My Gift to You


I was at a conference, staying at the hotel where it was being held. I noticed you earlier, but we hadn’t communicated beyond smiling politely as we passed in the corridor. I was sitting in a chair at the back of the conference room for the last lecture of the day, sitting in my black suit with the short skirt – not indecently short, just short enough to project the image of a professional woman who is not afraid of her femininity!! My black jacket unbuttoned to show a silk form fitting blouse, my stocking clad legs crossed at the ankles and a pair of black leather shoes with wicked stiletto heels on them.

There were a few chairs free along the row, but you chose to sit next to me, stopping by my chair and asking if the chair next to me was vacant. I indicated that it was free and smiled as you asked if I minded whether you sat next to me. I replied that of course I didn’t and took the opportunity to introduce myself.

You sit down in the empty chair and I feel your thigh pressing against mine. I feel a tingle of excitement run through me, and I make a show of moving in my chair, without actually losing contact with your hard thigh of course…

I cross my legs, my skirt riding up on my thigh showing you a tantalising glimpse of my black lace stocking top, I hesitate just for a beat before pulling the skirt back down, just enough time to make sure that you have seen my little show. Now hopefully you will go crazy thinking about what I’m wearing beneath my clothes…or rather what I’m not wearing!

We stand at the end of the lecture and you ask if I would like to join you and some of your colleagues for a meal later on. I accept, but say that I would like to change and freshen up first. We agree a time and walk to the lifts together. Inside the lift we both reach for the same button, it seems we are staying in rooms only 5 doors apart…you walk with me along the corridor, and just as I enter my room, you say that you will call for me later, on the way down..

I turn to close the door, but you suddenly stop me, leaning in close and whispering to me that you hope that my lingerie this evening will still be as sexy as today’s has been…

I’m waiting for your knock after I have changed…hoping that you will still find me sexy in a black dress with a deep v neck and a skirt with a split in the front, showing just enough, but not too much of my legs. The dress has little buttons running all down the front.

I hear you knock on the door and I walk to answer it, admiring you as you stand in the doorway. You ask if I’m ready and I say that I am…feeling a stab of disappointment at your quite formally polite tone.

As we walk into the restaurant together, you introduce me to your four colleagues…all male! They keep me entertained during dinner and the conversation is quite lively. Afterwards we sit in the bar having a few drinks and chatting. Throughout the night you have remained aloof, whilst your colleagues have fluttered round me, each trying to outdo the other with their witticisms and gestures. I have revelled in the attention, but still am fascinated by you…and immensely turned on by you!

I decide it’s time to call it a night and say goodnight to everyone. You say that you’re turning in too, and my heart leaps at the thought…and my blood fizzes along my veins! We get into the lift and I expect you to make a move on me…but you stand slightly apart making polite conversation.

At the door to my room, I kiss you on the cheek and go inside; you carry on to your room. Once inside I kick my shoes off and sit on the bed. I am disappointed and more than a little frustrated! I decide to have a shower to cool off, so started to pull off my clothes when the phone rings.

‘I thought etiler escort that you might like to join me for a drink’ a deep, sexy voice says in my ear. You.

‘Well I was about to take a shower, but if you want, I’ll leave the door unlocked so you can let yourself in. If you phone room service, by the time the drinks arrive I’ll be out of the shower…’

‘You do know who this is don’t you…?’ you ask, a little uncertainly.

‘Hmmm a tough one,’ I tease, ‘Of course silly, I don’t drink with just anyone you know!’

‘What about Mark then?’ you ask mentioning one of your colleagues that I had met earlier…

‘Mark?’ I asked incredulously. ‘He seems nice and I got on well with him, but nothing else’


‘Well Adam is a babe, and he is sweet, but I wouldn’t ask him to my room’

‘A babe huh? Sweet? Well what about Rob then?’ you ask teasingly.

‘Now you are going to give me nightmares!’ I exclaim.

‘Well in that case I had better come to you so that we can find a way of stopping you getting any nightmares!’ you say laughing in my ear.

I quickly jump into the shower, letting the steaming heat wash over me. I know I don’t have long, so I quickly get out of the shower and dry myself vigorously with the white fluffy towel before smoothing a richly scented moisturiser into every inch of my tanned skin. I use the hairdryer to quickly dry my hair, leaving it curling wildly with no time to style it. Then I slip into the black satin robe that is hanging on the back of the bathroom door. The robe feels sensual, sliding against my skin and tremble with the anticipation of going into the room and facing you again.

