come out of his ass.””And that dude is taking it all in his mouth, did you ever see anything so fuckin’ freaky, Connie!””Now you feed it to him, baby,” Melissa whispered into my ear, coming close, “feed the bitch the cum you sucked out of his asshole. You’re such a cum loving slut and so is he.”And so now, with everybody watching more excitedly than ever, I roughly pushed the twink down on the mattress, on his back this time, and brought my mouth right over to his as he obediently opened that mouth and I let all the cum in my mouth spill into his, everyone cheering and hooting, as the loads made the journey from the two stud fuckers who had emptied their balls inside him, to the depths of the twink’s well-fucked ass, to my mouth, and, finally, to his mouth. Melissa even slid a hand under the twink’s ass and let some spill into her hand, reaching down and rubbing it over my cock and balls and then on my chest and face, coating me with some of the sticky cum.”Oh yeah, that’s what I call recycling!” the twink’s girlfriend cackled, everyone clapping and cheering as they watched the lewd spectacle. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Melissa smiling wickedly, watching, listening to all this, loving at what she was having me do, loving how much I loved doing it. “Now their cocks, Steve,” Melissa said, pointing to the thick, meaty cocks of the two stud fuckers. They had unloaded and were no longer rock hard, but their cocks were still big and looked so juicy, glazed with their own cum, and glistening.And so now I turned my attention to the dudes, everyone watching as keenly as ever as I sucked one fat cock clean, then the other. By the time I was done, their two cocks were rock hard again. Was it their extreme horniness? Or the Viagra with which the hostess had spiked the punch? Probably both. Sucking the cum out of this twink’s ass had made me very, very horny, and my big dick was rock hard. To my side, I eyeballed another really cute twink, a dreamboat, sleek and lithe, smooth and hard-bodied, his cock was thick and meaty, though not yet fully erect. Maybe he had skipped the punch. When he turned a moment, I eyed his trim, perfect, boyish ass, licking my lips. I had just eaten ass, now I wanted to fuck some twink ass. So I reached over to him and dragged him down on the mattress, turning him over and getting him up on elbows and knees. The boy was very compliant and I knew he was in a mood to get fucked. Everyone had been watching me eat out that cummy ass, so now their eyes were still on me, curious what I’d do next.What I did was spread him wide open, press my face into his ass, and start rimming that ass, he purring like a happy kitten. The asshole I had just rimmed had been fucked and dripped cum; this ass was tight and as yet un-fucked.”Fuck him, fuck his slut ass!” one of the bitches squealed as Melissa handed me some lube. So I lubed up the k**’s ass and lewdly fingered his hole as Melissa held him wide open for me and everyone watched. Then, taking my shaft in bahis siteleri hand, I knelt behind him and pressed my cockhead against his greased hole driving it in hard and deep, no mercy, right down to my big balls, the k** howling and flailing as I sodomized his tight young ass. I took hold of his hips and got into a nice groove, fucking him with deep, smooth strokes.”That’s right, baby,” Melissa whispered in my ear, “Fuck the twink, fuck him!”Then I looked up at everybody.”Hey guys? My cock is busy fucking, but my ass and mouth are empty and available for service, anybody game?” It was like offering honey to a swarm of bees. Soon studs were crowding around my face, forcing cocks into my mouth, face fucking me. As I went from one rock hard cock to another, sucking them all, I could feel a tongue in my ass. Or was it more then one tongue? It was probably studs rimming me. But maybe Melissa took a turn, or one of the coed bitches. All I knew was that it felt damned good fucking this twink’s tight ass while gorging on cocks, and feeling warm, wet slippery tongues swiping away at my ass.Then I felt someone slap some lube into my crack, followed by a stiff finger digging in. Then more fingers. Again, was it one stud fingering me, more, studs and bitches taking turns? Who knew and who cared. My fucking asshole was on fire, first tongues, now fingers. I knew what would be next. The cock I was sucking right then seemed to be the biggest and thickest of all, a real monster of a cock. My lips could hardly engulf his massive girth. All this while fingers were digging into my ass, and studs all around me were stroking their stiff ones, aiming at me. Then the hugely hung guy I was sucking lifted my chin and made me look up at him.”Now I’m gonna fuck your ass!” he growled in a husky, masculine voice, pulling his cock out of my mouth and disappearing behind me.”Yeah, fuck his ass! Fuck his slut ass, stud!” I heard a voice hiss, and that voice was Melissa’s. Looking back over my shoulder now, I could see her, smirking, as she reached down to hold me open as the stud got into position. And then I felt it; it felt like a hot billiard ball was being pressed into my ass. I gasped and groaned as he jammed it inside, first the giant cockhead popping open my hole, and then that stunning shaft following, inch by awesomely thick inch.I’m not just sucking dicks, I’m sucking them off. Hard cocks throbbing between my lips and popping in my mouth, blasting loads, some big, some bigger, some so big I couldn’t keep all the cum in my mouth, swallowing some, more semen spilling out of the corners of my lips down on my chest and the balls and thighs of the stud I was sucking off as I sucked off every drop. And then I sucked off the next one. And the next. And yet the room was so crowded with studs that I couldn’t possible suck them all. Others made do with their own hands, stroking and blasting their loads all over me, over every inch of my body, on my face as I was sucking cock, on the cocks I was sucking. One blast after another, until my body was covered, coated and glazed with cum, splattered with semen.And through it all Mr. Huge kept on fucking my ass, working his oversized tool into me with raw, blazing power, his thighs slamming against mine, his balls slapping and mashing against my balls as he worked it inside me. That massive slab of young cock meat felt so damned good crammed up my ass, thrusting in hard, reaming out my rectum, massaging and marauding my mancunt, fucking me, fucking me! When I felt his cock throb, and knew he was cumming, cumming inside my ass, I finally