I open the bathroom door in time to see you uncorking a bottle of wine. You’re standing with your back to me, but when you hear the door open you turned around to face me. You stand there quietly, apparently at a loss for words as you stare at me, then visibly pull yourself together.

‘Just in time’, you smile, pouring the white wine into a glass and handing one to me before repeating the action for yourself.

I walk over to the sofa and sit down in the corner, tucking one bare leg beneath me. You sit down beside me, not too close, and turn to me. We talk in a desultory manner for a while, whilst we both sip our drinks slowly. I don’t really want the drink, but need something to do with my hands, I sense you felt the same, after all, we don’t really know each other and neither of us are 100% certain of how the other feels. I don’t do casual pick ups!

‘So what about Rob then?’ you ask smiling, I can see the gleam in your eye, ‘he would have kept you company like a shot if you’d asked him to!’ I smile back and pretend to think this over,

‘I don’t think I would have asked him, he just doesn’t do it for me,’

‘Ahhh, so it’s only the guys that ‘do it for you’ who get invited to your room then is it?’ you ask. I realise the trap that I have fallen into and can feel the heat of my cheeks as the blush hits them. I wonder how best to answer and decide to keep it light,

‘Why of course,’ I say, opening my brown eyes in a picture of perfect innocence, ‘every man I entertain has to have that quality.’ I wink at you and you laugh.

‘Well how about we see if I do it for you then..?’ you ask leaning towards me and lightly touching your lips to mine. I can feel my pulse rate accelerate alarmingly, you pull back slightly so that you can look into my eyes,

‘You do want this?’ you ask. I nod imperceptibly,

‘How about you? It’s not the drink?’ I ask, I have to know.

‘God, you really don’t know do you? Every time you walked by me today I couldn’t stop looking at you, it’s gotten eve gelen escort so bad that I know whether you had been in a room by the scent your perfume leaves behind. I haven’t been able to concentrate all day because you have been so close to me…you have driven me crazy!’ You slide your hands into my hair and pull me roughly to you, your mouth crushing mine beneath yours. I still have the glass of wine in my hand, so I can’t wrap my arms around you; I run my free hand down your cheek and pull back slightly,

‘You don’t want this..’ you break out. I place my glass on the table beside the sofa and turn back to you. I lean back towards you and slide one hand round your neck whilst the other cups your cheek.

‘Yes I do,’ I smile, ‘I just want to be free to touch you with both hands’

You pull me closer and I feel your lips against mine again, your tongue licking around the outside of my lips until I part them and allow you access. I can’t get close enough to you. I feel your hand stroking the slippery material of my robe along my back, over my hip and over the thigh length hem where the robe ends. Your hand burns where it touches my bare skin along my thigh, down past my knee and back up, this time under the robe. Your hand stills on my thigh and you break the kiss,

‘You know if you were to come here, this might be a little more comfortable,’ you whisper in my ear. You pull me over so that I am sitting in your lap. I can feel your hardness beneath me. You pull my head back down to your and start to kiss and lick my neck, nibbling gently, whilst your hand strokes up and down my thigh. My breasts are level with your mouth and you move down from my neck and begin to lick and kiss my nipples through the black satin of my robe. I groan with pleasure as your licks and kisses turn into nibbles and suckles. My nipples are so erect against the damp satin and you pull back and looked at what you have done to them. I am quivering with wanting you so badly. You reach out a hand and lightly flick a fingertip over the sensitive buds, making me jump at every touch. I figure it’s time to take a little control back, so I take your earlobe in my mouth and suckle on it. Then I swirl my tongue in your ear and blow gently.

‘You know, I know another comfortable way….?’ I offer close to your ear.

‘Yeah?’ you smile.

‘Oh yes.’ I move off of your lap and you begin to move. ‘Where are you going?’ I ask. You look towards the bed. I smile, ‘I had another thought in mind..’ I say, smiling teasingly. I kneel astride your lap and slowly lower myself so that I can feel your denim clad thighs against my buttocks and your hard cock against my damp heat. I rock against you, eliciting an involuntary moan.

‘Vixen’ you smile as I look down at your face. You pull me down and kiss me frantically, this time there is no restraint.

I know that I can’t take much more I need you inside me and quickly, yet I don’t want this feeling to ever end.

‘Stand up’ you whisper into my ear…I reluctantly stand in front of you, facing you. You lean forwards and untie my belt leaving my robe to part down the centre. Slowly you pull the robe apart, your eyes drinking in every inch of my body. I step closer to you, sliding my hands around your neck and resting my leg up against your hard cock, rubbing against you gently.

‘Guy, I want you so badly’ I whisper as you lean forward and trace a line from my chest, down my cleavage down to my pussy.

‘Damn right you do babe, I can feel how wet you are,’ you arrow a finger along my pussy where the lips meet, brushing against my clitoris, making my hips jerk involuntarily towards you. ‘God Vick, I need to fuck you so badly fatih escort right now.’

I know that I am so close to coming even though you have barely touched me, so I pull you to your feet and quickly strip you of your clothes. I want to feel your skin touching mine all over! I take you by the hand and lead you over to the bed…now you are mine…

I push you down slowly onto the bed, placing light, butterfly kisses all over your face, down to your neck, up to your ear, my tongue lightly tracing over the skin, so softly like the slither of silk over a smooth satiny body. I gently nibble your neck, tasting, teasing. Biting softly then soothing the sting with my tongue, sucking gently, a little harder, following with my tongue.

I move ever downwards, tongue dancing down, over your chest, flicking your flat nipples with my tongue gently teasing them with my teeth.

I reach down with my hand, stroking the wetness pooling inside me. I dip a finger inside me, then another and pull them out coated with my juices. I bring my finger up to your lips and smear them across your mouth. The reach back up and kiss you deeply, hungrily, my tongue outlining your lips, tasting you, tasting me.

I reach down again with my fingers and repeat the action, this time smearing my juices over your erect nipple. I surround it with my mouth then begin to suckle softly, then harder. I release it and blow gently feeling you shiver beneath me. I kiss my way lower, down over your stomach, muscles clenching under my mouth, my tongue.

My hands precede my tongue, lightly scratching over the skin, downwards – down as far as I can go….I see the part that is begging for attention, straining up to meet my mouth, but I ignore it and jump lower, kissing your knees, running my tongue behind them, up your inner thighs, higher and higher, my long fingernails gently scraping the skin as you feel them reach the tops of your thighs.

I move my hand so that the back of it brushes against your balls, gently then more insistent. I lean towards you and run my tongue over them tracing all around, over, under. I take one in my mouth and suckle against it gently, repeating the action with the other as I feel your deep intake of breath.

I look up at you as I wrap one hand around the base of your hardness, reaching out with my tongue and lightly flicking the tip, circling the head with my tongue, flicking the ridge with every revolution. Then I lick from root to tip and back again, long, slow strokes, biting gently, teeth scraping the sensitive skin, my tongue following to act as a balm.

I want to hear how much you want to be fully in my mouth, I need you to tell me. Your hips rock against me, but I pull back, not allowing you to insist. I need to hear your words…your voice…

I bring my lips to rest, closed, on the tip of your cock, waiting to hear you ask, beg…

I hear the words and sllloooowly slide the tip of your cock inside my mouth so that it rests just inside my warm, wet, waiting mouth. Then I begin to suck. Gently, sooooo gently…then getting a little harder. My tongue swirling around you, tasting you, teasing you.

You want further in my mouth?


I look up at you and smile, then suddenly plunge my head downwards, taking your entire length in my mouth, sucking hard, deeper, swallowing you until you can feel yourself touching the back of my throat. I begin to move my head up and down, up and down. Impulsively, compulsively, needing to taste you, to feel you showing me how much you are loving this, loving me…faster and faster….I cup your balls, squeezing them softly in my hand. You feel the tension building, your release is sooooo close, you want to stop, but you don’t. You never want this to end, but you want to come more than anything.

You want to fill my mouth with your warm, silky cream…NOW

Your body spasms as wave after wave of ecstasy hits your body, the pleasure peaks and you feel your release. You slowly float back to earth and look at me….

I am smiling, because I have received what I wanted all along.

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