let myself go and came inside the twink I was fucking, my first blast, my first load of the night, and I knew it was a huge one, my cock ejaculating one rope of sperm, one jet of cum after another into his hot, humid depths. I felt the cool air on my raw, open asshole now that the stud had pulled out of me, and the minute I pulled my cock out of the twink’s ass, he whipped around and wrapped his lips around that cock and sucked me clean. A few more studs stepped up and jerked of over me as he sucked me, and one blasted his load right over his face and my cock as he mouthed my sticky tool with ravenous hunger. Looking down I could now see the twink’s cock fully erect, and I mean… erect! Earlier, right before I fucked him, I noticed that he was thick and meaty, but not quite at full mast, not completely erect. Now, fully erect, I could see just how huge and appealing that cock was. I had to have myself a taste.But first I had to taste something else. So I flipped the twink over, spread his cheeks, stared at the hole I had just busted open with my cock and then pressed my cum-splattered face between his cheeks, digging in with my tongue to lap up some more cum, my own this time, everyone cheering as they had before, sticky cum pasting my face to his ass. “The slut loves the taste of his own cum,” Melissa announced to everyone, “especially when he sucks it out bahis şirketleri of a young ass he’s just fucked.”Then I turned him over again and now leaned down and had everyone watch as I took his big, beautiful cock into my mouth. “Suck that dick, suck it! Suck it it like you mean it!” came a voice, a male one.”Yeah, swallow it, bitch! Eat it!” hissed another voice, this one female.”Fuck his face, fuck my man’s face,” Melissa urged the twink, “give the cocksucker another big load of cum; he loves it!”Me and the twink did not disappoint as we put on a cocksucking and face fucking show to top them all, me swallowing that big twink dick, my lower lip pressing against his balls as I took it all down the hatch, he fucking my mouth and throat with youthful fury. I had fucked him, and now he was returning the favor, fucking my face with raw vigor as I had fucked his young ass with brutal power.Suddenly, still sucking away, Melissa came into view, holding in her hand, and waving in my face a tub of Crisco, with her free hand strumming her clit so energetically and excitedly that her fingers were blur down there. When we watch porn together, we both love watching studs getting fisted, and Melissa especially likes that greasy look, the Crisco shortening slathered on their assholes and over their cheeks as big, male hands are being driven up greased and profoundly violated assholes. This, I knew for sure, was to be my destiny now. My ass had been fisted once before. But that had been by a petite Vietnamese escort we hired one night to come over and work her very small and delicate hand up my ass while Melissa took pictures. Something told me there would be nothing small or delicate about the hand that would now be rammed up my ass, buried up there while I kept chewing on this twink’s cock.Sucking cock, but glancing over my shoulder, I could see Melissa slapping a handful of the grease into my ass then handing the tub to this great looking stud, sleek and muscled, who now dug his hand into the tub, slathering Crisco over his fingers.”He’s all yours,” Melissa hissed, waving him over and right away I could feel him work a greased finger into my ass, then another, and then one more. And one more after that. I was heavily lubed and had just been fucked by a really thick one but, still, four male fingers digging into your ass is something you cannot ignore, even if you’ve been fingered and fucked all night.”Now the thumb, Jimmy,” Melissa said, obviously knowing his name. Had they conspired together to scheme how I would be fisted tonight?And then I felt the thumb slip in. Now Jimmy pressed down on my back with his other arm to hold me in place, taking control as he was about to make me into his hand puppet. And then he just pushed that hand of his right into my ass.”Oh fuck!” I howled as I felt my asshole stretched and filled, penetrated as it had never been penetrated before. Everyone was keen-eyed, unblinking, moving in a crowd behind me so they could witness it all, witness me taking a stud’s fist up my ass, the ultimate sex act between two studs, the most extreme and, in a way, the most intimate. All I had in front of me was the twink whose big dick I was still sucking.As he corkscrewed his hand, digging it into my ass, twisting it as he pushed it in, I had to let go of the cock in my mouth for a moment and bite my lip, being brave, determined to endure this obscene intrusion, a stud’s full hand invading my body, invading my ass. This was a new plateau, a new height, a new level of endurance for me. But I was ready. And I was eager. And I was going to take that fist up my ass! For the past few hours there had been a lot of sucking and rimming and fucking and cumming. But no one had yet been fisted. I was the first. Maybe not the last, but as the first, and everyone was gathered around, eager to eyeball every scorching detail. “I can’t fuckin’ believe what my eyes are seeing!” a slut gasped.And I could hardly believe what I was feeling as, with a wince and a gasp, I now felt his full hand suddenly pop into my ass, the widest part of that hand having forced its way in, my obscenely dilated asshole now clenching his wrist as he twisted his five fingers, his full hand around inside my cum-loaded ass.”Oh fuck!” I gasped, “go slow, go easy.”He knew what he was doing and took his sweet time. I wasn’t the first ass he had fisted, that I could tell by his skilled moves and confidence.Melissa came around and looked me right in the eye, my mouth stuffed with cock, a big fist up my ass.”You’re being fisted, baby,” she whispered sexily, her eyes sparkling, “a stud has his hand all the way up your ass. And I love seeing that, I really love it. I love all the things you’re willing to do for me.”Then Melissa disappeared again, behind me. And the next thing I felt was exquisite. It was Melissa’s hand encircling my cock jerking me off as I was rock rock from the hand up my ass and the viagra punch, his hand twisting around in the humid depths of my sperm-filled ass as Melissa jerked away happily and I sucked off the twink’s big cock, swallowing yet another big load of cum, everyone clapping and cheering and enjoying the scorching show… as I shot my load.

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